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W.I.T.C.H. is an animated television series based on the Italian comic book series of the same name. Like the comics, the series follows five ordinary girls named Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, who have magical powers over the five classical elements Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Quintessence, who become the new Guardians of the Veil.

Season 1 (2004-2005)[edit]

It Begins [1.1][edit]

Hay Lin: Grandma, I sneezed and like totally trashed my room. What's wrong with me? It's not one of those becoming a woman things, is it?
Yan Lin: Hay Lin, you're just a growing girl. Say, why don't you invite your friends for an after-school snack.
[Yan Lin's dresser which is shaking and banging with light shining out of it]
Hay Lin: What's in there?!
Yan Lin: Christmas presents! Don't look!
Hay Lin: What are you giving me, a bear with a spotlight?

Susan: Go on Will, and don't forget, make lots of new friends today! I put a dozen extra cookies in your lunch, to help break the ice with the other girls.
Will: [sarcastically] Gee, that'll make me popular.

Taranee: Cornelia, our project's supposed to prove that too much fertilizer reverses osmosis, killing the plants! Yours has grown like three inches.
Cornelia: Well I tried to kill it! I fertilized its little butt off!
Irma: [whistfully] The judge!
[Cornelia pounds the plant with her fist as the noise attracts a nearby judge.]
Irma: Oh great. You and your little girly fists are gonna cost us a ribbon.

Uriah: Hey, check out the new girl. Hey, Wilma!
Will: Uh, it's just Will.
Uriah: Okay, Wil-ma!
Hay Lin: That's Uriah. Ignore him.
Irma: Yeah. Evolution did. One day we expect him to slither back into the water.
[Next moment a stream of water from a fountain hits Uriah]

Will: Oh, Hay Lin, I got your note. Thanks so much for the invitation. So, what time are we eating?
Cornelia: She invited "new girl", too?
Taranee: Cornelia!
Will: Want a cookie?

Cornelia: Have you guys noticed a bunch of real strange stuff going on around me lately?
Irma: Oh dear, the conversation has accidentally wandered away from Cornelia's life, whatever were we thinking?

Yan Lin: Let me tell you girls a story, that I believe will have special meaning for all five of you.
Hay Lin: Grandma, they really don't want to hear a story.
Yan Lin: Shh!
[Yan Lin shows the entire universe]
Yan Lin: The universe was once a single kingdom ruled by good, but evil began to take root. A veil was created to isolate the evil kingdom of Meridian from all other worlds. Without the protection of this veil, every world including Earth is in terrible danger. Meridian has been overtaken by a powerful entity named Phobos, but he is not the legitimate ruler, they believe the true heir to the throne is somewhere here on Earth.
Irma: Um, I'd like to wake up now.
Yan Lin: But portals have begun to open in the Veil, doorways through which evil can cross between worlds. There are people called Guardians, whose job it is to close these holes using their powers.
Yan Lin: I became a Guardian when I was your age, but now the duty is passing to your generation.
Cornelia: Well, thanks for the snacks.
Yan Lin: Ah! Ah! Ah!
[Cornelia sits down as Yan Lin shows the mystical Heart of Kandrakar]
Yan Lin: This is the Heart of Kandrakar, which contains the elementary forces of nature. In the last few days, you have all had unusual experiences. Am I right?
Irma: Not counting this one.
Yan Lin: All five of you are starting to notice extraordinary abilities. Irma, you will have noticed any water near you behaving strangely.
[Irma telekinetically moves water with her straw]
Irma: Okay, all righty!
Yan Lin: Taranee, I believe you've always been afraid of fire. But focus now on the candle.
[Taranee shoots fire from her finger to the banana]
Yan Lin: My little Hay Lin, this morning you notice your power over air.
[Hay Lin blows a strong wind stream from her mouth]
Yan Lin: To you Cornelia, is given the power over earth.
[Cornelia makes the flower grow with her hand]
Yan Lin: All five of you will get better with your powers...I hope.

Yan Lin: In the last few days, you have all had unusual experiences, am I right?
Irma: Not counting this one?

Yan Lin: All five of you will get better with your powers... I hope.
Taranee: Did you say five?
Will: Ummm, hate to disappoint you but I can't even do that trick where it looks like your thumb comes apart, but if I ever have a party, you guys are definitely the entertainment!

Taranee: Uh, recap? We've got to protect the world from evil by repairing holes in some kinda Veil?
Cornelia: This doesn't involve sewing does it?

Cornelia: [to Hay Lin] No offense to your grandma or anything but she's, like, completely deluded. Probably not enough Vitamin D.
Taranee: What about the flower that grew when you just looked at it? And the water in Irma's glass... and that picture Mrs. Lin drew in the air?
Cornelia: [dismissively] Magic tricks! Ten bucks on the Internet.

Will: [after the girls transform into guardians for the first time] Holy cow!
Irma: [to Hay Lin, about their outfits] You know? Somehow I cannot imagine your grandma wearing that.
Hay Lin: What have we got behind us?
Cornelia: [looking at her chest] What have we got in front of us?
Hay Lin: They're wings! We've got wings
Will:They can’t be wings. If they were wings, when we went like this [flaps her wings], we'd... [takes off] aaaaaaah!
Taranee: Oh man. I hate heights. I get woozy in high-heeled shoes.

Will: [flying in the air] Does anyone have a camera or one of those cell phones?

Irma: This totally rocks! You do something!
[Taranee launches a fireball at grass]
Taranee: See?! That's exactly why I don't like fire!
Cornelia: Irma, you're water! Put it out!
[Irma launches a water ball at Cornelia]

Will: [scared witless by Cedric] Uhhhh... fire!
Taranee: ME?
Will: Everybody!

Yan Lin: Ah! Lord Cedric.
Irma: Lord? They've got pretty low standards for knighthood over there.
Yan Lin: Cedric is not always in this form.
Irma: Well, that's good news for his wife.

It Resumes [1.2][edit]

Will: It's Class Picture Day tomorrow, do you guys get dressed up?
Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin: What?! No!
Irma: Cornelia started shopping for it in kindergarten.

Blunk: Blunk not steal, trade. Rat for bread? Good deal, yes?
Caleb: Blunk? You're that smuggler.
Blunk: Businessman!

Caleb: [struggling to climb up the oubliette wall] I've been in tougher places than this. Okay, not smellier places.
Blunk: Too high. Never make it.
Caleb: Have you even trieeeeee...?
[He loses his grip and slides back to the ground.]
Blunk: 37 hundred times!

Cornelia: [to Hay Lin] Whoa, slow down, Tinkerbell! We can rescue this rebel leader guy after Picture Day, right?
Taranee: Call me a wimp, but in the school yearbook I'd like to still have a face.
Irma: Forget Picture Day! I don't care what I look like, I care about who I am. Let's go kick some Meridian butt! [trying to sway Cornelia] Maybe there'll be some cute evil boys over there. Like the one that snake-thing caught!
Will: I want to go, but I don't know how much help we’re going to be by soaking him and covering him with garbage.

Cornelia: Nice shoes. Are you going to the Land Of Oz after school?
Hay Lin: Like you didn't dress up.
Cornelia: Well, we all knew I was lying. [about Taranee] Oh, and here comes Miss "I-get-dizzy-in-high-heels." [indicating Taranee's extra book bag] Is that for your cape and tiara?
Taranee: It's Will's backpack! I found it lying on the sidewalk. The crystal's still in it.
Hay Lin: Maybe she just dropped it?
Taranee: And didn't notice? Get real, her Science textbook alone must weigh 20 pounds!

Phobos: Where's the Heart of Kandrakar?!
Will: I don't know!

Irma: [discovering a portal in the school basement] Will's on the other side of that?
Cornelia: This is crazy. [indicating the Heart of Kandrakhar] Until Will puts that on, we don't even have any powers! We're taking the word of what? Some jewelry? To save a person we hardly know?
Irma: Cornelia, her name is Will, and she's in horrible danger.
Taranee: Yeah, last year I was the 'new girl'.
Irma: I like her. She's funny and smart.
Hay Lin: Look, you don't have to come if you don't want to.
Cornelia: Ugh, okay, guilt me, why don't you. But no way I'm going first. [Hay Lin and Taranee enter the portal] And last I'll just chicken out.
Irma: Well, I won't. I'll go last.
Cornelia: Then you have to do something.
Irma: What do I have to do?
Cornelia: Push me!
Irma: My pleasure.

Will: [recognizing Caleb] You’re the kid from yesterday!
Caleb: You’re not one of the Guardians I saw! Where’s your older sister?
Will: Wait! You’re the "rebel leader" I’m supposed to be saving? What are you rebelling against, diaper rash?
Caleb: Hey, girlie girl, I'm fifteen! Nevermind that, activate the crystal and fly us out of here.
Will: I didn't exactly bring it.
Caleb: You didn't 'exactly' bring it?!

Cornelia: Huh, you know, I was wrong. I should go last.
Irma: No, you were right. I should push you! [Pushes Cornelia through the portal]

Caleb: Girls! I need a rope, some kind of weapon and what do I get? A short redhead with attitude.
Will: Hey! I'm a Guardian of the Veil, buddy. And you're just some guy at the bottom of a hole!

Will: [The other Guardians have found her] You guys came for me! You really are my friends.
Cornelia: Well of course, silly.

Will: Cornelia, Taranee - block the stairs. Hay Lin find us an exit
[Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin fly off]
Taranee: Fire!
[Taranee shoots a fireball at the stairs]
Will: Irma, the rebel leader's down there! He's too heavy to lift out, his mouth alone must weigh two hundred pounds.
Irma: We don't have to lift him. Water!
[Irma uses water to flood the prison]
Cornelia: Earth!
[Cornelia shoots a beam of Earth energy to a wall by the stairs which animate vines, which block the stairs]
Blunk: Can't swim! Save Blunk!
[A guard swings on a chain around to attack Cornelia but she laughs and flies out of the way. Hay Lin flies around and blows a gust of wind which rattles the chains and cages and the guard gets knocked off his chain]

Caleb: I'll hold them off as long as I can!
Will: No, wait! You don't have any powers.
Caleb: Guarding the Veil is more important than one rebel fighter. Oh, by the way, My name's Caleb.
Cornelia: Is he cute, or what?

Will: I'm going back for Caleb.
Hay Lin: No! I fly better than you. Well, actually, chickens fly better than you.

Hay Lin: [rescuing Caleb in flight] Surprise! Wow, you're heavy. So, do you have a girlfriend? Because I think Cornelia likes you.

[Everyone has just escaped from Meridian and The Gargoyle]
Cornelia: Can you believe what we just did?!
Irma: That was so unreal! Talk about teamwork!

Irma: It was so great! We fought and we flew, [about Blunk], and this slim-o creep-o thing escaped into the pipes!
Taranee: If he comes up under the girls' locker room, I'm switching schools.

The Key [1.3][edit]

Yan Lin: Ooh, Caleb. You are one major chunk.
Hay Lin: Uuuh, it's hunk, Grandma.

Irma: [seeing Hay Lin fly] Showoff!

Irma: Oh, yeah! Well, top this! I give you: [Irma makes a water face resembling Cornelia] Cornelia!
Cornelia: Thanks for the nose.
Irma: Cornelia with a Broken Nose.
[Will, Taranee, and Hay Lin applaud]
Irma: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Taranee: I feel something down the back of my neck!
Will: [in Irma's voice] You promise not to freak if I tell you what it is?
Taranee: Uh-uh.
Will: [yanks an eel off Taranee and says in Irma's voice] Then it's just a hair.

Irma: [referring to Blunk] I think I know where we can find the little troll. Uuuh, we'll need to be magic pixies again. Sorry, "guardians."

Blunk: Blunk a Passling. Passlings can smell.
Taranee: Ugh! Boy is that an understatement!

Taranee: Great. Bat caves, rat-infested alley, and now sewer-diving.

Aldarn: Hi. My name is, like, Aldarn. Would you like to, like, do a 360-fakie ollie with me sometime?
Cornelia: What?

Irma: Wait. You're telling us this is all the stink monkey's fault?
Caleb: Well, duh!
Aldarn: Duh? Your speech has, like, changed, Caleb.

Irma: Uh, is this small bloodsucking insect what I think it is?
Will: Don't say anything or they'll hear Taranee screaming back at school.

Taranee: [to Lurden] You are sleeeeepy. Not to mention that uuuuuugly.

Hay Lin: You sure don't look like a good guy!
Vathek: Uh, thank you?

Caleb: He looks like an overgrown raisin.
Blunk: Caleb jealous. Blunk da bomb!

Yan Lin: Shall we get down, Rebel Boy?
Caleb: I thought all Earthlings were strange, but I'm beginning to think it's just the females.

Happy Birthday, Will [1.4][edit]

Susan: Okay, birthday girl, but remember, no matter how old you get, you'll always be my Pink Perky Poopy Pumpkin.

Uriah: This pork chop tastes funny.
Clubber: Hmm, must be why it was in the garbage.

Taranee: Does this look cooked to you?
Cornelia: Taranee, it's a carrot! The only way it can harm you is if you're mugged by rabbits.

Taranee: Why not your place?
Cornelia: Ah, problem. My last party was so unbelievably great my parents say I can't have another one until after I leave home.

Caleb: We have parties in Meridian. To celebrate the end of Klunderfeast we cook and eat an ox.
Cornelia: We won't be doing that.

Cornelia: Hey girls! Party Friday, five o'clock, Irma's house. It's Will's birthday.
Hay Lin: It's a surprise, so don't tell Will or Irma.
Elyon: But you said it's at Irma's house.
Cornelia: Well, that's what makes a surprise!

Uriah: Hey! How come Kurt, Clubber, and me didn’t get invited to this party of yours?
Cornelia: 'Cause I'm not inviting creeps? Oh, I'm sorry... [introducing] Creeps, Caleb. Caleb, creeps.
Caleb: Pleased to meet you. Are you related?

[Referring to the map Yan Lin just gave her]
Hay Lin: But why wait until now to give me this? Is it because my powers are finally mature enough that I'm worthy?
Yan Lin: Nah, it was in the attic. I couldn't find it. Found my old tennis racquet too. Fore!

Cornelia: Guess what the theme is!
Taranee: Uhh, "The color you turn when you're gonna throw up?"
Cornelia: Frog Party! Are you loving it!?
Lilian: It looks like someone barfed on the walls.

Lilian: That's my wading pool! You can't have it!
Cornelia: Quiet or I'll shave your bear!

Caleb: We've got to get Will something for her birthday! In Meridian, I'd give her the customary chicken skin hat. But Earth girls do like to buy this stuff that smells, in tiny bottles.
Blunk: Blunk have smelly in bottle! Gargoyle sweat!

Taranee: Let's stop at Irma's house. I have to use the bathroom.
Will: My place is closer.
Taranee: Yeah, but I can't use your bathroom. Because... it's... not on the ground floor! I have a rare fear of high toilets.

Cornelia: Can you believe Irma didn't want to throw you a party just because you told her not to? Give me 13 hugs, Birthday Girl!

Martin: Hey, thanks for inviting me, sweetie-lips.
Irma: I didn't invite you, Martin. I didn't invite anyone. And don't you ever call me sweetie-lips!
Martin: I didn't want to say in front of the other guests but there were flies on your cupcakes. Don't worry, though, I pulled them off. [licking raisin on his finger] Oh. They're just raisins. I'll put them back. They're in my pocket.

Blunk: Blunk help with gift. Blunk go inside.
Caleb: No, you can't. They've got enough frogs in there as it is.

Caleb: They have strange customs here. A guy is putting flies on lillie cakes.
Blunk: Sound Good!

Elyon: [about Caleb's gift, a picture of Will in Guardian form] Look, it's Will! As a, as a kind of... fairy, or something.
Will: [to Caleb in Elyon's voice] You're so talented.
Caleb: It's carved from driftwood. The wings are dragon scales.
Will: [nervously] Ha, ha! He didn't mean real dragon scales.
Caleb: Sure I do!

Alchemy: Hi! Remember me from the mall? Alchemy?
Elyon: Remember me too? I'm Elyon.
Caleb: Caleb, from the mall.
Cornelia: [pulling Caleb away from Elyon and Alchemy] Back off, girls. Stick with me or they'll tear you to pieces.

Elyon: So! Are you going to ask me to dance?
Caleb: Actually, I'm pretty good at the Mandurian Gavotte. I'll go find us a bucket.

Clubber: When do we do it?
Uriah: We do it when I say we do it!
Clubber: Sure thing, Uriah… Uh, when are you gonna say we do it?

Cornelia: The world had better be in serious danger for me to leave Caleb with those girls.

Caleb: Where are Will and Irma going?
Elyon: Pizza.
Caleb: Where's that?
Elyon and Alchemy: Oh, he's so cute!

Elyon: [watching Caleb wistfully through the window] Wrap him up. I'll take him.

Taranee: Maybe we should call the police.
Will: For this kind of problem we are the police.
Taranee: I was afraid you'd say that.

Irma: All right! [referring to Cedric] Anyone want lizard on their pizza?

Taranee: Why don't we just take the elevator?
Will: You mean the elevator with the ding like a microwave telling him we're inside ready to eat?
Taranee: Eh, you're right. Let's fly up.

Blunk: Maybe Blunk too pretty to scare boys?
Caleb: I'll risk it.

Irma: My parents have been ruining my party for an hour. I hope you guys like pizza cuz there isn't gonna be anyone left in my house to eat it.
Hay Lin: You're right, they're not inside!

[Cedric is about to attack the Guardians (excluding Cornelia) and Caleb with a table]
Irma: Cornelia!
[Cornelia flies down with her hair raised and using green Earth energy to levitate the table, a green outline surrounds her body and the table breaks]

Irma: Happy birthday, Pink Poopy Perky Pumpkin.
Will: You know what would be a great gift? For you to never say that again!
Irma: What's that, poopy?

A Service to the Community [1.5][edit]

Elyon: Oh man, I hate community service day! Maybe I'll stand out all night in the parking lot with a pen in my hand.
Taranee: Maybe I'll sleep in my locker.
Will: Guys, what is community service day?
Irma: Okay, tomorrow morning there is going to be a list on this board: 400 jobs, for 400 kids.
Cornelia: Out of those, maybe 10 won't totally stink.
Hay Lin: And the last kids to sign up get the most gag-a-riffic ones.
Will: It can't be that bad...
Cornelia: Oh yeah? Try monkey bar scraper at the zoo!
[A flashback of Cornelia's community service takes place]
Irma: Ok. You had it easy. I was a sewer ladder painter!
[A flashback of Irma's community service takes place]
Will: Ok, got it! Get here early.

Lilian: Mom says you've gotta play "Wobbly Wobbly Walrus" with me!
Cornelia: Beat it, shrimp. I'm going to bed early, and if you do anything to ruin my sleep, I will personally dropkick you into the wolf pit at the zoo!
Lilian: You're mean!
Cornelia: I'm not mean, wolves are mean! GO!

Hay Lin: You're in a grumpy mood.
Will: You would be too if your mom was making goo-goo eyes at your history teacher.
Hay Lin: Yeah? Go Will's mom!
Will: [annoyed look]
Hay Lin: [teasingly] I hear teenagers come here to make out. Suppose your mom will come here with Collins?
Will: My life is over.

Irma: [Referring to a portal] Woah! Do you know what David Copperfield would pay for this?
Will: Something's coming through.
Irma: Water! [Irma summons a swirl of water]
Taranee: Fire! [Taranee summons a fireball]
Hay Lin: Air! [Hay Lin holds a metal pipe]
Cornelia: Earth! [Cornelia levitates two rocks from the ground]

[The Guardians believe Professor Collins is "The Beast" and have switched to Guardian form]
Irma: You weren't expecting that! [She fires water at Collins]
Cornelia: Have a seat. [She releases Earth energy which rolls the ground]
[Hay Lin summons a whirlwind which lifts Collins up and Taranee flies up, holds on to Collins, spins him around and he crashes to the ground]
Will: Let's see what you look like with green skin and a tail. [She holds up the Heart of Kandrakar towards Collins but he doesn't turn into "The Beast", he becomes unconsciousness, as a result. Hay Lin struggles to pull his face off]
Hay Lin: Ughh! This is really glued on tight!
[Taranee picks up a book that Collins was holding]
Cornelia: What is it, Being Evil For Dummies?
Taranee: It's information about the Sheffield PTA.
Cornelia: Phobos has joined the PTA?!
Will: I don't think so, but my mom did.
Caleb: I think the phrase you're all searching for is "You were right, Caleb".

Caleb: [After Taranee has suggested they transform and fly Collins to his house] Hey! You're only supposed to transform for emergencies.
Irma: Well, what do you call pushing a wet, unconscious man up a hill in a wheelbarrow at midnight?!

Irma: [After getting Collins to his house] If anyone tells Caleb he was right about this, she is out of the group!

Taranee: What's that on your cheek?
Cornelia: The Big Dipper- don't ask.

The Labyrinth [1.6][edit]

Irma: [in Phobos' library] You'd think a guy who'd read all these books would be teaching evil by now.

Caleb: [Referring to Cornelia's unthreaded sweater in the Labyrinth, which was used as a trail] What do you think is on the other end of this?
Will: My guess? A very unhappy Cornelia.

Trill: Um, why did you all the way here from Earth to Meridian in your human form?
Hay Lin: Well, believe it or not, we were looking for a history book.
Trill: Hm, let me refill your drinks [She walks away]
Hay Lin: [Eating] Why isn't anyone else eating?
Cornelia: Uh, Hay Lin, I think this may be all the food they had.
Taranee: Kind of puts a lost essay into perspective.
[The Trill returns]
Trill: When Phobos took the throne, a light went out over this land, our men jailed,our crops stolen, we have no security, nothing for ourselves but our dreams. I hear things working in the castle. I hear that Phobos has a sister on the other side.
Cornelia: [Gasps]
Irma, Hay Lin: What?!
Irma: A sister?!
Trill: The true heir to the throne. They say she does not know her true identity or even that she was not born on Earth.

[Will is caught by The Tracker's flail and is being pulled down]
Irma: Water! [Irma shoots a stream of water and Hay Lin shoots a gust of air at The Tracker]
[Cornelia flies to the ground and touches the ground with her hand which makes the earth rumble and a tree to rise and trap The Tracker. Caleb catches the flail to fight The Tracker's dog, Cornelia screams and sends a beam of Earth energy which makes a branch from the tree trap the dog]
Cornelia: [She claps] Nice work! Need a lift to the next portal?
Caleb: No, thanks. I'll walk.

Divide and Conquer [1.7][edit]

Will: I think Matt likes me!
Cornelia: What makes you think that?
Will: He's not looking at me!

Will: Weren't we supposed to get that new student from Switzerland today?
Elyon: Maybe she's here and we didn't notice.
[A beautiful red haired, green eyed girl enters the canteen]
Taranee: No...my guess is, that's her.
[Martin who is sitting at the table runs over to the new girl]
Hay Lin: [To Irma] Good news, I think he's over you.
[Irma looks angry]

Sandra: Oh, there you are, Matthew, who's your little friend?
Will: It's Will, Sandra we're in the same history class, maths class, science class.
Sandra: Well, I can't remember every face. Surely, you don't ski on those tiny little legs.
Will: As surely as you can talk with that tiny little brain!
[A crowd gasps and Sandra drops her hot beverage]
Sandra: [laughs] What are you saying?
Will: I'm saying, I can ski the home made goat pants off of you.
Sandra: Well, then, we have to have a little race. Winner gets to sit with Matt on the bus ride back.
Will: Fine by me.
Matt: Uh, girls?
Will, Sandra: STAY OUT OF THIS!

[Taranee and Irma are watching Hay Lin ski]
Taranee: I admire Hay Lin, she doesn't care about boys, or what people think of her...or if she ever walks again.

[Yan Lin has just arrived at the ski resort]
Hay Lin: Grandma! What are you doing here?
Yan Lin: He made me drive him up to prove a silly point.
[Caleb gets out of the car]
Caleb: I'm no fun, huh? Well, just tell that to my skis! [He hoists the skis up]
Will: You're kidding. They look like the deck planks from the Titanic.
Yan Lin: Those babies served me well back in China.
Hay Lin: They looked like they served Genghis Khan back in China.
Yan Lin: I've got new skis now. I'm gonna carve me up some powder, dudes.

Cornelia: You're crazy to race Sandra. She's like, total Swiss, ok, they're born on skis.
Taranee: And you send yourself, you're a lousy skier.
Will: Yeah, but I'm a terrific Guardian. And the winner gets to sit next to Matt.
Taranee: We're supposed to use our powers to fight evil not snooty foreigners.
Will: Trust me, she's evil.

Ambush at Torus Filney [1.8][edit]

Blunk: Captain Blunk - Report! [He salutes]
Caleb: Don't pretend you have an allegiance to a higher goal. You find me portals and I pay you.
[Blunk notices the girls who look very angry, then Caleb does]
Caleb: Oh, hey girls.
Will: Caleb, when you find an open portal you're supposed to tell us!

Taranee: I have stage fright.
Irma: Stage fright, height fright, imported cheese fright.

Return of the Tracker [1.9][edit]

Susan: [after seeing Will's bad grades] Okay, how's this for a formula: 2 Cs + D * by gum = no movie this weekend.

Cornelia: You just haven’t tried broccoli the way I make it, Vance Michael.
Caleb: I didn’t know you and the poster were dating.
Cornelia: Ahh, Caleb! Sneaking up on people might be okay in Meridian, but here it’s just, like, rude!
Caleb: I don’t get why girls here fall for a picture of a guy pretending to be an elf.
Cornelia: He is not an elf. He’s a "trundleblotten." A tribe of incredibly good looking pixies who bravely battle the forces of Flendar.
Caleb: Hey, I’d like to see Vance Michael Whats-his-teeth tangle with a giant lizard. 'Cause I do that, y’know! Every day!

Blunk: [pulling over in a cab] Yo, want ride?
Caleb: Blunk! You stole a... [reading] taxi?
Blunk: Not steal. At hotel, hear people say, "Take taxi." so, Blunk take taxi!
Caleb: And Caleb take taxi back hotel.

Blunk: [after Caleb stops the car] More! More! Blunk not throw up again. Promise!
Caleb: Hurry up, would you? You’re going to get us in real... [sees Tracker and Sniffer] trouble!

Irma: Babysit! But the premiere's tonight!
Anna Lair: So's the Patrol Man's Ball. [Irma's mother and father Tom leave] Have your brother in bed by eight!
[Chris, Irma's younger brother is driving around on a toy car and runs over Irma's foot. She screams in pain, and Chris drives to the kitchen and crashes]
Irma: Ughhh! I've got to find some sucker...I mean sitter, to cover for me.

Will: What's The Tracker and Sniffer doing here?
Taranee: I'm guessing they're not Vance Michael Justin fans.
[The Tracker and Sniffer walk in a different direction]
Cornelia: What's in that direction?
Irma: Um, Caleb and Blunk, babysitting Chris.
Will: You left your little brother with them?!
Taranee: Now, that's just cruel.
Hay Lin: To Caleb and Blunk [She laughs]

Cornelia: [To the Guardians] Fine. I'll save Caleb from The Tracker, but that doesn't mean I like him!
[She uses her Earth power to rise the earth, which forms into a ramp, for Caleb to skate from]

Framed [1.10][edit]

Elias: Then you'll need disguises.
Hay Lin: Uh, maybe something like...[She shows the drawing to the girls] this?
[The dress comes to life surrounded by blue magic. The girls gasp]
Hay Lin: This is like, way, the most realistic sketch I ever did!
Will: Holy cow! It's real!
Taranee: Everything you paint comes to life!
[Elias nods, Cornelia holds out a bunch of paintbrushes]
Cornelia: Oh, let's go clothes painting!

Irma: Martin, where's Will?!
Martin: [singing and playing the lute] Alas, the maid you seek, my dear, has ne'er this morn appeared.
[Irma puts her hand over Martin's mouth]
Irma: Ughh, one more note, you eat the lute.
Principal Knickerbocker: Where's the rest of the committee? The carnival starts in three hours.
Elyon: I got the balloons!
Principal Knickerbocker: Balloons are not medieval decorations!
Elyon: There's really old air inside them.
Irma: Uh, well uh, we do have a medieval minstrel!
Martin: Giveth me a minute, milady! Got to tuneth me lute.

