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Venom is a 2018 American superhero film in which an alien symbiote with an attitude bonds with ex-investigative journalist Eddie Brock after he investigates the Life Foundation, run by Carlton Drake.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer. Written by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Kelly Marcel and Will Beall.
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Eddie Brock: What do you want from me?
Venom: You'll find out.

(from his apartment, Eddie's ungodly noisy neighbor Ziggy starts playing music at nearly maximum volume, provoking both Brock and the Symbiote inside him. Then, Brock storms off his room and rapidly knocks on the neighbor's door)
Ziggy: Yeah?
Eddie: (panting) Hey, man, can you turn your music down a little please? Because I'm having a really bad night.
Ziggy: Psh… Whatever. (Brock, as a semi-mutated Venom, growls at him and Ziggy panics and reacts in fear) Yeah, s-sure man, I'll just... I’ll just turn it right down.
Eddie: Thank you. Thank you.

Roland Treece:Hey, Eddie.
Venom: Who the hell is this guy?
Roland Treece: I'm going to need Mr. Drake's property back.
Eddie Brock: [Eddie puts his hands up] Woh.
Venom: What are you doing?
Eddie Brock: I'm putting my hands up.
Venom: [Forces Eddie's hands down] You are making us look bad.
Eddie Brock: [forces his hands back up] No, I am not!
Venom: [forces Eddie's hands down again] Yes, you are!
Eddie Brock: [puts his hands up again] No, I'm not.
Venom: [forces his hands down again] Yes, you are!
Eddie Brock: [puts his hands up] No. I'm not.
Venom: Why would you do that?
Eddie Brock: Because it is a very sensible thing to do.
Roland Treece: Eddie?
Venom: I will take care of this myself.
Eddie Brock: What?
Roland Treece: Eddie, where's the bug? Take him down.
Eddie Brock: [as Venom fights Drake's men] I'm so sorry about your friends.
Venom: [After he's finished] Outstanding. Now lets bite off all their heads and pile them up in the corner.
Eddie Brock: Why would we do that?
Venom: Piles of bodies, piles of heads.

Eddie Brock: I AM GOING TO DIE!!
Venom: You are not going to die!

(after chasing Eddie on a long ride, Treece stands before a badly injured Eddie in the street)
Roland Treece: You have been a serious pain in the ass for me, Eddie.
Eddie: Well, you know... I aim to please.
(surprisingly, the Symbiote grabs Treece's neck with its tendril and manifests all around Brock's body, fixing his broken bones and healing his injuries. The Symbiote fully transforms, taking the form of a monstrous creature with large fangs which holds Treece in the air as citizens in background watch in horror)
Venom: Eyes, lungs, pancreas. So many snacks, so little time.
(Venom starts licking Treece in the face as Treece groans out of disgust. Venom tries to bite Treece, but a mercenary shoots him in the back to no avail. Venom tosses Treece away, lunges at the mercenary and decapitates him with a quick bite)
Officer: (offscreen) SFPD! Don't move!
(police officers confront Venom, who leaps into the cars and crush them. Then, Venom runs savagely towards the sea and dives in as police officer keep trying to shoot him with little success)

(after escaping the police, Eddie finds himself face-to-face with the Symbiote, who emerges from his back in the form of a snake)
Eddie: What the hell are you?
Venom: I am Venom. And you are mine.
Eddie: You bit somebody's head off!
Venom: Fuel in the tank. Listen carefully, Eddie. You did not find us, we found you. Think of yourself as my ride.
Eddie: Where are you going?
Venom: We need Carlton Drake's rocket. You remember him.
Eddie: How do you even know about that?
Venom: I know everything, Eddie. Everything about you.
Eddie: How?
Venom: I am inside your head. You are a loser, Eddie.
Eddie: Are you gonna... Are you gonna eat anybody else?
Venom: Most likely.
Eddie: Oh, God...
Venom: That is why we are here. Cooperate, and you might just survive. That is the deal.

