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Vladimir Solovyov (2020)

Vladimir Rudolfovich Solovyov (Alternative spelling: Soloviev; Russian: Владимир Рудольфович Соловьёв; born October 20, 1963) is a Russian journalist, television presenter, writer and propagandist. He is an anchor on the television show Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov on Russia-1.


  • If you think that we will stop in Ukraine – think 300 times. Let me remind you that Ukraine is only an intermediate stage in ensuring the strategic security of the Russian Federation.
  • Russians were not the first to attack Ukraine. Russians are not fighting the Ukrainians but the ‘Banderovitsi’ (Ukrainian nationalists) and Nazis, whom they are hostages of. The Nazis have taken control of Ukraine.
  • The New York Times published a column with the headline "Russia is a Fascist Country" authored by Yale University Professor [Timothy] Snyder. Pseudo-Professor of a pseudo-University. Snyder knows nothing, understands nothing, he is just a regular liar. They regularly claim that Russia is a fascist country. Listen, you bastards. You're offering hallmarks of a fascist state. Look at those indicators you're proposing. How are they any different from Trump's campaign? Down to the slogan "Make America Great Again". Discussions of former greatness. Donald Trump: "Make America Great Again". Cult of one leader. Visual symbols as a sign of belonging. What about Donald Trump' red hats? Mass events in support of the leader. Do you want me to play a clip of the dancing Trump? Hate speech towards a certain group of people: Look at what Trump used to say about liberals. If cretins like those those teach at Yale University... The majority of that nation are cretins. They know nothing.
  • The troops of LPR and DPR are fighting for their land. And now I have a question: What would the Ukrainian territorial defense fight for? None of it is their land.
  • We're telling people: Come to your senses. We're telling people: Remember who you are. Look at what's being done to you. Look at who conquered you! Remember your great past! Wake up, stop lying to yourselves! That is the main point. Why are they making up a language for you? You are a "Rusin". Do you need that language Zelensky is trying to speak? Look at the history that is being made up for you, the religion that is being made up for you. That's why the people are for us. Westerners say: "They don't greet you with flowers." Yes, they are, big time. Despite their fear, they're welcoming us. And they will welcome us even more when they understand that we're never leaving.

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