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Viva La Bam is a television reality show (though large portions are scripted) on MTV focusing on the life of Bam Margera and his friends engaged in various practical jokes with one another, but mostly played out on his unsuspecting parents Phil & April, as well as his uncle Vincent Margera ("Don Vito"). It is a follow-up and spin-off to the popular series Jackass which was also shown on MTV.

Bam Margera

  • How many kids would like to have a firepole in their room? But I beat you to the punch, you little jerks.
  • Look at Phil's tummy!
  • Turbonegro came all the way from Norway to have a concert here.
  • April: You know what your friends did to my car?!

Bam: They're not my friends.

  • We're building a drawbridge, look, here's the blueprints! *shows Ape a napkin with a poorly drawn drawbridge and water on it, screen shows the word "Blueprints...?"*
  • Glomb: You live with a convict.....Novak: I'm an ex-convict!
  • It happens when fat rubs togther (skin tags)
  • (April takes the purple lamborghini)

Bam: I was going to throw a snowball at it, but then I realized it was mine.

  • (Glomb Making Skatepark House)Dunn:Why don't we ever do this cool shit to my house Bam:'Cos you don't have a house Dunn:Oh yeah

Vito's Nonsense Subtitles

"He's got no tiddly just joogle you can't just goat duggle hammer and nail and hammer something and expect it to grow!"

"Beglat you've got these idiots sitting hornwhaga ohhhm just sitting glawhahwaglahhh what they're doing!"

"Because Idaho in the backin I don' know wha jas wanted to do. Nobody ya wha' ta do."

"Whynja you just move the car. You didna have to do all that. Dadadada, my cagicree dinta goigj tow it, but just pulled it away. Ya didna have to flip it."

“I’m gonna get some veal scallopini!”

"Chuck hat anything flaygawanna car like dat, wut dey gonedoo, you gunda take it to a junkyar just ledum habit at the junkyar demselves...huts ong wityou?"

"It's there hupme I goata there! Move monomona! They let you in, they'll let me in ogwandapate. I don't care, I just wanda getouddahere cumon. Goren flaxovich!"

"Size eighty eight chuddta work done"

"Hellahjayduhyuh... hubba chextuh mutiny ghensta God damn crew!"

"Nawyawwanna play somaykittalla big deal"

"Navuh fussavenint. . . ABACUS!"

"Wide yugonna rip me out to woodin the Helen yuhgot mandah makin!"

"More left? . . . uh guh duh d'd'd do circles! Dare dat guy said go left and then I'm plum ahl'd cold! Whadda you said go left! . . . THE SUBWAY? . . . "

"I cannot understand your tardiness. Please come here and gabba faww wicha!!!!!"

"Yer wanna crook juss got offa the gas manager yehneminner rinna real war now!"

"Bikers are a less than savory element in our society, so I'll opt out."

"Jagah, huwhallahahh horsepower."

"Put it on a bun, ass-hoe."

"YO! This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!"

"You Vulcan idiots."

"I don't know how you deal with these Vulcan idiots, I'm leaving."

"I'm gonna kill your plane, just watch."

Don Vito talking to a patriotic French woman about the Eiffel Tower: "It looks like an abandoned oil well. They should put a Rocky statue there."

"They're dude eggs! They're fuckin' peoples' balls that die!!!"

"YO! This is the best song ever!"

"Juwala huvada haba den!"

"I feedya then yer stupid nitrous oxen ruins everythin!"

"Whaddyala ?????? ???? ??????? bluhrea rains its gone be leaking in here now."

"Hot ta ta to dum dims dammee yamma, quit hasslin the hassler. Why is it I like to eat. I leave @#$% around your house"

"Amma disturb my saletee, giving you costumers satisfaction, so I`m ready to go."

"Haychat Donald Trump says go right to the boss, I don't feel like talking to no idiot, lemme talk to Hugh Hefner!"

"Itza tuh tuh tuh tuh TEH Tallian pizza!"

"Gah rah gah gah boo buddy else gitszak takes forty hours to get to Paris...this is bull@#$%! Wook yak get me outta this town!"

"Rock'n'roll sucks! Wut'ta hilda!

"I am Abudabu gandadint gav beer annin aahgahtago Istanbul I got no luggage yabbaba grab your neck you're a jerkoff!

"I did too tawalla tongue. She cha-tuckly tongued each other!"


"Ima Get Aston Koosher To do sumthin to you"

"Live or die?"

"Yo Nice Girl Molesta La Breastas"

"You sick in the head?"

"B'gah get the sheep outta here ass!"

Other various characters

Oderus Urungus: I never really knew i was moving, I always thought everything else was moving

Oderus Urungus: "It's scary up there!" Phil: Arn't your friends up there?" Oderus Urungus: There not my friends! April: "Oh my god this is like the exorsist."

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