Will; [Holding paint thinner in one hand, and the Heart of Kandrakar in the other. The hand holding the pain thinner is shaking] Guys, I'm getting a cramp in my turpentine holding hand.
[A ripple at the end of the painting appears and Caleb and Irma appear on horses, in armour and holding lances and attack the enemies]
Cornelia: Huh, I recognise that aggressive behaviour.
Irma: Sir Girlahad [unveils her helmet] at your service.

Principal Knickerbocker: Where is Will Vandom?! This spring carnival is a disaster!
Martin: Ha, tell me! [He turns around and points to the lute stuck in his trousers] Uriah gave me a lute wedgie in me green sleeves.

The Stone of Threbe [1.11][edit]

Hay Lin: [Working at the restaurant "The Silver Dragon"] Uh, thanks for helping out today, Caleb.
Caleb: [Carrying a tray of beverages] Hey, what are friends for? I am getting paid, right?
[Caleb trips over a stool, falls and drops the tray]
Hay Lin: Um, I don't think that order was to go.

Will: [To the Heart of Kandrakar] Change back!
[Elsewhere, Elyon puts the Star of Threbe around her neck, which causes green electrical energy to appear. Back to where the Guardians are, they don't change back to normal form]
Irma: Uh, you might wanna check the batteries in the old Heart of Kandrakar, there. We didn't change back.

Blunk: Blunk dry. Girls bath.

[There's a knock at the door of the kitchen of the "Silver Dragon"]
Yan Lin: Just a minute! [She answers the door, to see the Guardians in Guardian form] Girls! I told you never to appear in public in Guardian form...or smelling like that.

Caleb: [To the Guardians] So, you came to me for help. That was smart...real smart.
Cornelia: Now, if only you were smart...real smart.
Will: Hey, love birds, knock it off!

Cornelia: I have never been so insulted!
Hay Lin: Or filthy!

Will: Oh, well that's just great, who wants to date a ninety five pound moth?

Will: What is that?!
Blunk: Blunk know.
Irma: What is it?
Blunk: Big hungry plant.

The Princess Revealed [1.12][edit]

Caleb: So what do I do? I cut the ropes and I swing magnificently right into the open Portal!
Cornelia: Then you skid magnificently across fifty feet of paved road.
[Cornelia tends to his wounds]
Caleb: Ow! Careful.
Cornelia: Sorry, Mr Brave Hero.
[Hay Lin runs in]
Hay Lin: Guys! Guys! Guess what? [Notices Caleb] Wow, what happened to you?
Cornelia: Standard hero injuries.
Hay Lin: Huh, anyway, Elyon got a guy!
Irma: A guy!?
Taranee: Who?
Cornelia: She didn't tell me!
Hay Lin: Well, it just happened. This guy, Brian, he's a dog walker. They met when a Pomeranian stopped to sniff her ankle. Is that cute, or what?
Irma: Nobody ever sniffs my ankle,
Taranee: Good for Elyon. She's been so unhappy since she dumped Mark.
Caleb: She dumped a guy, so she's unhappy?
Cornelia: Well, duh, she didn't have a boyfriend.
Caleb: Well duh yourself. She had a boyfriend until she dumped him. Guess we're a little backwards in Meridian, we only ask people out we actually like.
Will: [Whispering to Taranee] Hahahaha...so, what's taking him so long with Corny?

Blunk: [referring to the Larvek] Nice buggy thingy...

Blunk: Girls!
Hay Lin: Blunk! I told you, no more free food.
[Blunk shows Vathek to the girls, and the girls are scared]
Hay Lin: Will! [Hay Lin performs martial arts]
Will: [She takes out the Heart of Kandrakar] Woah, Guardians Unite!
Blunk: No, no, no! Good blue thing.
Will: Oh! Duh, Caleb's friend - Vortoack, right?
Vathek: Vathek.
Irma: So, uh, how've you been? You look, uh...blue.
Vathek: I must speak with Caleb.
Hay Lin: Oh, he's not here, tell us!
[Caleb appears]
Hay Lin: [dryly] Caleb, what a surprise.

[Caleb walks into the kitchen]
Caleb: We need to go.
Will: Well, we're eating. What's the rush?
Caleb: The sister of Phobos has been identified.
[The girls gasp in shock]
Caleb: Her name is Elyon Brown.
[The girls gasp in shock again]
Cornelia: That's not possible.
[Everyone is outside the "Silver Dragon"]
Cornelia: I don't believe it. I have known Elyon all of my life, she is my best friend.
Caleb: Phobos' sister, the heir to the Meridian throne, was brought to Earth over twelve years ago.
Cornelia: Elyon was born right here in Heatherfield Memorial.
Will: How does she know that?!
Cornelia: I am not fighting her, I don't care who she is.
Will: We have a job to do.
Cornelia: What? Betraying our friends?

Cornelia: [Referring to Elyon] She's done nothing wrong, but we're following her, like she's some kind of criminal.
Will: You heard what Mrs Lin said, they're going to come for her!
Cornelia: I don't even know if I believe any of this about Elyon.
Will: You're also the one who didn't believe we could fly.
Cornelia: Oh, I'm so sorry I disagree with you, Miss Sealer of the Portals.
Will: Look, I like Elyon too...
[Blunk runs to Will, screaming]
Will: Ughh! Blunk, Caleb told you to stay back.
Blunk: Will! Will! Trouble!
[He points to the Haunted House Ride]
Will: It's a Haunted House. People are supposed to run out screaming.
Blunk: From fake monster, not real buggy thingy.

Cornelia: You guys, if Elyon's in danger how can we know that and not tell her?
Irma: I'm with Cornelia.
Taranee: If we tell her that she's the princess of evil city, she'll think we're crazy. Where does that get us?
Irma: Oh, I'm with Taranee.
Will: We can't tell her.
[Cornelia stands up and walks off]
Cornelia: Fine.

Stop the Presses [1.13][edit]

Caleb: Wait! Don't close the portal.
[He uses torchlight and sees purple slime]
Caleb: Purple Slime? That can only come from one thing...a hermeneuta beast.
Hay Lin: Hooh! I'm afraid to ask.

Hay Lin: [About the juvenile hermeneuta beast] Can we keep it?
Cornelia: [sarcastically] Oh, sure! Let's be Guardians of the Veil and raise a wild, slimy, invisible pig!

Cornelia: I never thought I'd say this, but, I envy Irma.

Hay Lin: Oh, that smells soooo good! I didn't have dinner.
Cornelia: Shhh, or you'll be dinner.

Parents' Night [1.14][edit]

Irma: Nothing says Par-tay like Three Little Pigs cups.

Eleanor: Maybe it's time she knew.
Thomas: Yeah, right, that we're not human and she's from another world?
Eleanor: I'd hope that we never have to explain her that we bought her here to save her life.

Elyon: [after seeing W.I.T.C.H. transform into Guardians] What are you?!

The Mudslugs [1.15][edit]

[The girls (excluding Cornelia) are in the canteen. Cornelia walks up to them]
Cornelia: Ughh, I have had it!
Taranee: Cornelia, we all feel terrible about Elyon, but...
Will: We thought we were protecting her. We thought Phobos would take longer to find her.
Cornelia: No, you thought that. I am sick of playing follow the leader. My best friend is in the clutches of some creature. Things were going just fine before you came to this school!
Hay Lin: It's not all Will's fault!
Cornelia: Whatever! The point is, this protecting the Veil thing is becoming really unfun.
[Irma sighs and stands up]
Irma: Cornelia, it's not an after school activity, it's our responsibility to answer the call of duty.
Cornelia: Well, duty can lose my phone number.
Taranee: What are you talking about?
Cornelia: I'm over this!
Taranee: Cornelia, even friends fight.
Hay Lin: We'll all be best friends tomorrow! Pinky swear!
[Hay Lin, Irma and Taranee hold out their pinkies]
Cornelia: The pinky isn't going to fix this one.
Will: Maybe we should have told Elyon the truth.
Cornelia: Yes, we should have. And now I'm going to do something I should have done a long time ago - I quit!
Hay Lin: I hope you mean dairy!
Cornelia: I mean this friendship, I mean the Guardians! Somebody else can fight big lizards and gargoyles for a while. [She storms off]

Caleb: I just saw Cornelia, she's hiding out, listening to girl music.
Yan Lin: Oh, she just needs time.
Caleb: She needs better taste in music.
Hay Lin: She blocked me from her online friends list.
Yan Lin: Oh, that is serious.

Will: Earth to Cornelia, this is an earthworm and you're the Earth Guardian.
Cornelia: Duh to Will, not anymore!

Irma: [About whether Elyon brought over a possession of the Guardians to Meridian] I gave her my CD, but I don't think they'd eat 'Boyzilla'.

Irma: [Referring to the Mudslugs] Hmm, speedy little devils.

Irma: [Referring to the Mudslugs] Will! There's thousands of these things, how are we going to get rid of...

[The Mudslugs stop attacking]

Irma: Hmm, I didn't even say please.

Taranee: I thought I was freaked before, but it turns out I was just semi-freaked, because now I am freaky-freaked!

Will: Cornelia, you came!
Cornelia: I'm a sucker for radio dedications and I couldn't let my girlies down.

Ghosts of Elyon [1.16][edit]

Will: [arriving late] Sorry, guys!
Irma: By the way, it's okay to wear that outfit with a watch!
Cornelia: [disgusted] We ran out of gossip. We had to talk about schoolwork.
Will: My mom grounded me. I had to go out the window.
Taranee: Well, did you leave an Astral Drop of yourself?
Will: No. I want her to think I've run away and been captured by bears!
Cornelia: Can we please transform? I'm cold and sweatshirts make me look fat.

Hay Lin: [Referring to unveiling/destroying the "ghosts" of Elyon] Y'know, add some creepy noises and this'd be a really cool video game.

Hay Lin: So, anyone know anything about a missing sketchbook?
Irma: No, but you win the Random Question Of The Day Award.

The Mogriffs [1.17][edit]

Irma: Taranee, Tarantula, you could be related.

[Elyon has used her powers to close the shutters of the windows of Matt's grandfather's pet shop where the girls are and has opened the cages of the animals. She has stunned and levitated Mr Olsen in blue light and has, herself, appeared surrounded in blue light]
Elyon: I wanted you all to see what I've been learning.
[She claps her hand and Mr Olsen falls to the ground. She claps her hand again and the animals get out of their cages, ready to attack. She summons a ball of white lightning, which surrounds her, and she mentally locks the girls in a cage.]
Elyon: Goodbye, "friends"!
[The ball of white lightning turns into blue lightning, which radiates outwards, causing blue blinding light to fill the room, which then turns white and she disappears]

Hay Lin: Boy, when a friend of yours goes bad, she really goes bad.

Elyon: [after trapping Cornelia with her bubble] Enjoy your new home. You're going to be here forever.

Walk This Way [1.18][edit]

Taranee: [asking Will about her encounter with Matt] Okay, exact words, Will.
Will: [imitating Matt word for word] 'You wanna go with me?'
Hay Lin: Date! Definitely a date.

Hay Lin: Oh, those zombie Rebels are kinda in the demolition zone, Will!
Cornelia: [softly] So we send them a subtle warning.
[Cornelia flies down and uses both of her hands to knock the ground, which causes an earth tremor.]
Irma: Everyone into the pools!
[Irma uses her power to manipulate the water into a fountain, which the "zombie" rebels fall into]

Will: Hay Lin, sound is carried by air. Can you find the marching band?
[Hay Lin uses her power and sound waves appear all around her]
Hay Lin: I hear the horn...and about six really out of tune clarinets.
Will: Haha! Thank you, Radio Hay Lin!

The Underwater Mines [1.19][edit]

Hay Lin: [about the Book of Secrets] Is there, like, an online version we could hack to?
Irma: [sarcastically] What, like Phobos'-Secrets-dot-evil?

Hay Lin: There is a new portal but, uh...[To Cornelia] you're not going to like it.
Hay Lin: It's about a hundred yards out and about fifty feet down
Taranee: Well, we'll have to swim it.
Cornelia: Swim?!
Irma: Y'know, body in water, legs kicking.
Cornelia: No, I, I, um, I just washed my hair, if it gets wet, it'll get all frizzicky. Alright, I can't swim!
Will, Irma, Taranee, Hay Lin: What?!
Irma: No problem.
[Irma uses her power to manipulate the water, shaping it into a large sphere]
Irma: Hay Lin.
[Hay Lin blows a gust of wind at the sphere and it causes it to expand and changes into a bubble]
Irma: Everybody in!

[Hay Lin uses her power to listen to what the guards are saying, a stream of air goes into her ear]

Hay Lin: I hear lots of men talking.
Taranee: An ambush?
Irma: Or a Star Trek convention.

[Taranee has just heated up the axes of the guards]
Irma: After a sword burn, immediately apply cold water.
[Irma summons a torrent of water]

[Cedric has just ordered the mines to be flooded, Cornelia hears the water]
Cornelia: Uh, Irma!
[Irma uses her power to hold back the water]

[Everyone - Guardians, Caleb, Miners and Guards are in the Guards room - an airtight building in the mines, Taranee has soldered the door shut and Cornelia is using her powers to move the building and open a hole in the mine]
Taranee: [To a guard] We'll float to the surface, like a big bubble...theoretically.

[After the building has floated to the surface, the Guardians burst out of the top of the roof of the building]
Irma: Top floor - kitchen accessories.

Taranee: Ok, what's the biggest problem, guards and catapults or [She looks down to the water, where Cedric is] Mr Freak The Salamander!?

Will: [To Irma and Hay Lin] Y'know that bubble that got us here, how big [Hay Lin and Irma look at each other] can you make one and how cold?
Irma: [To Hay Lin] You ready?
[Irma and Hay Lin fly down, just as Cedric is about to attack Caleb, a large bubble surrounds him, Hay Lin inhales deeply and blows a big gust of air at the bubble, which surrounds it and freezes it. She then makes a hand gesture to send the snowball flying off with a gust of air]

[The Guardians are boasting about their victory to Phobos and are smiling and waving to him, Irma and Hay Lin are sitting and standing on the pile of guards, respectively, through his seeing portal]
Will: Here are your thugs Phobos!
Cornelia: Now, you may need to give them about thirty minutes on the spin cycle!
Irma: Oh, and your big scaly pet should be back about, hmm, sunrise! But I warn you, he doesn't have very good news. Ciao!
[They all fly off]

The Seal of Phobos [1.20][edit]

The Whisperers: [About the fate of Vathek, due to him betraying Phobos, in favour of the Guardians] He shall taste the wrath of Phobos, trapped in a black rose.

Elyon: I want you to stop searching for me. All of you. Meridian is my home now.
Irma: Oh yeah, I'm sure it's lovely, you know, once you get past the drooling Lurdens.

Cornelia: [Referring to the extrema skating] Uh, we're supposed to be having fun, remember?
Irma: Oh, but kicking his [Uriah's] rhyming challenged butt is going to be extreme fun!

Hay Lin: [About the Heart of Kandrakar, which after assimilating the Seal of Phobos, can now open portals] Woah! The Heart of Kandrakar got turbo charged!

Will: [After showing Caleb the Heart of Kandrakar's new power to open portals] All aboard for Earth!

[After Caleb has kissed Cornelia on the cheek, Cornelia looks wistful, Will is smiling and Hay Lin is flying upside down, smiling, with her hand over her mouth]
Will: Ah, boys!

Hay Lin: [About ways of opening the Book of Secrets] Which we've tried everything but dynamite to open! Hey!
Yan Lin: You don't need dynamite, you have something [The Heart of Kandrakar] better.
[Will holds the Heart over the book]
Yan Lin: Remember, the Seal of Phobos is a key...a universal key.
[The Heart opens the Book]
Irma: Uh, did those flowers whisper anything about invisible ink?

Escape From Cavigor [1.21][edit]

Taranee: [About bowling, after Hay Lin has celebrated missing the pins] You do know the objective is to hit them.
Hay Lin: Anyone can hit the pins. There's like ten of them. How many people can miss them, huh?

Cornelia: [to Caleb] I'm blonde, not dense!

Will: Nice work, C!
Cornelia: Why, thank you, W.

Caleb's Challenge [1.22][edit]

Cornelia: You're going to leave the walking stomach in charge of food?
Will: Even he can't eat all of this. [to Blunk] Blunk, there's the recipe book. Don't eat the cookies... or the book!

[Cornelia has used her powers to tunnel downwards to escape from the Larveks and the Guardians have resurfaced elsewhere]
Will: Good thinking, Corny. That tunnel took the Larveks by surprise.
Taranee: They'll get over it.
Hay Lin: [Noticing the Larveks] Oh, I don't think so. [To the Larveks] Here, why don't you bite the dust instead?
[She strikes the air with her hand, summoning a gust of air, which blows the Larveks away and blows dust around]

The Battle of Meridian Plains [1.23][edit]

Yan Lin: [About Hay Lin's dream] You know, Hay Lin, the Air Guardian often has power to anticipate other's feelings. Some have this power to a greater degree than others. I hope it was just a dream.

Irma: We know you have a choice, so thanks for flying Air Guardian. We hope you have a pleasant time fighting evil during your stay.

Hay Lin: [About Blunk] Aww, he's sick and his momma's taking care of him.

Will: [About whether she can contact the other Guardians through the Heart of Kandrakar] Ughh, They can't hear me. This is a mystic jewel, not a walkies-talkie.

Elyon: No! You will not enter my castle and ruin my home!
Cornelia: Elyon, no! These are the good guys! Listen to me, you're incredible danger! Phobos is gonna plan to...
Elyon: I though I told you to stay away from me! [attacks Cornelia with a powerful wave of pure light]
Cornelia: Elyon! [She crashes into a wall]
[She flies over to rebels at the foot of the castle]
Elyon: You will stop this Now!
[She summons an orb of yellow light, which covers her in a light shield and she unleashes it into the sky, which shoots up and connects with the swirling purple vortex in the sky, above the castle, lightning from the vortex hits the light shield/stream, which unleashes a vast bubble of light energy, covering the rebels and carries on traveling further. It causes enormous vines to appear from the round at traps the rebels]
Rebel: Caleb, she'll take everyone down if we don't retreat!
Will: He's right.
Caleb: Give the order.

The Rebel Rescue [1.24][edit]

Hay Lin: [To Cornelia and Will] [sighs] Caleb, Matt. Can you two talk about anything besides your boyfriends?!
[Will gets a text message]
Will: Oooh, Matt's text messaging me [She reads it out] 'Need 2 C U'

Cornelia: [Discussing how badly injured the guard is] Ooh, I have first aid training, in case of cheer leading accidents!
Irma: Ok, Corny, he was hit by a spike, not a pompom.

[After Cornelia has saved Blunk and Caleb, Blunk runs over and hugs her]
Blunk: Thank You! Thank You! But Caleb still Blunk favorite.

Phobos: Your friends are becoming something of a nuisance!

Phobos: [after Elyon captures Will, Irma, Cornelia, and Hay Lin] Wait, why are there only four of them? Search the dungeons!

Elyon: Why do you have to spoil my happiness?! Why can't you leave me alone?!
Cornelia: Elyon, you have to let us go!
Elyon: No, I wanna find out what you're up to!
Will: We have to get loose!
Irma: I so hate to do this to ya, babe. Water!
[Irma unleashes a torrent of water from the river, which acts like a missile, chasing and attacking Elyon and Phobos. As a result, the Guardians can break free]

The Stolen Heart [1.25][edit]

Will: [exiting the Silver Dragon] Oh, what a day.
Taranee: Oh, what a meal.
Irma: Nothing like rescuing a hundred rebels from an evil Prince to build up your appetite!

Caleb: How are we going to get my army across the Meridian Plains to the castle without being seen?
Irma: How about we disguise them as a thousand door-to-door salesmen? [goofy voice] Hi, would you like to subscribe to Home And Princess Magazine?

Martin: Hey, Matt! I’m glad I ran into you. I need some woman advice. You know, for me and Irma.
Matt: Wrong guy, Martin. I’m still trying to figure Will out. Yesterday, she grabs me and kisses me and today she’s like, get off my sidewalk.
Martin: I know exactly what you mean! Except for that kissing part.
Matt: I shouldn’t have given up so easily.
Martin: I find that giving up is what women like best about me!

Hay Lin: Um, Will, wasn't that your boyfriend?
Will: Matt?!

Will: Oh dear!
Matt: Will?
Will: Oh boy! I’d love to take you back to Earth and explain all this.
Matt: Back to Earth?
Will: But, unfortunately, we’re chasing this little green guy who betrayed us to sell something of ours to the Prince of Evil, so we have to keep moving.

Matt: [seeing Blunk and Jeek for the first time] What’s that smell?

Will: Guardians, unite!
Hay Lin: Watch this, Matt, it's really cool!

[After Will has created duplicates of the Heart of Kandrakar to trick Cedric]
Irma: Got a few tricks up my sleeve to! Haha!

[With her hand, she uses the already summoned water, swirling around her hand, to fly down and punch the ground, creating ripples in the ground, which causes Cedric and the guards to become frozen in snowballs. Hay Lin turns herself into a whirlwind, which blows clouds over the snowballs, solidifying them further, and freezing them in the air.]

Will: Matt, are you okay?
Matt: I think so.
Will: I guess now you understand why I missed a couple of classes lately? Let's go home.

Taranee: [to Blunk] We feel so bad we suspected you of stealing.
Cornelia: Hey, speak for yourself. I’m still missing two pens and a scrunchie!
Blunk: [pretend helpful] Look under bed?

Will: Matt, I know how you feel. It took me a long time to get it, too. The important thing is you can't tell anyone.
Matt: I wouldn't even know what to tell.
[Will and Matt hug]

Hay Lin: So, Cornelia, since she saved our lives with the jumping up and down idea, are you gonna lay off Irma for never saying anything useful?
Blunk: Cornelia's face say "don't push luck girlie".
[Everyone laughs]
Cornelia: Ok.

The Final Battle [1.26][edit]

Yan Lin: This is only one of your problems. What about the boy, Matthew, who saw you in your Guardian form?
Will: I talked to Matt. He was a little shocked. Okay, terror-stricken after seeing the Metaworld, but he knows Elyon from school. He wants to help.
[Yan Lin looks skeptical]

Irma: Sorry I couldn’t keep you, Mr. Huggles.
Will: Me too, Mr. Huggles!
Blunk: [drooling] Blunk take Mr. Huggles!
Cornelia: No! He’s a pet, not a furry snack.
Blunk: Blunk help plan battle and stay close to nice pet?
Irma: Face it, dude, you’re not a warrior. You are a scavenger.
Blunk: [offended] Goods recycler!

Elyon: I used to have dreams about flying. This is even better.
Phobos: Your powers seemed to reach their peek. Your relatives will be proud.

Elyon: Oh, hi! You scared me. You want to meet me for something?
Phobos: Yes, I'm sorry, Elyon. We need you to sit on the throne again.
Elyon: Hey, no problem! It's not a kind of thing a girl objects to. [flies to her throne and sits down. Absorbs fire onto her feet] Ta-DA! You really think we need more rehearsal for tomorrow?
Phobos: Ah, there's been a slight change in plans. The coronation isn't tomorrow morning, it's going to be tonight.
Elyon: Tonight?! You're kidding! Why?
Phobos: In case any kind of attack was being planned to save you.
Elyon: What do you mean "save me"?
[Phobos lifts the illusion, revealing the castle's true colors as the throne releases vines that tie up Elyon]
Elyon: Wha- What's happening!? Help!

Cornelia: Caleb, I had this horrible, overpowering feeling! Elyon’s in huge trouble right now!
Irma: Corny, the last emergency flash you had was that Capri pants were over.

Elyon: Phobos, please, let me go!
Phobos: [laughs] Dear sister, after all this preparation? Why do you think you were brought here?

Caleb: We need to attack now. Cornelia has a strong feeling the Princess is in danger.
Vathek: Caleb, are you sure that your feelings for the Guardian girl isn't clouding your... [Cornelia and Will look and smile at each other] My men are ready to move.

Hay Lin: [To a rebel, as they go through the portal] Got get 'em! [To another rebel] Nice hat! By the way.
Caleb: Well, this is it. The final battle for Meridian has begun. You should go on ahead.
[Cornelia arches an eyebrow at Hay Lin and Hay Lin arches her eyebrow.]
Hay Lin: Oh! I’ll be in the other...world if you need me.
[She bows down, with hands together, and holds two thumbs up and laughs, as she goes through the portal, where yo can only see one thumbs up and leaves Cornelia and Caleb alone, Cornelia sighs with relief and they kiss.]

Blunk: Boyfriend of Will! Hello again!
Matt: You’re that uh, that...
Blunk: [extending his slimy hand] Blunk! High-five!
Matt: I don’t think so.
Blunk: [shrugging] Uh, Suit self. That one [portal] only rocks. Follow! :[Blunk walks through the other portal and Matt follows]

Miranda: The Guardians are here and some of your worthless guards have joined them.
Phobos: What!?
[Flies off as Elyon regains consciousness]

Blunk: [To Cedric] Not just scavenger...warrior!

Matt: How can I help?
Will: Wha... what are you talking about?! And what are you doing here?! You're just a kid!
Matt: What? So are you! Yesterday, you said Earth was in danger.
[Taranee launches a fire attack on Cedric]
Will: You've got to come with me now.

Caleb: Meet Tynar's group, go towards the throne room, look for Phobos. [Phobos appears] Never mind. I found him.

Matt: [seeing Phobos] Who is that?!
Will: Unfortunately, that's the home team.

Elyon: [after finding out that Phobos tricked her] Cornelia! Oh, Cornelia, I'm so sorry!
Cornelia: Don't get sappy on me. We have work to do.

Phobos: You're no match for my powers by now!

Cedric: I don't understand how they got inside.
Phobos: You failed me for the last time!

Elyon: Hello...brother!

Phobos: No! This can’t be how it ends!
Caleb: Funny how tyrants always say that.
Elyon: This castle, hundreds of guards, your creatures, all that energy just to perpetuate an evil lie! Goodbye, Phobos. You were never my brother.

Elyon: I'll miss you!
Cornelia: No way you'll miss me! I'm inviting myself back once a week for dinner in your new castle!
Yan Lin: [standing in the crowd, next to the Mage] Evil sometimes rises but it always falls. You must guard Phobos very carefully. A tyrant who has tasted power is twice as dangerous.
[The Mage nods and leaves]

Blunk: Blunk visit lots!
Caleb: What do you mean, visit? You live here!
Blunk: Only part time. Earth need hero like Blunk too!
Irma: Yes! You're my hero, Blunk.
Matt: So, what's our next adventure?
Will: "Our" next adventure? I can't believe it's all over.

[The Mage returns to her waterfall, walks through it to the prison cells, guarding Phobos' cell. She lowers her hood]
The Mage: So, now it all begins.
[She puts her hood back on and walks off]

Season 2 (2006)[edit]

A is for Anonymous [2.1][edit]

Elyon: I know I haven't been your queen very long, and I know how you've all suffered under my brother. But Phobos is gone now, defeated by the Guardians, the Rebellion, and by all the brave people of this world. We have won this day together!

Trill: What are you doing?
Caleb: Your majesty, there's someone here I'd like you to meet. This is Trill. She works in your kitchen.
[Trill bows]
Caleb: Under Phobos, she risked her life every day, bringing valuable intelligence...and the occasion hot meal to the Rebellion.
Will: Yeah, she saved our lives at least twice.
Elyon: And she must be rewarded.
Trill: No, your highness, your coronation is reward enough.
Elyon: Please, Trill. Let me give you something.
Trill: I have one boon. Oh, it would give me great pleasure, if you would wear this.
[Trill shows Elyon a teardrop-shaped pendant]
Trill: It is yours. It belonged to your mother, Queen Weira.
[Trill puts the necklace around Elyon's neck]
Trill: When she died, I hid it from Phobos, hoping that one day...
Elyon: Oh, Trill, thank you! I'll never take it off.

Cornelia: What do you mean, you're not coming back to Heatherfield? Wake up rebel leader, the good guys won! You're out of a job.
Caleb: Cornelia, it's my duty to help Queen Elyon. Many of Phobos' minions are still at large in Meridian.
Cornelia: You’re choosing Meridian over me?
Caleb: Try to understand.
Cornelia: [She sheds a tear] Oh, I understand. I just don’t care. It’s Blunk I’m really going to miss!
[She hugs Blunk and Blunk hugs her back]
Blunk: Blondie no worry. Blunk visit Earth soon.
Cornelia: [sarcastically] Great!

