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Viktor Arkadyevich Tyulkin

Viktor Arkadyevich Tyulkin (in Russian Виктор Аркадьевич Тюлькин), Viktor Arkad'evič Tjul'kin (born 14 May 1951 in Vladivostok), is a Russian Communist politician. He is the leader of the Russian Communist Workers' Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists (RKRP-RPK).


  • I believe that today, under the circumstances of capitalism crisis and the ever-increasing anti-communist reaction, the matter of the approach to the figure of Stalin is not historical or personal, but it's a matter of a burning current political debate. As in 1941, if you considered yourself an enemy of fascism and ready to fight against those fascist gangs, in any case you would have sided with Stalin. Those who thought differently and they considered themselves struggling again Stalinism and against Stalin, they would find themselves on the other side of the front, under the tricolour of general Vlasov.
  • Nowadays anti-Stalinism is the common feature of every anti-communist.
  • As a good marxist, Stalin fought against the bourgeois state, he took charge of its destruction to its very foundations, and then, after destroying the society of exploitation and violence, he built the state of the working class and the farmers on its base.
  • The proletarian internationalism of Stalin, as a marxist, wasn't questioned even from his fierce rivals in the ranks of the imperialists (as Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt), while, on this matter, their modern followers still remember the "terrible hand of Moscow", as in the Comintern, in every place on the planet.
  • If, by Stalinism, we mean the soviet political system during World War II, then it's absolutely clear that the main victims of the so called Stalinism, the ones who were primarily damaged from the URSS and from its Red Army of Workers and Peasants are hitlerian fascists and their henchmen.
  • The remaining fascists cry over the fall of fascism, european democracies and the neo-fascists they support emulate them, all together they curse how terrible Stalinism was for them, and in every possible way they try - after Doctor Goebbels' example - to deceive hundreds of millions of european people, pushing them to the struggle against communism. It has to be said that, as in the last century, facts happen alongside a strong economic crisis.
  • Under the direction of Stalin and the CPSU, the Soviet Union achieved great successes and defeated the most repulsive product of capitalism: the 20th century's fascism.
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