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When Calls the Heart is a drama television series, inspired by Janette Oke's book of the same name from her Canadian West series.

Season 1[edit]

Lost and Found[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: I have to say I'm a little surprised that Coal Valley merits a full-time Mountie.
Jack Thornton: That makes two of us. My original posting was in Cape Fullerton, but that suddenly changed.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Oh. I imagine Coal Valley will be a little quieter for you than a busy shipping port like that.
Jack Thornton: Wait, you know the place?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Very well. My father's done business in Cape Fullerton for many years.
Jack Thornton: And what's your father's name?
Elizabeth Thatcher: William Thatcher.
Jack Thornton: William Thatcher, the shipping tycoon?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, I don't think of him that way, but yes, I suppose he is.
Jack Thornton: Now it's all making sense.
Elizabeth Thatcher: What is?
Jack Thornton: Miss Thatcher, a week ago I had never even heard of Coal Valley. And while I was planning my trip to Cape Fullerton, I was told I was being re-assigned here. Re-assigned at the request of a very powerful man.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Surely you don't think--
Jack Thornton: What? That a very wealthy man's daughter may be why I have to eat coal dust for the next God knows how long? I'm absolutely sure that's why I'm here. To keep William Thatcher's princess from stubbing a toe in a town she had no business coming to.
Elizabeth Thatcher: To be candid, sir, I think you're way off base with that remark. And just so we're clear, even if my father did pull strings to get you here, I don't need you. I can take care of my own stubbed toes thank you very much.
Jack Thornton: You know, on second thought, it's obvious I won't have to be here long because you won't last a month in a town like this.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, Constable Thornton, I think you better settle in and get used to a steady diet of coal dust.

Jack Thornton: Nice shiner.
Elizabeth Thatcher: My first, actually. I think I earned it.

Abigail Stanton: I remember everything. The explosion was so loud it shattered windows and rattled the whole house. Then it dawned on me what had happened. No one said a word. We didn't need to. All we could think to do was run. There are no words for what we felt. What was in our hearts. But they never came home.

Jack Thornton: Shouldn't you be in school, son?
Gabe: I'm not your son. I'm just walking. It's not crime to walk, is it?
Jack Thornton: No, but truancy is a crime, young man--
Elizabeth Thatcher: Gabe! There you are.
Jack Thornton: Boy should be in class. Tell me, do you normally allow your students to wander around the streets during school hours?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Gabe was running an errand for me, if you must know.
Jack Thornton: [pause] An errand?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Yes! School business. Thank you for your concern, constable, but we are perfectly fine.

Jack Thornton: What are you doing here?
Elizabeth Thatcher: What are you doing here?
Jack Thornton: Following [Gabe].
Elizabeth Thatcher: Me too.
Jack Thornton: How'd you know?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Know what?
Jack Thornton: That he's the one?
Elizabeth Thatcher: The one what?
Jack Thornton: You don't know, do you?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Of course I know!
Jack Thornton: You don't know why you're here in many ways.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm here because I had an instinct that Gabe was going somewhere that he didn't want anyone to know about and that he might need help. Yes, help. He seemed troubled.
Jack Thornton: Instinct is for Mounties, not for teachers. Let me handle this.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Students are for teachers, not Mounties.

Cease and Desist[edit]

Abigail Stanton: You're recruiting more miners? You got 'em.
Henry Gowen: Respectfully, ladies, is this some kind of joke?
Abigail Stanton: No joke, Mr. Gowen. You need workers. We need roofs over our children's heads.
Henry Gowen: You lost your husbands. What happens to your children if they lose you? Who puts roofs over their heads then?
Cat Montgomery: Mr. Gowen, we're offering to do this with our eyes open. And we're counting the cost. We have to try. Coal Valley is our home.
Abigail Stanton: All we're asking for is a chance. Everybody knows you still have shafts blocked. Tell us which one you want open. If we have it cleared and timbered between now and the evictions--
Henry Gowen: You get to stay in your homes? What happens if you don't?
Abigail Stanton: We leave quietly. We'll even give the row houses a proper spring cleaning before we vacate.
Henry Gowen: You have two weeks. As well, none of the men who work for me may help you. I will not compromise their safety.
Abigail Stanton: Fair enough.
Charles Spurlock: I'm flabbergasted that you agreed to this.
Henry Gowen: We both know that they won't last more than a week before they quit.

Abigail Stanton: Florence, you're back!
Florence Blakeley: Well, if little miss princess here can give it her best, so can the rest of us.
Abigail Stanton: What do you mean rest of us?
Charles Spurlock: I'm not sure how to say this but, all the women are going into the mine.
Henry Gowen: You mean all the widows.
Charles Spurlock: No, all the women....They're plannin' on workin' round-the-clock shifts.