Irma: So let me get this straight: A guy was walking behind you, and then he kept walking?
Taranee: Uh... yeah!
Hay Lin and Irma: [sarcastically] Scary...

Nerissa: Ah, Tracker. How the mighty have fallen.

Nerissa: [To Sandpit] Ah, my pet. You were a thing of beauty. A whispering lake of sand that preyed upon the weak. Until the Guardians turned you into this frozen...dish! Well, revenge is a dish best served cold. Quintessence!
[She summons lighting which wraps in circles around her arm and hand, which makes Sandpit unfreeze and becomes alive again]
Nerissa: Would you like a taste of that dish, my walking Sandpit?

Frost: You're still not getting out. Not without going through us first.
Hay Lin: You know, I'm totally ok with that.
[She blows a whirlwind at Frost]

Will: Now I'm getting Frosted!

Taranee: Lesson one, Frost: Never mess with a Guardian’s friends!
[Frost jumps and grabs Taranee]
Cornelia: Earth!
[She creates ice pillars in the ground, which frees Taranee and hits Frost]
Cornelia: And lesson two: Pay close attention to lesson one!
Frost: I haven't...lost...yet.
[Irma flies over to Frost, hydrokinetically moving a vast wave to him]
Irma: Ready for lesson three?! The bad guys always lose! Water!
[The wave attacks Frost]

Cornelia: [To Taranee] Besides, I don't think we're quite done with the whole Guardian thing yet.

Nerissa: Welcome Frost, I am Nerissa. And I have brought you here to take your rightful place... among the Knights of Vengeance!

B is for Betrayal [2.2][edit]

Cornelia: Have I mentioned how much I hate the spring?!
Hay Lin: Cornelia, he's just a guy. Don't let him ruin a spectacular day!
Cornelia: You speak but the words have no meaning.
Irma: Come on! We all know you're bummed because Caleb decided to stay on Meridian.
Cornelia: Him! Oh, he is so over! From now on, I am strictly an Earth-guy girl.

Peter: Nice reflexes!
Cornelia: Nice muscles!

Cornelia: Not a word. Not one word.

Cornelia: [To Will, after she bought a cat for Cornelia to cheer her up, but Cornelia gave him to Lillian] Wow! You were right Will, ditching two little pests did cheer me up. Now to ditch the rest of you...
Irma: Oh, hello, we get it. Miss Congeniality needs her sleep. [Irma and Hay Lin gasp]
[A purple light shines over her, and it is revealed to be a purple portal]
Hay Lin: So, who ordered the incredibly impressive purple portal? Because I'm torn between loving the new violent violet twist and being kinda terrified by it.
Cornelia: Will! This is my living room and my mom's in the kitchen!
Will: I can't explain it. [Looks down at the now glowing Heart of Kandrakar] I think we're being summoned.
Taranee: [To Hay Lin] Guess, what comes next?
Will: Guardians unite!
[They transform and enter the portal]

[The Guardians have gone through the portal and appear in a purple sky, looking at a purple fortress]
Will: Ok, I am officially impressed!
Hay Lin: But, what's with all the purple?
[Yan Lin walks down the entrance of the castle]
Yan Lin: It's the Veil. Up close and personal.
Hay Lin: Grandma!
[Hay Lin flies over to Yan Lin, then Irma and Taranee join]
Hay Lin: You brought us here?
Yan Lin: Nope. Not my mojo. Was minding my own business back at the Dragon, but when Kandrakar calls...
Irma: Wait, wait, wait! Kandrakar exists? I thought it was just a magical brand name.
[The Mage appears through the portal]
Will: Looks like we weren't the only ones invited to the party.
[Blunk, Caleb, Elyon and The Mage stand outside the portal]
The Mage: The Queen of Meridian and her Honour Guard have arrived.
[Elyon runs over to the Guardians and hugs Yan Lin]
Elyon: Its ok, Mage. To my friends, I'm always just Elyon.
Blunk: Brave new world... means brave new stuff!
[Caleb walks over to Cornelia]
Caleb: Hey, Cornelia.
[She turns her back to him]
[Two people in white robes walk up]
Althor: On behalf of the Council, welcome to Kandrakar. Althor at your service :[gestures to a blonde woman next to him] and my venerated colleague is...
Yan Lin: Halinor! [walks up to her, embraces her and laughs] Years have been good to you.
Halinor: And you are as full of life as ever, Yan Lin.
Althor: Come now! The fortress at the Heart of Infinity awaits.

Althor: Has the fortress met with your expected standards, young Guardians?
Will: Oh, we're in awe. Definitely in awe!
The Mage: Wait until you see the aurameres.
Irma: Aura what?
Althor: The aurameres!
[He opens a door which shows spinning orbs of the elements of the Guardians on a purple pedestal]
Althor: This is Luba, Keeper of the Auramere Globes, the source of all Guardian magic.
Halinor: The aurameres transmit Kandrakar's mystic energy across the dimensions to the Heart, and to the Guardians.
Caleb: [To Cornelia] I wonder which one has your name on it. [She looks away, angrily] Right, whichever one is coldest.

Will: Oracle, we are honored to...
The Mage: [passionately embracing the Oracle (another man to who Will thought was the Oracle)] My dear Oracle!
Yan Lin: That's Tibor. Cute one is the Oracle.
Will: Er... right!
The Mage: I remain your humble servant.
The Oracle: And yet, somewhat more affectionate than I recall. But I share your enthusiasm. We have all waited years for this day.
Hay Lin: Isn't this exciting?!
Irma: Isn't WHAT exciting?! I mean, I'm sorry, when can someone tell us what is going on?
The Oracle: Now. Tibor, if you please.
[Tibor uses his powers to create a purple viewing globe, which visually depicts The Oracle's speech ]
The Oracle: Since time immemorial, it has been the Council's task to protect the Infinite Dimensions. But thirteen years ago, Prince Phobos came to power. The threat he posed was so grave, we were forced to quarantine Meridian from the other worlds, to prevent the spread of his evil. And so, the Veil was raised. But now, Phobos has been defeated and a new day is about to dawn!
[The Council use their combined powers to create a ball of blue energy, which shoots up into the sky and turns Kandrakar blue]
Taranee: Woah squared.
The Oracle: It is done. The Veil has been lowered. May the need for it never rise again
Will: [To Elyon] What are the Guardians of the Veil, if there's no Veil, to guard?
The Oracle: [To Yan Lin and The Mage] You would both be valuable additions to the Council.
Yan Lin: I'm very flattered, Oracle, but also very retired.
The Mage: I do accept this honour, but on Meridian, I am also tasked with keeping Phobos in his cage. The minion Miranda has already escaped.
Elyon: Miranda escaped?! Why am I only hearing about this now?! Never mind, I have to go! I have to get her.
The Oracle: I sense disharmony on Meridian, but your powers, unchecked, my young Queen, presents an equal danger. We have much to meditate upon, before you can return to your kingdom.
Caleb: Your Highness, I will capture Miranda, no matter what it takes.
Elyon: What it takes is teamwork.
[Cornelia looks away, angrily]
Will: [shocked] Who? Us?! But I thought...
The Oracle:You are now the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions!
Irma: Does that come with a raise?
Taranee: Um, just one teensy-weensy glitch. When the Veil went poof, didn't all the portals poof with it?
The Oracle: The Veil's passing opens up the old ways of traversing dimensions. Mage?
[The Mage uses her ring to shoot a blue beam of energy, to create a fold in space, through which they can see other dimensions (currently, Meridian)]
The Mage: Will, what I do with my Mage Ring, you will learn to do with the Heart.
The Oracle: And what they do with talismans, you may accomplish, simply as part of your birthright.
Elyon: So, no new jewellery?
The Mage: This, child, is a fold in space.
Hay Lin: Next stop - Meridian!
[The Guardians go through the fold, appearing in the now smoking Meridian.]

[The Guardians have just trapped the Knights of Vengeance]
Hay Lin: [Using her powers to trap Frost and Crimson.] [To Irma] Aww, you look cute when you're helpless.
Irma: You look parched, cowboy. [She unleashes a blast of water at Frost] [Irma and Hay Lin laugh]

Caleb: They’re coming for us!
Cornelia: Thank you, Captain Obvious!
[She flies up and uses her power to unleash a mass of vines, which traps the Knights]
Cornelia: Ha! Top that, Mr Meridian-Can't-Live-Without-Me.
[Caleb looks shocked as the vines carry on growing out of control, trapping the Guardians]
Taranee: That's great, Cornelia, now dial it down a bit.

Cornelia: I'm sorry! I don't know what went wrong with my powers.
Irma: It wasn't your powers! It was your head! As in the thing that wasn't in the game!
Cornelia: Excuse me?
Hay Lin: Well, you were a bit hyper about showing up a certain someone!
Caleb: Showing up or showing off?
[Cornelia freezes and dramatically turns around and storms up to him]
Cornelia: Oh, like I need to show you anything! My powers are... amped up! Whatever I tried came out huge!
Caleb: Oh, like your ego.
Will: Enough! You can hate each other all you want, but learn to work together.

Irma: [To Hay Lin, regarding the Gargoyle] A little tag team action?
Hay Lin: Perfect! You start.
[Irma unleashes a torrent of water near the Gargoyle, creating a wave, over him. Hay Lin blows a gust of air at the water, which freezes the Gargoyle and he smashes into a wall]

Taranee: [Has just been caught by the Tracker's flail, her glasses light up with flames] You're playing with fire, Tracker...literally!
[She heats up the flail]

[Cornelia cannot use her powers against Sandpit]
Caleb: Cornelia, what are you doing? Attack!
Cornelia: My powers betrayed me!
Caleb: No, they're spectacular. Show me what they can do!
Cornelia: I'll show you spectacular!
[Cornelia flies upside down and creates a vast stem, which rises, higher and higher, catching and throwing Miranda away. Caleb throws his sword away and Cornelia unleashes the roots of the plant to divide the Knights and catches the sword. A red/pink flower bud appears at the top of the plant and Cornelia wraps a stem around the sword, finishing it with a opened rose. The main plant's bud also blooms into a rose. The Knights escape]
Caleb: Nice!
Cornelia: Thanks! Sorry the Knights got away.
Caleb: No fear. Their days on Meridian are numbered.
Cornelia: Ughh! Meridian! Everything always has to be about Meridian with you.
Caleb: Well, everything always has to be about you with you!
Irma: Ok, great! Here we go again.
Will: [Holding the now glowing Heart of Kandrakar] Oh, no we don't! Cornelia says goodbye!

Peter: Whoa!
Cornelia: Now what?!
[Cornelia looks at herself that she is tall]
Peter: I know this is gonna sound blind but haven't we met before?
Taranee: Duh! No big mystery, Bro. This is Cornelia's older sister...
Irma: Lilian.
Peter: Hi, I'm Peter. [grabs Taranee] I swore Cornelia had a younger sister.
Taranee: Silly you!
Peter: Gotta jet, but I'll see you around, Lily. [bumps to a lamppost]
Cornelia: Uh, sure.
[Cornelia changes back and has a happy expression]
Irma: Lovely. Now she changes back. Ok, why is she so cheerful? She nearly blew our cover, her powers are wigged, Caleb's still...
Will: Irma. Let her have her moment.

[The Council are gathered by the aurameres, looking at them]
The Oracle: I forsee some very interesting moments ahead.

C is for Changes [2.3][edit]

Miranda: [To Nerissa] We will not fail you. Flies never see the web until it's too late.

Sammy: Number 2 is wrong and you misspelled Lincoln.
Will: Huh?! Not again!
Sammy: If I had your grades,I think I'd be grateful for the help.
Will: Shut up! You are a calculator! This is a history test! When I need help, I'll ask!...
Dean: *sigh* Principal's office.

Clock: No loitering in ze hallvays.
Will: Why are you talking to me?! How are you talking to me?!

Alchemy: Will! I'm so relieved! They're finally doing something about Elyon and her parents.
Will: What do you mean?
Alchemy: They been gone forever and no one else seems worried. So, I convinced Principal Knickerbocker to call the police. [Knickerbocker appears] Uh, well, I better get to class. They're letting me make-up the history test.
Will: Wonderful.

Elyon: Ruling so does not rule!
Caleb: You mean you don't find Hoogan land disputes fascinating?
Blunk: Give Blunk land - dispute settled!
Elyon: I figure out the problem. Somewhere between east Nobear and west nowhere it came to me. I missed the princess part of being queen! [dances with Trill] What happened to my masked ball? Where’s my Prince Charming? I wanted a castle on a cloud and instead I got...
Alborn: The Royal Architect with his plans for sewage construction.

Will: So then, Alchemy tells me the police are looking for Elyon.
Cornelia: Good thing you were sent to the principal or we wouldn't know.
Hay Lin: The principal? What you do?
Will: I didn't do anything, Sammy did.
Sammy: Please to meet you.
Cornelia: Wild!
Hay Lin: Yikes!
Taranee: Is it artificially intelligent?
Sammy: More like stunningly intelligent.
Will: Hold on! Hold on! You can actually hear him?
Cornelia: Well, duh!
Will: Duh nothing! No one else can! They just hear me freaking out at him!
Hay Lin: Weird.
Will: It gets weirder.

Ed: Hello, Will. Welcome back.
Billy: Hi, Will. Glad to see ya!
James: Greetings, Ms. Will. If Miss would care for a snack, may I recommend the fresh fruit?
Taranee: Does everything talk?
Will: Everything with a current, A.C. or D.C., but I guess only Guardians can hear them.
Hay Lin: Cool! It's like having a hundred new friends!
Ed: You forgot to bring me to school again! What if your mother needed to reach you?
Irma: More like a hundred new parents...

Sammy: [About what to do about the police's investiation into the Brown's] Just steer clear of the whole equation.
Irma: I hate to say it, but I agree with the calculator.

Tom: Irma, come in here, please.
Irma: Um, okay. Hi, Dad.
Tom: Irma, why didn't you tell me no one seen Elyon for months? She's one of your best friends.
Irma: Dad, she's at, uh, just on vacation! Uh, a really long vacation. Uh, scuba-diving in, uh, Bora-Bora.
Tom: Who told you that?
Irma: Um, Will.
Tom: Did she told you anything else? Have you heard from Elyon or her family? Got any postcards?
Irma: [telepathically] Why am I always the one getting interrogated? Can't you pick on Chris instead? Pick on Chris! On Chris!
Tom: We'll talk more later. Right now, I need to have a word with Chris.
Irma: [telepathically] Was that? Did I? Can I? [non telepathically] Hey, I'm actually speechless!

Susan: Hello? No, I'm sorry, Irma. Will's lost phone privileges for the week. That's right. Goodbye.
Sammy: If I might suggest...
Will: No! This is all your fault! [She threatens to throw him out the window]
Sammy: No, please! No more talking in class! Cross my circuits!
Will: Whatevs. [She leaves Sammy on the windowsill]
[Sandpit grabs Sammy from the windowsill]
Miranda: Oh, look, Sandpit. I think we just found evidence of a crime.

Tom: Will, these are detectives Medina and McTiennan. They like to ask you a few questions about Elyon Brown and her parents.
McTiennan: We’ve heard you know where they are.
Will: Uh, sure. Everyone does. They’re on a ski trip. In the Alps!
Medina: And who told you that?
Will: Cornelia?
Cornelia: Well, Hay Lin said the Browns are in Australia. Deep in the outback. You can’t even call them.
Hay Lin: Irma told me they’re sunbathing in Hawaii.
Irma: Bora-Bora. Definitely Bora-Bora.
Taranee: Um, could you repeat the question?

Medina: Well, they're obviously hiding something.
Tom: Or maybe they don't know anything and they're just repeating rumors.
Miranda: Excuse me, are you the police?
McTiennan: Yes, and you are?
Miranda: Melinda. I wanna help you but I'm afraid.
Medina: Don't worry, you're safe with us.
Miranda: It's those five mean girls. They pretended to be Elyon's friends but they really hated her. The last time I saw Elyon, they were walking her home. They said they had a surprise for her in her basement.
Medina: I know you need to get to class but thank you for telling us this.
McTiennan: Still think it's just a rumor?
Tom: I'll talk to Irma, see if she remembers anything else.
McTiennan: Good. We'll get a search warrant for that basement.

Irma: Oh, hi, Dad! I was just... Uh-oh!
Tom: "Uh-oh" is right. I know you wanted to protect your friends, Irma, but you don't have to lie to me.
Irma: I'm not lying! Come on, Dad, you're treating me like a criminal for no reason!
Tom: You want reasons? You've been acting strange for months, disappearing all the time, and after what that Melinda said...
Irma: Who's Melinda?
Tom: Never mind! You need to answer my questions now!
[A geyser of water shoots up from the kitchen sink]
Tom: Oh! Call the plumber!

Irma: I'm so glad you're here! My dad...
Cornelia: Started giving you the third degree.
Irma: Yeah. How did you know?
Will: Taranee's suddenly gone "psychic". She can tune into each of our brains and broadcast our thoughts to the rest of us.
Taranee: [telepathically] I'm my own radio station. [non telepathically] Too bad it only works with you guys.
Irma: And too bad it wasn't working this morning. We could have used it to get our story straight and... Oh no! You didn't broadcast my crush on Andrew Hornby?
Taranee: Er, no, but you just did.
Hay Lin: Forget that! Look what I can do! [turns invisible] I'm like air. No one can see me unless I want them to [reappears] Aagh! [She reappeared in the road and almost got run over by a truck]
Irma: What's with our powers? They're way stronger! Hello, I just made an indoor pool without even trying.
Cornelia: Tell me about it. Mine have been messed up since Kandrakar.
Taranee: Kandrakar, that's it! Conservation of energy!
Irma: Er, non-brainiac definition, please?
Taranee: When we were in Kandrakar, the Council lowered the Veil. All the mystic energy that was used to maintain it had to go somewhere. So, it flowed back to the Heart of Kandrakar and each of our aurameres.
Will: So that's why all of a sudden every appliance are my new best friend.
Irma: And why my dad went mind-slave on me yesterday.
Cornelia: And why my powers have gone all freaky.
Hay Lin: Yeah! We just thought you were losing it. [turns invisible]
Irma: My dad will be looking for me soon. We need to find out who this "Melinda" is.
Will: I met her. She's a new kid, she seems nice enough.
Hay Lin: Then, why is she trying to frame us? [reappears] Oops, sorry!

McTiennan: Hear that? It's hollow.
Medina: And it doesn't match the other walls. It's new.
McTiennan: We need equipment to take it down.
Medina: We need to find out what those girls know.

Miranda: Do you believe the Earth authorities suspect the Guardians have a crime that never happened? And this should seal the deal. [drops Sammy]
Sammy: Ow!

McTiennan: I don't know how you did it, I don't know why you did it, I don't even know when you did it, but I know what you forgot to do when you got rid of your fake wall.
Will: Excuse me? [McTiennan drops Sammy] Huh? How did you get my calculator?
Medina: We've been into the Browns' house. We know you're hiding something.
Will: Uh, yeah, and I'm ready to confess. But, can I get some water?
[Will moves the bag along the table and puts her mobile phone in]
McTiennan: Hey-hey-hey! Not with the bag!
[Will walks to the room, locks the door and opens the window]
Will: [looking down from the window] Good thing I have wings. [Pulls out the Heart] Guardians...uh, me unite!
Will: We have to hurry before the cops figure out I'm gone.
Taranee: Should you guys be here? My mama will be home any minute and she's a judge.
Taranee's phone: Don't worry, I got Will's ring at speed-dial.
Taranee: Is she going to be like that forever?
Taranee's phone: Hello, I got Will on line 1.
Ed: Will Vandom, you lost your phone privileges, young lady!
Will: It's an emergency, Ed. Put Sammy on.
Sammy: Will, be careful! They’re trying to frame you!
Will: Who are they?!
Sammy: A huge, moving sand ‘thing,’ and a girl, Melinda. They kidnapped me and left me for the cops to find.
Hay Lin: [gasps] That thing sounds like Sandpit!
Will: And if the new girl's with him...
Taranee: My allowance says Melinda's Miranda.
Irma: We got to stop them!
[Irma causes a sudden downpour of rain]
Irma: Oops! Stronger powers...I forgot.

Miranda: I'm so glad you're here to play. It's hard to make friends when you're the new girl. [transforms to her giant spider form and Sandpit appears] We knew you'd come! Criminals always return to the scene of their crime.

Taranee: Uh, shouldn't we take this inside? Someone might see us, and...
Miranda: Reveal your identities and destroy your lives forever? Lovely!

Tom: Alright, young lady, no more games! Where's Will hiding?!
Medina: Or would you rather talk about it in the station?
[Radio call]
McTiennan: McTiennan.
Officer: Got a call from the Browns' neighbors. Disturbance in the backyard.
McTiennan: We're on it.
Irma: But I have information!
Medina: Yeah, we'll catch up on the way.

Irma: [telepathically] Nothing's happening at the Browns. Nothing's happening at the Browns. Nothing's...
[A pillar of flame]
McTiennan: Something's happening at the Browns.
Irma: Gas leak, maybe? Spider problem?
Tom: We'll know soon enough.

[As each Guardian talks, they take up one section of the screen, ending with them in three sections]
Taranee: [With a vast fire behind her] If you can't keep cool...get hot!
Cornelia: A pillar of flame isn't just hot, it's like, Biblical!
Hay Lin: [Trapped upside down, caught by Sandpit] A little help, please!
Taranee: Fire! [She throws a fireball at Sandpit, which causes holes to form] Ughh! Stay still! [The holes close up]
Hay Lin: Never mind, I got this. [She turns into a whirlwind, blowing Sandpit away. Taranee and Cornelia land] [Hay Lin laughs] Neat idea, huh?
Taranee: He thought so too.
[Sandpit reforms himself by turning into a whirlwind. The police car pulls up]
Tom: Irma, stay in the car.
Irma: So much for stalling. Oh, I hope Will has enough time. [telepathically] We have to get to the airport. To the airport. The airport!
McTiennan: We have to get to the airport.
Medina: Just as I was thinking.
Irma: Great minds think alike.
[The Guardians are trapped by a whirlwind of sand, courtesy of Sandpit]
Taranee: Close your eyes!
Hay Lin: I need air! [She uses her power of air to part the whirlwind]
Cornelia: It's working! Keep going.
Hay Lin: One down, one to go.
[Miranda appears behind Hay Lin and closes Taranee's mouth, before she can warn her]
Taranee: [Telepathically] Hay Lin, behind you.
[Hay Lin turns invisible, flies up and cuts the web from which Miranda is hanging. As a result, Miranda is flung into the empty swimming pool]
Taranee: We've still got Sandpit problems.
Cornelia: I see it. [puts her hands on the ground, which causes an earth tremor] Maybe I can trap him underground before...Aagh! [Sandpit rises and is about to attack. Cornelia, triggers her telekinetic powers and levitates a bin to trap Sandpit]
Cornelia: Thanks, Hay Lin.
Hay Lin: That wasn't me.
Taranee: But that means...
Cornelia: I have new powers, too!
[Cornelia levitates the lid of the bin and places it on the bin and drops it on Miranda with telekinesis]
Taranee: Telekinesis! Amazing!
Miranda: Quite a victory, Guardians. You can brag about it from your prison cells!

Tom: Uh, tell me why we needed to get to the airport?
Medina: [seeing Will] Look! It's her!
[Medina, McTiennan, and Tom chase Will]
McTiennan: That's it! You're coming with us!
Will: Do you even know what are you accusing me of?
Medina: Uh, she ran away from the hall when we try to arrest her?
McTiennan: That's right!
Elyon: Will! Irma!
Tom: Elyon?!
Medina: She's here?
Irma: Why, Elyon! Oh, you would not believe how much you've been missed!
Elyon: I'm so glad you guys came to meet me. Allow me to introduce my cousin Caleb. And my new... puppy?
Blunk: Uh, Blunk barks! Bark, bark!
Tom: Sorry, girls, this is been one huge misunderstanding.

McTiennan: What a waste of time!
Medina: Well, look on the bright side, Mac. A family was missing, we found them.

Elyon: So then, I convinced Alborn and Miriadel, I mean, the Browns, that I need to finish the school year. I'll be commuting from Meridian every day!
Caleb: So will I. I'm enrolling to make sure Elyon stays safe.
Cornelia: But won't classes be boring for the queen of the castle?
Elyon: Give me schoolbooks over sewage projects any day.
Alchemy: Elyon! You're back! [She runs over to Elyon and they hug] Oh, I was so worried about you!
Elyon: I'm sorry, Alchemy, my trip lasted longer than I thought, but you should hear my travel stories.

Irma: What did I do now?! Steal the last ice cream bar?!
Tom: Guess I deserve that. I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time.
Irma: Oh, it's okay. I've been kinda weird lately. I don't know, maybe, I'm just, um, growing up.
Tom: Well, I'm awfully proud of who you're growing up to be.
[Irma hugs Tom]

Susan: I’m sorry, sir. But I received my daughter’s report card today, and her grades simply aren’t improving. I have to put her well-being first. She hasn’t adjusted to Heatherfield. I’d like to request a transfer... out of town.

D is for Dangerous [2.4][edit]

Nerissa: Behold! A sight not seen in eons...the Annihilators!
Frost: I thought they were a myth. What are you going to do with them? [Nerissa shoots a angry expression at him] Vengeance?
Nerissa: Hear me Annihilators. March on Elyon's palace. Destroy anything and anyone that gets in your way!

Will: If x=6 and y=x^2, then, you...must equal a genius, because you get this and you're not even in eighth grade.
Taranee: You can do this too, Will.

Will: Matt! Matt, over here!
Matt: Uh, thanks, but I'm gonna keep my boy, Caleb, company.
Will: Since when are they best buds?
Taranee: XY plus XY...
[Matt sits at Caleb's table]
Matt: So, how's Sheffield treating you?
Caleb: Is there really a 6 chair rule?
Matt: No idea what did you just said, but speaking of the Guardians...
Caleb: We weren't.
Matt: I want to be part of this whole thing. Fight alongside them.
Caleb: You're not a warrior.
Matt: That's why I need you to teach me. Tell you what, you train me and I'll show you the ropes in Sheffield.
Caleb: Ropes?
Matt: For starters, I wouldn't eat that meatloaf.
[Caleb eats it and gets sick]
Caleb: Uh-oh.
Matt: We got a deal?
Caleb: Uh-huh.

Caleb: See? Now try it again.
[Matt charges to attack but falls]
Matt: Ow! Sorry. It's tougher than I thought.
Caleb: He is a cunning opponent.
[Matt's cell phone rings]
Matt: Hello? Oh, hey, Will. I was just hanging. Huh? Uh, sure. Don't tell her about this. She'll just freak.
Caleb: Hello?
Will: Caleb, Blunk just arrived from Meridian.
Blunk: Nice mousie! Juicy mousie!
[Hay Lin glares at Blunk]
Caleb: Right. I'm on the way. Meridian business, sorry.
[Matt charges to attack but falls]

Susan: A toast to A-minuses and good friends.
Taranee: Thanks, Mrs. V, but Will did all the work.
Will: Well, I couldn't have done it without [Sees Matt entering] Matt.
Susan: Matt?
Will: I mean, Taranee. I need to use the restroom.

Will: Did I do something wrong?
Matt: No, it's nothing like that. I've just been practicing. Rehearsing, I mean, with the band.
[Matt holds Will's hand and gets electrocuted]
Matt: Ow!
Will: Sorry! I've been staticky lately.

Taranee: [After Hay Lin has asked her to look after Mr Huggles] No way! No way, no way, no way, no way.
Female Customer: I'll call the Health Department!
Taranee: Ok, ok, ok, ok! I'll do it.

Caleb: Ha!
Matt: I stink!
Caleb: Hey, nothing worth doing is easy and you're really are improving. Mostly 'cause I'm a great teacher.
[Matt grabs Caleb and flips him]
Matt: You are inspiring.
Blunk: Psst! Hero boys! Annihilators! City market, and not hunting for bargain!

Will: Find Elyon, Hay Lin and Irma.
Matt: What am I, the messenger boy?

Cornelia: [creating an anvil shaped iron from the iron in the earth, to attack the Annihilators] Maybe these guys don't have enough iron in their diets.

