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Watership Down is an animated BBC television miniseries based on the 1972 novel of the same name by Richard Adams.

Series 1[edit]

The Journey (Part 1)[edit]

Captain Campion: Sir, the wide patrol has picked up the scent of a large band of rabbits near the down. Unfortunately, sir, they lost them.
General Woundwort: Tell them not to return until they're located. Leave one alive for questioning.

The Raid (Part 2)[edit]

Kehaar: [flying off] See you later, bunnies! Bye-bye!
Captain Holly: At least we don't have to feed the bird any more.
Kehaar: Good riddance! [after a while flying, he spots Efrafa; imitating Hazel:] "Our warren needs does!" Stupid rabbits. Ooh. Ah. My wing. If I ever get my beak on that cat, I'll rip its dirty, rotten ears off! Ah! Oh!
[Kehaar screams as he crash lands, back where he started. Captain Holly and Blackberry sigh and walk away]
Kehaar: Ow! Hey, guys! Stop, guys, come here! Come here, come here, come on, come on, listen! Listen to me, listen to me, right. Wait, stop right there. Listen. Because I'm a decent sort of a bird, you know, because I like to do what's right, I decided to come back and tell you that there is a warren away to the east of here. It's got a load of does. Now, as payment for this information...
Bluebell: Does? Did he say something about does?
Blackberry: I hope you're not thinking what I think you're thinking.
Captain Holly: We should leave for the warren Kehaar speaks of at first light. If there are does there, we have to see if they will join us.
Kehaar: Does, does, does. That's all you stupid rabbits think about. Hey, wait, what about my food? Come on, guys! Hello!

Captain Holly: You lack animality.
Captain Vervain: What did you say to me?
Captain Holly: You have no integrity. Animals don't behave like men. If they have to fight, they fight. If they have to kill, they kill. But they don't set their wits to devise ways of hurting other creatures.
Captain Vervain: If you speak out of turn to me again, I will have your tongue. Next time you see me, you better wish yourself invisible.

Bluebell: I'm sure Hazel said that we should stay back at the Down, didn't he? Remember? Blackberry? Will Hazel be mad when he finds out we left? Blackberry? Remember? Blackberry?
Blackberry: I don't know.
Bluebell: Well, when will you be back? Shall I wait up for you?
Blackberry: No.
Bluebell: Will you promise you'll find somewhere safe to sleep? Make sure you find somewhere safe to sleep.
Blackberry: Bluebell, be quiet. You've rabbited on so much that we've gone too far for you to go back now, anyway.
Bluebell: Oh, no, this is a mistake. I've gone on an adventure by mistake! I wonder how many does will be at this place! Blackberry. Blackberry?
Blackberry: If you're coming along, you can't be making jokes at inappropriate times.
Bluebell: What's that supposed to mean?
Blackberry: It means you have a tendency to be a liability.
Bluebell: How dare you call me a liability?!

Blackberry: Bluebell, you saved me. You're a hero.
Bluebell: I think I much preferred it when I was a liability.

The Escape (Part 3)[edit]

Bigwig: I didn't realise you'd been made Chief Rabbit, Holly.
Captain Holly: I haven't, nor do I wish to be. You have a reputation for being impetuous, Bigwig. Now is the time for consideration, not impulse.
Bigwig: How dare you call me impetuous! No-one else thinks that! [looks around at the others] Who else thinks I'm impetuous, huh?
Bluebell: Uh... I don't know what intemptuous means, but, yes.

Captain Orchis: Ah, here we are, Hyzenthlay! Have you thought about what I said?
Hyzenthlay: I can work for you. But there'd need to be better conditions for the does.
Captain Orchis: And you'll tell me everything? You'll be my ears? [she doesn't answer; he smirks] Guard, remove this doe! She's to be executed at Frithdown. The truth is that I already have spies everywhere. [she whimpers] Everywhere!
Hyzenthlay: But why did you...?
Captain Orchis: Why? Because the General wanted to see if I could break you, Hyzenthlay. He wanted to see if I could break you into a thousand tiny pieces and then cast you to the wind. And I have to say, it was so disappointingly easy. [he walks away, laughing]

General Woundwort: [after he and his guards surround the other rabbits] So we finally meet, Thlayli. They told me you weren't a fighter, but I know a fighter when I see one. I'm going to take great pleasure in killing you.

The Siege (Part 4)[edit]

Hawkbit: Hello, Strawberry. Dandelion and I have something to say. Well, I'm going to say it because he speaks about once a fortnight. But the thing is, we're both rather fond of you [chuckling] and, well, we'd appreciate it if you made a decision which of us you like.
Strawberry: [pauses] Oh, Brambles, right. [hesistating] I'd forgotten about that. This is... Can I take some time to think about it?
Hawkbit: Of course, of course. But be quick [chuckling] because there are more does around now and, well, two eligible bucks like us are bound to get snapped up fast.
Dandelion: [after she leaves] Why did you say that last bit? You didn't say the last bit when we rehearsed it!
Hawkbit: I don't know, maybe I don't want to end up alone forever.

Sergeant Sainfoin: The men say they heard a noise, a great wailing. You don't think that bird's back?
General Woundwort: If you mention that bird one more time, I will destroy you. Campion, prepare to follow me in, but not too close, in case we're ambushed.
Captain Campion: I will not.
General Woundwort: You dare disobey me? What kind of a soldier are you?
Captain Campion: I'd rather be a good rabbit than a good soldier, sir.
General Woundwort: Orchis, finish him. Sainfoin, come with me.
Captain Orchis: That's under the command of Captain Campion to join my Battalion.
Captain Campion: All bucks under my command are dismissed.
Captain Orchis: Leave here and you'll be hunted down. [chucking] You'll be dead!
Captain Campion: [threateningly] My rank equal you may be, Orchis, but my equal in combat you are not. I strongly advise you to step away from me.

Blackberry: Bluebell, what do you call a happy rabbit?
[after a pause]
Blackberry: A hoptimist.
[Bluebell giggles]

Bigwig: You look injured, General. How does it feel to have a mark of your own?

General Woundwort: I once told you that I would kill you, Thlayli. And this time, there's no white bird to save you!

General Woundwort: I could send my bucks down here one after the other if need be, Thlayli. But it seems a waste to kill you. Come back to Efrafa, and you can lead any mark you want.
Bigwig: Silflay hraka! U embleer rah! My chief rabbit ordered me to defend this run. And until he says otherwise, I will stay right here.
Sergeant Sainfoin: His chief rabbit? He's not chief rabbit?

General Woundwort: We fear no elil. I fear no dog. I fear nothing!

Hazel: [gasps] Do I know you?
Black Rabbit of Inlé: We've spoken before. You've been tired recently, haven't you, old friend? Well, I can do something about that. I've come to ask you if you'd like to join my Owsla. We'd love to have you and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. [kits laughing in background] You needn't worry about them. [chuckles] They'll be all right, and thousands like them. If you'll come along, I'll show you what I mean.
Hazel: I'd be honored. [dies peacefully and disappears with the Black Rabbit]

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