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Werner Sombart

Werner Sombart (19 January 186318 May 1941) was a German economist and sociologist, the head of the "Youngest Historical School" and one of the leading Continental European social scientists during the first quarter of the 20th century.


  • The name of Rothschild means more than the firm. It means ALL JEWDOM SO FAR AS THE STOCK EXCHANGE is concerned; for only with the help of compatriots could the Rothschilds have reached their position of power — which dominates all others and obtain ENTIRE MASTERY OF THE STOCK EXCHANGE. In order to obtain command of the stock exchange and the money market all possible means were utilized. The Rothschilds practiced stock jobbing in the narrower sense which the French attach to the word. They employed the expedient of artificially influencing the market by creating a favorable atmosphere. The capitalist movement reached its highest point in the speculation banks. By means of loaning speculative securities, banks are placed in a position, by acquiring other securities at a cheap price, to create the impression that money is plentiful and is accompanied by a desire to buy. Thus power of creating an upward movement in prices is easily acquired — and this power can be reversed just as easily to depress prices by depreciating the store of available securities. The great banks, accordingly, hold the handle which controls the machine called the stock exchange. And the heads of the banks tend more and more TO BECOME ENTIRE MASTERS OF ECONOMIC LIFE.
  • Capitalism was born from the money loan. Money lending contains the root idea of capitalism. Turn to the pages of the Talmud and you will find that the Jews made an art of lending money. They were taught early to look for their chief happiness in the possession of money. They fathomed all the secrets that lay hid in money. They became Lords of Money and Lords of the World.
  • In the face of this fact, is there not some justification for the opinion that the United States owe their very existence to the Jews? And if this be so, how much more can it be asserted that Jewish influence made the United States just what they are—that is, American? For what we call Americanism is nothing else, if we may say so, than the Jewish spirit distilled.
    • The Jews and Modern Capitalism by Werner Sombart. M. Epstein, trans. (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 1982, 2006) pp. 43, 44.
  • Humanity without Nationality is empty, nationality without humanity is blind.
    • Vom Menschen (1938)

Quotes about Werner Sombart[edit]

  • The rejection of concern for practical goals expressed in the German Society for Sociology's founding charter represented the culmination of a debate in the Social Policy Association, the so-called Werturteilsstreit, in which a group of young political economists, including Ferdinand Tonnies, Werner Sombart, and Max Weber, attacked the older generation of political economists for mixing facts and values, science and politics.
    • Robert N. Proctor, Value-free science?: Purity and power in modern knowledge. Harvard University Press, 1991. p. 86

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