Blunk: Mouse for Blunk? Yum!
Will: Mouse is not food! Mouse is pet! You eat mouse, and you’re toast!
Blunk: Mouse with toast yummy, too.

Caleb: Okay, Mr. Show-Me-The-Ropes, why are Earth girls so... impossible?
[Cornelia flips her hair on Caleb]
Matt: Dude, books have been written.
Will: Matt, what are you doing here? Don't you realize how dangerous...
[Will electrifies Matt]
Matt: Okay, I get it! Matt go home!

Cornelia: [looking at the dormouse's empty cage] Ughh, Houdini's got nothing on Huggles.
Lilian: Looking for Mr. Huggles? I let him out so he could meet Napoleon. I think they’ll be great friends.
Cornelia: You set a mouse loose... with a cat?! Don’t you watch cartoons?!

Caleb: Okay, so this is Meridian. The Annihilators attacked the farm, the forge, and the market.
Matt: You know...
Irma: Yeah, but how do we stop them?
Matt: Listen!
Hay Lin: Maybe, if we combined our powers...
[Matt grabs a cake and eats it]
Caleb: Hey, that's Elyon's Palace!
Matt: Yeah, figure I eat it before the Annihilators did. These attacks aren't random, they're on a straight line to the Palace. The Annihilators vanish when you go to Meridian and return the second you leave. They're not afraid of you, they just don't exist when you're there. I mean, magic, right?
Elyon: I can never leave Meridian again!
Matt: Make yourself a prisoner in your own kingdom?
Elyon: What else can I do?!
Matt: If you really want to end this, stay away from Meridian. Trust these guys to finish the job.
Irma: Course you have been at school for hours, so the Annihilators could be attacking the Palace right now.
Elyon: You have to stop them!

Cornelia: Do me a favor: take the most destructive dormouse in history.
Will: And, Elyon, you're so much better in folding than I am. With you...
Elyon: Sure, bare-handed folding, my one talent.
Irma: She didn't mean...
Elyon: I know. Just kick some Annihilator tail for me, okay?

Matt: Will, this is my idea! Don't say...
Will and Matt: It's too dangerous.

Blunk: Funny Matt!
Matt: Yeah, Funny Matt. Blunk, you have to take me to Elyon's palace. The Annihilators are attacking.
Blunk: Not sound very funny to Blunk.
Matt: Call me on this. High-tech Earth spyware. You can eavesdrop from 50 ft away.

Will: [after blasting the Annihilators with lightning] Did I just...
Matt: Shoot lightning? Yeah. Explains why you're so stat icky, I guess. Wait, those Annihilators you just blasted. They didn't come back. Guys, force them together and keep them together! Let Will do the rest!
Will: Matt, I don't know if I can.
Matt: She can. Move!

E is for Enemy [2.5][edit]

Will: My shoulder!
[Cedric eats Matt and Will screams to wake up. The students laugh]
Dean: Will?
Will: Well, Mr. Collins, those Mongol Hordes are terrifying. Burr!
Dean: We were discussing Huns.
Will: The Huns? Also terrifying.

[In Cornelia's dream]
Cornelia: You know what? I’m so over you, half the time I don’t even remember your name... uh, Kebab!
Caleb: I’m sorry, have we met?
Cornelia: Aargh! [She bends down and touches the ground, causing a vine to wrap around Caleb, which throws him in the water. She laughs] Haha!

Cornelia: [after seeing herself wet] Hey, this night gown is like Cheffon! Dry-clean only!

Irma: [About the transfer notice that Susan Vandom has given in] Well, I say we hijack it. We liberated a Princess! A piece of paper's got to be easier than that.

Will: Guys, this is Mom's executive assistant, Amanda Bolland.
Amanda: Oh, a pleasure! But, Will, your mom's gone for the rest of the day.
Will: Really? Well, I'm sure she wanted us to meet her here.
Irma: [telepathically] She's coming back. She's coming back. She's coming back.
Amanda: Well, I suppose she might be coming back.

Amanda: Oh, I love working for your mother. We've be lost here without her.
Will: Luck thing she's not going anywhere then!
Taranee: [telepathically] Alright, everybody, we need to split up and find hiding places.
All: [telepathically] Right!
Cornelia: Um, excuse me! Hi! Where's the ladies' room?
Amanda: It's down the hall but...
Cornelia: Thanks!
Irma: Oh, right! I have to go, too. Thanks for reminding me.
Amanda: I don't know if you should be wandering alone.
Taranee: Um, Amanda, I'm doing a report on powerful women in the workplace. Could I interview you?
Amanda: Really? Me? Powerful?
Taranee: Oh, absolutely. You exude it.

MacGruder: [after a bag of dust falls on him] What was that?!

Amanda: Mr. MacGruder says it's a question about direction and judgment but I think the key is telephone skills. Telephone skills and-and photocopying agility. Oh, and personal player. Telephone skills, photocopying agility, and personal player.
Taranee: [telepathically] Oh, I can't take much more of this. Wake up and smell the coffee.
[Taranee heats up the coffee till it boils out]
Amanda: Oh my! How in the world? I... I... I'll just get a sponge!

MacGruder: Young lady, what are you doing in the men's room?!
Taranee: This is the ladies' room!
MacGruder: This is not the... [Puts on his glasses] Oh, gosh! I'm, uh, I'm... excuse me.
[MacGruder runs and falls down, tearing his jacket on the door handle]

MacGruder: Aha! Clumsy stackers, spilled and not cleaning up. That's called hazard! I should sue! But I'll have to sue myself.

Will: Uh, hello. You know, I think I did mixed up the days. I'll just head home.
Amanda: But your friends...
Will: Already gone. See ya!
Amanda: Hey, my interview!

Cornelia: Ugh, move over!
Irma: If you're so telekinetic, you move me over!

Cornelia: [To Irma, in the latter's dream] Oh, stop being such a baby! Get out there and take it like a cucumber!

MacGruder: You won’t believe the day I’ve had. Accidents. Spills. Bathroom misunderstandings. It’s hard being the boss, Mommy.

[An old photocopier covers MacGruder in toner, making the latter leave. Will comes by.]
Will: Thanks, Max!
Photocopier: My pleasure, doll. That tightwad MacGruder is always skimping on my repair budget. Now he has to pay.. For some more toner at least, ha!

Susan: A slumber party?
Will: [In Susan's voice] What tipped you off?
Susan: This is just the kind of behavior I've been talking about, Will. You didn't ask permission and don't even seem sorry.
Will: No, I am sorry. I just... everyone was so bummed about us moving that they wanted to stay over and we're already in our PJs.
Susan: Your parents know? [The girls nod] Then lights out. We'll discuss consequences in the morning.

[In their collective lucid dream]
Taranee: Will, use the Heart, now before it's too late.
Will: [Takes out the Heart] Guardians...[The Heart stops glowing]
Taranee: Remember this is our dream, take control.
Will: ...Unite!
Hay Lin: Air!
[She summons a whirlwind]
Irma: Water!
[She causes a downpour of rain]
Cornelia: Earth!
[She causes an earthquake]
Taranee: Fire!
[She throws a fireball at the base of the whirlwind,turning Sandpit into glass]
Will: And, uh, lightning!
[Will throws a lightning bolt, which smashes the glass]
Taranee: Ok! The lucid dreaming rocked!
[The Knights of Vengeance appear. Irma throws blasts of water at them]
Irma: Sweet dreams!
Cornelia: [Looking at The Gargoyle] Well they'd be sweeter if these guys just stayed down!
[Gargoyle traps them in a cage made from the metal from his forged arm]
Hay Lin: We've got to get out of here!
Taranee: No! We're still thinking like Guardians.
Irma: And that's wrong because...?
Taranee: Because we're just a dream. Why be limited by our waking powers, when we're all just figments of our imaginations?
[Taranee transforms into a fire form and flies out of the cage]
Hay Lin: Now, this I like.
[Hay Lin transforms into a whirlwind and flies out. Irma transforms into a watery form and flies out. Will transforms into an electric form and flies out]
Will: Cornelia, what are you waiting for?
Cornelia: Applause.
[Cornelia elongates her hair, mimicking a tree, with pink flowers in it and uses it to trap the Knights. A mass of pink flowers fill the air and the Knights dissappear. The other Guardians clap]
Cornelia: [Bowing] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [She laughs]
Taranee: I guess that's that. The Knights must have been our psychic invaders.
Hay Lin: I don't think so. That melody from my dream...it's still playing.
Cornelia: Sure it is.
Will: We don't hear anything.
Hay Lin: Well, maybe I can make you see it.
[She closes her eyes and a mass of music notes appear and form a wall, with Nerissa behind it]
Taranee: Uh, pay no attention to the psychic invader behind the curtain.
[They use their combined powers to break the wall. Nerissa laughs]
Irma: That weird old laugh again. Who is she?
Taranee: Our invader, but I've never seen her before.
Will: Look!
[Nerissa is literally "pulling the strings" of the Knights of Vengeance]
Will: She was in the shadows. Making us dance to her tune, like marionettes. I don't know about you guys, but puppet shows gave always freaked me out.
[They all hold hands in a circle and fire a white beam of energy at the Knights, which, in turn, hurts Nerissa and they wake up]
Cornelia: We did it! She's beaten!
Irma: Whoever she was! And who was she?
Will: The one pulling the strings. I bet she's behind all the trouble in Meridian lately, including the Knights of Vengeance.
Taranee: But after getting psychic feedback, she'll think twice before getting into our heads again.
[Susan storms in]
Susan: Girls, you're supposed to be asleep, not keeping me awake.
Will: I'm sorry, Mom.
Taranee: Um, Ms. Vandom, can we talk to you about you taking Will back to Fadden Hills?
Susan: Taranee, it's a family matter.
Hay Lin: But we're Will's family, too.
Irma: That's right.
Cornelia: All of us.
Will: It's true, Mom. I feel like a part of something here. Something bigger than just me.
Hay Lin: What if we promise to help Will?
Taranee: I'll tutor her after school.
Cornelia: And I'll make sure she gets her beauty sleep.
Irma: I mean, if we all work together, can you please give Heatherfield another chance?
Will: Mom, running away to Fadden isn't the answer. I mean, it's not the place that matters, but the people. And the people are here.
Susan: When did you become so eloquent?
Will: Does that mean we can stay? Thank you so much!
[Will and Susan hug]
Susan: Of course I did put in that transfer request already.
Will: Maybe that won't be a problem.
Susan: It won't. I'll just call MacGruder and tell him to ignore it. [kisses Will on her forehead] Okay, girls, back to bed. [She leaves]
Irma: Ok, so we WITCHed that transfer for nothing?
Taranee: I guess the result is what counts.
Will: Yeah. [She hugs them] And thanks guys. Awake or asleep, you are the absolute best.

F is for Facades [2.6][edit]

Taranee: Come on, Cornelia! We're just trying to cheer you up.
Cornelia: I don't need cheering up. Go away!
Irma: I'll show you my latest power. It's all about the clothes.
[Cornelia comes out and Irma changes her clothes to pink]
Cornelia: You can change the color of your outfit? And still be so last season! Everyone knows black and white is the new pink.
Irma: I’m last season? Hello! It’s 76º out, and you’re wearing wool.
Cornelia: How many times do I have to tell you? It’s better to look good than feel good.
Lilian: She's just dressed warm 'cause she's going skating!
Cornelia: What?! Lilian, I am not!
Lilian: You are! You said so to that boy on the phone!
Hay Lin: You've got a date?
Will: A non-Caleb date?
Cornelia: You are so not going with me!

Taranee: Does he go to Sheffield?
Will: Does Caleb know?
Irma: Does he have any brothers?
Hay Lin: Does he skate?
Cornelia: None of your business, children! Now, get out!
[The communicator buzzes]
Cornelia: I'll be right down!
Peter: Sure. I'll be right here.
Cornelia: Don't follow me
[She goes into the elevator]
Cornelia: Safe!
[Cornelia transforms to her tall self and Will, Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin open the elevator]
Taranee: Oh, my!
Cornelia: Not safe. [covers her head]
Will: You transformed without the Heart?!
Cornelia: Not exactly transformed.
Taranee: When did you learn to do that?
Cornelia: Since Kandrakar! But...
Hay Lin: No wings?
Cornelia: I don't have Guardian powers.
Irma: Who's the guy?!
Cornelia: I don't suppose you'd stay in the elevator with your backs turn? I didn't think so.
Peter: Hey, Lillian.
Will, Irma, Taranee, Hay Lin: Lillian?!
Peter: [noticing Taranee] Oh, hi, sis.
Taranee: Hi, sis.
Irma: Hey, Peter! We were just wondering how long have you and [uses air quotes] "Lillian" been dating?
Peter: A few weeks. You were there when we met, at the park.
Cornelia: Wow! Memories, huh? Ok, we better go before all the good ice is taken.
Hay Lin: We're following, right?
Taranee: Oh, yeah!

Caleb: I'm not hungry.
Julian: It seems my son has lost his appetite without Cornelia.
Caleb: It's got nothing to do with her! I wish I never met her.
Elyon: Well...I could use my magic to burn her from your memories.
Caleb: No!
Elyon: Aha! So you do care. And don't lie, I'm royalty.
Caleb: Oh, maybe a little.
Blunk: In Caleb speak that mean a lot.
Elyon: She cares too. Are you really going to give her up without a fight?

Lilian: Hello?
Elyon: It's Elyon and Caleb.
Lilian: You just missed Cornelia and everyone. They went skating without me.
Caleb: You can really skate in the spring?
Elyon: Earth has its perks. You can bathe outside in winter if you got a hottub.
Caleb: I'm doomed!
Elyon: We'll catch up, too, at the rink.
Caleb: I can’t skate. I’ve tried. I’m a disaster! A face-first, ice-up-your-nose disaster.
Elyon: Uh, well... Earth-girls love a guy who can’t keep his feet. They do!
Lilian: [leaping in Caleb’s arms and bowling him over] Take me with you!
Elyon: See? They love it.

Taranee: Playing my brother. My brother! With a phony name and an even phonier body. Ooh, she's got some nerve.
Hay Lin: She's gonna need it.
[They notice Caleb, Elyon and Lillian]
Will: This is a train wreck.
Taranee: Good. Lillian deserves a kick in the caboose.
Irma: Can I be the one to tell Cornelia. Oh, please, oh please!

Hay Lin: You come with me, Lilian. You can’t skate on an empty stomach!
Lilian: Can’t skate on an empty stomach, can’t swim on a full stomach. Who makes up these rules?
Irma: What is Caleb doing here?
Elyon: I made him swallow his pride.
Irma: Boy, is he about to be full! He won’t be swimming for a year.

Taranee: World's coolest brother tricked by ungrateful sister. Film at 11.

Peter: [pushed by Taranee] Taranee, what are you doing?
Taranee: Snake, snake! Come on, everybody!

Cornelia: [grabbed by Irma and Elyon] Let go of me!
Irma: Your worlds are so about to collide.
Cornelia: What are you babbling about?!
Elyon: Caleb is here.

Cornelia: [about Caleb slipping] Is he humiliating himself for me?

Cornelia: Oh no! He can't see me like this! [transforms back to normal]
Irma: Here, this will help. [turns Cornelia's clothes to pink] Pink is the new black and white.
Cornelia: Ugh! I'd rather get caught!
Caleb: Ow! Oh, hi. Uh, you look nice.
Cornelia: Hi. Uh, thanks.

Cornelia: [after Caleb sees her kissing Peter] Caleb! Please!

[Miranda is trapped in an energy prison]
Miranda: [in spider form] Well, the gang's all here. [Transforms into human form]
Elyon: Tell us where they've taken Julian and Drake, you traitor!
Miranda: And Aldarn, don't forget Aldarn.
Caleb: You little...
Cornelia: Caleb don't!
Miranda: That's right Caleb...don't. Not if you ever want to see them again. Here's how it'll go. You release me and I'll leave with Caleb.
Cornelia: No, you can't!
Caleb: No-one asked your opinion. I'm ready, my Queen.
[Elyon dissipates the energy prison. Miranda takes Caleb's hand]
Miranda: See. Isn't it nicer when we all just try to get along.

Hay Lin: [To The Knights of Vengeance] Get ready for Hurricane Hay Lin! [She summons a hurricane but is trapped by the flail of The Tracker. He throws her twice into a tree] I think I've just been downgraded to a tropical depression.

Cornelia: Caleb, wait!
Caleb: For you? Not anymore.
Cornelia: I deserve that. But you have to know: When I thought I’d lost you, all I could think about was...
Caleb: That other guy?
Cornelia: No. Caleb, listen. After you made a fool of yourself for me, I decided to break up with him. I swear.

G is for Garbage [2.7][edit]

Blunk: So, you saved Blunk!
[He hugs Irma]
Irma: Ughh! It was just a reflex, ok?! We're not going to the prom together.
Blunk: Don't worry. Blunk know woods. And this time, Blunk save Irma.
Irma: Ok, but, the prom is still out!

Irma: [To Blunk] I wonder what the sentence is around here for assaulting a passling?!

Irma: [ranting] Not precious! Worthless! Worthless garbage! Just like you!

{Blunk hums the tune to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", by accident, while trying to hum the tune that breaks the Horn of Hypnos' effects]

Irma: That's "Twinkle Twinkle"!

[Irma sends a stream of water, to catch the Horn of Hypnos and to return to her.]
Irma: [While the Horn is travelling to her] Nothing like Guardian powers!
[The Horn moves away from Irma, and it is revealed to be telekinetically levitated by Cornelia]
Irma: Argh! Unless they're somebody else's.

H is for Hunted [2.8][edit]

[Will is on the phone to Cornelia. The two are visible on screen talking to each other, with two halves of the screen sectioned for them. Cornelia is upside down on her bed, brushing her hair.]
Will:...So I can't help decorate.
Cornelia: Oh, please! If you want to attend the ball, you have to help with the prep.
[Hay Lin appears on screen, on the phone with Will and Cornelia]
Hay Lin: I spent forever designing the decorations. We can't lose you to a pile of dirty underwear!
[Taranee appears on screen, on the phone to Will, Cornelia and Hay Lin]
Taranee: Besides, when you're not around, Cornelia gets really bossy. [She puts her glasses on]
Cornelia: Irma brings it out in me.
[Irma is on the phone to Will, Cornelia, Hay Lin and Taranee and is brushing her teeth. She tries to speak, but it just comes out in gurgles]
Will, Cornelia, Hay Lin, Taranee: What?!
[Irma spits out the toothpaste]
Irma: I said: Stop brushing your hair, Cornelia. You're losing brain cells.
Cornelia: Ugh!
Taranee: Please, Will! Without you, I can't guarantee any survivors.
Will: Oh, I'll find a way.
[One by one, in reverse chronology everyone hangs up]

[Will and Astral Drop Will are standing by a washing machine in a launderette]
Will: So, once again. [She holds up a white garment and a black garment] Never mix...?
Astral Drop Will: Irma with Cornelia?

[After Nerissa has used her power to transform Astral Drop Will into an Altermere]
Nerissa: You are no longer an Astral Drop. No longer a soulless slave to the bearer of the Heart of Kandrakar. You are a living, feeling Altermere. With all of Will's memories, emotions...and powers!
Altermere Will: I'm living! I'm feeling! [notices Nerissa levitating towards her] I'm scared!
Nerissa: Wonderful, isn't it? To be truly alive and not just a dull shadow.
Altermere Will: Wait, I remember you. You're the old woman from my nightmare.
Nerissa: That was Will's nightmare. It doesn't have to be yours. I gave you life. I'm your friend...remember that.

[Nerissa is watching Altermere Will do the laundry, from outside the launderette]
Nerissa: That's right. Experience life. That way, you'll have something to lose. And something to fight for!

[Irma has accidentally let go of a balloon she was blowing up]
Hay Lin: Irma! Be Careful!
Irma: [sarcastically] Gee! Now we only have now we only have nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine left.
Hay Lin: You can never have enough balloons!
Cornelia: No, you can never have enough shoes! Balloons you can definitely overdo.

Cornelia: Fine, but no more balloons. I’m getting light-headed. [She kicks the balloons, which fill the hall]
Irma: Light-headed. Air-headed. How do you tell the difference?
Cornelia: [sarcastically] Big "Ha."

Washing Machine: Hey! Where are you going?!
Altermere Will: To eat! Wow, Hunger! What a concept!

Cornelia: [Drops a sticky tape] Ugh, this is impossible. And I have to go home and change. Look at me, I've got [Blushes] sweat stains!
Taranee: Sweaty over here is right. Maybe we should just forget about the streamers.
Hay Lin: We're not forgetting the streamers! They represent the [she holds up a streamer in one hand] strands of memory that connect us to Galgheita no matter where [holds up a balloon in the other hand] the balloons of life takes her.
Irma: Ok, that's it! Will, you've got let us use our wings, before Hay Lin's strands are shredded...by me!

[Mrs Rudolph, Principal Knickerbocker and Mr Collins are heading towards the gym hall to see the decorations.]
Principal Knickerbocker: After you, Mrs Rudolph.
[Mrs Rudolph opens the door and sees the girls in Guardian form. She quickly closes the door]
Principal Knickerbocker: Deliah, are you alright?
Mrs Rudolph: It’s just the realization that I’m leaving! I can’t face it right now. :[quietly] And trust me, neither can you.

Hay Lin: I still think we could use more balloons.
Mrs Rudolph: Let it go, dear.

Martin: Hey, hey! Come on, Irma! Give it up for the dancing machine! Whoo! Too hot not to try!
Irma: Okay, okay! I'll dance with you if you stop doing that!

Susan: It’s like I have two daughters: Will and her evil twin.

[Caleb jumps and grabs Altermere Will, while Altermere Will and Will are in flight]
Altermere Will: No, Caleb, it’s me!
Caleb: Whoops! Sorry, Will.
[He drops down]
Will: No, Caleb, I’m me!
Caleb: [Sits on the ground] Like girls aren’t hard enough to understand when there’s just one of them.

Cornelia: Not so tough now, are you, sushi roll?

Altermere Will: No! You still want to absorb me back into the Heart! Back into oblivion!
Will: If you're really me, you know I won't.
Altermere Will: [Calms down] I believe you.
Will: Of course you do. We’re practically sisters.
Nerissa: [watching from a distance] Disgusting. Still, my fault for betting on a cheap knock off. All it had to do was quietly replace the Guardian, but no. Might as well take advantage of the distraction. [She sends a lightning bolt to Will, but Altermere Will intercepts her attack] Well, that was irritatingly heroic.
Will: You saved my life, when all you wanted was to live.
Altermere Will: That's what sisters do, right?
Hay Lin: Oh, Will, she's fading!
Will: I know but what can I... unless I have to absorb her, not into the Heart but into me. But only if you say yes, then all your thoughts, feelings, memories, everything will live on in me.
Altermere Will: I'd like that.
[Will absorbs Altermere Will and absorbs her memories - including the memory where Altermere Will saw Susan and Mr Collins kissing]
Susan: Did you forget you promised to get this laundry done?
Will: Hmm, I don't know. Did you forget you promised to stop seeing my teacher?!
Susan: Will, I...
Will: Dating? Fine. Dating my teacher? Gross, but also fine. Lying to me about it while lecturing me on responsibility? Priceless!
[Will storms off and slams the bedroom door]

I is for Illusion [2.9][edit]

Will: She captured Caleb, attacked us at a school dance! She even came after us in our dreams!
Cornelia: Such a nightmare!
Taranee: We're pretty sure she's pulling the strings of the Knights, too.
Irma: But we don't have a clue who the old hag is! Uh, No offence, Mage.
The Mage: None taken.
Hay Lin: I drew this!
[gives a drawing of Nerissa to the Mage]
The Mage: Her image is unfamiliar to the Council of Kandrakar.
The Oracle: If only my powers were at full strength. But I am unable to divine her identity or purpose. Though, I do sense something else troubles our Guardians.
[Taranee, Will, Irma and Cornelia look at each other. Hay Lin is invisible]
Will: Well, there's that new lightning thing and I've started bringing electrical appliances to life.
[Hay Lin reappears]
Hay Lin: Not to mention invisibility.
Cornelia: [Raises her hand] Telekinesis.
Taranee: [Raises her hand] Mmmm, telepathy.
Irma: Y'know, normal teen stuff.
Halinor: What you're experiencing is normal...for Guardians. You are progressing as expected.
The Oracle: And I am pleased you work so well together. Even in your dreams. Harmony is essential for the Heart of Kandrakar to be effective.
Hay Lin: Oh, we're all about the harmony, Oracle.
[Taranee puts her arms around Hay Lin and Irma - Irma giggles]
Taranee: In fact we're going to spend a whole week together.
Irma: Chilling at Cormoran Beach, thanks to my mom and dad.
[All the Guardians put their arms around each other and smile]
The Oracle: Then by all means, enjoy your sojourn. You have earned it.
[Later, in the car, on the way to the beach]
Chris: [leaping out of a car] Ohh...Finally air unpolluted by girl-breath.
Irma: I so wouldn't bring up breath, little brother...yours smelt steel.
Anna Lair: Irma! Chris! I refuse to listen to you bicker for an entire week.
Tom Lair: Then I hope you brought earplugs.

Anna: Irma. Why is Will yelling at the toaster? And why did she name it?
Will: I don't care if you don't like raisins, Judy. [She shakes the toaster] Just give me my toast!

Cornelia: You know what would make this trip perfect?
Will: Seven more bathrooms?
Cornelia: If Caleb were here.
Hay Lin: Oh, please! You and Caleb can't go five minutes without fighting. If you actually spent time together, you'd be vacationing in Dumpsville.
[Irma is in the water, and someone sinisterly grabs her - it's Chris]
Irma: Chris, you're such a brat!
Taranee: I wonder why? Look in the mirror sometime. He learned from the best.
[Hay Lin is on the pier, Will joins her]
Hay Lin: [gasps] You scared me.
Will: Sorry. I just had to get away from Cornelia. She won't stop babbling about Caleb.
Hay Lin: [Laughs] Yeah. Obsess much?
Will: Ugh, and what a total drag for you. Since you've never had a boyfriend.
Hay Lin: Uh...I don't want a boyfriend.
Will: Well, that's lucky. Since you're not exactly likely to get one.
[Will walks off]
Hay Lin: Right. Lucky.
[Will walking, alone]
Will: Who knew sowing the seeds of discontent would be such...[She transforms into Nerissa]
Nerissa: ...Child's play?! A glamour here, a glamour there, and they're mine for the picking. But enough about me. Your turn Sandpit.

Chris: Moan Moan Moan...Feeble Feeble Feeble.
[The Werewolf from the Haunted House has come to life]:
Chris: Aargh!
[The Werewolf grabs Chris]
Irma: [Thinking the Werewolf is still a machine] Chris! Listen, you electric furball, No one messes with my brother but me!

Taranee: Oh, I can't believe it.
Irma: Can't believe what?
Taranee: Will! I've read her mind. She brought those things to life...as a prank.
Irma: Are you kidding me? My little brother was nearly werewolf chow. If anything had happened to him...
Taranee: You'd be bummed it wasn't you who did it.

