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Fukkatsu no Hi, literally Day of Resurrection, also known as Virus is a 1980 post-apocalyptic science fiction film about an advanced virus wiping out all life on Earth except 863 people in Antarctica.

Directed by Kinji Fukasaku. Written by Kôji Takada, Kinji Fukasaku, and Gregory Knapp, based on a novel written by Sakyo Komatsu.

US President Richardson[edit]

  • [seeing Sen Barkley die of the Italian Flu] You were my opponent in every political battle, but you were never ... you were never my enemy.
  • [apparently disgusted with JCS Chief of Staff General Garland's repeated insistence in activating the Automated Response System even when the pandemic's out of control] You're a fool, General. There's nobody left. [has a heart attack and dies]


[In giving a sample of MM88 to a group of Americans for study in Switzerland, East German scientist Dr Krause sees one of them suddenly sneeze in the cold.]
Dr. Krause: You have a cold?
Big Man: Oh it is nothing.
Krause: If I were to open this ampule to the air, you would be dead within three days.

[At the White House, US President Richardson has had enough of watching news of the outbreak and protests in Washington]
President Richardson: [referring to an item in the news about a vaccine; to officials] What vaccine? [slaps table and stands up away from the table] All right. How long it will take to manufacture this vaccine in quantity?
Science Official: Mr President, we haven't been able to isolate the cause. The virus - if it is a virus - it's like the common cold, it is everywhere, it is nowhere!
Sen. Barkley: I'd like to say this point, Mr President, I suggest, we might have been in a better position to develop a crash program if it's budget hasn't been slashed against the specific wishes of Congress.
Richardson: [flustered] Damn it senator, I don't have to hear that from you!
Cabinet Official: [to science official] What do you mean, there is no vaccine? Then what is it we're giving the police and fire department personnel? The essential services, the military alert crews if not a vaccine? It's just that we don't have enough for the general populace. Isn't that right? [Richardson closes the door of the TV cabinet.]
Science Official: We have a vaccine of sorts. We put together a soup of every flu-related vaccine we know. It's effect leaves something to be desired. In fact, it's more of a placebo than anything else.
Cabinet Official: [enraged because he was administered a shot] You gave me a goddamn placebo?!!?!
Science Official: We are doing our best!!

[at Showa Station, the Japanese team receives news from Tokyo about possibly containing the Italian Flu outbreak but not all are confident of the outcome. They receive a ham radio signal]
Yasuo Tatsuno: Hello this is AJ1RL. I copy you. What is your callsign? Over.
Voice: This BK0CC. Ahab from Mawson Station. Over.
Tatsuno: [to colleagues in Japanese] It's that Australian group from next door. [to radio in English] Hello neighbor what have you heard from outside? Over.
Ahab: Just for a couple of minutes from some doctor in Uganda. He said whatever it was, Central Africa was hit bad. Not just the people, but most of the wildlife as well. Even the elephants, over.
Tatsuno: Wildlife too?
Ahab: Yeah. Imagine an elephant with the flu, One sneeze can break its bloody neck I reckon.
Dr Yamauchi: [to Tatsuno in Japanese] Let me speak. [English] Hello? this is Dr Yamauchi speaking. Can you please explain as much as possible the characteristics the Ugandan doctor described? Over.
Ahab: All he said was that it started out like a simple cold, or flu mostly and then quickly turned to pneumonia. And there were symptoms of other diseases as well but he didn't think it was any of those things. He thought it was something else.
Dr Yamauchi: [curious] Something else?

[US President Richardson establishes contact with Palmer Station in Antarctica]
President Richardson: Palmer Station, this is the President of the United States.
Admiral Conway: This is Admiral Conway, Mr President.
Richardson: I would like the entire American contingent to hear what I have to say. Has the sickness hit your station yet?
Conway: No sir, there is no sign of any illness here.
Richardson: And the other stations?
Conway: There are no reported illnesses at any of the stations, and we are in more or less regular contact. How bad is it, Mr President?
Richardson: Patch me through to the other Antarctic bases.
Conway: All of them sir?
Richardson: All of them, Admiral Conway.
Conway: Right away, Mr President. [signals other Antarctic bases]
Radio Operator: Attention, attention all stations! Please stand by for an important message from the President of the United States. I repeat - all personnel, all stations, must listen to the following message. Please stand by.
Richardson: It is with great regret and personal sorrow, as well as the position of the government of the United States that I officially confirm what most of you already know. The world has been beset by a horrible plague, and now we are unable to devise an effective vaccine. The United States has sustained... sustained casualties of the greatest magnitude. No country has escaped a similar fate. We do know something about this virus. We know this virus remains dormant under subzero conditions. For this reason, you in Antarctica, have not been affected. Do not leave your sanctuary. Do not allow those from the outside to enter. Under no conditions try to return. I offer you no solutions, no hope other than that, somehow, you may prevail. This time, try to work it out together, please. [pleads] Please? And may God bless you all. [signs off]

[Six women at Palmer Station talk to the Federal Council of Antarctica staff over one of them being raped and the discussions raise the idea of procreation for human survival]
Dr Irma Ollich: Well, we really don't know how to go about it just yet, although the problem itself is certainly clear enough. Women have become our most valuable natural resource and as it has just been pointed out, one-to-one human relations are no longer possible. This means that each women however reluctantly, will have to... accommodate more than one man. Of course, we will have to go against deep personal feelings and this is an extremely serious matter, but somehow we must find the will to suppress our instincts and that is what troubles me the most. Can we? Can we control our instincts with reason?
Dr Tarowicz: Unless we can, there is no future. The human race will die out. [Sylvia, the raped victim, shrieks out as Sarah tries to calm her]
Sylvia: It's too much! How can we live like that?!?
Admiral Conway: Sylvia, from the bottom of my heart, I wish that I could answer your question.

[The Soviet submarine T232 has been denied by the Federal Council of Antarctica permission to land at Mirny Station because of the crew being infected by Italian Flu. The skipper insists on doing so, until someone else cuts into the transmission]
Unknown Voice: You will not land.
Ensign Smirnov: Who is this speaking?
Unknown Voice: Her Majesty's nuclear attack submarine Nereid. Capt McCloud at your service.
Smirnov: This is not your concern, English!
Captain McCloud: You have the most profound sympathy for your situation, Ensign Smirnov, but surely you realize you cannot be allowed to disembark.
Smirnov: I have a responsibility to my men!
McCloud: You have a higher responsibility.

[Yoshizumi enters a church somewhere in South America, and tries to "talk" to Jesus Christ on the cross]
Yoshizumi: What are you doing alone in a place like that? You won't answer me? Then keep sleeping in there forever... [gets thick blanket from nearby skeleton and dusts it off, but imagines a nearby skeleton calling out to him]
Skeleton: Where are you going?
Yoshizumi: My friends and child are south of here.
Skeleton: Child? Is it yours?
Yoshizumi: No but I love them very much. [looks at medallion Marit gave him]
Skeleton: It's no use, there's no one left.
Yoshizumi: But I'm heading south anyway.


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