Elizabeth Thatcher: [narration] When my father saw me off on my journey west, he told me he hoped I would find what God had shaped me for, and then give my whole heart to it.

Elizabeth Thatcher: I never got to thank you for leaving me that note....Was it really necessary to leave it on my forehead?
Jack Thornton: You were snoring; I didn't want to wake you.

A Telling Silence[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: Heathen.
Jack Thornton: What?!
Elizabeth Thatcher: You're late. Only heathens arrive late to a church service.
Jack Thornton: Uncouth.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Me, uncouth?
Jack Thornton: Only the uncouth whisper during a sermon.

Jack Thornton: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what this can is.
Ned Yost: Maybe, not sure.
Jack Thornton: Well, take your best guess.
Ned Yost: It's whale oil.
Jack Thornton: Really?
Ned Yost: That's my best guess.

Jack Thornton: I can come back at a more convenient time.
Cat Montgomery: Nonsense. With three children no time is convenient.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack! Wait a moment! One of my students, Rosaleen Sullivan, she will not speak, she simply will not say a word. I've been working with her, and I believe she was on the verge of a breakthrough when we saw a man, Wendell Backus--
Jack Thornton: Slow down for a second. Big city folk rattle a mile a minute. I'm just a country boy who needs to understand this.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm concerned for one of my students.
Jack Thornton: Rosaleen Sullivan who doesn't speak and why do you think Mr. Backus has something to do with that?
Elizabeth Thatcher: When she saw him, he stared at her, and it was like her blood froze. It just happened again. She saw him...and she just crawled back into her shell.
Jack Thornton: Well, how old is she?
Elizabeth Thatcher: She's only eight.
Jack Thornton: OK. I'll talk to him.

Wendell Backus: I raised my hand...but I swear I never hit her, never. I put the fear of God in her that day.
Jack Thornton: No, you put the fear of a very flawed man into her. Not God.

Henry Gowen: I'm sorry, Parson, but I don't speak Bible.

Secret and Lies[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: You have a wonderful eye for treasures, Albert.

Elizabeth Thatcher: May I let you in on a little secret, Albert? Girls don't care if a gift is fancy, even if we used to be rich.
Albert: Really?!
Elizabeth Thatcher: What we care about are gifts that come from the heart. Like this one.
Albert: I made that!
Elizabeth Thatcher: So you clearly don't need my advice.

Reverend Anderson: I'll be brief, which most of you know is against my nature.

Elizabeth Thatcher: To be honest I'm not the world's best cook. I think I was born without that particular talent. Perhaps you've heard that rumor around town.
Jack Thornton: No.

The Dance[edit]

Jack Thornton: Your well being is all I ever cared about.I hope you can forgive me.

These Games[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher:And you.Stop with all the smiling.What game are you playing Jack?

Elizabeth Thatcher: You have absolutely the worst sense of timing in many ways.

Second Chances[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: Can I help you, constable?
Jack Thornton: Actually it's just Jack tonight, as you can see.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I stand corrected.
Jack Thornton: How's your reading student coming along?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Still working on it.
Jack Thornton: Elizabeth, I was thinking. I do not see you very often since I moved out of the saloon. I miss our friendship. And I was wondering if you might be inclined to have supper with me.
Elizabeth Thatcher: To be clear, when you say you'd like to have supper, you mean you'd like to come to my house where I will be the one doing the cooking?
Jack Thornton: Oh, no! No, why would you think that?
Elizabeth Thatcher: So what then? Chili and cornbread here at the saloon?
Jack Thornton: Yeah. No. Uh, I guess I hadn't fully thought it through.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, I would love to, but I'm very busy with work and I was planning on cleaning out my closet.
Jack Thornton: But, I didn't tell you which night I was considering.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Of course. I'm sorry.
Jack Thornton: How about Friday night?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Actually, that's the very night I was planning on cleaning out my closet.
Jack Thornton: I see. Well maybe another time then. Good evening.
Elizabeth Thatcher: [sigh] Jack. On second thought, I actually could use your help with one of my students.
Jack Thornton: Yeah, of course.
Elizabeth Thatcher: So why don't you meet me here tomorrow night? I'll even share a bowl of chili with you.

