Walther Rathenau

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Walther Rathenau

Walther Rathenau (September 29, 1867 – June 24, 1922) was a German industrialist, politician, writer, and statesman who served as Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic. He was assassinated on June 24, 1922, two months after the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo.

Quotes about Rathenau[edit]

  • Rathenau advocated labor legislation as a first step toward more extensive change in society. [...] Rathenau’s program was not so dissimilar from that of a “New Deal” Democrat. Hayek apparently first read Rathenau when he was about seventeen.
    • Alan Ebenstein, Hayek's Journey: The Mind of Friedrich Hayek (2003), Ch. 4. Ludwig von Mises

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