Venom: It is peaceful up here.
Eddie Brock: [from inside Venom] I'm not very good with heights.
Venom: Your world is not so ugly after all. I'm almost sorry to see it end.
Eddie Brock: What does that mean?

Eddie Brock: [After Venom fell from the top of the building] You're going to get me killed.
Venom: You die, I die.
Eddie Brock: Yeah, well, you can always just shed my carcass and exchange it for another one whenever you need.
Venom: Why would I do that? You are far too good of a match to throw away so soon. Plus, I'm starting to like you. You and I are not so different.
Eddie Brock: Thank you.

Venom: [after Eddie leaves the evidence on his boss's desk] Jump.
[Eddie refuses and goes to the elevator instead.]
Venom: Pussy.

Eddie Brock: [to Venom] No! We do not eat policemen!

Carlton Drake: Where is he?
Eddie Brock: I don't know, and you know what? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you anyway. I don't trust you, and... you're insane!
Carlton Drake: That hurts.
Eddie Brock: [shrugging] All right.
Carlton Drake: Long journal entry about that tonight. You're being dumb, Brock. I'm not insane. What's insane is the way humans choose to live today. Think about it - all we do is take, take, take. It can't go on. We've brought the planet to the brink of extinction. We're parasites. You're a good example, think about it. All you do is take. You took my Symbiote. You take potshots at a great man trying to get something done.
Eddie Brock: [sarcastic] Who?
Carlton Drake: Didn't you take from the person you loved the most, who trusted you the most? That's insane. What I've initiated is a whole new world, a new species! Man and Symbiote combined.
Eddie Brock: Let me tell you something, buddy, all right? Just man-to-man? Because I have spent a significant amount of time, all right, with one of those creatures UP MY ASS. It's not a lot of fun. And then I find out, all along, that they're killing you!
Carlton Drake: This is the last time I'm asking you. Where is my Symbiote?
Eddie Brock: I have no idea.
Carlton Drake: [suddenly turns into Riot] WHERE IS HE?!
Eddie Brock: [shocked and revolted] OH, GOD...!
Eddie Brock: That is the ugliest looking thing I have ever seen...!
Riot: [snarls and turns back into Drake] You know, Brock, I have no use for you. [leaving] Treece! Come and clean up your mess!
Eddie Brock: Oh, he... has one up his ass, too.

(Drake is talking to Riot)
Drake: Your friends... the others, I apologize, I tried to keep them alive.
Riot: There are more of us... millions more. They will follow wherever I lead.
Drake: Where we lead.
Riot: Yes, we. But first, we must retrieve them.
Drake: I can take care of that.

(Eddie sees Riot heading for the rocket)
Eddie Brock: Oh, Jesus! You can take this guy, right?
Venom: He has got shit you have never seen!
Eddie Brock: What does that mean? What are our chances?
Venom: [pause] Pretty much zero.
Eddie Brock: Ah, fuck it. Let's go save the planet.
(Venom confronts Riot in a spacecraft)
Riot: Venom! Get in the rocket!
Venom: No! We won't let you destroy this world.
Riot: Then die!
(Venom and Riot fight ensues)
Riot: You have a strong host! (Venom recovers his right arm and roars at Riot) But not strong enough!

(after stopping Riot, they fall over the fire from the rocket's explosion)
Venom: (detaching from Eddie and forming an parachute) Goodbye, Eddie.
Eddie Brock: Venom! NOOO!!! (Venom seemingly burns to ashes while Eddie falls into the sea)

Anne Weying: Hey, I'm sorry about Venom.
Eddie Brock: Hey, um...d-do you wanna talk about that kiss?
Anne Weying: Oh, that? You call that a ki- no that was...uh...that was...your buddy's idea.
Eddie Brock: Oh, right, well that is good to know.
Anne Weying: It did feel kinda great though.
Eddie Brock: What?
Ann Weying: I mean, the-
Eddie Brock: The power?
Anne Weying: Yeah. When it's- you know.
Eddie Brock: Inside you?
Anne Weying: You know what I mean.
Eddie Brock: Okay.
Anne Weying: Hey, Eddie?
Eddie Brock: Hm?
Anne Weying: We're not gonna tell Dan about this. Okay?
Venom: (secretly survived) Look at her. She has no idea we are going to get her back.
Eddie Brock: I don't... think so.
Ann Weying: Sorry, what was that?
Eddie Brock: We're not gonna tell Dan.
Anne Weying: Eddie is there something you wanna tell me?
Eddie Brock: Nope.
Venom: You belong with us, Annie.

