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Wayne's World is a 1992 comedy about two slacker buddies and their local-access cable TV show.

Directed by Penelope Spheeris. Written by Mike Myers, Bonnie Turner, and Terry Turner.
You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl.

Wayne Campbell[edit]

  • Let me bring you up to speed. My name is Wayne Campbell. I live in Aurora, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago — excellent. I've had plenty of joe-jobs; nothing I'd call a career. Let me put it this way: I have an extensive collection of nametags and hairnets. OK, so I still live with my parents, which I admit is both bogus and sad. But at least I have an amazing cable access show! And I still know how to party! But what I'd really love is to do "Wayne's World" for a living. It might happen! Shyeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!
  • Garth, marriage is punishment for shoplifting in some countries.
  • (when Garth asks what to do if Wayne ever met this one incredible woman, it'd make him want to hurl) I say hurl. If you blow chunks and she comes back, she's yours. If you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be.
  • I mean, there are two Darrin Stephens, right? Dick York and Dick Sargent. Shyeah, right, as if we wouldn't notice. Oh, hold on! Dick York, Dick Sergent, Sergeant York... Wow, that's weird.
  • (ordering Chinese take-out) I'll have the "cream of sum yung gai".
  • (admiring a '64 Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster in a music store) It will be mine. Oh, yes — It will be mine.
  • (on seeing Cassandra for the first time) She will be mine. Oh, yes — she will be mine.
  • I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored.
  • Ex-squeeze me? A-Baking powder?
    • Reference to "Excuse me? I beg your pardon?"
  • Ah yes, it's a lot like 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. In many ways it's superior, but will never be as recognized as the original.
  • I know I don't have his looks. I know I don't have his money. I know I don't have his connections, his knowledge of fine wines. I know sometimes when I eat I get this clicking sound in my jaw...
  • (speaking to the camera) What the hell's going on? I lost my show, I lost my best friend, I lost my girl. I'm being shit on, that's all, shit on! And you know what really pisses me off — [camera pans away] Wait, no, come on back.. OK, things aren't as bad as they seem... I'll figure somethin' out, OK?
  • Zang! ("Excellent" in Cantonese)
  • Pardon me — do you have any Grey Poupon?
  • (after being told not to play "Stairway to Heaven" at the guitar store) No Stairway. Denied!
  • Garth — that was a haiku!
  • (Wayne comments on the Suk-Cut) Wow, what a totally amazing excellent discovery— NOT!
  • (speaking in Cantonese to Cassandra)Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said "If you label me, you negate me"?
  • Ah, the Mirth Mobile...
  • But what I would like to do is something extraordinary, something big, something mega, something copia, something capacia, something cachunga, but I will probably end up working at great America mopping up hurl and lung-butter (nervous laughter).

Garth Algar[edit]

  • (The Suk-Cut is demonstrated on his head) Turn it off, man, turn it off! It's sucking my will to live! Oh, the humanity!
  • (holding headset upside down) Come in, your landing gear is down!
  • Benjamin is nobody's friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.
    • In the edited for TV version Garth states "Jamocha almond idiot" as the ice cream flavor.
  • Did you ever see that 'Twilight Zone' where the guy signed a contract and they cut out his tongue and put it in a jar and it wouldn't die, it just grew and pulsated and gave birth to baby tongues? Pretty cool, huh?
  • (Garth finds a box in a drawer) Ribbed for her pleasure. Ewww!
  • That bass player's a babe. She makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.
  • If she were a president, she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln
  • (as policeman approaches) Yes; I definitely smell a pork product of some type.
  • Okay... First I'll access the secret military spy satellite that is in geosynchronous orbit over the midwest. Then I'll ID the limo by the vanity plate "MR. BIGGG" and get his approximate position. Then I'll reposition the transmission dish on the remote truck to 17.32 degrees east, hit WESTAR-4 over the Atlantic, bounce the signal down into the Azores, up to COMSAT-6, beam it back to SATCOM-3 Transponder #137 and down on the dish on the back of Mr. Big's limo! It's almost too easy.
  • Let me tell you a little something I've learned about women, Wayne. They want you to come get them. They loooooove it.
  • (After Wayne ditches Garth during the show's taping) I'm having a good time... not.
  • (reading from Benjamin's planner) 'Daily reminder: Thursday — purchase feeble cable access show, and exploit it.' Gee, I feel sorry for whoever that is.
  • [to camera] I really don't have too much to say right now... What's that? [Camera looks, turns back to Garth, who is walking away quickly]
  • We fear change.
  • Excuse me, I'd like to get by now.
  • (talking to Wayne who is admiring the '64 Fender Stratocaster) Stop torturing yourself, man! You'll never afford it! Live in the now!
  • Hey Phil, if you're gonna spew... (Unfolding and holding out a tiny Dixie paper cup to Phil) ...spew into this.
  • Hey Mr. Doughnut-head-man, who's tryin' to kill ya? "I dunno, but they better not." (stabs doughnut person with fork) "AUGH UGH oh, that's not good, I'm not happy! Oh NO!" (stabs repeatedly) Ree, ree, ree, ree, ree, ree...
  • (describing his feelings of the new set) It's like a new pair of underwear: At first, it's constrictive, but after awhile it becomes a part of you.

