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Wanderlust is a 2012 comedy film directed by David Wain, about a married couple who try to escape modern society by finding themselves on a commune in Georgia, after the economy crashes down on their dreams in New York.

Leave your baggage behind. (taglines)

Carvin Wiggins[edit]

  • This is historic. The revolution has begun - all because this courageous woman saw an unjust world and waved her boobies at it.
  • You know, it's amazing: I can remember Janice Wu with perfect clarity, I just can't remember where the deed is. You know why? Because I didn't fuck the deed.

Rodney Wilson[edit]

  • Here we go. Thank you, acid.

George Gergenblatt[edit]

  • Can somebody go a day in this place without a dick in their face?


Rick: Hey, here he is, my homeless brother. Where's your cardboard box? And Linda, my god, ah - your body is ridonculous. Purrr.
Marissa: Rick I think you're making everybody uncomfortable.
Rick: Oh, everybody knows what I mean.

Linda: So what do you do when it rains?
Seth: I drink the nourishment that Gaia is feeding me through her cloud teats.

Kathy: A lot of magical things have happened since you walked through those doors.
Karen: Amen.
Kathy: My menstrual cycle started back up again. And I don't even have a uterus. I mean I have it... it's in a jar. It's actually in the room that you're staying in.

Marcy: It just doesn't fit the HBO brand. We do violence and heartache but it's sexy. Do you understand?
Linda: Of course, what was I thinking? I mean you know what we could do? We could throw in some vampires in there to have sex with the penguins, and then you could have brooding sexy little vampire penguins. Would that work for your brand? What if the polar bears were hookers and on meth and then just show their tits for no reason? How would that work?
Marcy: I think you're joking, but if you could do that, that would be very interesting for us.


  • Leave your baggage behind.


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