[Unbeknownst to the girls, Nerissa has made Chris' toy fire engine come to life and is spelling out WITCH in the sand. Cornelia throws a rock, crushing it]
Irma: Overkill, much? That was my brother's favourite toy!
Cornelia: Sorry, thought you wanted our secrets protected! My bad!
Taranee: Irma. Calm down. Chris has a lot of toys, he'll get over it.
Irma: Right! 'Cause he's a spoiled brat and I'm a lousy role model.
Taranee: Huh?
Hay Lin: So, you and Chris fight a lot. That doesn't mean...
Irma: Don't you start! What does an only child know about brothers and sisters, anyway?
Will: Guys? Chill!
Cornelia: Or what? You'll stick the toaster on us?
Irma: Yeah, don't you dare pull rank. What kind of leader uses her powers for dangerous pranks?!
Will: I didn't! And, by the way, I never asked to be leader. Or a Guardian, for that matter.
Taranee: None of us did.
Cornelia: Well, maybe we should call it quits!
Irma: As Guardians and friends!
[A robed man appears - The Oracle]
Hay Lin: At last! Something we agree on.
The Oracle: Enough!
[The girls gasp]
Will: Oracle!
The Oracle: I am profoundly disappointed, children. The Heart of Kandrakar requires harmony above all else. You are out of harmony as friends and Guardians. [pause] Will. You must return the Heart. Here. And now.
Will: I guess...we failed you. [Will takes out the Heart]
Hay Lin: Hold it! Got one question for the Oracle: What's the dealio with your shadow? :[The shadow is in Nerissa's form]
Cornelia: Yeah, it totally doesn't match your ensemble.
The Oracle: This is no time for impertinence. Give me the Heart!
Will: You want the Heart? You got it! GUARDIANS UNITE!
[They transform]
Will: The Heart!
Irma: Water!
Taranee: Fire!
Cornelia: Earth!
Hay Lin: Air!
The Oracle: So close...[transforms into Nerissa]
Nerissa: So very close!
[she fires a lightning bolt at the Guardians]
Irma: Woah! [She flies around to miss the lightning bolt] It's the old hag!
Will: She's got my lightning power?
Taranee: And she brought a friend.
[Sandpit appears from the sand and punches Irma, Cornelia, Hay Lin and Taranee, sending them flying in the water.]
Hay Lin: Someone wanna explain how we're supposed to beat up a beach?
Irma: How about we give him a mudbath?!
[She flies up and lifts from the water two large water shaped drops and four small water bubbles and sends them to attack Sandpit. Elsewhere, Will and Taranee shoot lightning and fire at Nerissa. Nerissa fires back a more powerful lightning bolt in the sky.
Will: [To Taranee] I bet the sorceress is changing her looks to play with our heads!
Taranee: Trying to turn us against each other to get the Heart!
Nerissa: [slowly, with emphasis on the syllables] Quintessence!
[She electrifies a car and a hut]
Will: Quin what now?
Cornelia: Look!
[The car and hut come to life and head to attack the Guardians]
Taranee: Woah! Props for surprises!
[Will flies down and shoots a lightning bolt at the hut. Elsewhere, the car is hurtling downwards. Cornelia flies down in front of it and uses her power to form the earth into a wall, but it just acts as a ramp. The car hurtles towards her, but Caleb appears and pushes her out of the way]
Cornelia: Nice timing, boyfriend.
Caleb: Just part of my job description.
[They kiss]
Blunk: Uh, Blunk hate to to spoil moment, but...CUTE COUPLE STILL IN TROUBLE!
[Blunk, Caleb and Cornelia run, as the car chases after them. Cornelia flies up and picks up Caleb, puts him in the driver's seat and he steers it away from Blunk. Will is still firing lightning at the hut, almost destroying it, as seen from the windscreen of the car, Caleb jumps out of the car. Just as it's about to fall, the car crashes into the hut. Elsewhere, Irma and Hay Lin are still fighting Sandpit. Irma fires a water bubble/drop at Sandpit]
Hay Lin: Hey, Irma, can I play?
[She summons a gust of wind towards Sandpit, which turns into a whirlwind, trapping Sandpit and he also becomes part of the whirlwind, making it bigger and it disappears. The car switches back on and starts to drive away]
Will: [as she's speaking, as per her instructions, Taranee forms a fireball] Taranee! Some fire power!
[She throws the fireball downwards which spins in the air and it blows up the car. The Guardians fly down to join Caleb and Blunk]
Hay Lin: How's that for harmony?!
Will: Wait! The sorceress.
[Hay Lin flies over, a Nerissa and Sandpit open a fold and walks through. She flies faster, and as she gets there, the fold disappears, in blue sparkles. The other Guardians join her.]
Hay Lin: Aww! I hate when they do that! I never get any closure!
Caleb: We've got other problems.

[The light at the hut is on]

Irma: Oh no, the noise woke my parents!
Cornelia: [as Caleb and Blunk run over, she halts them with her hand]Hold your breath, guys! I've got some evidence to bury!
[She uses her power to lift the ground up and rolls it over Caleb and Blunk. Tom, Anna and Chris appear]
Tom: [Yawns] Irma?
Irma: You guys totally missed the, uh, uh, uh, the fireworks! They were awesome!
Chris: Fireworks! Awww! How come you didn't wake me? Irma!
Anna: Chris. Please. No more arguing. [Yawning] Ugh! Let's just all go to bed. :[She leads Chris inside. Tom follows]
Will: So...no more arguing?
Hay Lin: Takes more than an old hag to come between WITCH.
Taranee: [Cornelia starts to walk off] We're the harmony quintet. [She follows Cornelia]
Irma: I'm gonna even try to harmonise with Chris. [pause] Ok, a little [She follows]
Cornelia: Then maybe we should all chip in and buy him a new truck? [They go inside the hut]
[After a pause, Caleb comes out of the sand]
Caleb: [sarcastically] Ugh! I so love having a girlfriend.
[Blunk comes out of the sand and licks his hand]
Blunk: Blunk tasted worse.

J is for Jewel [2.10][edit]

[The Knights of Vengeance and Nerissa are in a fort filled with lava]
Nerissa: Quintessence!
[She summons quintessence, which makes the the lava rise up into two blunt pillars]
Nerissa: It's time we punish those who made possible Queen Elyon's rise to power... [The lava turns into a lava form of the human form of the Browns] ...Elborn and Miriadel. They protected her, hid her on Earth. They must pay.
[Raythor walks up and bows behind Nerissa]
Raythor: We will show no mercy.
Nerissa: Then go! Bring the infidels to their knees!
[She raises her arms and disappears in a green light]
Frost: So how do we lure those two out of the palace?
Raythor: We don't. Nerissa means well, but she thinks small. Why strike at minor targets, when it's Elyon who truly deserves our vengeance?
Miranda: The Queen's too powerful. How are we to...
Raythor: To conquer a Queen requires more than knights...
[The shot switches to Phobos in his cell]
Raythor: [voice-over] it requires...a prince.

[In the castle, Trill is serving Elyon, Elborn and Miriadel. She notices the necklace she gave Elyon glint]
Elyon: Trill? What is it?
Trill: Never mind. A trick of the light.
Elyon: Tell me more about the jewel. What did it mean to my mother? And what were she and my father really like? Did they...love me?
Miriadel: Queen Weira and the Royal Consort Zadan loved you more than life.
Elborn: You were the true jewel in their crown.
Elyon: More! I want to know more!
Miradel: Perhaps...there is a way.

[Hay Lin is at the Silver Dragon, balancing piles dirty plates, as she walks over to the counter, to put them there. Yan Lin enters]
Yan Lin: Delivery order! Thirty minutes or less. Time to pedal that metal.
[Hay Lin sighs. Next she is outside the Silver Dragon and is gets out her phone to speak to the girls.
Hay Lin: Ok, I'm here.
[The shot shows all the girls on their phones in a grid format, with Hay Lin in the middle. Will is in a museum with a life size elephant, Irma is at Cormoran Beach, Taranee seems to be in a mountainous and jungle like region, maybe South America and Cornelia is in Paris]
Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia: Finally!
[The shot is now just Hay Lin as the girls' shots get pulled away]
Hay Lin: Do not complain. You're all on vacation. I'm a summertime slave.
[The shot sweeps over to Irma at Cormoran beach]
Irma: Better than beach boring.
[The shot sweeps to Will in the museum]
Will: Or mommy and me museum tour.
[The shot sweeps to Taranee in the mountainous, jungle region]
Taranee: Or mosquito mountain. [She slaps a mosquito that has landed on her arm] Ow!
[The shot sweeps back to Hay Lin, smelling her apron]
Hay Lin: Ugh! I smell like egg-fu-yung.
[The shot sweeps to Cornelia in Paris]
Cornelia: I smell like O'de Fabulous. I have daddy's platinum and the caviar is awesome, and we're getting seaweed wraps tomorrow! The only thing missing is...
[Will and Taranee enter the shot in triangular angles and all say at the same time...]
Cornelia: Caleb.
Will: Matt.
Taranee: Nigel.
[A heartbeat is heard over the shot]
Hay Lin: Boys?! You're in four kinds of paradise and all you can think about is your next date?
Cornelia: Hay Lin, some day soon, you'll be thinking about your first date.
Hay Lin: No way! Not me! Never! I...
[Yan Lin takes the phone off her and hangs up]
Yan Lin: That moo goo gai pan ain't gonna fold to Elm Street.

[Elyon, Trill, Elborn and Miriadel are standing outside a large door]
Elborn: You may meet your parents, your majesty, through memories.
Elyon: I don't have any memories of them.
Miriadel: But Trill does. And in the Old Meditation Chamber, your own power can put you both in a trance.Allowing you to interact with her remembrances.
Elyon: Oh, that would totally ro...ugh. [she notices Elborn and Miriadel, looking sad] Oh, I didn't mean...
[she runs over to them]
Miriadel: It's alright, your majesty.
[Elyon hugs Elborn]
Elborn: You must go where your heart leads.
Elyon: It will always lead back to you. [Miriadel bends down] You raised me. I love you.
[Elyon hugs Miriadel]
Miriadel: And we love you, child. But it's perfectly natural to be curious about your birth parents. Go!

[Phobos has escaped and the Horn of Warning has sounded]
Caleb: The Horn of Warning! Phobos is free!
Blunk: Good time for Blunk to take that long weekend to the shore! Or just dig hole and never come out.

[At Cormoran Beach, though there are other civilians there]
Anna Lair: Hey! How about a clam dig? All four of us! As a family!
Irma: Yeah, I'm allergic to shellfish.
Anna: Since when?
[Irma's phone rings]
Irma: Since like, right now.
Irma: [walks off, down the beach. Into the phone] Shellfish Allergy Anonymous. Hello
Hay Lin: Irma! Thank goodness. We couldn't reach Will or Taranee.
Irma: Hay Lin. Chill. What's wrong?
[Screen splits into three sections. On the left - Irma, the middle - Hay Lin, the right - Cornelia]
Hay Lin: Phobos has escaped! You have to get back here.
Cornelia: Umm, not that I wouldn't love to be fighting evil right now... [to her mother] No mom! The black boots and the red pumps!...but I'm like a billion miles away.
Irma: Yeah, what are we supposed to do...
[Back to Irma in a single shot, Irma gestures to the sea]
Irma: ...Walk to Heatherfield?
[Cut to Cornelia in a French shot, and as Hay Lin is talking, the shot transitions to her]
Hay Lin: I don't know! Just be ready...I'll figure something out.
[She hangs up the phone, and is in the basement of The Silver Dragon with Yan Lin and Blunk, and after a beat cries]
Hay Lin: Oh, I can't figure anything out!

Phobos: Frost! Take command of Gargoyle and the Lurdens, and hold this gate!
Frost: Master, it shall be done!
Phobos: The rest of my knights, follow your prince...to victory!

[In Trill's memory, baby Elyon is crying]
Queen Weira: Ugh! The brat never stops crying! Where's Trill?!
[She hands Elyon to Zadan]
Zadan: I bet you once change it.
Queen Weira: I am Queen! You are Consort! NOW!
[Zadan takes baby Elyon and present Elyon gasps, past Trill appears]
Trill: Your Highness, I...
Queen Weira: Do not make me wait again, Trill! Or you'll force me into another punishment.

Trill: No! Your Highness. No! Please!

[Young Phobos appears]
Phobos: Must I listen to that incessant wailing?
Elyon: Phobos?
Queen Weira: No, my precious pet.
[She hugs him]
Queen Weira: Well...take it away!
[Zadan hands baby Elyon to past Trill and she walks off]
Phobos: Stupid little whelp!
Queen Weira: She keeps the peasants happy...but you, my son [hands him her jewel] are the true heir to my heart.

Raythor: Shall I dispose of this one [Caleb], master?
Phobos: All in good time. But first...
[The camera transitions to Elyon]
Phobos: [voice over] I miss my baby sister.

Hay Lin: Wow! What else don't I know about you, grandma?
Yan Lin: Oh, lots of things. So many things. [She laughs]
Hay Lin: But, it's like folding?
[Yan Lin creates two small spheres from her hand]
Yan Lin: Folding is for [she gestures from one sphere to the other] crossing between worlds.
[She makes the sphere on her right hand side disappear]
Yan Lin: Teletransporting is for the fast break within a world.
Hay Lin: And any Guardian can do it?
Yan Lin: Sure! With a decade of practice. Otherwise, you materialise inside solid rock, or glacier or mud wrestling match. Ugh! I was grubby for weeks!
Hay Lin: Fine, fine! But you know how! You can get the guys.
Yan Lin: I'm not hooked into an auramere. Teletransporting drains my life force.
Hay Lin: Oh! Blunk can only fold somewhere he's been before. He can get Irma, but...Wait! I'm hooked into an auramere, borrow life force from me. Enough to get Cornelia and Taranee.
[Yan Lin nods, they hold hands and a blue light appears from Hay Lin and transfers to Yan Lin. Hay Lin faints and Blunk catches her]
Yan Lin: Hay Lin?
Hay Lin: [quietly, croaky] Ugh, I'm fine. You go. You too, Blunk. I'll try Will again. As soon as I catch my breath.
[Blunk creates a fold and goes through, Yan Lin teletransports. Hay Lin sits down and sighs]

[After all the girls have gathered together]
Hay Lin: Oh, Finally!
Yan Lin: Whew! [sits down] Note to self: Next time, pinch more life force.
[Will and Hay Lin nod to each other]
Will: Guardians Unite!

Phobos: And now for the family reunion.
Will: After reunion we have in mind. I'm thinking we'll reunite you with your cell.
Phobos: And finally, the girls.

Phobos: Destroy the weakest link and the rest will soon fall.
Hay Lin: You may be right.
[Trasforms into a whirlwind. Then she makes the whirlwind even bigger and is inside it, not part of it anymore. Phobos is trapped inside the whirlwind]
Hay Lin: But if I'm the weakest link, then you must really be in trouble! [She kicks Phobos out of the whirlwind and he crashes]

Elyon: Phobos! Who said you could leave your room, brother?
Phobos: No! You shall not rob me of my throne a second time! You [He powers up an electrical attack and flies over to Elyon] shall...not! [gets teletransported back to his cell]

Yan Lin: How'd it go?
Irma: Ah, we only... beat Phobos!
Will: Actually, Hay Lin beat him.
Hay lin: Me? I almost blew it.
Will: What?
Taranee: Where's that coming from?
Yan Lin: Is this about a boy?
Hay lin: What? No! Well actually... I did see this realy cute- The point is, this was the first time it was up to me. Everyone was spread out and-
Yan Lin: And you gathered them here.
Hay Lin: Not without your help.
Yan Lin: You think needing help is bad? Working together you find true power, in others and in yourself.
Hay Lin: I dont know.
Yan Lin: You are a jewel, grandaughter. In the rough perhaps, but a jewel all the same, and someday I won't be the only one to see. [They hug. Cornelia and Will high-five each other. Irma and Taranee hug]
Cornelia: Hi. Hate to spoil the greeting card moment, but, how do we all get back?!
Yan Lin: Don't look at me.
[Hay Lin shrugs]

[In the palace, Elyon, Elborn and Miriadel are eating. Trill is feeding Blunk and notices the necklace to create folds]
Trill: Oh! This trinket is...Queen Elyon what is wrong?
Elyon: How could you all lie to me about my birth parents.
Elborn: What?!
Miriadel: Elyon, we would never!
Trill: How can you say such a thing?!
Elyon: Weira and Zadan were horrible people. They didn't love me!
Trill: Your mother loved you! She gave you that jewel! [notices the jewel sparkle]
Elyon: Take it back! I don't want it!
[She rips the necklace off, throws it, Trill catches it, laughs villainously and transforms into Nerissa. She floats over to the trio, Elyon tries to use her powers, to no avail]
Elyon: My powers! What have you done?
Nerissa: This jewel, a true jewel from Weira's crown, has been draining your power for months. That's why I gave it to you.
Elyon: You lie! The real Trill gave me that. Where is she?
Nerissa: There is no Trill. There never was. I have served you as I served Phobos and the rebellion, in humility, waiting for this day. When the gem pulsed this mornng I knew my time had come. No more need for knights or vengeance. All that remained was to convince you to give it to me willingly. [Her hair raises up] Which is why I fed you false visions of your parents.
Elyon: Monster!
[She walks up to her, hands held out and walks into the jewel]
Nerissa: Too slow, whelp!
Nerissa: The Heart... of Meridian... is mine!
[She cackles and teletransports away]

K is for Knowledge [2.11][edit]

[In the palace, Caleb, Elborn, Miriadel, Blunk and The Mage are there]
Caleb: I don't understand. Elyon's gone?!
Elborn: Captured by a sorceress, hiding in our midst...Trill.
[Miriadel cries]
Caleb: You mean she was posing as Trill?
Elborn: It seems there never was a Trill. People who've known her for years can't recall her history, family, or even where she lives.
Caleb: But she helped the rebellion!
Elborn: She may have had her own reasons for toppling Phobos or her need to get close to our daughter, to the Queen. She took Elyon and her power. All of it!
Caleb: So we fetch some power players of our own, the Guardians.
[Blunk gets the tooth necklace out]
The Mage: No! Stop! Your tooth...did Trill touch it?
[Blunk nods, as the Mage touches it, it glows a white light. As she removes her hand, her ring glows white]
The Mage: It is as I feared, Trill, uh, the sorceress, also touched my ring. She cursed our talismans. Whom so ever touches it to fold, will be destroyed.
Blunk: Aargh! [He quickly rips the necklace off] Blunk too pretty to be destroyed!
Caleb: Wait! Then how do we get to Earth?
The Mage: I will try to counteract the spell.
[She walks away. In another hall, The Mage transforms into Nerissa]
Nerissa: After all, we must [she slowly raises the jewel] save the Queen. [The jewel is now in the centre of the screen, showing Elyon banging on the walls of the jewel] Musn't we? [She cackles]

[Will. Irma, Cornelia and Hay Lin are in the basement of the Silver Dragon. Cornelia is sitting on a chair, Irma - lying on her back, with her head over the bed, Will is sitting on the bed, with her back rested on the wall, as is Hay Lin, who is writing in a notebook]
Will: Is anyone else worried that we haven't heard from Elyon or Caleb in, I don't know, weeks?!
Cornelia: [yawns] Not really. Caleb knew I was travelling and Meridian is definitely a roaming charge.
Irma: Besides, we've kicked enough bad guy booty to earn our vacation.
Hay Lin: But vacation's over! School starts tomorrow.
[They all sigh. Taranee enters holding a laptop]
Taranee: Hey, guys. Isn't it great? I thought summer would never end. And, in honour of school, I have completed my first assignment.
Irma: Oh, can I hurt her? Please.
Taranee: [typing] Welcome to Taranee's handy dandy guide to... [The Four Dragons and the nymph, which is the dragons of the Guardians' powers appears on the screen] ...Quintessece.
[They all crowd round the screen]
Cornelia: Quintessence?! That's the word that hag used to attack us!
Hay Lin: But, what does it have to do with the legend of the Four Dragons? That's about our powers!
Taranee: Right! Each of the dragons controlled one of the four ancient elements. :[She points to each dragon, as she says the elements that they control] Earth. Air. Fire. Water. [She points to the nymph, in the middle of the screen] But the nymph, Xin Jing, had a power too.
Irma: Oh, an X Factor, like Cafeteria Mystery Meal.
Taranee: [Typing and saying aloud each syllable as she types it] Quin-tessence. The fifth element.
[The scene changes to one of Nerissa standing atop a hill in Meridian, under a red sky]
Taranee: [voiceover] The Ancient Sages described it as exactly [shot of Nerissa summoning Quintessence from lightning] like electricity. They believed it could be found in lightning, but [Nerissa shoots a lightning bolt at the ground] they also called it "the stuff of life", like bio-electricity. [Farm men charge at Nerissa.] [Back to the girls]
Taranee: Quintessence has the power to make things come alive.
Hay Lin: Kinda like Doctor Frankenstein!
Will: Kinda like me. Throwing lightning bolts, talking toasters. My powers sound exactly like Quintessence.
Cornelia: The fifth Guardian gets the fifth element. Makes sense.
[Scene changes to Nerissa standing atop the hill, laughing and casting lightning bolts at the farm men]
Will: [voiceover] What doesn't make sense is that the sorceress [Nerissa holds up the Heart of Meridian and it emits a shock wave which makes the farm men's tools attack them] has the same powers. Only hers are the extra strong version.
[Scene shifts back to the girls, and as the camera zooms out, we can see Yan Lin listening to the conversation]
Will: What's her connection to the Guardians? What's her connection to me?

Will: So the hag has Elyon.
Yan Lin: It's worse. That hag is Nerissa.
The Oracle, Halinor, Althor: [shocked] No!
The Mage: Impossible!
The Oracle: You are absolutely certain?
[Yan Lin nods]
Irma: Okay, see I didn't bring my who's who from Kandrakar, so Nerissa is...?
Oracle: As you know, you are not the first Guardians. Decades ago there were five others. Cassidy, Halinor, Yan Lin, Kadma... and Nerissa.
Hay Lin: They were C.H.Y.K.N.? Wow, I'm so glad we're W.I.T.C.H.
The Oracle: [voiceover] [as the camera pans across W.I.T.C.H, the scene transitions to one showing the former Guardians] Nerissa led the Guardians as Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, as you do Will. But I sensed [Nerissa holds up the Heart and sees it glow through a shot of her eye] the power of the Heart was corrupting Nerissa. To save her soul, [The Heart is shown floating and given to Cassidy] I took the Heart from her and gave it to Cassidy. [Nerissa, shocked, walks away] But Nerissa became obsessed with her lost power. [Nerissa and Cassidy are atop Mount Thanos] After begging and pleading, she demanded Cassidy return the Heart. Cassidy refused.
[Nerissa casts a lightning bolt at the cliff, and Cassidy falls to her death, Nerissa is shocked by her actions]
The Oracle: [voiceover] [Nerissa runs across the cold of the mountain] Devastated, Nerissa fled. [An energy cell appears around Nerissa in a cave inside Mount Thanos] But I imprisoned her. [scene shows Yan Lin, The Oracle and Halinor standing outside her cell] Hoping that she would redeem herself [Nerissa lifts her head up] by facing her guilt. I fear [Nerissa's youthful face changes into the old Nerissa] I may have aired.
[The scene transitions to present day, in Kandrakar]
Halinor: When Phobos' reign on Meridian forced us to raise the Veil, we could no longer watch over her.
Yan Lin: She must have escaped, and gone into hiding.
The Mage: On Meridian. Perhaps a portal opened on Mount Thanos, allowing her escape.
The Oracle: Nerissa is a greater threat now, than she was then. Every world has a source of mystic energy, like the Heart of Kandrakar. Elyon was the Heart of Meridian. With her power, Nerissa's might equals the five of yours...combined.
Irma: Right! Cause otherwise, way too easy.
Will: At least, she doesn't know we're on to her. If we head to Meridian now, we can still take her down.
The Mage: Hmmm, a wise plan.

Will: Why don't you pick on someone with your own power?
Nerissa: Quintessence!
[She animates bricks which fly like a missile to Will, she flies, as they chase her]
Will: Oh, I had to ask!

Taranee: [about attacking Nerissa] Why isn't this working?
Hay Lin: She's got the Heart of Meridian!
Will: Which is equal to the Heart of Kandrakar.
Taranee: [panicking] So we're tied?

Yan Lin and Halinor appear from a fold]

Yan Lin: Not anymore.
Yan Lin, Halinor: Nerissa!
Nerissa: Stay out of this, old fools!
Halinor: Or you'll destroy us, like you destroyed Cassidy?
Yan Lin: Does her memory mean so little to you?
Nerissa: You've no idea what she meant to me! This is not over! [She teletransports]
Yan Lin: [sighs] That's what I was afraid of.

L is for Loser [2.12][edit]

[Matt in his room, Mr Huggles on his shoulders]
Matt: Hungry again? Mr Huggles, you're a dormouse of a dormoose? [In french accent] Would Monsieur care to try ze Mouse Munchies? Zey are ze specialty of ze house. I'll tell le Chèf you approve.
[Knock on the window. Matt sees Will and climbs out]
Matt: Hi. I was just thinking about thinking about you.
[Mr Huggles freaks and Matt tries to catch him]
Matt: Mr Huggles, what is your damage? [To Will] I don't know why he's freaking out like this.. Sorry.
Will: No apologies necessary, [Transforms into Nerissa] dear heart.
Matt: [Shocked, holding Mr Huggles] Nerissa!
[Nerissa steps in, holds out the Heart of Meridian and all of them teletransport away, leaving Matt's hat on the ground]

Irma: Lunchtime, Sheffield. And here's a little music to gag to...

Taranee: [To Tridart] Back off glacier face! [She charges up a fireball but Kor grabs her arm. In his eyes, we see Taranee's anger and argument with her mother. He starts to fight Taranee]
Cornelia: Watch it, hairball! [She telekinetically moves metal hinges to strike Kor, but Shagon intercepts and destroys them. Will appears in front of Cornelia]
Will: Stay away from her!
Shagon: The way I stayed away from Matt?
Will: Matt!? Did you hurt him?
Shagon: How much would you hate me if I did?
[Lightning appears, circling throughout Will's hair, her hair is raised]
Will: You're about to find out! [She hurls a lightning bolt at him. He absorbs it]
Shagon: Tickles.

Cornelia: Y'know those Knights of Whatever totally fed on our drama! Icicle Boy called you desperate, which you are, over Eric.
Hay Lin: Thanks for noticing.
Cornelia: Lava Chick was gloating about Irma being in pain, which she is, over Martin. And Taranee...
Taranee: I can't be fuzzy, if I'm mad at my mom?
Cornelia: Just try to keep it in check. You especially, Will. Dark Angel wanted you hating him.
Will: [shaking her fists] Then he knew his stuff. Hey, since when are you Miss Intuitive?
Cornelia: Perspective. I'm the only one not starring in a soap opera.
Will, Hay Lin: This week.

M is for Mercy [2.13][edit]

[Yan Lin is travelling on Mount Thanos holding a bouquet of roses. She sees a graveyard. She walks up to a grave]
Yan Lin: It has been too long, Cassidy, my dear friend. [She puts the roses onto the grave] I promise to see you again soon.
[She teletransports away]
Nerissa: [voice] Perhaps sooner than you think.
[The two gravestones on either side of Cassidy's grave transforms into Nerissa and Shagon]
[Shagon picks up the bouquet and hugs it]
Shagon: Aww, she shouldn't have.
Nerissa: I have business I must attend, and the Guardians must not interfere.
Shagon: I'll drive them to distraction! Will, especially. [Picks the flowers] She hates me, she hates me not. She hates me, she hates me not. Who am I kidding? She really, really hates me. [He rips the flowers in half from the stem]
[Nerissa uses the Heart to teletransport Shagon away and unleashes lightning on Cassidy's grave]
Nerissa: Quintessence!
[A blast of air comes out from the grave and the ghost of Cassidy rises]
Cassidy: [whispering] Nerissa. [not whispering] Wow! You look awful.

Will: [after a dream about Shagon] Can't I just once dream of unicorns?
[The next day, after Susan has waved to Dean]
Will: [to the girls] Nightmares aren't enough. Now I get daymares too?
Hay Lin: Last night I dreamt of unicorns.

Nerissa: Welcome back, Cassidy.
Cassidy: So, how long's it been?
Nerissa: Forty years.
Cassidy: You haven't aged a bit. [Flies around her] You've aged many bits. Draining our life force for power are we? Granted, you have the sad disadvantage of having to live in this world, while I...
Nerissa: I apologise for any role I might have played in...your accident.
Cassidy: '"Might" have played? That's like me saying I might have missed curfew on prom night. [She laughs] Oh, oh, but were I just was, we don't hold grudges. Now, if you'll send me back?
Nerissa: Cassidy, I didn't raise you simply to apologise. We were Guardians together. I...feel a responsibility to show you all that you have been missing.
Cassidy: Really, Nerissa, that's not...
Nerissa: Oh, but I insist. And since I've bound you to the Earth Plane with the Heart of Meridian, we will stick to the plan. [softly] For your own good.
Cassidy: A field trip you can't get out of, that's good for you? Wow, even the afterlife's like high school.