Jack Thornton: Good evening, Miss Thatcher.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Good evening. Thank you for coming.
Jack Thornton: You're welcome.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Please sit here across from me.
Jack Thornton: I--I thought we were gonna have some dinner together.
Elizabeth Thatcher: We will. You said you wanted to be friends, and right now I could use a friend to help me with this.
Jack Thornton: Right. Right.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm going to be administering an intelligence test. The research shows that some of the smartest students are also the slowest readers--
Jack Thornton: And my taking this test helps you how?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I need someone to practice on, you'll be my guinea pig.
Jack Thornton: Guinea pig.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Yes. Now scientists are using guinea pigs for their experimentation. Alright. It's a written test, but I'd like to open with a question to assess your basic comprehension level. I want to make sure you can follow simple instructions.
Jack Thornton: OK.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Pay me a compliment.
Jack Thornton: I don't understand.
Elizabeth Thatcher: It's a simple test to determine whether you can follow directions.
Jack Thornton: Oh. I see. [pause] I admire how dedicated you are to your students.
Elizabeth looks away.
Jack Thornton: Not good?
Elizabeth Thatcher: There's no good or bad, it's only an opportunity to assess your ability to follow directions.
Jack Thornton: No, I want to change my answer.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, that's very unorthodox, but you may.
Jack Thornton: You look really beautiful tonight.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Very good. Please take your pencil, turn over your pages and begin. You will have one hour to complete the test. Then we can have dinner.
Jack Thornton: [looks at the complexity of the test] Come on.
Elizabeth Thatcher: What?
Jack Thornton: Really?
Elizabeth Thatcher: It will show your ability to [reads instructions] to perform prehension provoked by visual perception.
Jack Thornton: That's a lot of p-words I didn't quite grasp.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well here's another p-word for you. Please?

Elizabeth Thatcher: Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
Matilda Grady: Oh, I think I need to sit down!
Bo Grady: Did you hear what Miss Thatcher said, Ma?! She said I'm smart.
Elizabeth Thatcher: The first step in helping Bo was to give him an intelligence test. He scored extremely high.
Bo Grady: I can't wait for Pa to get home so I can tell him.
Matilda Grady: But I'm confused. How could he take a test if he can't read?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I read Bo the questions, and he remembered all of them. I think Bo has a condition called word blindness. A fancy name for it is dyslexia....I think, with the right tools and methods, Bo will be able to learn to read.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Abigail, I would never tell you what to do. But you are one of the most remarkable women I've ever met. You didn't think you could help Carla deliver those twins, but all three of them wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you. And none of those widows would have their homes if you hadn't led them into the mine. I believe in you! And I believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack, do you stay up late at night thinking of ways to drive me batty?
Jack Thornton: Nope, don't have to, just sort of comes out naturally.

Perils of the Soloists[edit]

Morgan-Rose: You look silly!
Elizabeth Thatcher: What do you mean, sweetie?
Jack Thornton: Uh...
Elizabeth Thatcher: I have paint on my nose, don't I.
Jack touches her nose, and shows Elizabeth the blue paint that has transferred to his finger
Elizabeth Thatcher: How long were you going to let me go on like that?!
Jack Thornton: I don't know. All day?

Jack Thornton: Talking to yourself again? I'm beginning to worry about your mental health.
Elizabeth Thatcher: It's this play. I hardly slept a wink last night. I've never directed a play before!
Jack Thornton: Well, didn't they go through that in that big-city university you attended?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I didn't go to drama school, Jack. I went to teacher college.
Jack Thornton: "No great dramatist exists without a touch of madness." Aristotle.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well aren't you just full of surprises?
Jack Thornton: Yes.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Did any of you know about this?
Rachel: Why would we know anything about this? We weren't the ones who painted the backdrop.
James: It does look a lot like you and Mountie Jack, though.
Elizabeth Thatcher: No it doesn't, James, it doesn't at all! And I'll ask that you three forget all about this incident.
Gabe: Lips are sealed, Miss Thatcher.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack, are you aware that someone painted a tiny likeness of the two of us on the Founder's Day backdrop?
Jack Thornton: Likeness?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Yes! And it's hidden there like a stick of dynamite just waiting to go off, and some of my students just lit the fuse.
Jack Thornton: What are we doing in the painting?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Um, I can't really say. We're--we're kissing.
Jack Thornton: We're kissing?! Well that is completely inappropriate. Pure fiction!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Yes. Fiction.
Jack Thornton: Who would do such a thing? You know, I think I should launch an investigation, interrogate some of your students until we get to the bottom of this.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Uh, alright. But on second thought, both of our reputations are on the line here.
Jack Thornton: Hm. That is a good point. But I promise I will get to the bottom of this. Don't you worry.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm glad you're on the case. [pause] I'm gonna go!
Jack Thornton: Have a good day!
Jack returns to his desk, and shoves his paint supplies into a drawer, then turns to his dog, Rip.
Jack Thornton: Our little secret, boy.

Change of Heart[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: You've made it very clear that Mounties do not have wives. If they wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one.
Jack Thornton: Did I say that?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Several times.
Jack Thornton: That does sound like something I'd say.

Julie Thatcher: I love your home! It's so...rustic. So quaint!
Elizabeth Thatcher: I think what Julie meant to say is--
Abigail Stanton: It's OK, Elizabeth. Rustic and quaint work quite well for this town.

Elizabeth Thatcher: That must be him. Why am I so nervous?
Julie Thatcher: You're supposed to be.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You never get like this.
Julie Thatcher: Well, I've had more suitors than you.

