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Voodoo Woman is a 1957 film about a mad scientist who is using the natives' voodoo for his experiments to create an indestructible being to serve his will. When a party of gold seekers stumbles upon his village, the scientist realizes that the expedition's evil leader is the perfect subject for his work.

Directed by Edward L. Cahn. Written by Russ Bender.
A woman by day... a monster by night!  (taglines)

Dr. Roland Gerard[edit]

  • We're doing it Chaka. White man's science and the black voodoo.
  • She'll have the strength of ten tigers. And she'll kill, Chaka. She'll have to kill to survive.


  • A woman by day... a monster by night!


  • Marla English — Marilyn Blanchard
  • Martin Wilkins — Chaka
  • Otis Greene — Bobo
  • Emmett Smith — Gandor

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