[Nerissa has teletransported herself and Cassidy to Shell Beach]
Cassidy: Shell Beach! My favourite spot! Oh, what a perfectly lovely, and [She flies through Nerissa] totally transparent gesture. [She flies down to the water]
Nerissa: You shouldn't look a gift beach in the mouth. [She flies down] Don't you miss this?
Cassidy: Oh, sure. I'd love to feel the sand between my toes. Breath in the [she walks on the water] salt air and [Nerissa joins her] swim and swim and swim. [She stands still] Maybe even kiss a lifeguard or two.
Nerissa: All that is possible. If you say you want to live.
Cassidy: This may surprise you, Rissy, but I've sort of let go of the whole material world thing. Besides, [she turns to face Nerissa] I know you. There's got to be strings. I've hung onto my soul this long, I'm not selling it now.

[Yan Lin is outside the Silver Dragon, tying up a rubbish bag]
Yan Lin: I wish you a safe journey to your final destination.
[She throws the rubbish into the large bin/tip]
Yan Lin: Or as the kids say, "Smell you later".
[Shagon flies past her and she uses her powers as a light source and Shagon starts to charge up his green energy beam. Cut to Hay Lin's bedroom, Yan Lin teletransports]
Hay Lin: Grandma!
Yan Lin: [out of breath] Small problem. I nearly got taken out with the trash.
[Later, the girls and Yan Lin are in the basement of the Silver Dragon]
Will: I had a feeling it was Shagon, but why attack Mr Olsen?
Hay Lin: Maybe he hates grandparents?
Taranee: [Flames appear in her glasses] Not just grandparents.
[Scene changes to at night, Peter Cook is playing basketball, he throws the ball and Shagon destroys it. Shagon is seen standing on a building and flies away]
Taranee: [voiceover] I'm pretty sure he went after my brother last night too.
[Scene changes to at night, car headlights are seen on the road]
Irma: [voiceover] Join the club.
[Anna Lair is driving, behind her, Shagon's charged up green beam eyes are seen and he flies over the car. The car skids. In the now, lowering car window, Shagon is seen flying into the moonlight]
Irma: [voiceover] My mom said a giant bird nearly ran her off the road!
Cornelia: [voiceover] It gets worse.
[Scene changes to Lillian Hale, in bed. She gets woken up - Shagon is levitating outside her bedroom window. Lillian screams. Scene goes back to the basement]
Cornelia: Lillian got a real good look at Shagon - described him to the last feather! Luckily, my parents convinced her it was a nightmare.
Hay Lin: He is a nightmare.
Taranee: Going after our families.
Irma: Even Phobos didn't sink that low.
Will: I just hate him!
Cornelia: We all do. But that's like exactly what he wants.
Will: I know! I know! Hatred fuels his power, but he'll be back tonight. So, what do we do?
Taranee: You go to dinner with your mom.
Will: Pizza with the Professor, while Shagon's on the prowl? No chance.
Taranee: Even if your mom's his next target?

Will: If I make things so unpleasant, why work so hard to bring me here?
Susan: Since you’re here, why work so hard to make things so unpleasant?
Dean: You know, you two are really more alike than you think. [Will and Susan glare at him] Which is meant as a compliment!

[Nerissa has teletransported herself and Cassidy to Heatherfield General Hospital, the Children's Ward]
Nerissa: Heatherfield General Hospital, the Children's Ward. Ah, I recall you dreamt of being a paediatrician.
Cassidy: Yeah, and I once dreamt of eating a marshmallow the size of Jupiter. So, where's my giant sticky treat?
[A child coughs, Cassidy places her hand on his face and rubs his hair]
Nerissa: It's a shame you can't help these poor children. Comfort them. You have so much compassion for every living thing.
Cassidy: Except I'm not a living thing.
Nerissa: Aww, but you could be again. [darkly] Simply by admitting you want it.
Cassidy: I don't. Life people are so catty.
[Nerissa teletransports herself and Cassidy away]

Will: That would be our celebration pizza. Got any money?
Susan: It's comforting to know something's haven't changed.
[Will opens the door]
Will: [gasps] Dad!

[Nerissa has teletransported herself and Cassidy to outside a house, where a woman is tending to her garden]
Cassidy: Come on Rissy, give it up! We've toured Heatherfield up, down and sideways! It's not gonna happen! So send me home!
Nerissa: If home is where the heart is. [she points to the woman]
[The woman - Emily Chacon, Cassidy's mother notices Nerissa]
Emily Chacon: Hello? Is someone there?
Cassidy: [emotional] Mom?
Nerissa: It's Nerissa, Emily. I didn't mean to startle you. Oh, the garden looks lovely today.
Emily: Thank you, Nerissa. And don't apologise, dear. You know Cassidy's old friends are always welcome here.
Nerissa: Thank you, Emily. Ah, that locket, is there a picture inside?
Emily: Oh, my! Your memories are worse than mine. I've shown you this before. [She opens the locket]
[The picture is revealed to be Cassidy, Emily looks at the picture]
Emily: It's Cassidy, of course.
[Cassidy flies over to join them]
Cassidy: Oh, mom.
Emily: Now you wait here. I'll get us some lemonade.
[She turns around and starts to walk off, and Cassidy reaches out and touches her arm]
Nerissa: She misses you terribly, Cassidy.
Cassidy: Oh, I'd give anything. Anything!
Nerissa: There's nothing to give. Just show some mercy to your mother. [She holds out the Heart of Meridian, which emanates dark purple swirls, as Cassidy appears in a lilac aura] Just say the words. Say you want to live!
Cassidy: I want...to live!
Nerissa: [The Heart is emiting green waves] Compassion is a powerful thing. Especially when it fuels desire. The desire for something you cannot, should not have is the chink in the armour of your soul and all I need to make you mine!
[Cassidy opens her eyes, which reveal that she is being mind controlled]
Nerissa: You will live again...very soon!
[She teletransports herself and Cassidy to a mountainside where the Knights of Destruction are]
Nerissa: Once your service to me...is complete.

N is for Narcissist [2.14][edit]

The Oracle: I suspect Nerissa has tampered with my powers as a Seer. Deep meditation will reveal the truth.
Cornelia: Take your time. We'll totally wait.

Irma: I cannot believe you signed us up for the car wash! Without even asking!
Cornelia: Come on, it's for a good cause - Me.
Taranee: Wow! Narcissist much?
Will: Yeah, my mom has signed me up, too. But it would tank less if you guys came.
Hay Lin: We can have a water fight!
Irma: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah! There's something I never do!
[She summons water and shoots it at the screen, which transitions to the next scene]
Hay Lin: See? This doesn't look so bad...
Cornelia: EEWWW! Yes it does! [Points her finger to their right] Coach O'Neal in cut-off! [Will's hair stands, eyes widen, Cornelia shuts her eyes, Hay Lin looks away, all three gasp in disgust] I'm, like, blind!

Tony: [arriving at a car wash] This spot taken?
Will: Woah! Dad! Nice ride!

Tony: So, when we're done, maybe I can take you and your friend for a spin?
Will: And blow off the car wash? Coolsome!
Susan: [to herself] A few minutes in a convertible does not make up for months of absence!

Irma: Squidgey, Corny. Corny, Squidgey. I'm gonna give you two some time alone.
Cornelia: Um, yeah. I'm Earth, remember? [hydrokinetically, Irma manipulates a hose to travel near Cornelia] All I can do is put more mud on things. [The hose is now behind Cornelia] I would totally help if I were water. [The hose taps her on the shoulder, she turns and gets blasted with water and screams]
Harold Hale: Way to dive in there, sweetheart

Tony: Looks good! Ready to roll?
Taranee: [telepathically] W.I.T.C.H., we got a Kandrakar 911!
Will: Uh, but first, we need more water!
Hay Lin: To wash your car again. Free second wash! It's a special.

[In the now ruined fortress of Kandrakar, the girls have been forced to take off their shoes. Cornelia steps on some rubble]
Cornelia: Ow! What is this: Attack-Cornelia-Day?!
Taranee: I know it’s a shock, but not every world revolves around you.
Cornelia: What's that supposed to mean?
Irma: We're teammates, not servants.
[An explosion is heard]
Hay Lin: Guys. The battle's outside.
Will: [holding the Heart of Kandrakar] Guardians, knock it off and unite!

Harold: Have you seen the girls? They’re not in the van.
Susan: Nope. Someone gave them the idea you can just skip out on responsibility.
Tony: They said they went to get water.
Harold: From where? The Caribbean?

[After Nerissa, glamouring as the Mage has controlled Halinor into diverting the source of the Guardians powers into the Heart of Kandrakar, the stream of energy was sent to Cornelia, as she was close by when it happened, while all the other Guardians powers have gone. Taranee and Irma fall and Will and Hay Lin catch Taranee and Caleb catches Irma]
Taranee: Will!
Will: It wasn't me! Our wings, our powers, they're just gone!
Hay Lin: Well, get 'em back!
Will: [Holds out the Heart of Kandrakar] Guardians unite! [Nothing happens. The trio gasp. The now, mega sized Tridart, due to the amount of desperation drained from Halior, appears]
Will: Ok, uniting's out. How about panicking?
[Tridrart is hit in the face by a fast beam of light. The beam of light flies off and it is revealed to be Cornelia, super powered with all of the Guardian's powers. Due to the conversion of energy onto her, she flies back round to Tridart]
Cornelia: [Her voice now echoes] Hey, Ice Guy? Chill!
[She unleashes a vast blast of fire, which in a fist form punches Tridart. He falls backwards a bit and when he looks back, Cornelia has unleashed a multitude of fire missiles. They hit Tridart, but he reflects some of them, with his wings. Cornelia is now even taller and her costume has slightly changed - her blue t shirt is now shoulderless and comes up even higher above the naval, her body is bigger, hair bigger and longer and her wings are bigger]
Caleb: Woah! Hot!
Taranee: Is that Cornelia?
[Cornelia flips her massive amount of hair and blonde/golden leaves appear]
Cornelia: [Voice echoes] What would you do without me?
Irma: [dryly] It's Cornelia.
[Caleb is now very happy with the "new" Cornelia and is smiling with mouth open and gets a leaf stuck in his mouth, which he has to spit out. Ember appears and fires a stream of fire at her and Cornelia turns and sends a torrent of water, which turns into ice at Ember. Shagon appears behind Cornelia and charges up and fires his green energy beams, but Cornelia turns invisible and flies out of the way. Shagon turns around to face the now reappeared Cornelia and she blasts him several times with green Earth energy. He falls down and crashes, Cornelia flies away. Irma and Caleb join Will, Taranee and Hay Lin]
Will: How'd she get all our powers?
Cornelia: [telepathically and loud, due to her voice echoing, which results in the girls being in pain and closing their ears] I don't know! Can you guys hold?!
Cornelia: [To Tridart and to the girls] An iceberg is looking to Titanic my tail.
[Cornelia and Tridart are battling. Ember soon joins and fires fire at Cornelia. Cornelia turns invisible, flies out of the way then reappears]
Cornelia: [telepathically to Ember] You'd have more fun attacking him. More fun! Fun!
Ember: This is fun! [she cackles and attacks Tridart]
Tridart: Stop! You hotheaded maniac! [He hits Ember and she falls down, Kor catches her.]
Will, Irma, Taranee, Hay Lin: [While Cornelia is attacking Tridart] Go Corny!
Caleb: Yeah, Cornelia!
Will: Use your lightning!
Taranee: Telekinesis!
Hay Lin: Ooh, go invisible again!
Cornelia: [voice echoes] Ok! Don't be backseat Guardians!
Shagon: [To Kor] Go! Distract her!
[Kor goes on the catapult and lands by the girls and Caleb]
Caleb: Hey, Hairbrain! Bet you can't catch me!
[He jumps down, Kor follows]
Caleb: Ok, lost that bet.
Cornelia: [noticing them, voice echoes] Caleb!
[She flies down and saves Caleb]
Caleb: Woah!
Taranee: Will, look out!
[Shagon is flying after Will, and trying to blast her with his green energy. Cornelia unleashes a vast gust of air by exhaling. After, she flies down to join the girls]
Cornelia: [voice echoing] This isn't safe. Get inside! I'm the only one who can do this now.
Irma: Wow, even when she's self sacrificing, she's self centred.
[Tridart attacks them but Cornelia forms a fire shield around everyone]
Cornelia: [voice echoes] I can't save your behinds and fight at the same time!
Caleb: Cornelia, what are you doing?!
[She flies off, leaving the fire shield]
Cornelia: [voice echoes] Protecting you!
Irma: [as the fire shield closes] You can't do that! We're teammates, not sidekicks!
Caleb: We have to get out of here.
Taranee: Do we? I mean, what if Cornelia's right?
[Everyone looks at her]
Taranee: First time for everything.
Hay Lin: We can't just leave her out there alone! We're her friends!
Will: [holding the Heart of Kandrakar] And we're always stronger together. With or without powers. [Hay Lin smiles at her]
Irma: Oh, she's getting our help. Whether she likes it or not!
Will: Hey, the Heart's warm. [holding it up] Ok, it may not be transmiting from the aurameres but it's still a talisman. [The Heart creates a fold]

Hay Lin: We have to get back to Cornelia!
Will: Huh, good luck. I'm not even sure my mom is bothering to blink.
[The camera zooms in on Will's bare feet, wet from standing in a puddle of water.]
Susan: [seeing Will barefoot] Will, where are your shoes?

[Cornelia is flying around Tridart, with a trail of golden energy. She flies around fast so much that the energy entraps him and explodes. Because of this, ice hits Cornelia, freezing her wings. Tridart catches her]
Tridart: Even the prettiest flower gets brittle with the cold. Brittle and likely to snap!
Cornelia: You think I'm pretty? Uh, sorry, Coldzilla. I already have a boyfriend. As for ice, [she puts her hands together. Her voice echoes] if it's not diamonds, I'm not interested! [She transforms into yellow fire, which burns Tridart and she flies away]
Cornelia: [voice echoing] Now, you feed on fear, you'll choke on this! [She emits wavelengths of golden yellow energy from her mind] Eat hot confidence, Ice Cube!

[Tridart falls, Shagon catches him. Cornelia turns invisible and creates a giant ice hammer to strike Kor and Ember]

Shagon: Kor, Ember - Move!
[Kor and Ember move out of the way, but the hammer destroy the building]
Cornelia: [voice echoing] I rule! And I'm not just pretty, I'm gorgeous!
[She flies off]

Tony: Well, honey, I got that second wash. You know, that Collins guy is a genius with the shammy. So, if you’re ready for that ride...
Will: We are so there!
[Will, Irma, Taranee, Hay Lin, and Caleb appear in Tony's car]
Tony: Uh, okay. Let's go.
Susan: Tony, they've got responsibilities!
Tony: Susan, one little ride... Lighten up!

Will: Stop! Sorry! Bathroom break!
Tony: All of you?!
Caleb: Working with all that water.

Susan: I hope you have a good explanation for being gone half the day?

[Principal Knickerbocker is punishing the girls for being gone by making them clean the school bus]
Cornelia: Wait! It's my fault. I flaked and they were just covering. But I'm ready to do my own work now. Please, don't punish them because of me.
Principal Knickerbocker: Then, I suppose the others may go.
[Cornelia starts to clean the bus, but Hay Lin sprays it with a hose, Taranee cleans it, and Irma and Will join]
Cornelia: What are you doing?
Hay Lin: Helping!
Cornelia: But...
Irma: Hey, we're teammates not deserters.
Cornelia: [smiles] Hey, um, has anyone seen my shoes?

O is for Obedience [2.15][edit]

Julian: What have you done with the real Mage?
Nerissa: I've been the only Mage for years.
Julian: How many years?
Nerissa: [darkly] Change your tone, Julian. [lightly] The Mage was my dear friend. Took me in after a stray portal freed me from my cell on Mount Thanos.
Caleb: Why would The Mage help you ?
Nerissa: She wanted to...save me. Wanted me to see the bigger picture. Which I did...to her regret.
Caleb: Your bigger picture is the dream of every petty tyrant. Phobos was no different. We beat him and we'll beat you, too.
Nerissa: Ha! You'd never have vanquished Phobos without me. Wouldn't you agree, Julian? Or perhaps you both require proof? [to Julian] Remember Magenzian Falls? [pause] Good. Then remember this, also. Numbers don't lie.
[She drops them from the electrical constraints and walks through the fold]

[At Magenzian Falls]
Caleb: Dad, what are you looking for? Is The real Mage a prisoner at Magenzian Falls?
Julian: [quietly] There.
[He dives down]
Caleb: Dad!
[He dives down after him and follows Julian to a different part of the land]
Caleb: Enough! What is going on?!
Julian: The Mage...
[Caleb notices a grave]
Caleb: You mean she's... there? For how long?
Julian: 18 years. [Flashback of Julian and "The Mage"] But it was 17 years ago that we fell in love and had a child.
[End of flashback]
Caleb: Wait, you're saying The Mage was my mother?
Julian: No, Caleb, numbers don't lie, and neither did Nerissa. We have never defeated Phobos without her. She and I give the Rebellion nothing less than the rebel leader himself. Nerissa is your mother, Caleb.
[Caleb gasps]

Nerissa: I sent the others outside for the inevitable arrival of the Guardians, and so that we could share some quality time, my son.
Blunk: N-N-Nerissa be Caleb's mama?!

Nerissa: You must have questions.
Caleb: Just one, Mom: how do you live with yourself?
Nerissa: By making the universe a better place.
Caleb: No, seriously.
Nerissa: I'm quite serious. When Meridian was under Phobos's thumb, someone had to take charge. To unite the Meridianites and save their world.
Caleb: That was me, not you.
Nerissa: And you were created by me, entirely for that purpose. Someone had to have a vision, Caleb. On Meridian, that was you. But I play on a larger stage. Only I had the vision to create a perfect universe. All worlds will be united under my rule. [Cassidy, still controlled, levitates down, slowly] No more war or conflict. No injustice or suffering. If I demand obedience, it is only for the greater good. To create a new order!
Caleb: Who-Who's that?!
Nerissa: Cassidy. Or rather, her ghost. But soon, she will live again. Even death bows to my will!

Hay Lin: Nerissa is Caleb's mother!?
Will and Taranee: And I thought my mom had issues!

Nerissa: [to Caleb] Then I will destroy you!
Julian: You won't harm our child, Nerissa! If our love could create this magnificent son, there must been some good in you... once.
Nerissa: Then, just this once, I'll let you both go, but cross me again, and there will be no mercy. Now escape.
Caleb: Gee, Mom. Most kids just get grounded.

P is for Protectors [2.16][edit]

Cornelia: [waving aside Taranee's smell] Ugh! What's that scent you're wearing? Eau de Mackerel?
Blunk: [sniffing] Yum! Brainy Girl smell good!
Caleb: [clears throat] Look, I should have put this together sooner, but when I was with Nerissa, she had Cassidy and Halinor under her thrall. It looks like her new game plan is collecting former Guardians.
Yan Lin: Only Kadma and I remain.
Irma: Kadma! Right! And...who's she again.
Yan Lin: The former Guardian of Earth. She's on Zamballa, now.
Irma: Zamballa! Right! And...where's that again?
Yan Lin: [voiceover] [Scene changes to a flashback of Kadma, Yan Lin and Halinor on Zamballa - a purple jungle world] Zamballa - the purple planet. An other dimensional jungle world. Back in the day, we saved the Zamballans from an attack by Phobos. Kadma led the charge and the locals were so grateful, they offered her The Heart of Zamballa and made her their Queen.
[Flashback ends]
Hay Lin: And she stayed there?
Yan Lin: [she nods] Had to. Once the Council raised the Veil. Haven't seen her since. But Kadma must be warned. She could be Nerissa's next target.
Will: Sounds like our cue. [holds out the Heart of Kandrakar] Guardians Unite!

[The Guardians, Yan Lin, Caleb and Blunk have arrived at Zamballa]
Cornelia: So...Zamballa. Who knew there were this many shades of purple.
Will: Wasn't it night back home?
Yan Lin: Twelve hour time difference. You can get a real case of foldlag.

[The Zamballans have just hibernated after seeing the Guardians]
Irma: First they attack us! Now, they...ok I don't know what they just did. But those are some freaky trees.
Yan Lin: The Zamballans I remember were peaceful and welcoming. Something is very wrong.
Hay Lin: Wait! These walking, talking trees are the Zamballans?!

Yan Lin: They scamming you Kadma. Nerissa and her knights doing the glamour thing, big time!
Kadma: Halinor warned us you'd try to poison our minds.
Yan Lin: Halinor's under Nerissa's thrall, you ninny!
Hay Lin: She won't listen, Grandma! My turn!
[Hay Lin unleashes gusts of air at Kadma]
Kadma: So, Yan Lin, this is your granddaughter. Pity you couldn't have been a better role model.

[The Guardians are trying to save Ironwood from hibernation]
Kadma: Your friends will not succeed.
Taranee: You underestimate them. Hay Lin! Let the healing begin.
Hay Lin: First, [she forms a gust of air in her hands my rolling them over each other repeatedly] a cool breeze to let her know the fire's past. [she unleashes the gust of air]
[Irma a downpour of rain]
Irma: [softly] Then a gentle rain, y'know for that whole, replenished thing.
Taranee: [To Kadma] Ok, your turn. And if you get lost...follow Cornelia's lead.

[On the two opposite sides of Ironwood, Cornelia and Kadma kneel and touch the ground, they make purple plants/trees appear]

Kadma: The jungle is healed. But we cannot awaken Ironwood.
Taranee: Well, maybe not we alone! But if you work together [She takes Cornelia and Kadma's hands and joins them together]
Bitterroot: Please, my Queen.
[Kadma tightens her grasp of Cornelia's hand]
Kadma: We will try!
[She closes her eyes]
Kadma: Open your mind. Listen to the natural children of the land. Listen for the voice of Ironwood.
[Cornelia can hear Ironwood whispering. She opens her eyes]
Cornelia: It worked! I heard something.
Kadma: [quietly] Yes! Yes! But her voice is so faint. Her life force so faint.
Taranee: We can fix that. Will.
[Will is flying above Ironwood, she hovers her hand over the pinnicle of the "armour" of Ironwood]
Will: Quintessence.
[She sends a lightning bolt down Ironwood and the "armour" comes down. Everyone protects themselves by hiding in a tree]
Kadma: It is done! We have brought Ironwood back and soon, we can free Bowbreaker and the others. [she walks off]
Taranee: A thank you wouldn't hurt. If it was up to her majesty Ironwood would still be in a tree coma and the rest of us would be in cages. But do we get an apology? No, we don't.
Yan Lin: That is Kadma's protective armour. She always had a problem owning up to her mistakes. If she doesn't admit to them, she can pretend they never happened.

Q is for Quarry [2.17][edit]

Will: Ha! Will Vandom wins! No contest. Only one question remains: will the pool evaporate before Tony Vandom finishes the race?
Tony: Hey, I'm not that slow!
Will: Oh, I know. I'm just so fast.
Tony: Your times are incredible. You know, I haven't forgotten my little girl dreamed of swimming in the Olympics.
Will: Oh, dreams still there, but right now, I'm just happy to spending some quality time alone with my dad.
Tony: Yeah, alone. Uh, see that's what I want to talk to you about.
Will: [seeing Sarina] Dad, it's okay. I know it's not your own personal private pool.
Sarina: Hi.
Tony: Uh, you're, uh, early.
Sarina: I am? But we said... never mind. I'll come back later.
Tony: No-no-no-no! Just...
Will: Um, what's going on?
Tony: I guess I, uh, lost track of time but, uh, Will, this is Sarina Sanchez. She's my friend, uh, girlfriend, fiancee. We're getting married.
Sarina: Hi, Will. I've really been looking forward to meeting the other woman in Tony's life.
[Will dives under the water and gets out on the other side of the pool]
Tony: Will, I... I didn't mean to blind-side you, really.
Will: No, it... it's just I have to get going.
Tony: O-Okay, we'll all get together soon, uh, right?
Will: Sure, Dad, and it was nice to meet you, too, um...
Tony: Sarina.
Will: Sarina, right.
[Walking off with her bag, Sarina notices the Heart of Kandrakar]
Sarina: Will, what a lovely necklace! Is it a family heirloom?
Will: What? That? Uh, I got it from knocking over milk bottles at a fair. Yup, costume, totally fake.
Sarina: Doesn’t mean it’s not precious to you?
Will: [Suspiciously] Right.

Kadma: Earth Guardian - Approach.
[Cornelia walks over to Kadma]
Kadma: We will school you to commune with the vegetation of this world. On Earth, we call this green speaking.
Cornelia: Yeah, I can see how purple speaking doesn't have the same ring.
Kadma: Concentrate, child. Ever plant on this planet will aid our search.
[They close their eyes]
Kadma: Heart of Zamballa, fuel our power over the land. Help us [the Heart glows as she raises the staff] to hear all our loyal subjects.

Nerissa: How?
Kadma: Nerissa, there is no place on Zamballa where you can hide from us!
Will: And no way you can beat us. Two Hearts to one. Advantage, good guys!

[The girls have folded back to Earth in the basement of The Silver Dragon, after Will has stated she wants to claim the Heart of Meridian]
Will: We'll return to Zamballa tomorrow.
Irma: [sarcastically] Ooh, can't wait.
Will: [starts to walk away] Me neither. No one wants to finish this more than I do.
Hay Lin: Then...why'd you rush us home?
Will: Can't say. Me to know only.
[She leaves the basement]
Taranee: Gee, look who's suddenly ready to rule the universe.
[Will is listening to their conversation]
Irma: Yeah! I wonder if going power mad is a Keeper of the Heart automatic.

Will: We end this now! Once and for all!
[Nerissa flees inside the quarry, Will follows]
Will: What part of "once and for all" didn't you understand?!
Kadma: Finish the Knights! We will handle Nerissa!
[She follows Nerissa into the quarry]
Shagon: Except that Nerissa has been handling you from day one.
[He blasts the quarry entrance]
Caleb: They're trapped inside the tunnel.
Cornelia: Not for long they're not.
[Cassidy appears before Cornelia, distracting her]
Caleb: Cornelia, look out!
[Halinor fires a vast purple/white lightened fireball at Cornelia, which explodes, trapping her in a bubble, which then proceeds to suffocate her. The bubble disappears and Cornelia collapses. Caleb catches her and Hay Lin and Taranee walk over]
Caleb: She'll be ok, but she's down for the count.
Hay Lin: But how are we supposed to save Will and Kadma without her?!
[Irma backs up to Hay Lin]
Irma: Uh, first thing's first, how do we save ourselves?!
[The Knights, Halinor and Cassidy surround them]
[Inside the tunnel, Will and Kadma chase Nerissa, Nerissa ends up in a cul-de-sac and breathless she fires lightning bolts at Will, who responds in the same way. An explosion results and Kadma uses the Heart of Zamballa to form Earth hands in the wall who trap Nerissa]
Kadma: Now, Will!
[Will fires lightning bolts at Nerissa, who becomes unconscious]
Kadma: She'll recover soon. Quickly, Will. [Will walks over to Nerissa] Absorb the Heart of Meridian [Will summons the Heart of Kandrakar] into the Heart of Kandrakar. [The Heart of Kandrakar almost touches the Heart of Meridian and starts to make the electrical connection but Will stops]
Will: No!
Kadma: What?
Will: The others were right. It's too much power for any one person. We don't need to absorb one Heart into the other. We just need to save Elyon.
Kadma: We can free Elyon [she pushes past Will to get to Nerissa] once the power is secure!
Will: Wait!
[Kadma absorbs the Heart of Meridian into the Heart of Zamballa]
Kadma: Have no fear. We have harnessed these Hearts. In our hands, they will be an unstoppable force...for good.
Nerissa: Impressive. Your pride that is.
[She teletransports the Heart of Zamballa to herself and breaks from her restraints]
Nerissa: And arrogance that convinced you that no power, no matter how awesome was bey-ond your control. It is the chink in the armour of your soul, Kadma. [An aura of arrogance surrounds Kadma]
Will: NO!
Nerissa: [darkly] And all I need to make you mine! [Kadma's eyes are closed. The aura turns dark purple but Kadma creates rock armour] I promise you more power than you've ever known, Kadma! But you will use that power... [The armour starts to crack]... for me! [The armour breaks and Kadma opens her eyes, which reveal she is being mind controlled by Nerissa]
Nerissa: Behold, the Seal of Nerissa! Two Hearts to one. Advantage, Mine!
[She fires lightning bolts at Will. Will hears a rumbling - Irma has summoned water which floods everyone. Will swims to the surface, Irma swims to her]
Irma: Come on! Let's get you out of here. But where's Kadma?
Will: She's lost. Go! Swim!
[They swim underwater and arrive outside of the inside of the quarry. Taranee and Hay Lin are fighting the Knights - Taranee has summoned a vast fire wheel. Will runs over to Cornelia. Nerissa teletransports herself and Kadma]
Cornelia: Uh, what hit me?
Will: A thing like what's about to. Taranee, Hay Lin! Get over here!
[They land]
Taranee: There's a plan, right? Tell me there's a plan!
Will: The plan...I'm going to teletransport for the first time! Hang on!
[She teletransports facing a wall]
Will: Uh, guys?
Hay Lin: Uh, yeah?
Will: Oh my gosh! [The others walk around the entrance to Will] I put you in the wall.
Irma: No. But you came close.
[Will sighs]
Will: Ok, not trying that again, any time soon.