Elizabeth Thatcher: How long have you been planning this?
Jack Thornton: That's a secret.

Love Comes First[edit]

Rules of Engagement[edit]

Rosemary LeVeaux: Excuse me, this is Coal Valley?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Yes, it is.
Rosemary LeVeaux: Where's the rest of it?

Jack Thornton: This is Miss Rosemary LeVeaux. She'll be needing a room for one night.
Rosemary LeVeaux: What Mr. Thornton means to say is that I'll be staying here until I find more permanent quarters, which could be many nights.
Tom Trevoy: Uh, well, there's a room at the end of the hall, but you might find it a bit noisy, what with the new miners moved in--
Rosemary LeVeaux: Noise doesn't bother me. In fact, I relish it.
Jack Thornton: Well, if it's noise you're looking for, I'm certain Coal Valley will be a disappointment.
Rosemary LeVeaux: How could it be? You're here.
Tom Trevoy: Room 9.
Rosemary LeVeaux: Thank you. Jack, could you show me to my room?
Jack Thornton: You'll find it. It's right next to room 8.
Rosemary LeVeaux: Are you in room 8?
Jack Thornton: I sleep in the jail.
Rosemary LeVeaux: Oh, how tragic.
Jack Thornton: Actually, it's quite comfortable.
Rosemary LeVeaux: But lonely.
Jack Thornton: I have a dog.

Elizabeth is preparing a list of vocabulary words for her class: betrayal, untrustworthiness, treachery, prevarication, misrepresentation.
Jack Thornton: Interesting lesson.
Elizabeth Thatcher: And valuable. Excuse me, I missed one.
Elizabeth adds another word to her list.
Jack Thornton: Perfidy? I don't even want to know what that one is.
Elizabeth Thatcher: No, you don't. And school is about to begin so--
Jack Thornton: So I'll speak fast.
Jack Thornton: Elizabeth, I know that you've lost some faith in me. But I hope that over time you'll see that my heart is true.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Good morning, children!
Jack Thornton: Perfidy?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Look it up.

Jack Thornton: You still think I'm guilty of, what was it again? Oh yes, perfidy. Betrayal, treachery, treason.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You looked it up?
Jack Thornton: No, I asked that smart kid....I don't have time to look things up, I was too busy protecting this town from criminals.

Prelude to a Kiss[edit]

Jack Thornton: Is that a squid?
Elizabeth Thatcher: It's a comet!
Jack Thornton: A comet. Uh huh. May I? [Jack erases Elizabeth's drawing and begins a new one.] You see, comets have tails, right?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Actually it's just evaporated materials and dust.
Jack Thornton: Let's call it a tail. I could add a constellation.
Elizabeth Thatcher: How about you remove a constable before my students get here?
Jack Thornton: What, so you can take credit for my chalkwork?

Abigail Stanton: This cut behind your ear looks very deep. I think it might need some stitches.
Bill Avery: The lengths I'll go to to get you to make a fuss over me. You good with a needle?
Abigail Stanton: I've made all my own curtains.
Bill Avery: How about sewin' a person?
Abigail Stanton: Well, we're about to find out.

Rosemary LeVeaux: You didn't like the song?
Jack Thornton: I used to. When it meant something.

Rosemary LeVeaux: Would a true relationship be so easily sidetracked by my presence?
Jack Thornton: Your presence could sidetrack an army.

Jack Thornton: Take a walk with me.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Is there a reason for this walk?
Jack Thornton: There is.

Season 2[edit]

Trials of the Heart[edit]

Abigail Stanton: Would you like some coffee and pie?
Prosecutor Samantha Madison: I do my best work over pie.

Bill Avery: Is there something wrong?
Abigail Stanton: You tell me, Mr. Avery.
Bill Avery: Oh, we're back to Mr. Avery? What happened to Bill?
Abigail Stanton: He's married, with a child.

Jack Thornton: Friend of yours?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Might be stretching it.
Jack Thornton: Good, because she judges a man by the size of his moat.

Rosemary LeVeaux: I've never seen a vehicle like this one!
Lee Coulter: That's funny, you're not lookin' at the vehicle.
Rosemary LeVeaux: I have excellent peripheral vision.

Judge Parker: Miss, would you like to tell the court just who you are?
Clara Stanton: Clara Stanton. Peter Stanton's widow.

Heart and Soul[edit]

Jack Thornton: Lots of changes since the trial.
Rosemary LeVeaux: All for the best. And a new name, too: Hope Valley.
Jack Thornton: Hope Valley. It fits.

Lee Coulter: I came to Hope Valley to make a profit, but if I can, I'd like to make a difference, too.

Floyd Conklin: As the Good Book says, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Rosemary LeVeaux: Listening is the best way to learn about the human experience.

