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Warriors Orochi is KOEI's first crossover video game of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. It was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation Portable. KOEI later released a sequel called Warriors Orochi 2.


Nobunaga: Why are you here? Do you wish to judge my greatness with your blade...?
Xiahou: I will not judge... I will destroy the pretender!
Nobunaga: Ha ha ha...

Zhao: Sun Ce! My spear is at your service!
Sun: Never have I been happier to see a warrior of Shu!

Sima: Angering me will lead you nowhere but to the gates of hell!
Zhao: Then I will see you there!
Yukimura: Do your worst! I'll take anything you've got!
Yoshihiro: I'll be sure to walk right over you on the way!

Kenshin: You there, small girl. What is your name?
Xiao: Me? I'm Xiao Qiao. I'm in the Demon King's army now!
Shingen: What a delightful little girl, I think I could fit her in my pocket.

Cao: I have crumbled...
Sima: Cao Ren has been beaten!? Blast that meddling Sun child! Change in plan! All units, withold pursuit!

Xiahou: All I want is Nobunaga's head! Step aside!
Mitsuhide: It is my mission to keep that head where it is!

Guan: Why do you not join forces with Nobunaga to slay Orochi?!
Xiahou: Nobunaga has not earned the right to stand with my lord. Lord Cao Cao is the rightful ruler of the land!

Hideyoshi: Cao Pi, why do you waste your resources in this meaningless battle?
Cao: I cannot think of what you could possibly mean.
Hideyoshi: Play dumb all you like - my lord has seen through your charade.

Ling: This whole "all hail the snake" bit's just an act, right?
Cao: What do you think?
Ling: Whatever. Nobunaga sees right through you too.

Cao: Why do you fight, when you know you cannot win?
Mitsuhide: Because this battle is the first step to the advent of peace.
Cao: I, too, desire peace...

Zhu: I really love a man with such burning passion!
Yukimura: Uh... Thank you...?

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