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Wayward Pines is an American television series based on the Wayward Pines novels by Blake Crouch. Developed for television by Chad Hodge, the pilot was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, with both as executive producers. The series premiered on Fox on May 14, 2015.

Season One[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Nurse Pam: Mr. Burke? I know you can hear me. Since you are my very favorite new patient, I'll make you a deal. Be a good sport, come on out. I'll give you a present. The present is anesthesia for your surgery, Mr. Burke. I hope you understand that the sedative I gave you upstairs will render you unconscious any moment now. If you don't come out and surrender, I promise you won't roll into surgery right away. You'll wake up on the operating table, but you won't be able to move. And this is because of the monster dose of suxamethonium I'll have administered. The only movement you'll be capable of is blinking. The surgery will take hours, and you'll be awake, alive, and alert for every agonizing second. I know you can hear me, Mr. Burke, because I'm standing outside the room where you are hiding, hiding in a corner, hoping I'll walk blindly past.

Arnold Pope: You didn't make it too far, did you?
Ethan Burke: How do I get out of here?
Arnold Pope: You don't.

Don't Discuss Your Life Before [1.02][edit]

Kate Hewson: Do not try to leave. Do not discuss the past. Do not discuss your life before. Always answer the phone if it rings.

Arnold Pope: I hear you paid Patricia Evans a visit. Here the poor woman is grieving over her dead husband, and you go banging on her door like a drunken Bible salesman.
Ethan Burke: I didn't know Evans was married with a baby.
Arnold Pope: You think the baby did it, huh?

Nurse Pam: Maybe I can help you, hmm?
Ethan Burke: I thought you worked upstairs.
Nurse Pam: I go where I'm needed. Do you need me, Mr. Burke?
Ethan Burke: No.
Nurse Pam: Were you able to reach your wife? I know you really wanted to talk to her. Bet when you two get back together, you're gonna bang her brains out, huh?

Beverly Brown: The more you see, the less anything makes sense in this town. When I first woke up here, I was so disoriented that I believed them when they told me I lived here. I remember walking around in this fog with no competing memories. Eventually, they came back, and now I just keep my head down, I go to work, I go home. And I know this isn't my life. Didn't take me too long to realize that it was the fear that keeps everybody in line here.

Arnold Pope: As I've said many times before it is not just my job to keep this town safe. It's everybody's! We cannot tolerate people who don't play by the rules!

Our Town, Our Law [1.03][edit]

Ethan Burke: This isn't an ordinary town. You know that.
Nurse Pam: You are very right about that. This is no ordinary town. This is an extraordinary town.
Arnold Pope: Mr. Burke, see, you have one of two choices. You can either find your place and follow the rules, or you can keep searching to find what's behind door number three. I guarantee you, you and your family will be much safer if you follow the rules.
Ethan Burke: Just stay away from my family or I'm gonna kill you.
Arnold Pope: This is my town.
Nurse Pam: All right, boys. Let's not escalate.

Arnold Pope: [to Ethan] You think you want to know the truth, but you don't. It's worse than anything you could even imagine.

One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire [1.04][edit]

Brad Fisher: So what are your impressions of our little town so far?
Ethan Burke: Oh, I-I just love it here.
Brad Fisher: Yeah.
Ethan Burke: I think it's great the, uh, mountains, the pine trees, the look of fear in everyone's eyes.

Ethan Burke: So, how does everybody feel about the, uh, public executions?

Nurse Pam: Friends, neighbors, let's all raise a glass to our new Sheriff, Ethan Burke! I'm sure all our heads are spinning with how quickly he's risen in the ranks. Great power requires great responsibility. Someone who understands that those who break the law need to be punished swiftly and whenever necessary, severely to the fullest extent of our laws.
Ethan Burke: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pam. That was very, very kind. I just want to say that, uh, it's an honor to be of service. And I want everyone here tonight to know that as long as I'm Sheriff of Wayward Pines, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the evils of this town are brought to light and that the true criminals are brought to justice.

Dr. Jenkins: Perhaps the best things in this world require the biggest sacrifice.

Peter McCall: "Before I built a wall, I'd ask to know what I was walling in or walling out." That's Robert Frost. Which is it? Is it keeping us in? Or something else out?
Ethan Burke: Why don't you tell me?
Peter McCall: Most people want to leave when they first get here, just like you. But I didn't. It let me be someone new, you know, forget my past. Problem is, you can't forget forever. It'll catch up to you. It's caught up to me. There's only one way out. But this is the end for me.