Lee Coulter: I would love to figure that woman out.
Jack Thornton: Good luck with that.
Lee Coulter: You're the reason she came out here, aren't you?
Jack Thornton: Ancient history.

Rosemary LeVeaux: Oh my dear, never commit your heart unless there is jewelry.

Mary Dunbar: I'm so nervous.
Abigail Stanton: I was nervous at my wedding, too. In fact, I forgot to say "I do" when the reverend asked me.
Mary Dunbar: What did you say.
Abigail Stanton: I said, "I think so."

Florence Blakeley: He's not a real pastor?!
Mary Dunbar: This is not a real wedding?!

Heart's Desire[edit]

Viola Thatcher: I'm so sorry we're running late...Lionel and I have something we'd like to tell you.
Julie Thatcher: [gasp] You're engaged! Oh, that's so exciting!
Viola Thatcher: Julie, you've ruined the surprise!

Elizabeth Thatcher: Charles, some things are better left unspoken.

Heart of the Family[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: Aren't you going to ask me to dance?
Jack Thornton: No. Come for a walk with me.

Abigail Stanton: Is there a problem?
Clara Stanton: I poured coffee in Constable Thornton's hat.
Abigail Stanton: Would you like cream and sugar with that?
Jack Thornton: I...think it's fine just the way it is.

Rosemary LeVeaux: There are enough taboo subjects in the world. Romance between a woman and her husband shouldn't be one of them.

Jack Thornton: My uncle, he even offered me the ranch.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Why didn't you take it?
Jack Thornton: It wasn't my calling.
Elizabeth Thatcher: How did you know?
Jack Thornton: I just knew.

Abigail Stanton: I promise, most days will not be that busy.
Clara Stanton: I promise I will pay you back for the dishes I dropped!
Abigail Stanton: This belonged to Peter. He loved baseball. He used to play in the street with his friends everyday. Broke three windows with this ball. So I would scold him, and take it away from him. Looking back I should have let him break as many windows as he wanted. He was my family, and now he's gone. So you can break as many dishes as you want, Clara, because you are my family now.

Florence Blakeley: That man was pounding nails like he was Noah bracing for the flood!

Jack Thornton: From the time we're young, people think we're not capable of certain things. Sometimes we just need to prove them wrong.

Jack Thornton: Hello.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Here to enjoy the fruits of your labor?
Jack Thornton: Actually, I brought you a gift.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You are so sweet!
Nellie: Hi, Miss Thatcher!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Nellie, Patrick! So good to see you both. Everything back to normal on the homestead?
Patrick: Yep! But we changed Gertrude's name.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Your cow?
Nellie: We're calling her Lizzie now.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Lizzie.
Patrick: We thought since she was the first cow you ever milked, we should name her after you.
Patrick winks at Jack, who winks back.
Jack Thornton: Lizzie. It's got a nice ring to it.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Hmm.
Jack Thornton: Open your gift. Now I ordered you a teacher's bell, but it hasn't arrived yet. So I thought this would do in the meantime.
Elizabeth Thatcher: A cowbell?

Awakenings & Revelations[edit]

Pastor Frank Hogan: In my experience, I've learned there are two things you can't have any influence over: young love, and mules.

Heart and Home[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: You know how to fix a stove?
Jack Thornton: Well, I may not be an expert, but I think I can manage.
Albert Bickley: Mounties can do anything!
Jack Thornton: Give that young man an A.
Emily Montgomery: Miss Thatcher?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Yes Emily?
Emily Montgomery: Are you going to marry Constable Thornton?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm not marrying anybody.
Albert Bickley: EVER?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Maybe someday, but not right away... So unless you want more homework I suggest you work on you propositions. I mean prepositions!

Julie Thatcher: My life is over.
Elizabeth Thatcher: That's not true.
Julie Thatcher: Father's forbidden me to see Tom again, and I'll die if I don't see him. I'll whither away and die.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You won't die.
Julie Thatcher: Then I'll whither.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Thatchers do not whither!...What were you thinking?
Julie Thatcher: One doesn't think when one is in love!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, one had better start.

Viola Thatcher: I thought you talked some sense into her!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Let's just be grateful she's come out of her room.

Coming Together, Coming Apart[edit]

Jack Thornton: Can you make something up?
Nurse Faith Carter: Like what?
Jack Thornton: A case of temporary insanity?
Nurse Faith Carter: That might work. Does it run in the family?
Jack Thornton: Only when it comes to women.

Abigail Stanton: All right. I've reconsidered. The answer is still no.
Henry Gowen: I promise you, you are going to regret it!
Abigail Stanton: If that's a threat, Mr. Gowen, I suggest your consider who prepares your food.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Where are you going?
Jack Thornton: My seat's in coach.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, I have a first-class compartment, you should ride with me.
Jack Thornton: Thanks. But I've got some thinking to do on the ride home.

