We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (film)

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We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story is a 1993 animated film which depicts four intelligent dinosaurs in their journey to the Museum of Natural History to be personally seen by children.

Directed by Dick Zondag, Ralph Zondag, Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells.


Buster: Expect the postcard, for some place warm. Miami or maybe Cuba. Arrivederci, Mama.
Buster's Mother: Ohh!
Buster: [falls out of tree] Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Oh, aah! [cries] Aah-ha, ha, haooh! Phew!
Rex: Hello there, you little fella!

Rex: [sniffs a hot dog] Smells good. [eats it] Hey! That's what I call LUNCH!
[the other dinosaurs laugh]
Dweeb: Lunch?! That's what you used to call me!

Cecilia: [sobbing; her hat flies away]
Louie: [to Elsa] Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hit the brakes! I gotta land a minute.
[Cecilia stops crying, she sees Louie wearing her hat and Elsa appears]
Elsa: Hello.
[Cecilia screams]
Louie: [he falls off of Elsa] Hey, hey, hey, don't panic, I'm a good guy.
Cecilia: Who are you!? And what's that!?
Louie: Hey, babe. I'm Louie. That there is a friend of mine. I got..[Cecilia shuts the door offscreen]
Cecilia: [sobbing]
Louie: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. Why are you crying?
Cecilia: I am not crying! [gasps]
Louie: Huh?
Elsa: Aw.
Louie: Back off, back off. You're foggin' the glass. Come on, Big Eyes, you're killin' me. What's the matter?
Cecilia: It's Thanksgiving.
Louie: So, what's there to cry about? You don't like turkey?
Cecilia: No, it's my parents.
Louie: What about your parents? Do they beat you? [he bumps into a musical toy on the table] Oh!
Cecilia: No, they're just never around. It's Thanksgiving, and they're off doing other things. You see, my father's very business, [at her dad's desk] and my mother's very social. [touches her mom's hat]
Louie: The name's Louie. What's yours?
Cecilia: Cecilia Nuthatch.
Louie: Well, Cecilia Nuthatch, you should've had my mother; slobberin' kisses all over me, in public! I had to make tracks, so you know what I'm doin'?
Cecilia: No. What?
Louie: I'm runnin' away to the Circus.
Cecilia: You are?
Louie: I am! Whaddya say you throw this hat away and come fly with me?
[Cecilia looks at the photo of her parents with the words, "Wish you were here!" and she feels sad and looks around to the living room, desktop, and bedroom. We see a Thanksgiving picture with sad Cecilia in the middle seat with no one on either side of her]
Louie: [chuckles]
Cecilia: Alright, I will!
[Cecilia throws her hat and it flies in the air. A little girl named Sasha is walking by a store with her mom. Sasha looks at a Thanksgiving hat identical to the one Cecilia has in the window and she asked her mom and she feels sad and shocked as her mom tries to pull her away. Cecilia's Thanksgiving hat lands on her head and she smiles as her mom lets go of her hand]

Elsa: I've been meaning to talk to you, Rex.
Rex: About what, Elsa?
Elsa: The way, you look at me. It makes me want to... um... lay an egg.

Vorb: Oh, here! Have some cereal!

Vorb: [opening the pod bay doors to let the dinosaurs out of the ship] Arrivederci. Goodbye!
Rex: Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

Louie: You Bunch of Dopes!

Cecilia: Let no bad happen.

Professor Screweyes: Hey Stubbs! Where do you think you're goin'? Get back here!
Stubbs the Clown: Oh, I forgot to tell ya... I QUIT! I quit! Ha! I resign! Are you gettin' this completely in your ear? I am PROFOUNDLY outta here! And this ain't about money. I ain't even complaining about my dry cleaning bill. But hang around with elephants all day and try to keep YOUR clothes clean!
[audience laughs]
Stubbs the Clown: But that's not the point. The point is, I quit. Quittski! Over-and-outski! That's all she wrote! KEEP MY LAST CHECK, BUDDY!
[hands each item to Screweyes as he mentions it]
Stubbs the Clown: Here's my shoes, my nose, my horn, my buzzer, my fake arm, my bug-eye glasses, my backstage passes, my hat, my rabbit, HIS backstage passes, my fake fangs, a few birds, my pogo stick, my donkey ears, my extending tongue gag, my rubber chicken; Ya can't even get these anymore; my lucky whale tooth, and a giant clam that opens to reveal the American flag held by a mermaid and her normal brother, Richard!
[audience laughing]
Stubbs the Clown: SO LONG! Oh, and by the way, in case you're wondering why I'm talking and they're laughing, let me explain it to ya. [loudly] THAT'S... COMEDY!
Captain Neweyes: Will you change your ways and come with me?
Professor Screweyes: Never!
Professor Neweyes: Then, we must go. [airship departs]
Professor Screweyes: Brother! Brother, wait! When I am all alone... when I have no one to scare, I get very frightened myself.
[the crows land on him making him disappear; transparent smoke is emitted from the screw and a crow blows it out before flying away and the screen fades to black]

Deleted scenes[edit]

Professor Screweyes: The nice fellow most likely did not let fall how I lost my eye. But I will tell you. I was a boy. I was lying in the shadow of a berry bush, taking a snooze. One of the berries, just one, fell upon my eye. Just there. [points to the screw replacing his eye] A hungry bird spied the berry - it was a crow, I believe. He pecked for the berry, but got my eye as well. Senseless? YES! I had done nothing to earn such a fate, so ever since, I have known that the world made no sense, and have acted accordingly! I have a peculiar fear of crows, so I keep them by me. I watch them with a real eye and a steel eye. I am afraid of them, but I am their master! I am the master of my fear!


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