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Werewolf Of London is a 1935 film about a man who becomes a werewolf.

Directed by Stuart Walker. Written by John Colton.
Beware the Stalking Being - Half-Human - Half-Beast!  (taglines)

Dr. Wilfred Glendon[edit]

  • Thanks... Thanks for the bullet. It was the only way... In a few moments now... I shall know why all this had to be. Lisa... good bye. Good bye Lisa. I'm sorry I... I couldn't have made you happier.

Dr. Yogami[edit]

  • The werewolf is neither man nor wolf, but a Satanic creature with the worst qualities of both.
  • Good day. But remember this Dr. Glendon, the werewolf instinctively seeks to kill the thing it loves best.


Mrs. Moncaster: Are you a single gentleman, sir?
Dr. Wilfred Glendon: Singularly single, madame. More single than I ever realized that it was possible for a human being to be.


  • Beware! Terror strikes in the night!
  • Hideous Half Man, Half Beast Who Terrorized Millions!


  • Designed solely to amaze and horrify, the film goes about its task with commendable thoroughness, sparing no grisly detail and springing from scene to scene with even greater ease than that oft attributed to the daring young aerialist. Granting that the central idea has been used before, the picture still rates the attention of action-and-horror enthusiasts. It is a fitting valedictory for the old Rialto, which has become melodrama's citadel among Times Square's picture houses.



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