Follow Your Heart[edit]

Abigail Stanton: I'm sorry, I'm not myself today.
Pastor Frank Hogan: Something you'd like to talk about?
Abigail Stanton: Oh no, I don't want to bore you with my problems.
Pastor Frank Hogan: Well, it's kind of my job description.

Viola Thatcher: We have a special guest this evening. Lionel's brought his cousin!
Julie Thatcher: Oh! How boring!
Julie Thatcher: Are you even in love with Lionel?
Viola Thatcher: As a matter of fact, I am.
Julie Thatcher: Are you sure it's for the right reasons?
Viola Thatcher: At least it's not for the wrong reasons.

Jack Thornton: What are you doing?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm starting a fire. I read a book on camping, and this is how it's done.
Jack Thornton: [pause] You know, I have matches in my saddlebag.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Why didn't you say so?
Jack Thornton: It's more fun watching you.

Bill Avery: You tell me where it is, and I might be able to get you out of here.
Suspect: And how do I know you won't shoot me in the back?
Bill Avery: 'Cause I'm a Mountie, and I keep my word. And if I kill a man I want to look him in the eyes.

Pastor Frank Hogan: The community is stronger when we look out for each other.

Jack Thornton: It feels like you're a different person when you're in Hamilton. I'm not sure you know who you are yet.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Now you sound exactly like my father.
Jack Thornton: Elizabeth, the woman that pumped water on that homestead is not the same person who has a servant set out clothes for her everyday.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack! Can't you see it's all part of me?! I enjoyed living on the homestead. And I enjoy living in a big house in Hamilton. You just won't accept me for who I am.
Jack Thornton: You got that backwards.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You really believe that?
Elizabeth Thatcher: This isn't about wanting you to be something you're not. And this isn't about wanting you to fit into Hamilton. And this isn't about the fact that we come from two different worlds.
Jack Thornton: Then what's it about?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack, do you remember when you told me that Mounties don't get married? That if they wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one? I think they might be right. When I saw that man point that gun at you, it was like I couldn't breathe. It was like my whole world was in slow motion. What if he'd shot you?
Jack Thornton: He didn't.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Not this time. It scared me, Jack. It scares me to think that one day you might not come home. That what happened to your father could happen to you. I need to be able to sleep at night knowing you're safe.
Jack Thornton: I will be safe.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You can't guarantee that.
Jack Thornton: No one can. But I'm good at what I do. And I'm not afraid to face my fears.
Elizabeth Thatcher: And I would never want to change that about you.
Jack Thornton: That right there? You saying that? That means the world to me.
Elizabeth Thatcher: But Jack, I don't know if I'm brave enough to spend my life with someone as brave as you.

With All My Heart[edit]

Jack Thornton: Why are you doing this?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Doing what?
Jack Thornton: Pushing us apart.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm just trying to be honest with you. Jack, don't you see? I'm trying to tell you that I'm afraid of losing you. I'm afraid you're gonna die.
Jack Thornton: Nobody knows what the future's gonna bring. All I know is what I feel for you. The question is what do you feel for me?

Jack Thornton: May I? Well, it seems fine to me.
Elizabeth Thatcher: It's the other knee.
Jack Thornton: Oh. Sorry.

Elizabeth Thatcher: It's crazy. I spent so much time worrying about what could happen to you. Look what happened to me.
Jack Thornton: Well you just proved that being a schoolteacher is just as dangerous as being a Mountie.

Jack Thornton: Storm's passed. We can head back to town if you're up for it.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Can we stay here, just a little while longer?
Jack Thornton: Yeah. What for?
Elizabeth Thatcher: In here, it's just the two of us. Out there, everything is...complicated.
Jack Thornton: I know exactly what you mean. But whatever challenges we have to face out there, I believe that we can take them on together.
Elizabeth Thatcher: It really feels like we've been given a second chance today.
Jack Thornton: And I don't want to waste it. [pause] Especially now that I've seen your knees.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack!
Jack Thornton: I love you, Elizabeth Thatcher.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I love you, too.

Rosemary LeVeaux: Look, I know I can seem so glamorous and larger than life! But underneath, I'm just--
Lee Coulter: Rosemary? It's OK. I know.

Abigail Stanton: That was the best fish I've ever had! What is your secret?
Pastor Frank Hogan: Beer.

Season 3[edit]

New Year's Wish (2015 Christmas Special)[edit]

Rosemary LeVeaux: I can count on you to pitch in?
Lee Coulter: Pitch in with what?
Rosemary LeVeaux: I made a list.
Lee Coulter: Of course you did. [pause] This is not a list, Rosemary, this is the Magna Carta!