The Truth [1.05][edit]

David Pilcher: Your mind is lashing out, Ethan. It doesn't want to accept the truth, but trust your own eyes, everything you've seen today. There's nothing for you out here. The world you know is gone. And our species has evolved into something less than human. All that is left of civilization, all that remains is Wayward Pines.
Ethan Burke: What do you want from me?
David Pilcher: I want you to come with me. And I'll show you how, together, we can change things for the better. [screeching in distance] Or if you prefer, you can discover for yourself what is out here. It's your choice, Ethan.

Megan Fisher: David Pilcher foresaw a great flood, - and he built an ark, - and he filled this ark with people like you and me. People he deemed necessary for the survival of mankind. We are the lucky ones, the chosen few. But this ark will only survive if we all follow the rules. If there is one hole, one crack, then the water will get in, and we will all drown. It's up to you to make sure that doesn't happen.

David Pilcher: I know what you're feeling, Ethan. I know what you're thinking. At first, it's, it's the personal things. The family you'll never see again, your friends. The boss you thought you hated. And then your mind starts thinking bigger. About all the lost culture languages, art, knowledge. Thousands of years of culture all gone in an instant. And you start to think, "Is this really it? "The last of mankind? Do I even want to be here?" But slowly, slowly, you realize everything you still have, a new community, a family a future. You still have Wayward Pines.

Nurse Pam: Looks like you could use a nurse.

Choices [1.06][edit]

Pam Pilcher: I can understand if you're angry with me. I'm quite sure everything has been confusing. But I assure you there is a purpose to everything you find so strange.
Ethan Burke: I guess it's all been one big misunderstanding, huh?
Pam Pilcher: Hmm. I suppose that's hard for you to accept, but yes.
Ethan Burke: I'm glad we got that cleared up.
Pam Pilcher: Ever since you came here you've been trying to save yourself save your wife save your beautiful son and that's quite commendable. Wayward Pines is bigger than you. It's bigger than them. It's bigger than anyone of us.

Kate Hewson: It's taken me a long time, but I realized I'm here, in this moment, in this town because of choices that've been made. Some of those were made by others but a lot of those choices, they were my own. And looking back, there are so many better choices I could've made. But then I realized that I'm here, now and all I can do now, is make new choices. So I've decided I don't wanna keep pretending that everything is okay. I wanna make things better.

Ethan Burke: You chose them. You abducted them.
David Pilcher: Yes.
Ethan Burke: What gave you that right?
David Pilcher: It wasn't a right. It was a burden. When your neighbors' house is in flames, do you rush in and try and save them? Or do you wait outside for fear of trespass?
Ethan Burke: This girl, her life didn't need saving.
David Pilcher: No, and neither did her children. Or her children's children. But someone in that family would need saving down the line.
Ethan Burke: What about her parents? Are they here?
David Pilcher: Everyone had to make sacrifices. I left people behind people I loved dearly. I didn't choose to do this. I did it because I had to.

Ethan Burke: You really expect people to grow and thrive in a world ruled by fear? They didn't choose to be here.
David Pilcher: Has anyone ever lived a life entirely defined by their own choices? No. Socioeconomic status, race, gender the day on which we were born, beauty, height. We are defined by millions of variables, way beyond our own choosing.
Ethan Burke: But that's different. That's fate. Those aren't choices made by others.
David Pilcher: Others have always made choices for us. Think of the millions drafted into wars decided by their leaders. The causes of which, in retrospect, seem utterly meaningless. A patch of land, someone's religious tenets, the price of a tank of gasoline. My actions were motivated by something far purer. We'd left the old world in the year 2014, and went to sleep for 2000 years. According to my algorithms, that would be enough time for the environment to reset. For the planet to thrive after all the humans had died out and stopped destroying it. We would have a second chance. All your questions today, I've asked myself thousands of times. In that moment, everything became clear. All my work, the sacrifice, was vindicated because I'd been proven right. It was 2000 years later, and we were the only humans left. When humans are united by a cause, they can achieve almost anything.

David Pilcher: As soon as I woke them I told them everything. The truth. The effect wasn't immediate. It spread like cancer. Slowly ate away at the town. Some simply didn't believe me. They ran away. They didn't get very far. Those that did believe caved in to despair. These were ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. Their minds couldn't handle the shock of this new reality. It was too jarring. They'd emerged from Plato's cave into the light. It had blinded them. People are fragile. They need time to adapt. They accept change gradually. But I had been too distant, too remote blind. I'd failed them. I can't change what has happened, but I can strive for a better future. These are the dark ages, but enlightenment is coming and I need you to keep Wayward safe until it does.

