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Wanted is a 2009 Hindi film directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by Boney Kapoor. Wanted revolves around a undercover cop Radhe who tracks Gani Bhai's underworld web of Crime.

Radhe / Rajveer Shekhawat[edit]

  • Once I have committed myself to something, I don't even listen to myself!
  • Whatever the task will be, i will do it but deal must be 50/50! [dealing with Golden Bhai]
  • If you are so interested in chewing tobacco, make an extra friend, will help you to give shoulder to your corpse.
  • Bastard! Just extracted a spoon full of blood from you. If the news is confirmed, you wont be left even a bottle of blood! [an angry Radhe to Talpade during phone conversation]
  • Eat less and go more toilets." [To Jhanvi's brother]
  • If you run behind girl, she will run away with your money, if you run behind money, girl will run behind you [To his friend]
  • I will kill or will be killed, just live one day more thinking me as a criminal" [before final fight to Jhanvi]
  • Jhanvi is mine and i will do anything for her [To Talpade]
  • You have to give answers to your head of bullets, how much i use i dont have to give answers [Threatning to Talpade]
  • The school where you have studied, that school's headmaster still takes tutions from me [to Talpade]
  • Being a woman you dont respect a woman, how cheap woman you are?" [to Shaina after slapping her]


  • I fear most from you rather than goons, i dont know whether you are wrong or right just i know that i love you" [to Radhe (emotionally)]
  • My heart chooses you as mr. Right and i wanted to tell you something" [before confession]

Inspector Talpade[edit]

  • During training, we are provided with a powerful gun, body straight and barrel tight, and service guns are bit weak, twisted barrel and weak body [to constable Laxman Dongre]
  • You must have to lodge a complain for F.I.R. coz she is been raped [To Jhanvi's mother]
  • If you tried to meet him i will kim him (Radhe) [To Jhanvi in anger]
  • Shes a walking-talking cocaine" [addressing an off color comment to Jhanvi]

Gani Bhai[edit]

  • Pride, ego i like it, just keep in limits you will be successful or else will be killed [To Radhe]
  • You pray 5 times Namaz, at that time i murder 5 people [to commisioner Ashraf Khan]
  • Spread the Video all over and that commisioner wont live peacefully [to his men]


  • Jhanvi : For treatment why so much violence?
  • Radhe : Result is in front of you
  • Jhanvi : Why that guy wanted to harm you?
  • Radhe : Maybe he had got beating from me so just for revenge

  • Radhe : "What kind of boy you like?"
  • Jhanvi : "The one who has good job, caring person and a good soul, Handsomeness not required"
  • Radhe : Just one quality i have and that is not required" [mumbles]
  • Jhanvi : What you said?"
  • Radhe : "Best of luck"


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