Elizabeth Thatcher: Have you made any New Year's resolutions yet?
Jack Thornton: Have you?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Mmm hmm. To be patient, to be kind. Not to envy, but to trust.
Jack Thornton: First Corinthians.
Elizabeth Thatcher: It'll be a new year. This could be a new start for us! Not to rush, but to get things right.
Jack Thornton: Yeah, that's probably a good idea, not to rush.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I think so.
Jack Thornton: To proceed cautiously.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Not too cautiously.
Jack Thornton: To take our time.
Elizabeth Thatcher: And enjoy the time we take?
Jack Thornton: Well, I'm all for enjoying things.

Rosemary LeVeaux: I trust the church is gonna be in tip-top shape for New Year's?
Pastor Frank Hogan: I'll let God know there's gonna be an inspection.

Abigail Stanton: Cody? Where are you going?
Cody Hastings: Back to camp, but I'll come to see Becky before dark.
Abigail Stanton: It's awfully cold outside. Wouldn't you rather stay here with your sister where it's nice and warm?
Cody Hastings: I only have three pennies. How much would it cost?
Abigail Stanton: Well, I'm a businesswoman, so maybe we could come up with some sort of arrangement.
Cody Hastings: I'm pretty good at chores!
Abigail Stanton: Well, maybe you could do some chores in exchange for room and board.
Cody Hastings: Could I earn enough for apple pie at dinner?
Abigail Stanton: Can you make your bed?
Cody Hastings: Sure can!
Abigail Stanton: Then pie is possible.

Jack Thornton: Good morning, Miss Thatcher!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Good morning, Constable Thornton.
Jack Thornton: Whatcha got in the bag?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Nothing. Just something I need to have repaired at the mercantile.
Jack Thornton: Oh, something I can fix?
Elizabeth Thatcher: No, it's nothing, really.
Jack Thornton: It wouldn't have anything to do with Rip, would it?
Elizabeth reluctantly opens her bag and pulls out a chewed shoe.
Jack Thornton: Your shoe. I think it's time he came home.
Elizabeth Thatcher: No! That would be admitting defeat!
Jack Thornton: Oh, and Thatchers never admit defeat.
Elizabeth Thatcher: No.

Troubled Hearts[edit]

Rosemary LeVeaux: If you need me, I will be at the mercantile, picking up a few things. You are going to love what I'm doing to your office.
Lee Coulter: OK! Wait, what are you doing to my office?! What is she doing to my office?
Jack Thornton: I don't know, but good luck with that.

Jack Thornton: Keep your man busy and he won't be in a tizzy, I read Rosemary's column too!

Elizabeth Thatcher: At least I have a desk to write on.
Jack Thornton: Hmm. Something's missing. [pulls out a gift from under the desk]
Elizabeth Thatcher: What is this?
Jack Thornton: A housewarming gift.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Is it an icebox? I could really use an icebox.

Jesse Flynn: I was actually going to ask you for a favor.
Clara Stanton: Oh, what kind of favor?
Jesse Flynn: I'm still trying to find my way around and I was wondering if you could show me where the livery is.
Clara Stanton: Didn't I see you at the livery yesterday?
Jesse Flynn: Right. Uh, how about the blacksmith?
Clara Stanton: Around the corner from the livery.

Rosemary LeVeaux: Twenty feet? That's barely enough room for Macbeth to die!
Lee Coulter: But, the smaller the stage, the bigger you shine.
Rosemary LeVeaux: True. I've changed my mind. This theater is perfect.

Abigail Stanton: Bill, what are you doing here?
Bill Avery: Making breakfast.
Abigail Stanton: With my pans and my eggs?
Bill Avery: Actually, they're our pans and our eggs.
Abigail Stanton: Excuse me?
Bill Avery: I'm your new partner.

Cody Hastings: I hate you, I hate all of you!
Jack Thornton: Cody, no you don't. You don't hate me. You don't hate any of us. You're upset because you miss your dad. That's why you won't finish that essay, it's why you're getting in fights. Because it hurts to think about him. It hurts to be alone. It hurts to not have the people that you love tell you it's gonna be OK.
Cody Hastings: You don't know anything!
Jack Thornton: Yeah, I do. I do! 'Cause I lost my dad, too. It feels like someone...took something from you. And there's a giant hole inside of you. But one day that--that feeling that you're feeling right now, that feeling is gonna go away. I promise.
Cody Hastings: It's not fair!
Jack Thornton: No. It's not fair at all.

A Time to Speak[edit]

Pastor Frank Hogan: You said that you would be someone to lean on, and I asked you to remember that, when the time came.
Abigail Stanton: Now the time has come.
Pastor Frank Hogan: And it's easier said than done.