Wayne and Garth catchphrases[edit]

  • It's Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party time, excellent!
  • Extreme Close-up!
  • Not!
  • We're not worthy!!! (When talking to Alice Cooper and Aerosmith)
  • Schwing! (sometimes "Scha-wing!")
  • She's a babe!
  • As if!
  • No way! way!
  • Sh'yeah!
  • That's what she said!

Mikita's manager, Glen[edit]

  • (speaking to the camera) I'd never done a crazy thing in my life before that night. Why is it that if a man kills another man in battle it's called heroic, yet if he kills a man in the heat of passion it's called murder?
  • You know, if you stab a man in the dead of winter, steam will rise up from the wounds. Indians believed it was his soul escaping from his body.


Garth Algar: Party on, Wayne.
Wayne Campbell: Party on, Garth.

While playing street hockey...
Wayne Campbell: Car
Garth Algar: Car!
Car drives past.
Wayne Campbell: Game On!
Garth Algar: Yeah, Game On!

[In the middle of singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Wayne and Garth along with their two other friends see Phil on a bench, drunk]
Garth: Whoa, Phil.
[Garth stops the car and runs out along with Wayne]
Wayne: Phil, what are you doing here? You're partied out man, again.
Garth: What if he honks in the car?
Wayne: I'm giving you a No-Honk guarantee.

Garth Algar: Uh-oh...incoming, Stacy, 10:00.
Stacy: Hi Wayne! Hi-! (rides bicycle into car)
Garth Algar: Are you alright?
(Stacy gets back up, visibly unharmed)
Wayne Campbell: (sarcastically) And she's okay!

Wayne Campbell: I'd have to say... "a-sphincter-says-what" (spoken speedily).
Noah Vanderhoff [arcade owner]: What?
Wayne: Ass sphincter says what?
Vanderhoff: What?
Wayne: Exactly.

Wayne Campbell: Am I supposed to be a man?! am I supposed to say "That's okay, I don't mind"? (splashing water on his face to simulate tears and pretending to sob) I don't mind. Well, I mind! I mind big-time! (title saying OSCAR SCENE appears) And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ.
Cassandra: Is that true?
Wayne Campbell: Yes, everything except the reading part.

Tiny: Wayne. How you doin'?
Wayne: Hey, Tiny, who's playing today?
Tiny: Jolly Green Giants and the Shitty Beatles.
Wayne: Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?
Tiny: They suck.
Wayne: Then it's not just a clever name.

Stacy: (walking up to table, holding big wrapped gift) Happy anniversary, Wayne.
Wayne: Stacy, we broke up two months ago.
Stacy: Well, that doesn't mean we can't still go out.
Wayne: Well, it does, actually. That's what breaking up is.
Stacy: Are you going to the Gasworks tonight?
Wayne: No!
Rest of the crew: NO!
Stacy: Well, don't you want to open your present?
Wayne: If it's a severed head I'm going to be very upset.
Stacy: Open it.
Opens present.
Wayne: What is it?
Stacy: It's a gun rack.
Wayne: A gun rack... a gun rack. Shyeah, Right! I don't even own A gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do... with a gun rack?
Stacy: You don't like it? Fine. (takes gun rack and starts to walk away; turns) You know Wayne, if you're not careful, you're going to lose me.
Wayne: I lost you two months ago. Are you mental? We broke up. Get the net!