Betrayal [1.07][edit]

[the resistance are meeting to discuss their lives]
Kate Hewson: Uh, Kate Hewson, um, Seattle. I miss the ferry boats, oysters, hiking Burroughs Trail. My friends.
Franklin Dobbs: I'm, uh, I'm, I'm Franklin. [clears throat] Uh, it's all you, man.
Harold Ballinger: Harold Ballinger, St. Paul. Um, I have a fiance.

Harold Ballinger: I just need to know, did you put that pipe bomb in the Sheriff's truck this morning? [Ted looks guilty] Damn it, Ted.
Ted Laufer: The last thing we need is him breathing down our necks.
Harold Ballinger: We're not murderers.
Ted Laufer: Why not? They murder. You've been to your share of reckonings. Do you want me to do this or not?

Kate Hewson: They did something to you, Ethan. You just don't know it. You'll see very soon. We will be back in Seattle, overlooking that bay.
Ethan Burke: Seattle? No, forget it, Kate. That's not gonna happen. You've got to convince these people to stop this insanity!
Kate Hewson: It's not gonna stop. It's just begun.

The Friendliest Place on Earth [1.08][edit]

Ethan Burke: Why didn't you tell me about this?
David Pilcher: I didn't want to interrupt your investigation. Nothing matters more than keeping the populace calm a-a-and quiet.
Ethan Burke: I'm afraid the ship's already sailed.

Ethan Burke: I was part of a joint terrorism task force. And we got word that Narwaz was down in Mexico. So we went down, we grabbed him, secured him, put him on a plane to transport him back to D.C. Then I got a call from headquarters. They told me to let him go. The guy's dirty. I knew he was dirty. "Let him go." Well, that's exactly what I did. It was an order. And then three weeks later, 621 people are murdered by Narwaz Al-Salaam. And I had the guy and I let him go. And it was classified. [sighs] You know how bad I wanted to tell you?
Theresa Burke: That's why you went to Kate.
Ethan Burke: It was the toughest period of my life. She was there. She was my partner. There's no excuse for what happened after that. [sighs] I've been sorry about it ever since. I'm not blindly following orders anymore.

Theresa Burke: You don't have any children of your own, do you?
Megan Fisher: Brad and I have not been so blessed.
Theresa Burke: You do realize that Ben is our son and not yours.
Megan Fisher: Theresa, we are on the same team.
Theresa Burke: Are we? Because I'm starting to feel like every single thought that you put into Ben's head is somehow meant to undermine us. Let's just be honest here. You've got an agenda and I want to know what it is.
Megan Fisher: You're starting to sound a little paranoid, Theresa. I simply believe that the children of Wayward Pines are the future of Wayward Pines. And to that end, I try to be as helpful as possible.
Theresa Burke: Helpful right now would be for you to stay very far away from my family.

David Pilcher: Why didn't you come and talk to me before all this?
Kate Hewson: You know I couldn't do that. Besides, what would you have said? "Forget the truth"?
David Pilcher: Your friend Ted has died. Two of our youngest seriously injured in the hospital. Others are missing. That's the price of your truth.
Kate Hewson: You know it's not like that.
David Pilcher: You didn't mean for anyone to die. How many more need to be sacrificed? I thought you were happy. I thought we made progress.
Kate Hewson: I know you did.
David Pilcher: How can you be so cheerful with neighbors you're putting into lethal danger? Only a fanatic could be so callous.
Kate Hewson: Are you sure you're talking about me? Because it sounds like you're talking about yourself, David Pilcher.
David Pilcher: How long have you known?
Kate Hewson: Doesn't matter. Just please tell me what this place is.
David Pilcher: You were its model citizen. I thought that if I I could make Kate Hewson conform, then I could make anyone conform. There'd be no more need for reckonings.
Kate Hewson: Whatever you're trying to do here, it will never work if you keep people in the dark.
David Pilcher: It's not a question of keeping people in the dark. It's a question of keeping people alive. Freedom or safety. Not both.
Kate Hewson: And who anointed you to make that choice?
David Pilcher: I did.

Pam Pilcher: [to David Pilcher] These are our people, David. They came to us by choice, not like the people down in town who don't know how they got there and probably will never be happy. We tolerated those reckonings. "Okay, we'll kill one and keep the rest in line." But if we start killing our own people in the name of saving humanity, then we've lost everything. You need to punish, David, punish me. Kill me.

A Reckoning [1.09][edit]

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