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R.E.V.O. — Realize Every Victory Outright.

Walk Off The Earth is a Canadian rock, Ska, and Reggae band which formed in 2006 in Burlington, Ontario, and has become famous around the world by making low-budget music videos of covers and originals. Current members are Gianni "Luminati" Nicassio, Sarah Blackwood, Ryan Marshall, Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor, and Joel Cassady.


  • R.E.V.O.Realize Every Victory Outright.
    • The band's motto
  • You have to have an awesome core of people that you get along with.
    • Ryan Marshall, on making their videos, in "Walk Off The Earth interview days after viral fame" on Global News (13 June 2012)
  • It was a complete surprise... totally.
    • Sarah Blackwood, on having reached 30 million views with their 2012 hit, on the Ellen show (currently over 164 million views as of 2015·04·01)
  • Gianni: The time has come … I don't want to yell it because we're…
    Sarah: Just do it — fuck it, those guys don't even hear us.

R.E.V.O. (2013)[edit]

  • I got a shaker too
    The kinds of sound
    That wants to make you move.
    Bring in the uke
    It will complete the groove.
    Let's gather round and sing a song.
    • "Gang of Rhythm"
  • There's no worries on the earth tonight
    We're all walkin' off the world tonight.

    Come on now everyone yeah
    Come on now everyone
    We're like a locomotive
    Under the big hot sun
    We're chained to the gang of rhythm
    The song is never done
    Come on now everyone yeah
    Come on now everyone
    Come on everyone.

    • "Gang of Rhythm"
  • We got this melody
    Bring in the harmony like CSNY
    To write a tune you know will never die.
    • "Gang of Rhythm"
  • And when the night is done
    These chains will hold us strong
    The chords will carry on
    Long after we're gone… oh… oh…
    • "Gang of Rhythm"

Rule The World (2015)[edit]

I say I rule the world.
Video at VEVO (31 March 2015)
I materialize the feeling
To carry on, to carry on …

  • I say I rule the world.

    Don't cloud my vision
    I'm telling you — not today
    'Cause I'm seeing straight.
    Made my decision.
    Made it through the shades of grey,
    Made it my own way.

    I materialize the feeling
    To carry on, to carry on
    I know some would say I'm dreaming
    But I carry on, I carry on, on.

  • They say "no way", well, I say "I rule the world."
    Ain't afraid of the walls, Imma break 'em down.
    They stay the same — well I'm feelin' high as a bird.
    Ain't afraid of the ground — I'm a standing.

    I say yeah, yeah, yeah, they say no, no, no,
    they say slow, slow, slow, I say go, go, go —
    They say "no way"
    I say I rule the world.

  • I've chased illusion
    And I watched them fade to black
    Throwing me off-track.
    Found Revolution.
    Found it in a simple fact.
    I ain't coming back.

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