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Wang Ming (Chinese: 王明) (23 May 190427 March 1974) was a senior leader of the early Communist Party of China (CPC) and the mastermind of the famous 28 Bolsheviks group. Wang was also a major political rival of Mao Zedong during the 1930s, opposing what he saw as Mao's nationalist deviation from the Comintern and orthodox Marxist–Leninist lines. According to Mao on the other hand, Wang epitomized the intellectualism and foreign dogmatism Mao criticized in his essays "On Practice" and "On Contradiction". The competition between Wang and Mao was a reflection of the power struggle between the Soviet Union, through the vehicle of the Comintern, and the CPC to control both the direction and future of the Chinese revolution.


932年春,第一次淞滬抗戰之際, 王明說:

  • “今天中國面臨的是‘兩國之爭’,即新生的'中華蘇維埃共和國'與腐朽的'中華民國'的鬥爭”,“‘兩國’之爭,決定著中國目前的全部政治生活”,“‘兩國’政權的尖銳對立,是目前中國全部政治生活的核心。(見《王明傳》)
    • Translation:Today China is facing The struggle between two nations, the struggle between new born Chinese Soviet Republic and the rotten Republic of China, the struggle between these two nations, determined the whole of political life of China, this sharp confrontation between these two regimes, is the core of the total of the current Chinese political life.
  • 「農村工人一點沒受過教育,蠢得很,什麽也不懂,甚至比一般農民還要落後些」(《王明言論選輯》)
  • 「中國共產黨有以斯大林爲領導的列寧主義共產國際的直接領導」(王明《中國革命危機的加深和中國共產黨的任務》
    • Translation:Chinese Communist Party is under the direct leadership of Lenninism Comintern, which is under the leadership of Joseph Stalin.
  • 「在許多地方的土匪漸與農民運動相接近,漸漸直接的幫助農民的鬥爭,這種事實尤其使共產黨員不能不注意到他們對於土匪的關係的問題。我們應當鑽進土匪隊伍中去……可以組織他們作革命的爭鬥」(《武裝暴動》的序言指示)
    • Translation:In many places, bandits had begun to infiltrate peasants movement, gradually bandits directly are helping the peasant's struggle, this is a fact that we communist party members should be aware of the relationship between party members and bandits. We(communist party members) should infiltrate among the bandits....we can organize them into the struggle of revolution.

  • 「只有蘇維埃政府是唯一的廉潔政府,這種廉潔政府是中國人民有史以來時時刻刻的希望出現的。中華蘇維埃共和國已經完全具備有現代國家的一切條件和成份,它完全有資格稱作文明的人民共和國」(《王明言論選輯》)

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