Benjamin Kane: Listen, we need to have a talk about Vanderhoff. The fact is, he's the sponsor, and you signed a contract guaranteeing him certain concessions, one of them being a spot on the show.
Wayne Campbell: Well, that's where I see things just a little differently. Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor. (opens a pizza box, giving the audience a clear view of the Pizza Hut logo, then takes a slice of pizza and strikes a pose)
Benjamin: Sorry you feel that way, but basically, it's the nature of the beast.
Wayne: (holding a bag of Doritos) Maybe I'm wrong on this one, but for me, the beast doesn't include selling out. (makes a show of eating a chip) Garth, you know what I'm talking about, right?
Garth Algar: (dressed head-to-toe in Reebok sportswear) It's like people only do things because they get paid, and that's just really sad.
Wayne: I can't talk about it anymore. It's giving me a headache.
Garth: Here, take two of these. (drops two Nuprin into Wayne's hand, which is seen in black-and-white save for the yellow pills)
Wayne: Ahh, Nuprin. Little. Yellow. Different.
Benjamin: Look, you can stay here in the big-leagues and play by the rules, or you can go back to the farm club in Aurora. It's your choice.
Wayne: Yes, and it's The Choice of a New Generation. (drinks from a can of Pepsi)

Alan: Do I frighten you?
Mrs. Vanderhoff: No.
Alan: Do you want me to?

Wayne Campbell: So, do you... come to Milwaukee often?
Alice Cooper: Well, I'm a regular visitor here, but Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. The French missionaries and explorers were coming here as early as the late 1600's to trade with the Native Americans.
Pete: In fact, isn't "Milwaukee" an Indian name?
Alice Cooper: Yes, Pete, it is. Actually it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que," which is Algonquin for, "the good land."
Wayne: I was not aware of that.
Alice Cooper: I think one of the most interesting aspects of Milwaukee is the fact that it's the only major American city to have ever elected three socialist mayors.
Wayne: Does this guy know how to party or what! ...Eh? Eh? [everyone stares blankly at Wayne.] Uh. Okay... Well, we gotta get going.
Alice Cooper: No, no, no, stick around, hang out with us.
Garth: Cool! Yeah we'll stay and hang around with ya's... with Alice Cooper...
Garth and Wayne: [bowing down] We're not worthy! We're not worthy! We're not worthy!...

[Wayne and Garth discuss Claudia Schiffer.]
Wayne Campbell: She's a babe.
Garth Algar: She's magically babe-a-licious.
Wayne: She tested very high on the stroke-ability scale.
Garth: Hey, are you done yet? I'm getting tired of holding this. (referring to Claudia's picture)
Wayne: Shyeah, that's what she said.

Benjamin Caine: First, let me get this out of the way: I'm a big fan.
Garth Algar: You are?
Benjamin: The way I see it, your show is capable of so much more.
Garth: Well, we'll try harder, okay? Just give us a second chance. Just don't go and cancel us without giving us a second chance.
Wayne: Garth, relax, okay? Your pills?

Benjamin Kane: Do you have a lawyer?
Wayne Campbell: Yes. Ahm... no. We're between lawyers right now. You see, our first lawyer screwed our affairs so bad.
Garth Algar: That's right. I walked right to that office — that's what I did — and I reached across that desk and I grabbed him by his fat head and I said "Listen, man. I'm not going to jail for YOU or for anybody!"

Terry: Wayne. Wayne. Garth told me about the show, man. I love you, man.
Wayne Campbell: Yeah, and I love you too, Terry.
Terry: No-no-no, I mean it, man. I LOVE you.
Wayne: No, I-I mean it. I love you.
Terry: No you don't, man. I love you.
Wayne: (being hugged by Terry) Garth. Hey, come over here, I think Terry has something he wants to say to you.
Terry: I love you, man.
Garth Algar (casually): Thank you. (continues dancing)

Russel: It will be Terry's job to give the actors their hand cues.
Wayne Campbell: Excuse me, Russel, but I believe I requested the "hand job"...

[Wayne and Garth are lying on the hood of the "mirth-mobile", staring at the stars.]
Garth Algar: Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before... but I'll probably stay in Aurora. What are you thinking about?
Wayne: Cassandra. She's a fox. In French she would be called "la renarde" and she would be hunted, with only her cunning to protect her.
Garth: She's a babe.
Wayne: She's a robo-babe. In Latin she would be called "babia majora".
Garth: If she were a president she would be Babe-raham Lincoln.
Garth: Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?
Wayne: No... [Wayne and Garth start laughing, then suddenly stop] No.
Garth: Neither did I. I was just asking.

Mikita's Manager, Glen: Anything wrong, Davy?
Davy: Yeah, I got paid today.
Glen: Yeah, I know what that's like.
Davy: No. You don't understand. They laid me off. I got one of these. (holds up pink slip)
Glen: Yeah, I know how that feels.
Davy: Know what I'd like to do?
Glen: Yeah, I know what you'd like to do. You'd like to find the guy who did it, rip his still-beating heart out of his chest and hold it in front of his face so he can see how black it is before he dies.
Davy: (blinks) Actually, I was thinking of filing a grievance with the union.
Glen: Well, the world's a twisted place.

