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The Picnic[edit]

Lord Hater: You're too late, Emperor Awesome! The universe, will soon be MINE!
Pan to Emperor Awesome.
Emperor Awesome:Yeah, right, bro. I'm takin' you all the way down to Awesome Town.
Shows Awesome riding dinosaur
Emperor Awesome: Fire Breath!
(The dinosaur releases fire from its mouth)

Wander: (From a distance) Hater! Is that you? It's me, Wander! Are you here to watch the planets align, too? Look! I even packed a piiicniiiiic! I can fix it!

Hater: No! The sooner the star being, no I said that al – GOH! WHERE WAS I?!

Wander: (Referring to Sylvia) She wanted to come, but she had to go to the bathroom! Zbornaks go only once every like, five months? Crazy, huh? She told me it takes a while, and it's kind of embarrassing. And so she doesn't want everybody knowin' about it, so she said: (imitating Sylvia) "Wander, don't go blabbin' like ya always do!" (stops, in normal voice) Oh.
Hater: I DON'T CARE!
Wander: Where? Well, I don't know 'where' she's goin' to the bathroom, around here somewhere! Why do ya wanna know? (at the camera, in deep voice) Rude. (normal voice) It's okay though, 'cause I promised her I'd take pictures! (takes out a camera) Smile! (takes picture)
(Awesome and his army laugh)
Awesome: Dude, text me that photo!

Hater: Peepers, Flaming Skulls, NOW!
Commander Peepers: Already loaded, Sir.
Hater: Eeeexcelleeeent.
Peepers: Now Sir, the trajectory is locked, so you need to hit the trigger exactly when Awesome's troops reach the bottom of the –
Hater: Peepers! Are you telling me what to do?!
Peepers: Of course not, sir! Carry on.

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