Tony: Hold that thought, babe. Will! Hello, Will! What a surprise, Will!
Will: Yeah, Dad, smooth. Hey, can I talk to Sarina?
Sarina: Hello, Will.
Will: Hi. Look, I think maybe I was blind-sided. Dad marrying a total stranger, but all that matters is you make each other happy, right?
Tony and Sarina: Right.
Will: And that means you’re not the evil witch I thought you were. Literally!
Sarina: Thanks, I think.
Will: So, welcome to the family!
Tony: I think this is the start of something great. Sarina has a lot to offer, Will. And an extra heart caring about you can't hurt either.
Will: An extra heart? Advantage: me.

R is for Relentless [2.18][edit]

[Hay Lin is walking barefoot at Shell Beach. The camera zooms in on her bare feet as the tide comes in. The other girls join her.]
Hay Lin: [she holds her hand out] Guys. Wait. If we're all here, who's protecting my Grandma?
Taranee: But Hay Lin...
Hay Lin: No buts, [she hops as she gets her trainers on] One of us has Wednesdays and it's not me. So it must be [she runs off] one of you!
Irma: Hay Lin, chill! Everything's...
[Hay Lin runs to a cavern, smoke is coming out]
Will: Is that smoke?
[Hay Lin jumps over a rock to get to the entrance of the cave, the other girls follow]
Cornelia: That smell, it's, it's...
Yan Lin: [Blunk is holding out a bowl] Lunch special number three. [She uses chopsticks to give Blunk the shrimps] Sizzling scallops and shrimp.
Blunk: Yum! Smiley girl should try spicy noodles - she smile again.
[Hay Lin runs over to Yan Lin and hugs her]
Hay Lin: I don't need noodles as long as you're alright. So, Caleb, Wednesday's your day?
Caleb: Yeah, why?
Hay Lin: [looking at the girls] Cause, I may have overreacted. But...
Taranee: [Fire appears in her glasses] No buts.
Yan Lin: Ah, granddaughter. You worry too much. Nerissa's crew never find me here. So, relax! [hands her a bowl] Have a number seventeen!
Shagon: We'll take ours to go.
[A extreme close up of Yan Lin's eyes is placed over the ECU of Shagon. Blunk screams and drops his bowl and the girl turn around and gasp to see all the Knights of Destruction]
Shagon: Oh, and...throw in a side of Grandma Lin. For Nerissa.
Shagon: Let's make this quick and painless. Or better yet, just quick.
Will: Couldn't agree more. [holding the Heart of Kandrakar] Guardians Unite!
[They transform]
Irma: Water!
Taranee: Fire!
Cornelia: Earth!
Hay Lin: Air!
Will: Quintessence!
[Shagon blasts around Yan Lin, but Hay Lin jumps and saves her. Will fires a lightning bolt at Shagon, electrocuting him. Kor punches at Caleb but he ducks and Kor hits the wall, Caleb kicks him. Cornelia places her palm flat out which creates an Earth Hand from the ground beneath Kor, which mimics her actions. Shen then closes her fist, and the Earth Hand does the same, trapping Kor. She flies down]
Cornelia: Remember, they feed on negative emotions. No feeding the animals.
[The shot has ECU's of the eyes of Will, Irma and Taranee, each with three sections of the screen with their eyes]
Will, Irma, Taranee: Got it!
[Ember fires flames, which make the ground lava-like, Blunk runs and cries and trips over a rock]
Blunk: Got it!
[He almost falls into the lava, but Irma summons a torrent of water in front of him. Tridart creates three ice versions of himself and notices Hay Lin guarding Yan Lin, but with an aura of fear around her, which himself and his duplicates feed on]
Tridart: Please. There's enough fear in this cave to glut three of me.
[Tridart and his duplicates run toward Yan Lin and Hay Lin, but Taranee flies down in front of them and shoots fire at the right hand sided ice Tridart. The other two quicken their pace and the other ice Tridart strikes his axe but Taranee moves outof the way, but the real Tridart and the ice Tridart block her escape]
Taranee: Hay Lin!
Hay Lin: We have to protect my Grandma! Nerissa's gonna...
Yan Lin: Channel that fear, kiddo. Right now, it's doing more harm than good.
[Hay Lin calms down and the aura of fear dissipates]
Hay Lin: Got it!
[As Taranee ducks and dodges the attacks from the two Tridarts, Hay Lin flies up and releases a gust of air by pushing her hand forward, which smashes the ice Tridart. The real Tridart, distracted, is knocked back by Taranee throwing fire at him. All the other Knights fall to the ground and the Guardians fly down]
Shagon: You won't be able to protect old Yanie forever.
Yan Lin: Hey! Who you calling old?
[He creates a fold, which slowly covers the screen]
Shagon: Nerissa has turned the other ex-Guardians to her side. [darkly] You will be next.
[The Knights disappear through the fold]
Hay Lin: What if he's right? This cave is so no longer safe.
Yan Lin: Ah, Shagon just having a permanent bad hair day. Now, who wants to eat?
Irma: Off the floor?
Blunk: Blunk got it covered. [He licks the ground - where the spilled food is] Better than Sheffield Cafeteria. [He licks it again] Maybe even better than Sheffield Cafeteria Dumpster!
Will: That's it! That's how we keep Yan Lin safe!
Irma: We hide her in the dumpster?!
Will: No! We hide her in plain sight.

Nerissa: Your concern for your grandmother is quite touching, Hay Lin. But also quite pointless. I had Blunk's tooth in my posession for weeks. The spell I placed on it traces every fold he makes!
Tridart: You cannot hide...any longer.
Yan Lin: Maybe a little longer. [She turns invisible]
Tridart: Maybe no...
[He tries to grab her but she walks away. Tridart groans in frustration]
Hay Lin: Great idea, Grandma!
[She turns invisible and runs after Yan Lin]
Hay Lin: Hey, over here!
[Shagon and Ember look around]
Hay Lin: No! Over here!
[Kor and Tridart look around. Blunk is trying to get the Tooth which has landed on the "arm" of Ironwood]
Shagon: I am getting very FRUSTRATED!
[Hay Lin runs into Tridart and Ember]
Tridart: [to Ember] Watch it, Hothead!
[Yan Lin is behind Nerissa]
Nerissa: Yan Lin cannot stay invisible long. [Yan Lin reappears] It will drain her life force.
[Nerissa turns around]
Yan Lin: No one likes a know it all.
[Nerissa is about to attack but Ironwood picks up Yan Lin]
Yan Lin: Woah!
[Ironwood places her by Blunk and Hay Lin]
Nerissa: You dare interfere!?
Ironwood: I want no part of your conflict, sorceress, but I will not [Blunk creates a fold] take root while you attack innocents.
Hay Lin: Thank you, Ironwood! Sorry to leave you holding that bag.
[Yan Lin goes through the fold]
Blunk: Smiley girl? [Hay Lin,still invisible, runs into Blunk, pushing him onto the fold] Argh!
[Hay Lin follows. The fold appears in the gym of Sheffield Institute]
Yan Lin: Hay Lin?
Hay Lin: I'm staying invisible. We need the edge! Nerissa is relentless.
Yan Lin: You think?
[A fold appears and Taranee comes through. Yan Lin goes to greet her]
Yan Lin: Ugh, Taranee. Thank goodness.
Taranee: Thank goodness back! We were so worried, but where's Hay Lin?
[Hay Lin tackles Taranee and pins her to the floor]
Hay Lin: Where's your psychic power?! If you were really Taranee you'd have sensed I was here, Nerissa.
Taranee: Oh, aren't we the clever one.
[Taranee laughs and unleashes lightning bolts, which pushes her back. Taranee stands up]
Taranee: But perhaps a little too clever... [She transforms into Nerissa]
Nerissa: ...for your own good.
[Hay Lin transorms into a whirlwind and strikes Nerissa]
Hay Lin: Leave us alone!
[Nerissa counteracts by raising her staff which acts as a shield and unleashes lightning bolts which pushes Hay Lin back. Principal Knickerbocker storms in]
Principal Knickerbocker: What is going on?!
[She only sees Nerissa, with staff raised, which unleashes lightning bolts around her]
Principal Knickerbocker: [quietly] ...in here?
[Yan Lin and Blunk try to move away from the lightning bolts]
Principal Knickerbocker: What?! What is this?! [notices Blunk] What is that?
[While pushing Nerissa, Hay Lin reappears]
Hay Lin: Ugh! Principal Knickerbocker!
Principal Knickerbocker: Hay Lin! Uh... [Yan Lin and Blunk run over to Principal Knickerbocker] ...I don't understand!
[Hay Lin is flipped over by Nerissa as the former grabs the latter's foot, but Hay Lin stops herself from falling]
Hay Lin: My grandmother! [Nerissa fires a lightning bolt at her from her Seal of Nerissa and she jumps out of the way] Get her out of here!
[Yan Lin and Blunk walk over to Principal Knickerbocker and she takes them]
Principal Knickerbocker: Yes! Yes! Of course! Everyone [she grabs Yan Lin by the arm and walks off with her] [hysterically] JUST REMAIN CALM!
[As they walk, Principal Knickerbocker tranforms into the still controlled Halinor]
Yan Lin: Halinor?!
[Hay Lin is jumping and rolling, dodging Nerissa's lightning bolts]
[Nerissa takes the opportunity of Hay Lin's distraction to hit her with another lightning bolt and is flung/skid back]
Hay Lin: Aargh!
[she crashes]
Hay Lin: Grandma.

[Nerissa has teletransported Yan Lin into her old cell in Mount Thanos, and walks up to it with the still controlled Halinor, Kadma and Cassidy]
Nerissa: Finally! All my old friends together again. The Original Guardians Reunited. What do you say, Yan Lin? Ready to join our...world tour?
Yan Lin: Never...gonna...happen.
Nerissa: Oh, well. We'll see.

Nerissa: Turning invisible was once effortless. It never drained you like this. Wouldn't you like that power again? In endless supply?
[Yan Lin holds her hand up and shakes her head and hand]
Yan Lin: I've got a different request - you sit in this cell and let me gloat a while.

[Nerissa has used Quintessence to transform Yan Lin to her youthful Guardian self]
Nerissa: Join me. And I will give you back your youth. [whispered strongly] Your beauty.
[Yan Lin stands up]
Yan Lin: Youth overrated and I'm still one hot old broad.
[Nerissa transforms her back]
Nerissa: [sighs] You try my patience, old friend! [quieter] Know that I will let nothing stand in my way. Including your precious granddaughter. [louder] Hay Lin's only hope is for you to join the Old Guardians!
Yan Lin: Eh! Old Guardians are so over. My money's on the New ones.
[Nerissa gives a frustrated groan, walks away from the cell then walks back]
Nerissa: You seem to be incorruptible and I'm running out of time.

Hay Lin: Nerissa!
Nerissa: [sighs] DON'T YOU EVER GIVE UP?!
[She fires a lightning bolt from the Seal of Nerissa at Hay Lin, but the Guardians fly out of the way. Hay Lin flies back down]
Hay Lin: I took relentless lessons from you!
[Nerissa continues to fire at her and Hay Lin carries on dodging. The other Guardians fire their powers against Nerissa and the Old Guardians. Hay Lin unleashes a whirlwind at the rock wall of the cell, freeing Yan Lin. Blunk goes to her]
Blunk: Granny safe now.
[Hay Lin walks over]
Yan Lin: Never doubted it for a minute.

Eric: Well, maybe you and your grandmother and me and my gramps, can, all of us could, sometime...
[Yan Lin appears]
Yan Lin: Why not now? We can double date. Your grandpa...he's a real hottie.

S is for Self [2.19][edit]

Zacharius: Oh, goodness! My girlfriend's beast, isn't she?
Yan Lin, Hay Lin: Girlfriend?!
[Yan Lin hugs Zacharius]
Yan Lin: Mmmm, like the sound of that! The girlfriend part, [A swishing sound is heard] not so much the beast.
[Zacharius is frozen]
Yan Lin: [She waves her hand in front of his face] Zacharius?
[She looks over and Hay Lin and Eric are frozen]
Nerissa: You won't like the sound of this.
[She walks over to Yan Lin]
Nerissa: You are not the real Yan Lin. You are... an altermere.
[Yan Lin wakes up in her bedroom]
Yan Lin: Oh! Just a dream
Nerissa: [voice] A dream come true.
[Nerissa walks out from the shadows]
Nerissa: You are an altermere. A living duplicate. Created on Mount Thanos.
[Flashback, all the Old Guardians are there]
Nerissa: You seem to be incorruptible. And I am running out of time. So, let's see if I can't find a suitable replacement. [She uses the Seal to unleash lightning bolts, which trap Yan Lin within it]
Nerissa: We'll just hide you away. And create someone more... [She creates an altermere in the cell] accommodating.
Hay Lin: Nerissa!
Nerissa: [voiceover] The Guardians [The scene plays out as per the previous episode - she fires a lightning bolt at the Guardians who fly out of the way] rescued you as I planned. Only you aren't you.
[Flashback ends]
Yan Lin: What do you want?
Nerissa: Nothing, now. [She walks back into the shadows] Enjoy her life. Have a moo shoo. But reveal who you are to anyone and I will absorb you back into the Seal... and oblivion!

Nerissa: Make your choice, altermere! Oblivion or existence?
Yan Lin: You seem to have created a flawed copy, Nerissa. I do not have Yan Lin's strength of character. I love her granddaughter. I may even love Zacharius. [sighs] I cannot give up this life. I choose...existence.
Nerissa: That is all I need to make you mine.
[She creates a fold, which envelopes the altermere Yan Lin]

Will: Don't you have eardrums to shatter?
Shagon: No. I'm done.
Will: [laughs] Don't tell me. Stage fright.
Shagon: No. I mean I'm done slaving for Nerissa. But she's not done with me. Will, [he walks up to her] I need your protection. If I bring you [he puts his hands on her shoulders] to the real Matt, will you help?
Will: That's a big "if".
Shagon: I've stashed him somewhere safe. But the other Knights are searching.
Will: I'll... [sighs] unite the Guardians.
Shagon: [gasps in contempt] And while you scare them up, the Knights will hunt Matt down! You want him back...or not?

Eric: [After hearing Uriah and the Dunsters (awfully) play their song "Feel the Beat"] Do you know any song? Any song at all?
Uriah: Uh, Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Eric: Ok, that's...something.
Uriah: [hysterical] That's nothing! We're gonna totally punk ourselves! But don't worry, I'm a genius at trouble and Kurt's been making trouble since he was six.

Ember: Ok, Flame Girl. Let's see just how much heat you can take! [She fires a firebeam at Taranee but she creates a fire shield around herself]
Taranee: More than your boyfriend!
[The firebeam passes from Taranee's fire shield through to Tridart, hitting him]
Ember: He is not my boyfriend!

Nerissa: [To all the controlled Old Guardians] Finally, the gang's all here and I think we earned a little power trick. Courtesy of our dear Knights of Destruction. [She creates a fold] [Later, After creating a fold in the doorway to the roof, it allows her to watch and she sees Will unconscious on the ground] Perhaps the Knights have earned a few more minutes to work their magic before I work mine.

Matt: Game, set, match, Shagon. So Shagoff!

[After defeating Shagon, psychically, Matt has taken over Shagon's body and has fired his green energy beam at Ember]
Will: Matt?
Shagon: You pulled me back, Will. Saved me from myself. [To Kor, regarding Cornelia] Let her go, Huggles.
[Kor drops Cornelia]
Will: That's Huggles?
Shagon: Yup. Sic 'em, boy!
[Kor tackles Tridart whose ice beam breaks, freeing Taranee]
Ember: The battle is not over!
Nerissa: It is over. Time for the Knights' power to serve a higher goal. GUARDIANS...UNITE!
Cornelia: Look!
[Ember and Tridart are being destroyed - their powers being sucked through the fold]
Ember: My flame!
Tridart: Ember!
[Ember's and Tridart's power are transfered to Halinor and Kadma first, in a white beam form. Halinor and Kadma are levitated, surrounded in a white energy fire]
Halinor: Fire!
Kadma: Earth!
Tridart: Mistress! Please!
[His powers are transferred to Cassidy and Yan Lin in a white beam form. Cassidy and Yan Lin]
Cassidy: Water!
Yan Lin: Air!
[Shagon and Kor are also being drained of their power]
Will: Matt!
[Nerissa is enveloped in a white energy and all of the powers transfer to her in a white form energy]
Nerissa: Quintessence!
[The four beams of light that show Cassidy, Halior, Yan Lin and Kadma, are shown and they levitate towards Nerissa. The fold disappears]

Irma: [To Martin, regarding the Battle of the Bands contest] You know for once, it looks the battle goes to the good guys.
[Elsewhere, in the volcanic area where C.H.Y.K.N are, it is revealed that Nerissa and the former guardians are restored to youth]
Nerissa: The battle has only just begun!

T is for Trauma [2.20][edit]

Cornelia: You mean you like them?!
Hay Lin: Sure! [She shows her braces] They make me feel special and they're so shiny. I can't wait to show Eric!
Matt: Oh, he'll love them, H.L.
Nigel: They're sweet.
Will: I think your braces look great!
[Martin bursts through the cafeteria]
Martin: Make way! Make way!
[Everyone, especially all the boys are stunned to see the young Nerissa walk through. All the boys are ecstatic, the girls are annoyed]
Andrew: Yo, little dude, who is that?
[Martin walks backwards, looking at Nerissa]
Martin: Stacey...senior...just transferred. [does his laugh]
Andrew: Righteous.
[All the boys follow Stacey, who stops and faces "the" girls]
Irma: Is that my Andrew and my Martin drooling over the new babe?
Taranee: Irma, are you really in any position to be territorial?
[Nigel stands up]
Nigel: Excuse me.
[Nigel walks over to Stacey]
Irma: [smugly] I don't know. Are you?
[Nigel pushes the other boys out of the way]
Nigel: [to Stacey] Ah, you are too sweet to wait in line. [To a group of girls] Make way. Make way.
[Nigel gets a dinner tray for Stacey, Matt is texting]
Taranee: Nigel?
Will: Uh, what's wrong with "your boy"?
Matt: Uh, he's getting in touch with his inner jerk.
[Fire appears in Taranee's glasses. Nigel hands Stacey the dinner tray, then Andrew overtakes him]
Andrew: Babe! Is this freshman making you serve yourself? [He grabs the tray and walks off with her] That is so wrong.
[He sits Stacey down in a chair]
Andrew: You relax. Let a senior serve you.
Martin: [grabbing a tray] No, let a geek do it! There's more grovelling that way.
[A mass of boys run towards Martin]
Boys: No!
Uriah: He-Hey, there's more trays over here!
[Loads of boys run towards Uriah, others take plates of food and fight over Stacey]
Stacey: [smiling, softly] Oops! [She drops her napkin, all the boys freeze, Nigel skids across, runs over to catch it but knocks into Uriah and Martin, who are holding trays of food, making the food go everywhere. Stacey closes her eyes at the sound of the crash and Yan Lin, who has appeared out of nowhere, gasps]
Stacey: [quietly] Quintessence. [She opens her hand, which telekinetically moves the food over to the girls' table, making the food go over them]
Stacey: Oopsy. Guess...desserts...on you. [she giggles]
Andrew: Stacey, babe, are you alright?
Martin: Do you need mouth to mouth, my passionflower?
[Nigel appears, jumping from the floor]
Nigel: I saved your napkin!
[Stacey stands up]
Stacey: Boys! Boys! Give a girl a chance to breath.
[Taranee and Hay Lin are trying to wipe the food off]
Taranee: Uh, hello? Nigel! [Fire appears in her glasses, Eric walks over] Like, I could use that napkin.
Eric: [To Hay Lin] Hey, you. What's up?
Hay Lin: [facing him and pointing to her braces] Look! Under the pudding, I've got...
[From Eric's POV, he gazes over and spots Stacey]
Eric: Woah! [He pushes past Hay Lin and walks over to Stacey, with his hand waved]
Stacey: [softly] Hey.
Eric: Hey...you!
Stacey: Wanna, oh, I dunno... Carry my books?
Eric: You-you don’t have any books.
Stacey: Find me some.
[He runs out of the cafeteria]
Eric: I’ll find you a library!
[All the boys run after him]
Boys: No, I will!
[Stacey walks off, out of the cafeteria]
Hay Lin: [gasps] Did you see that? He took one look at my braces and bailed. They're ugly and horrible and...
Yan Lin: Totally not the problem.
Yan Lin: Dallas to dim sum, the new girl's a glamoured Nerissa.
Will: Woah, woah, woah! Come on. I learned the hard way that just because we don't like someone, doesn't mean...
Yan Lin: I heard her Quintessence that pudding you're wearing.
Will: I knew she was Nerissa!
Yan Lin: With Matt un-enthralled and no longer spying for her, Nerissa's doing the job herself.
[Will sighs]
Hay Lin: So, Eric hates my braces and is in love with Queen Nasty.
Yan Lin: It isn't love. Just a spell
Taranee: Of course! That must be how she hooked Nigel and the other guys.
Matt: Well, how come I'm not all hot and drooling? [To Will] Well, I'm hot, but...
Will: Maybe, when you defeated your inner jerk, uh, Shagon, you became immune?
Irma: Are you telling me that we have to put up with Nerissa every day?
Cornelia: Yeah, because I for one, do not appreciate the competition. I mean, one great beauty's enough [she flicks her hair and golden/yellow leaves appear] for any school, isn't it?
Yan Lin: Ok. Silver lining time. You know Stacey as Nerissa but Nerissa doesn't know you know.
Irma: And we know she doesn't know, y'know.
Yan Lin: You can trail her, catch her off guard and maybe, just maybe, you can steal the Seal of Nerissa.
[Hay Lin walks over to Yan Lin]
Hay Lin: Steal the Seal? [She hugs Yan Lin, their cheeks are touching] I like that plan. Grandma! You're a genius!

Cornelia: Nerissa’s going shopping? Oh, big mistake! She’s on my turf now!

Cornelia: [in a costume] Would someone explain how that man could look at me and think camel?!

[After watching Nerissa command men, her "slaves" and they even obeyed when she transformed back into old Nerissa]
Irma: Ok, I hate to admit it, but I want a bottle of whatever she's selling.

Will: [quietly] She's alone. We'll never have a better time to grab the Seal.
Cornelia: Um, shouldn't we Guardian up first?
Taranee: Duh, when we transform it's 4th of July time! Light, noise, colour.
Hay Lin: We'd lose the element of surprise. I say we go with Grandma's plan. You ready, Will? [She turns invisible and walks to Nerissa]
Will: Right behind you. [She follows Hay Lin]
[The Seal is picked up by an invisible Hay Lin, after a while, Nerissa notices and stands up]
Nerissa: MY SEAL!
Hay Lin: Will, catch!
[She sends the Seal over to her by transporting it via a whirlwind]
Will: [catches it] Got it! [But it is immediately teletransported back to Nerissa and she cackles]
Nerissa: [tranforms into her youthful Guardian self] So much for the element of surprise.
Will: Lose the disguise, "Stacey". We know it's you.
[Hay Lin reappears]
Nerissa: This is the real me, once, now, and forever! We are the true Guardians!

[She transforms the other Guardians into their Guardian forms, but their eyes are closed]

Irma: Who are these guys, The Knights of Fashion?
Hay Lin: [noticing Yan Lin] Grandma? [All the Guardians open their mind controlled eyes] You look just like your wedding picture.
Taranee: Woah! If that's Yan Lin then...
[The camera pans across the Guardians]
Cornelia: Kadma, Halinor and Cassidy.
Will: Nerissa's resurrected the Old Guardians!
Hay Lin: [quietly] And my Grandma...she betrayed me.
Nerissa: Guardians Attack! Element against Element.
[Cassidy unleashes a torrent of water at Irma. Taranee is struggling to fight off the vast amount of fire that Halinor has unleashed]
Taranee: Can't...hold it...back! [She is pushed backwards by the fire. Cornelia telekinetically moves cutlery to attack Kadma]
Cornelia: Eat flatware, Kadma!
[Kadma telekinetically stops the cutlery and sends it back to Cornelia who runs and jumps out of the way and hides behind a sofa, which the cutlery stabs]
Cornelia: Will, they're too powerful, it's time to wing it.
Will: [holding the Heart of Kandrakar] I know! Guardians u-woah! [a lightning bolt hits Will and she flies backwards]
Nerissa: [walking over to the other Guardians, hand held out] Now, now. No levelling the playing field.
Hay Lin: Grandma! Grandma, please.
[Yan Lin looks upwards to a fan and the vent and uses her power to stop the fan, then restart it, which drags Hay Lin upwards, who screams]
Matt: Hay Lin!
[He jumps up and grabs her hand]
Matt: [unhooking his wings from the costume] Guess all that Shagon flight training did come in handy.
[They crash down onto a bed]
Matt: Will! Get us out of here now!
[Holding the Heart]
Will: Fold, Open!
[The Heart creates fold]
Will: Hurry!
[Everyone runs to the fold]
Nerissa: Don't just stand there, you fools. Get them!
[The Guardians fly off after them but the New Guardians walk through the fold]
[Later, in Kandrakar]
Irma: No way we can fight those guys, without full on Guardian powers!
Taranee: Not sure it would make a difference. Their powers are fuelled by two mystic Hearts, we only have one.
[Hay Lin is crying]
Cornelia: [softly] Hey, shhh.
Hay Lin: [quietly] Grandma. She...how could she?
Will: She didn't. Come on, Hay Lin, you know she's not in control, it's Nerissa.
Irma: Yeah, and there's nothing worse than a sorceress who's also a control freak.
Hay Lin: [quietly, emotionally] My Grandma's supposed to love me.
Cornelia: She does. In her true heart and soul, where Nerissa can't touch her, she still loves you.
Matt: [puts his hand on her shoulder] And she's fighting, like I did. And your love will help her beat this, trust me.
Hay Lin: [quietly] But she's my Grandma. [continues crying]
[At Sheffield Institute, all the boys surround Nerissa, outside with the "gang" opposing her]
[Nigel hands Nerissa a bouquet of flowers]
Nigel: Stacey, from my heart to yours.
Taranee: He’s under a spell. [Fire appears in her glasses] He’s under a spell. He’s under a spell…
Martin: [about Stacey] She’s my sugar plum cutie!
Andrew: Hey, hey! She’s nobody’s fruit, little dude!
Irma: [clenches her fist and water appears] They’re under a spell, and they’re not my boyfriends. They’re under a spell, and they’re not my boyfriends!
Cornelia: If Caleb ever looked at her like that...
Will: Ew, hello! Nerissa’s his mom!
Cornelia: Oh, right...Gag!
[Nerissa notices Hay Lin and gets Eric to help her stand, he giggles]
Hay Lin: [quietly] I feel like I can't breath.
Will: I know it hurts.
Hay Lin: [quietly] Everyone I love...
Will: But they're not themselves, Hay Lin...!
[Nerissa walks onwards with all the boys following her]
Nerissa: Come on, boys! We have places to go...and worlds to conquer!