Wayne is stopped by a familiar-looking traffic cop.
Wayne Campbell: Yes, officer, is there something wrong?
Traffic Cop: (holds up photo) Have you seen this boy?
Wayne Campbell: AAAAAAAHHHH! (floors it)

Cassandra: I don't believe I've ever had French champagne before...
Benjamin Kane: Oh, actually all champagne is French, it's named after the region. Otherwise it's sparkling white wine. Americans, of course, don't recognize the convention so it becomes that thing of calling all of their sparkling white champagne, even though by definition they're not.
Wayne: Ah, yes. It's like Star Trek: The Next Generation. In many ways, it's superior, but it will never be as recognized as the original.

Cassandra: Yeah, and if a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump its ass when it hopped.
Wayne Campbell: Interesting...where'd you learn to speak English?
Cassandra: College... and the "Police Academy" movies.

Benjamin Kane: We'll be in touch.

Benjamin Kane: He's in.

Garth Algar: Uh, Wayne?
Wayne Campbell: Yeah?
Garth: Do you ever get the feeling Benjamin's not one of us?
Wayne: Good call. It's like he wants us to be liked by everyone. I mean, Led Zeppelin didn't write tunes everybody liked. They left that to the Bee Gees.

Benjamin Kane: So, Garth, what do you think of the new set?
Garth Algar: It's kinda like a new pair of underwear. At first it's constrictive, but after a while it becomes a part of you.

Wayne Campbell: Now tell me Noah. I always wanted to know. What is the difference between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man really?
Noah Vanderhoff: Well, she has a bow in her head.
Wayne Campbell: That's it? Get right out of town!
Noah Vanderhoff:(laughing) No! That's it!

Garth Algar: Okay, pop quiz. Cassandra is not interested in Benjamin because... A: Chicks think he's handsome, B: has cool car, C: has lots of cash, D: has no visible scars, E: does not live with parents.
Wayne Campbell: Okay, how about, F: you're a gimp.

Inventor Ron Paxton demonstrates the "Suck Kut", a vacuum/haircutting device, on Garth. Garth cries out in pain over the roaring of the device as it sucks up his hair.
Wayne Campbell: So tell me Ron. Exactly how does the Suck Kut work?
Ron Paxton: As you can see, it sucks as it cuts.
Wayne Campbell: It certainly does suck.

Stacy: Hi, Garth.
Garth Algar: Hi.
Stacy: I'm looking for Wayne, I'm very concerned about him. He seems to be going through a difficult phase right now, you know. What do you think it is?
Garth: That you're mental.
Stacy: You know him best, what do you think I should do?
Garth: Just get over it and go out with somebody else.
Stacy: Get over it and go out with somebody else. Yeah, thanks, okay, great. (to random guy) Hi.

Wayne Campbell: Tell me, when the first show is over, will you still love me when I'm an incredibly humungoid giant star?
Cassandra: Yeah.
Wayne: Will you still love me when I'm in my hanging-out-with-Ravi-Shankar phase?
Cassandra: Yeah.
Wayne: Will you still love me when I'm in my carbohydrate, sequined-jumpsuit, young-girls-in-white-cotton-panties, waking-up-in-a-pool-of-your-own-vomit, bloated-purple-dead-on-a-toilet phase?
Cassandra: .........Yeah.
Wayne: Okay, party. Bonus.

Wayne wants help in a music store.
Wayne: I know — I'll use the "May I help you?" riff. (plays guitar solo)
Clerk: (walks up)May I help you?
Meanwhile, Garth plays an astonishing drum solo in the music store.
Guy: You are, like... amazing, dude.
Garth: Thanks... I like to play. (taps cymbal lightly)

Benjamin Kane: Hey, who wants Chinese Takeout? I know a great place!
Wayne Campbell: I'll have the "cream of sum yung gai".

Garth Algar: I mean, we're looking down on Wayne's basement. Only that's not Wayne's basement. Isn't that weird?
Wayne Campbell: Yeah, that's weird, man, that's weird. Garth! That was a haiku!
(Starting at 'I mean' and finishing at 'Wayne's basement', this is a haiku, i.e.:

I mean, we're looking/ down on Wayne's basement. Only/ that's not Wayne's basement.)

Terry: I love you, man.
Russell: And I love you. Because I've learned that platonic love can exist between two grown men.
Benjamin Kane: And I've learned something, too. I've learned that a flawless profile, a perfect body, the right clothes, and a great car can get you far in America, almost to the top, but it can't get you everything.
Wayne: [Wayne and Garth step forward] Isn't it great we're all better people?


Wayne & Garth: FISHED IN!


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