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Vimanarama (2005) is a three-issue comic book miniseries by Grant Morrison and Philip Bond in which a young English Muslim finds himself at the centre of armageddon after his nephew releases dark spirits.

Issue #1[edit]

Ali: It's just... I mean, everything is pre-ordained and occurs by God's will, isn't it? But if it's God's will that this girl Sofia is ugly or stupid or boring... then... then doesn't that mean that he hates me? You know, sometimes you just you just hate somebody and with God it could be me...
Omar: God loves everybody, Ali. Even you. If she's ugly it's dad who hates you.

Sofia: I've just been thinking. When did everything stop being normal?

Sofia: Okay. I think we unleashed the forces of darkness by mistake.
Ali: Lucky I brought my dad's hammer.

Sofia: Ali. That tiny little popping noise you just heard was the sound of me going completely insane.
Ali: Mine was more of a "ping".

Issue #2[edit]

Ben Rama: Sofia, I know you find this strange, but my love's genetic material runs through your body. I can make you immortal once more and you'll remember being her.
Sofia: Immortal? Wait a minute! Wait. I'm just a girl from the southeast of England. Immortality was never on my list of things to do before you're thirty.

Ben Rama: My head! My knee! My knee... grazed beyond redemption!

Issue #3[edit]

Ali: If I'm so irresponsible, why do I always end up feeling responsible for everything?

[Ali's brother Omar has found him in the afterlife]

Omar: Praise God. I'll be your guide.
Ali: You? I'm the one who figured out how to get here using nothing but a piece of rope.
Omar: Oh, so you hang yourself like an idiot and now you're an expert! I remember when you were wetting yourself on the prayer mat!
Kandivali: And I remember both of you wetting yourself at the same time on a copy of the Sunday Times colour supplement!
Ali: Dad? Does no one trust me to save the world on my own?

[The demons are attacking New York, which is built atop the lost ruins of Atlantis]

General: They claim to be some sort of indigenous people.
Aide: Atlanteans, sir.
President: Atlanteans? Oh dear lord. Did we persecute Atlanteans?

Omar: ...Ali is dead? Oh, no, no, no, no! Not you. God sent us all back. It's your turn now. It's your job to be great, Ali. I run the shops so you can be free to be great. Come on, you lazy bugger! We've all had a hard day. The whole world has had a hard and unusual day. Wherever you are, I'm still with you, little brother. I'm still praying for you, like I always do.

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