Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

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Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet is a 1965 film about astronauts who discover a planet of dinosaurs.

Directed by Pavel Klushantsev. Written by Curtis Harrington.


  • The year: 2020. The Moon has been explored and colonized and the next space goal is about to be reached - the first landing by on the planet Venus. Scientists profoundly hope that life, similar to that on Earth, may be found on this planet where so many physical conditions are like our own. Three rocket ships of an international expedition - the Sirius, Vega and Capella, after having successfully traveled 200 million miles are in the final stages of their journey...
  • And so man's search for intelligent life on other planets and in other galaxies will continue. For this is the heart and meaning of that great adventure - the exploration of the Universe.


Cmdr. Brendan Lockhart, Sirius: ...I'll be right behind you.
Andre Ferneau, Sirius: That'll be handy if I slip.

Cmdr. Brendan Lockhart, Sirius: Almost sounds like a girl...
Andre Ferneau, Sirius: A girl... perhaps. Or a... monster.


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