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Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

Vinay Prabhakar Sahasrabuddhe (born 10 November 1957) is an Indian politician and Member of Parliament of India representing the state of Maharashtra in the Rajya Sabha. He has also served as National Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party from Aug, 2014 - Sep, 2020. Dr. Sahasrabuddhe, since 2018 has been appointed as President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations. He is known as a political scholar and an occasional columnist. Currently, he is also Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children and Youth & Sports.


  • The action taken by Twitter against us raises questions about the very character of the social media since they had earlier claimed that they are just a platform on which people can freely express their views... If Twitter or, for that matter, Facebook, are just platforms they claim to be then how can they decide the nature of a content?... We had raised the issue even in the parliamentary panels that it was high time the government reviews the functioning of the social media platforms. I personally think the issue has become more relevant because of their persistent bias and should be looked into.

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