Dapper Dog Walker: Hey. Don't give up on her. Either of you.
Eddie Brock: We won't.
Venom: Who was THAT guy? (notices the dog) Wait, this thing looks delicious.
Eddie Brock: I have absolutely no problem with you sticking around, but if we do, we're gonna have to have some ground rules, alright? You cannot just go around eating anybody that you want.
Venom: I cannot?
Eddie Brock: No, you cannot. Alright, we need to reiterate this: there are good people in this world, a lot of them, and then there are bad people. You have to tell the difference. The deal is you will only ever be allowed to touch, harm, hurt, possibly, very possibly, eat very, very bad people. But never, ever, ever good people. Alright?
Venom: Fine.
Eddie Brock: Good.
Venom: But how does one tell the difference?
Eddie Brock: Oh, it's super simple. You can intuit it, you can sense it. Sometimes, you can even feel it.
Venom: Whatever you say. But can we get something to eat now? Otherwise, your liver is starting to look really, really good, and juicy...
Eddie Brock: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I know a place down here.

(In Mrs. Chen's shop, Brock and Venom confront the thug trying to rob her for the second time)
Venom: Bad guy, right?
Eddie Brock: Yup. [Venom uses his tendrils to disarm the thug and storms over, looming over the man]
Venom: You come in here, again... in fact, you go anywhere in this city, preying on innocent people, and we will find you and eat both your arms, and then both of your legs, and then we will eat your face right off your head. Do you understand?
Thug: Please...
Venom: Yes. So, you will be this armless, legless, faceless thing, won't you, rolling down the street! Like a turd... in the wind... Do you feel me?
Thug: What the hell are you?
Venom: [half of face rolls back to expose Eddie; both speak at the same time] We... are Venom. [face rolls forward as Venom smiles like a demon] On second thought...
Thug: Please...
[Venom lunges, biting the thug's head off, offscreen]
Mrs. Chen: [stunned] Eddie, what was that?!
Eddie Brock: Oh, I have a parasite. Yeah...night, Mrs. Chen. [Eddie exits the shop]
Venom: [offended] "Parasite"?!
Eddie Brock: Yeah, it's a term of endearment, that's all.
Venom: Apologize!
Eddie Brock: No.
Eddie Brock: Alright, fine. I'm sorry. So, what'd you wanna do now?
Venom: The way I see it, WE can do whatever WE want!

[a mid-credits scene]:
Eddie Brock: Alright, I need you to stay quiet. This a me thing, it is not a we thing. Ya got that?
Venom: Fine! But, make it quick.
[[Brock arrives at a prison to interview the serial killer Cletus Kasady. A close-up reveals a script saying "Welcome Eddie" in his cell in blood. Kasady, handcuffed and held at a small pen, turns his head and smiles at Eddie]
Cletus Kasady: Hi, Eddie.
Eddie Brock: Hey, Red.
Cletus Kasady: Do you mind if we forgo the whole creepy serial killer thing?
Eddie Brock: Sure, it's good with me.
Cletus Kasady: I mean, I can turn it on if you want. Talk about the... Dadaist patterns of arterial spray.
Eddie Brock: I bet you can.
Cletus Kasady: Tough to see you in this light, Eddie. C'mon over.
(Eddie approaches)
Eddie Brock: Alright. I'm here.
Cletus Kasady: When I get outta here and I will… there's gonna be carnage.
(Kasady smiles nastily)


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