Nerissa: [About Hay Lin] Poor thing. It really is too much for her.
Will: You have no idea how strong she is!
Nerissa: Please! We both know she's falling apart. But you could put an end to her misery. Agree to one final battle, swearing on The Heart of Kandrakar, you won't fold or teletransport away.
Will: Why in the world would I do that?
Nerissa: Sooner or later...you'll have to fight. Take the offer now, while you still have a little Hay Lin left!
[Will looks to the girls, who are consoling Hay Lin, they nod]
Will: [sighs] Alright. I swear on The Heart of Kandrakar that we'll see this through. We won't flee the battle.
Nerissa: Perfect! Meet me back here tonight after the mall closes. [Puts her hand on Will's shoulder] [quietly] Fewer interruptions that way. [Will takes Nerissa's hand off her shoulder and the girls walk off]

[The New Guardians have met with the Old Guardians to have their "final battle"]
Nerissa, Will: Guardians Attack!
[Taranee, Irma and Cornelia fly up. Will and Nerissa fly, opposing each other. Will hurls a lightning bolt at Nerissa but she deflects it by waving the Seal of Nerissa as it strikes, deflecting it onto Will. Nerissa flies up]
Nerissa: Quintessence!
[She makes the massive glass sphere lamp hanging from the ceiling light up, brightly, which blinds Will. Irma is knocked back by Cassidy's summoned water. Kadma sees Cornelia fly and uses trees to attack her, as she lands]
Cornelia: [raises her hands to use her powers] No way, you're using my power against me. [To the trees] About face!
[The trees start to walk up to Kadma but she, with her powers, make them move back to Cornelia]
Cornelia: About Face. About Face! About Face!
Taranee: This isn't working! [fire appears in her glasses] Element versus Element. [She flies as Halinor unleashes fire which hits the pillars of the mall, which Taranee uses to miss them] They've got double our powers!
[Cornelia is trying to escape from the trees, Irma is trapped by water. Yan Lin unleashes a whirlwind at Hay Lin, but she just stands there]
Matt: Hay Lin! You've got to fight back!
[She does nothing and the whirlwind hits her. She is knocked to the floor and is crying]
Hay Lin: [quietly] I can't fight my Grandma.
[Yan Lin is charging up another whirlwind in her hand but is blasted by Will's Quintessence]
Will: Then trade! Come on, trade with me! I'll take Yan Lin you take, ugh, what am I saying?
[Nerissa laughs, villainously. She slowly flies downwards to Hay Lin]
Nerissa: Oh, by all means. Let Hay Lin and I have this dance. After all, she'll be needing a new partner. [The lamp turns and an unconscious Eric is strapped to it] Since they'll be nothing left of her old one...but a sunspot.
Nerissa: [mocking] Oh, Grandma! My boyfriend’s a charcoal briquette! [[she laughs]
Hay Lin: [Hay Lin clenches her hand and slowly gets up, she has now got all four limbs stretched out on the floor, her tears roll down onto the floor] So that's it.
Nerissa: Yes...that's it. You lose. I win.
Hay Lin: [She stands up but her head is still down] No, I mean that's how you survive the trauma, not by knowing everything will be all right, but [she lifts her head up] by having no other choice.
Nerissa: What are you talking...?
[Hay Lin quickly turns around and unleashes a whirlwind at Nerissa, who is knocked back]
Hay Lin: I don't have the luxury of breaking down right now, not when innocent lives are at sake!
[She flies up, sends a whirlwind to the gigantic lamp where Eric is hanging which is slowly lowered down as air is used below the lamp and Eric drops onto Matt]
Hay Lin: Keep an eye on him, ok?
Matt: Totally. Hey! Good to have you back.
Hay Lin: Yeah. Right.
[Yan Lin flies over to Hay Lin but is struck by a lightning bolt from Will]
Will: That's the answer. Guardians, switch partners, now!
[Irma and Cornelia are still trapped, but Will flies over to Irma and electrifies Cassidy, which releases Irma. Hay Lin flies over to Cornelia and unleashes a whirlwind onto the trees which breaks them. Taranee is dodging fire from Halinor and flies up, another fire beam almost hits her but Irma intervenes, and uses water to douse the fire. Halinor hurls fire at Irma but misses and Irma fires a torrent of water back, knocking Halinor into a pillar. Kadma uses telekinesis to hurl chairs at Hay Lin and Cornelia but Hay Lin deflects it back by creating a whirlwind type shield in front of her, which knocks out Kadma. Yan Lin flies over to Hay Lin, but Cornelia traps her by summoning vines. Irma turns around in flight to see Cassidy charging up a water beam and fires, but Taranee intervenes by unleashing a fire beam in front of Irma]
Taranee: Will, you're a genius! Nerissa's thralls are heavy on power.
Will: But light on free will. Without constant instructions, they can't keep up.
Nerissa: But, I can.
[She sends a lightning bolt from the Seal of Nerissa, which hits Will]
Nerissa: [Lightning is coursing around her arms and in the air around her, her hair is raised, blowing in the wind] DO NOT PRESUME TO TEST MY POWER!
Irma: [Irma manipulates the water to grab and twist around Nerissa, holding her in mid air] Aww, can't I presume a little?
[Hay Lin unleashes a whirlwind at Nerissa, making her crash to the ground. Cornelia manipualtes vines to entangle Nerissa, the vines slowly tie her hands and legs]
Nerissa: Help me, you fool!
Yan Lin: How, Mistress?
[Nerissa grunts]
Nerissa: Kadma! Dispatch these vines!
[Kadma is surrounded in a circle of fire. Taranee appears in the lower part of the screen, in flight]
Taranee: Kadma's a little preoccupied now.
Cornelia: Hey, you could always give them back their free will!
[She raises her hand and uses telekinesis to push back Nerissa and Yan Lin. Hay Lin sends a whirlwind which deposits Halinor and Cassidy]
Hay Lin: But then my Grandma would never do your dirty work.
[Irma sends a flood of water over Kadma, dousing the fire, as it does so]
Irma: Not Yan Lin. Not any of them.
[The wave carries Kadma over to the other Old Guardians]
Will: [With the other New Guardians, slowly flying down] Kind of a Catch 22, huh? Kick Butt Warriors or Butt Kick Slaves! Your call, girl!
[Nerissa stands up]
Nerissa: I can admit when I've...miscalculated. [She slowly flies up] Congratulations, "W.I.T.C.H"! The battle goes to you. But the war...is far from over. [She creates a fold]
Will: Hey! We made a vow. No running!
Nerissa: You made the vow, not I! [She walks through the fold, followed by the other Old Guardians]
Will: Man! She is such a cheater!
Taranee: Hey, what can you expect from the Decency Challenged?
[Hay Lin is sitting on a crashed tree. She sighs. Cornelia and Irma fly down to join her]
Cornelia: Hey, you ok?
Irma: Yeah, you're not gonna go all catatonic again, are ya?
[Taranee flies down]
Taranee: Irma!
Irma: I'm just saying.
Hay Lin: I'm ok.
[Will flies down]
Hay Lin: Look, I'm sad or whatever. I mean, more than sad. But this, this is what we do, this is who we are.
[Cornelia, Taranee and Irma nod]
Will: We're Guardians.
Taranee: Totally.
Irma: Tell me about it.
Hay Lin: We face whatever trauma comes. Whether it's as stupid as getting braces or as terrible as, as...losing your grandmother to the dark side.
[The other Guardians crowd around Hay Lin closer. Taranee and Irma put their arms on her and Cornelia holds her hand]
Cornelia: As long as we face it together.
[They all put their arms around each other. Eric groans]
Matt: Uh, ladies? Hate to interrupt the group hug, but...
[Eric wakes up to see Hay Lin in the middle and everyone else back in "normal" form]
Eric: Uh, what's going on? where am I? And, how did I get this golden tan.
Hay Lin: Don't you remember anything?
Eric: I'm not even sure what day it is. And... [notices the mall] what the heck happened here?! Was there an earthquake, or something?!
Hay Lin: Or something.
Eric: Well, is it, is it gonna be ok?
Hay Lin: It will be. I know it.
Eric: Hey, you! When did you get braces?
Hay Lin: [covers her mouth] I know! They're kinda ugly.
Eric: How could anything look ugly on you? Besides, they're only temporary. And they're so [he claps] shiny!
[Hay Lin squeals, lifts her hands in a cute fashion up to her face, jumps over to him and kisses him]

U Is For Undivided [2.21][edit]

Cornelia: This is torture!
Harold: Babysitting is not torture.
Cornelia, Lillian: Is so!
Napolean: Meow.
Cornelia: See! Lillian's a big baby and I'm...
Harold: All of fourteen.
Cornelia: A so totally mature fourteen!
Harold: Total maturity! That's why you're the one babysitting. Now, we won't be late. Make sure your sister's in bed by nine and try to get along. Or next time, Lillian babysits...you. Ciao!
Lillian: So...now what do we do?
Cornelia: I study the winter fashions. You keep quiet.
[She reads a magazine]
Lillian: [Holding up Napolean] I wish you could speak, Napolean. At least then, I'd have someone to talk to.
Cornelia: Ok, that's it! Bedtime!
Lillian: It's only eight o'clock!
Cornelia: I'm in charge and I say it's nine! Now brush your teeth and pyjamify. Now! [She points towards another room]
Lillian: [grunts] I hate you!
[She storms off. Napolean looks at Cornelia]
Cornelia: Then my work here is done. [she sighs and reads her magazine. Napolean jumps on Cornelia's lap. Cornelia gasps]
Napolean: Lose the magazine, doll. We gotta talk.
[Cornelia is shocked and screams. Later, the other girls, Matt and Mr Huggles are at the Hale Residence, looking at Napolean, who is licking his paw]
Taranee: [dryly] The cat talks?
Napolean: [sarcastically] No. [The girls gasp] [Referring to Mr Huggles] Ricky Rodent over there's a ventriloquist.
Irma: Um, no offence, but this just ain't normal.
[Mr Huggles is twitchy]
Matt: Yeah, Mr Huggles doesn't like it either.
Napolean: Well, your rat can just get over it.
Matt: He's not a rat, he's a dormouse! And, egh, I'm arguing with a house pet.
[Napolean jumps up onto the top of the sofa]
Napolean: Not just a house pet, Mack, I'm a familiar. Lillian's familiar.
Will: Familiar?
Hay Lin: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, a familiar's a magical animal spirit that attends and protects a witch!
Cornelia: My sister may be a brat but she's no witch! Not a real one anyway.
Napolean: Well, she's something. Gave me the power of speech. Just by wishing. Kid was marked for greatness. Otherwise she wouldn't have wound up with me. But I'm thinking her power surfaced ahead of schedule. Extreme mystic might in the pores of an eight year old. Bad medicine. My two cents: Keep her in the dark 'til she's older and can handle it.
[Will walks away from the group]
Cornelia: Keep her in the dark about what, exactly? All we have are questions.
[Will takes out the now glowing Heart of Kandrakar and creates a fold]
Will: Then let's go find some answers!
[Hay Lin walks over to the fold]
Cornelia: I can't leave Lillian alone! Especially not now.
Matt: I'll cover for you. Go!
Will: Thanks, Matt!
[They all walk through the fold. Napolean notices Lillian]
Napolean: Uhhh, meow.
Lillian: I heard voices and...where, where's Cornelia?
Matt: Uh, she'll be back soon. She just stepped outside to, uh...
Lillian: Ditch me for her friends? [softer] Big surprise.
[Matt kneels down to her level and puts his hand on her shoulder]
Matt: Hey! You've still got me.
[Mr Huggles chirps]
Matt: And Mr Huggles.
[Napolean jumps on Matt's other shoulder, he gasps in shock]
Matt: And...your...familiar. [Napolean smiles] Um, that is, you're familiar...with Napolean. [Napolean pushes his head out towards Lillian, closes his eyes and smiles. Lillian smiles back]
[Elsewhere, in Kandrakar]
Luba: From all you've told me, Cornelia's sister may well be a vast font of magical energy. Perhaps The Heart of Earth itself.
Cornelia: No way!
Luba: It would explain why The Oracle chose one such as you to be a Guardian.
Irma: Ok, wait, wait, wait! The Oracle chose us?!
Taranee: I thought Yan Lin picked us. She was an ex Guardian and we were her granddaughter's best friends.
Will: But, that, that makes no sense. I had just come to town. I barely knew Hay Lin.
Luba: Hay Lin was indeed chosen to provide a continuity of spirit. But Cornelia's selection as Guardian of Earth may have been to ensure that she'd have the power...and wisdom to guide [Cornelia's arms are folded] and protect her sister, the Heart of Earth.
Cornelia: Ugh, I do not have the wisdom to guide any...
[The Will, Taranee and Irma quickly appear in front of Cornelia]
Taranee: Ok! Curiosity officialy peaked!
Will: Why were we chosen?!
Irma: Yeah. Spill!
Luba: Such truths only emerge with the fullness of time.
[She folds her arms and walks to the other side of the Auramere Globes]
Luba: For now...you must focus on the child. Should Nerissa learn of this young girl and her untapped potential...
Will: Ugh, she'll try to add Lillian's power to her own magic seal!
Taranee: But a Heart can't be taken by force. It has to be given up willingly.
Luba: Do not underestimate Nerissa or forget that she tricked Elyon and Kadma into surrendering their power.
[Cornelia walks forward]
Cornelia: Hoho...no... [she shakes her finger] No one messes with my sister but me! Will, send me home...now!

[On Earth, the Hale Residence, Matt is putting Lillian to bed. He sits on a stool next to her]

Matt: Ok, there...so, once upon a time in a beautiful castle, [Huggles jumps off his shoulder and onto the bed] there lived a magical princess whose name just happened to be...
Lillian: Lillian!
[Matt laughs]
Matt: How'd you know?
[The door opens - Cornelia is standing by it]
Cornelia: Hi! Hate to interrupt, but I have news for Matt.
[Matt stands up and walks over to Cornelia]
Cornelia: [quietly] We're on a Nerissa alert. The others are at the Dragon working on strategy. I'll take over here.
[Mr Huggles, who has been listening to this, starts chirping and his fur is twitching]
Matt: Right.
[He picks up Mr Huggles]
Matt: Take care, Lil.
Lillian: you're going?! But you just started the story! [Matt leaves] Cornelia, you ruin everything!
Cornelia: [nicely] Hey, it's ok! You and I can make nice.
Lillian: You're never nice! Not to me.
Cornelia: Is that really how you feel? Listen, I'm gonna be a better big sister. Starting Right now!
[she takes Napolean and puts him on the floor and kicks him away, so that she can hold Lillian's hand] I just want us to be closer. I hate this...distance between us. We'd both be so much better off...undivided. If you'd agree, [Mr Huggles runs back into the room] we could share everything.
[Matt walks back into the room]:
Matt: Uh, my bad, Cornelia. Huggles got away from me. [Mr Huggles jumps on the bed, Cornelia screams and Matt jumps over to catch Huggles]
Matt: Come here, you... argh! [Huggles jumps out of the way, onto a shelf and runs out of the room with Napolean] Oh, great! Now the whole menagerie's gone beserk. [He takes Cornelia's arm] Help me out, C. [Matt drags her out of the room]
Cornelia: What are you doing?! We can't leave Lillian alone! Not now!
[A fold appears and the other girls appear and Cornelia appears last]:
Matt: 'Bout time. I didn't know how much longer I could stall!
Cornelia: [surprised] Is that...?!
Matt: Yeah, Huggles tipped me off. [Napolean and Huggles run over and Huggles runs up to Matt's shoulder] And I didn't have the power to risk a fight so I had to riff.
Cornelia: Nice try, Nerissa. But even a mouse can see I’m better [she flicks her hair and walks over to Nerissa] looking in that.
Nerissa glamoured as Cornelia: Then perhaps I better... [she de-glamours]
Nerissa: Change.
Cornelia: Wow, I’m still better looking! [Nerissa frowns] The Guardian makeover: just not working. The dried-prune look was so much more you.
[Nerissa walks away and creates a fold]
Nerissa: Petty insults will hardly protect your sister. [as she walks through the fold, but doesn't completely walk through] I will be back. [she walks through the fold completely]
Cornelia: [holding Napolean. Quietly] She won't give up, will she?
Lillian: Give up on what? [she opens the door]
Cornelia: None of your business. What are you doing up anyway? Get back in bed!
Lillian: It was all a trick. I knew it! I knew she didn't mean that stuff about being a better sister!
Matt: Aww, oome on, princess. We've still got a bedtime story to wrap up.
[He leads Lillian into her bedroom]:
Napolean: [to Cornelia] Smooth, doll. Real smooth.
Irma: One big sister to another...you need to win back her trust. Now that she's in Nerissa's sights...her life could depend on it!
[Cornelia nods and walks into Lillian's bedroom, the other girls walk away]:
Lillian: Hmmph! Matt, could I have more story please?
Matt: [noticing Cornelia and walks over to her] Actually, why don't we let your sister spin it?
Cornelia: [As Matt is pushing her over to the bed] That's ok, I missed chapter one.
Matt: Hey, we barely got past "Once upon a time, there was a princess named Lillian" before a certain Cornelia Hale interrupted. [he winks]
Lillian: She won't do it.
Cornelia: Don't tell me what I won't do! If I wanna tell you a story, I'll tell you a story. It's um, it's about an evil sorceress named Nerissa, [Matt walks over and sits on the stool] who wants to drain princess Lillian of all her magical power. But lucky for the princess, she has five [shows the number with her hand] fairy protectors - [she counts off the numbers on her hand as she says the names] Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin.
Lillian: No way you'd protect me!
Cornelia: Ugh, fine! Four protectors.
Lillian: That's better [she yawns] I might like this story. I just wish it were true. [Napolean looks shocked. Her wish results in her powers transforming the apartment block into a castle. Inside, the girls have been transformed into Guardians [excluding Cornelia]
Taranee: Uh, Will...did you say Guardians Unite while I wasn't listening?
[Irma flies closer to Will and looks at her]
Will: [to Irma] Do not look at me! I so didn't do any of this!
[They all fly up and are shocked]
Irma: By this, do you mean us spontaneously going Guardian, or the Hale's apartment spontaneously going Medieval, or say, the world spontaneously going King size?!
Will: Er... D, "All of the above"?

Nerissa: Fools! The Heart of Earth, it's power has been siphoned.
Shagon: And you'll never guess by who.
Will: Shagon?!
Shagon: Little Lil gave us her power and look what happened. Guess old habits die hard.
Nerissa: You said gave us her power?

Huggles and Napolean appear

Shagon: Myself, Huggles, and Napoleon. Did we miss much?
Nerissa: I missed you, dear Heart. What do you say we crush the Guardians together? For old time's sake?
Shagon: I say: [blasts Nerissa] Sorry, Nerissa, under new management.

Will: You so freaked me out with that "old habits" thing.
Shagon: Old habits, new tricks. Guess I'm hard-wired from Shagon-morph, but now I control the on-off switch. I'm still Matt inside and I don't feed on hate, just Lilian power.
Will: [sarcastically] You're like a Guardian.
Shagon: I know. Are we, like, perfect for each other or what?

Cornelia: [finishing her story] Plus P.S. the princess' big sister promises to always be there for her [pecks Lilian's cheek] to make sure nothing ever divides them again!
Napolean: And they lived happily ever after. So, any tuna in the house?

V is for Victory [2.22][edit]

Caleb: [referring to Phobos] Meet Sheffield's newest foreign exchange student.
Hay Lin: Too foreign! I could whip something up...
Phobos: [raises hand and glamors himself into a college boy with a black shirt] Am I not down with my bad self?
Irma: [sarcastically] Ho-ho-kay, chillin' with a villain...

Phobos: Oh, how did you people ever defeat me?

Cassidy: Destroy Phobos and anyone who gets in our way.
Matt: Anyone?
[Matt transforms into Shagon]
Shagon: Would be me!

Irma: Anytime you want to pinch in...
Phobos: And use of my life force?! You're supposed to protect me!
Taranee: Newsflash, Phobert! Without Will, we can't Guardian up!
Cornelia: Yeah! What you expect us to do, act as human shield?!
Phobos: Yes! Perfect!
Cornelia: [sarcastically] Perfect.

Phobos: I must have power! [absorbs Taranee and Cornelia's life forces]

Phobos: You hardly got any lunch Cornelia, what some popcorn?
Cornelia: Thanks and take your time
Cornelia: [about Phobos] Ew, you guys, I think he’s totally hitting on me!
Irma: Uh! Something’s really wrong with him. [Cornelia glares] I-I’m just saying...
Hay Lin: He's almost ... nice
Phobos: [Appearing from other side with a popcorn basket, sits down and flips it towards himself, having popcorn fly all around] Ummm, Phobos LOVE popcorn! Ummmm!

Phobos: [upon seeing Will in the Swim Meet] Ra Ra Sis boom ba!

Will: Ew, is that algae?
Cornelia: Look, I'm working with what I have!

Will: [after finding out that it was Matt, Caleb, and Blunk glamoring as Phobos] Wait a minute. How long have you guys glamored as Phobos?
Phobos: Since the attack in the park, your plan was working, so I thought of a better one.
Cornelia: So you weren’t hitting on me!
Taranee: Or eating crickets!
Will: Or kissing Mandy!
Matt: You kissed Mandy?!

Nerissa: Water. Fire. Earth. Air. Quintessence. Now, all five elements are mine! I am sole guardian of my power.

W is for Witch [2.23][edit]

Irma: [to Chris] You're so lucky I'm taking you out at all! I'm way too mature for this!
Cornelia: Andrew Hornby?
Irma: [to Cornelia] I have NO idea what you're talking about. I'm just saying, if you're saving the World every week, you shouldn't have to beg for candy. By the way, nice dye job.

Napolean: Superstitions got to come from somewhere, doll. You think it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path? Try being a black cat!

Lilian: Why are you wearing pyjamas to go trick or treating?
Chris: I'm a ninja
Lilian: [sarcastically] Ninjas wear pyjamas?

Napolean: Alright doll, as long as you protect [sees Chris and Lilian entering] MEAAAAAOW!

Blunk: Free candy? Blunk go too! Just need costume!
Lilian: Um... isn’t he already wearing one?

Lilian: [Coming in to find W.I.T.C.H in guardian mode] Wow... you change clothes fast.
Elizabeth Hale: [on seeing Hay Lin in her guardian mode] I don't remember Halloween costumes coming with that kind of padding...

Chris: I knew you really wanted to go! You had a costume all the time!
Irma: [seizing his hand] It's not a costume...it's a disguise...so no one sees me with you!

Taranee: Wonderful. The spooky old bookstore where you nearly destroyed us.
Cedric: [wistful] Ah, memories...

Irma: ... And that's how it's done!
Chris: Ha ha.. Oh yeah, too bad you're too mature for trick or treating!
Irma: [Laughing] Oh please, like I actually miss these baby games!
Lilian: Andrew Hornby?

Napolean: Betcha this plan ain't SPCA-approved...
Nerissa: Meow!
Napolean: Well meow to you too, gorgeous! What's a pretty kitty like you doing out alone at Halloween?

Irma: OK troops, report!
Chris: It totally worked, look!
Irma: Malt balls? Wow, old Mrs. Primusberger usually gives out toothbrushes! Not bad!
Blunk: Blunk happy too! Look!
Irma: Moth balls?
Blunk: [slurps] Yum, menthol!

Irma: [brainwashing a selfish glutton] Give us candy, give us candy... CANDY!

Lilian: You're a trick or treating legend!
Chris: Isn't my sister the coolest?

Irma: So, which house do we hit next?
Andrew: [approaching] Lair? Lair on the Air? Is that you?!
Irma: Andrew Hornby? You're trick or treating?
Andrew: Arrr, that's right, matey.
Chris: Who's that?
Lilian: Duh, Andrew Hornby.
Blunk: He Funny Girl's mad crush!
Irma: But... But you told the whole school trick or treating was for babies!
Andrew: Who says no to free candy?
Blunk: Not Blunk!
Irma: What about dressing up?
Andrew: I'm beginning to think that's the best part!.. See you at the carnival?
Irma: Uh-huh...
Andrew: Fair winds to you sail, love, arrr!
Irma: Well, shiver me timbers!..

Hay Lin: Irma! You found us!
Irma: Yeah, the twenty-foot snake monster makes it surprisingly easy.

Caleb: [throwing softballs at Nerissa] Did I win a prize, Ma?
Nerissa: Baby needs a spanking!

Phobos: And so dawns a new era, The Age of Phobos!
Principal Knickerbocker: We have a winner!

X is for Xanadu [2.24][edit]

Hay Lin: Ugh! I am beyond beat. Since Phobos’ Halloween coming-out party, it feels like we’ve been fighting 24/7.
Taranee: Except for school, we kind of have.
Irma: The creep never gets tired! He’s like the triple-espresso of evil.

Nerissa: I lacked vision! He's the fool with no vision! Destroy everything in his path, no goal, no plan? I would have united worlds. That... is vision!
Elyon: Vision, sure, just no conscience. This is all your fault, you...
Nerissa: Watch your tongue, whelp, or I'll... [Elyon zaps her] How?! I drained your power into the Heart of Meridian!
Elyon: And imprisoned me inside of it, you hateful hag!
Yan Lin: I've been teaching Elyon to reabsorb the Heart's power. A power that is rightfully hers alone.
Elyon: I may not be strong enough to free us from my brother's scepter, but I can crush you like a bug!
Cassidy: And we'll help!

Phobos: You’ve lost every battle since my return.
Will: A streak will break tonight, buster!
Irma: Buster?
Will: It’s been a long day!

Y is for Yield [2.25][edit]

Yan Lin: Yap, yap, yap. All night long. Phobos out there. Us stuck in here.
Young Yan Lin: And not likely to save anyone unless we act in harmony.
Yan Lin: You're stepping on my lines, kid.
Young Yan Lin: Because we're in harmony.
Yan Lin: Zip it!

Nerissa: Caleb is my son. I will not allow Phobos to harm him.
Elyon: Yeah, you’re Mother of the Year.
Yan Lin: That, your Highness
Yan Lin, Young Yan Lin: is not harmony.
Yan Lin: Stop that!

Z is for Zenith [2.26][edit]

Hay Lin: Did he just...
Irma: Swallow Phobos whole? Oh yeah.

Miranda: My Lord.
Cedric: Oh, my Love.
Irma: My lunch!
Hay Lin: Ewwww!

Matt: I don't like it.
Will: But you know it's has to happen
Matt: Yeah, but Will, If this all goes south, I'm gonna be beside you.
Will: I know. I was always a sucker for doomed romance. [They kiss]
Irma: Yo Romeo and Drooliet, we've got a mega battle coming!

[Nerissa's illusion]
Nerissa: Fools! Did they really think I've given up? For an improvised plan it went quite well. In those forms you no longer have the will to resist me. You will become my thralls for the conquest to come.
Caleb: You'll never get away with this.
Nerissa: Oh, but I will. Kandrakar toppled in a matter of minutes. Poor battered Meridian took even less time. One by one, the worlds will fall. One by one they will give me their Hearts, until even Earth with all it's technology will have no choice but to acknowledge Nerissa as it's Queen.
Julian: I should never have doubted you, love.
Caleb: You did it. You brought order to the universe. With but a few battles, you ended war for all time. I am proud of you, mother.

Elyon: Cornelia, please!
Cassidy: Irma, wake up!
Altermere Yan Lin: Snap out of it, granddaughter!
Yan Lin: Excuse me, my granddaughter.
Matt: Why can't they come back?!
Halinor: They've evolved beyond humanity, lost themselves. They can come back. They simply forgotten they should.

Irma: We touched the Dragons.
Taranee: And got burned.
Cornelia: So that is all what left of us? I want my humanity back!
Irma: Uh, what's humanity again? And, uh, where do we find it?

Will: Matt.
Matt: Okay, that's a trick we're not trying again anytime soon.

Will: [narrating] It was over. Took everyone and everything we had. Teamwork. Harmony. Yeah, that's how we maxed out our power. Anyway, we won! We all made tracks and the Regents abandoned the glamour. The destruction down town was blamed on the snowstorm, which made no sense, but people believe what they like to believe. Case and point: Nerissa. She would remain with Julian. And, maybe in time father and son would make peace with what she had done. Meanwhile the other baddies where back where they belonged. And so was a fully powered Elyon on Meridian's throne, surrounded by people she can trust, including Raythor, who finally has a monarch worthy of his service. It was kind off a new start for everyone. The Council of Kandrakar was back in business. Queen Kadma returned her heart to Zamballa, but abdicated her throne for a more humble life on Earth. And a ghost-free Cassidy went home too. Yan Lin introduced her family to her long lost twin sister Mira, while the rest of us just tried to find our way back to normal. It pretty much took all winter break. But by the time school started I think we had finally decompressed.

Mrs. Nickerbocker: Students, I'd like you to meet your new computer instructor. This is Professor Rafael Scylla.
Scylla: And I'm looking forward to meeting all five of you.


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