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Vladimir Bonacić (1938-1999) was a Croatian cybernetician and computer artist associated with the 1960s New Tendencies movement.


  • The cybernetic art team >bcd< believes that the cybernetic art environment, initially involved with pattern recognition and artificial intelligence research in art and science, can make an important contribution t intersubjective communication and to the sharing of insight between people. The cybernetic sculpture Instantaneous, which was presented for the first time during the Rome colloquium, illustrates the existence of instantaneous communication on a truly parallel architecture based on 16 Compaq Deskpro 386 computers. It also signifies a true parallel processing mode (as experienced in extrasensory perception) in which 'time sequence', 'before' or 'after' hardly have meaning. The cybernetic sculpture instantaneous is seen as a contribution to a new communication medium between artists working interactively within the same system. This is a step towards intersubjective communication, through the process of reflection between artists and a transcendental Galois field.
    • Vladimir Bonacić, "A Transcendental Concept for Cybernetic Art in the 21st Century." Leonardo (1989): 109-111.

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