Elizabeth Thatcher: You think people in relationships can have good secrets?
Jack Thornton: Sure. Every now and then.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, I don't think it's a good idea.
Jack Thornton: So you have no secrets?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Do you?
Jack Thornton: Yeah, one or two. [Elizabeth looks shocked.] I'll gladly share them with you.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Please do!
Jack Thornton: OK, well, the first time that we met I thought you were...attractive.
Elizabeth Thatcher: That's your deep, dark secret?
Jack Thornton: Well, not anymore since you pried it out of me. Your turn.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Alright. When we first met, I thought you were...kind of cute.
Jack Thornton: Kind of cute. Kind of cute. Not like ruggedly cute? Not even handsome?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, you did grow on me.

Rosemary LeVeaux: So will we see you in an apron any time soon?
Bill Avery: Well, I don't know about an apron, but I do have a recipe for a chicken casserole that's gonna have them lining up outside the door.
Rosemary LeVeaux: Mr. Avery! You are full of surprises, I had no idea you could cook!
Bill Avery: Rosemary, I spent two weeks working undercover as a chef. Not only did I catch two escaped cons, but I learned how to fricassee a pheasant.

Jack Thornton: Those who signed up for tomorrow's campout, please raise your hands.
Cody Hastings: I knew it wasn't gonna happen.
Jack Thornton: No, no! It's happening Cody. But unfortunately, Pastor Hogan cannot make it. So I'm gonna be going instead...
Laura Campbell: Do girls get to go, too?
Jack Thornton: I'm sorry, this one is just for the boys.
Emily Montgomery: I don't see why the girls can't go.
Opal Weise: Yeah.
Jack Thornton: Well, uh, maybe, uh, next time when we can all plan ahead.

Abigail Stanton: Before you ask, no, I haven't seen Frank since this morning.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I didn't ask.
Abigail Stanton: I don't know what I'd say to him. I don't know what I want him to say to me!
Elizabeth Thatcher: May I ask you what you're feeling?
Abigail Stanton: I don't know, so there's no reason to tell me not to bottle things up.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Then I won't.
Abigail Stanton: I could use a little, "You're strong, you'll get through this!"
Elizabeth Thatcher: You are the strongest woman I've ever met, Abigail. You'll get through this.
Abigail Stanton: You always know just what to say.

Jack Thornton: Elizabeth?...Wh--what are you doing here?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, I asked the girls if they wanted a little campout of their own!
Emily Montgomery: And we voted yes.
Debra: Democracy in action.

Debra: Robert said girls don't belong on camping trips. I told him he was silly and undemocratic.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Good for you.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Do you have any stuffed animals at home?
Opal Weise: Brownie. He's a bear.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Oh, what kind of bear?
Opal Weise: A brown bear.

Pastor Frank Hogan: Matt Landry's dead. He made plenty of mistakes. He did some terrible things, there's no denying it. But without Matt Landry, there'd be no Frank Hogan. His anger taught me kindness. His greed taught me generosity. His indifference taught me compassion.

Heart of a Hero[edit]

Abigail Stanton: I wish I could write. You're so talented.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You have to say that because you're my friend.
Abigail Stanton: Because you're my talented friend.

Rosemary LeVeaux: I once played a nurse on the stage.
Nurse Faith Carter: What a coincidence! I once treated an actress for pinkeye.

Nurse Faith Carter: What's the bell for?
Rosemary LeVeaux: Oh! That was my idea. It's for emergencies in case Lee needs me and I'm not right here.
Nurse Faith Carter: Are you sure you can hear it all the way down the hall? It's so small, it may not be loud enough.
Rosemary LeVeaux: Well, I don't know. He hasn't used it yet.
Nurse Faith Carter: Why don't we test it out, just to be on the safe side?
Rosemary LeVeaux: That is a good idea. Now Lee, when I leave the room, ring the bell.
Lee Coulter: Whatever you say.
Rosemary LeVeaux: [calling from the hallway] Whenever you're ready!
Nurse Faith Carter: Just a minute! [closes and locks the door]

Jake Garrison: Been a long time since I been in church.

Abigail Stanton: Do you know why you're so special to me? Because God put you in my life for a reason....I need you just as much as you need me. And that's why we found each other.
Cody Hastings: Like the ugly duckling found his real family?
Abigail Stanton: Just like that.

A Gentle Heart[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: Who has done an act of kindness they'd like to share with the class?
Opal Weise: I washed dishes for my mom.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Very good, Opal.
Robert Wolf: I rescued a skunk! Wanna see?!

Jack Thornton: Sure you used enough soap there, Cody?
Cody Hastings: He was pretty dirty. Has he been chasing squirrels?
Jack Thornton: Only thing Rip chases these days is his food bowl.

Jack Thornton: Sometimes I think you have the patience of a saint.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Children are like puzzles. Sometimes you have to work really hard to put the pieces together. But it's always worth it...
Jack Thornton: I believe that you are gonna make a terrific mom one day.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Because I like puzzles?
Jack Thornton: Yeah. But most importantly, because you make great shepherd's pie.
Elizabeth Thatcher: [laughing] OK.
Jack Thornton: So...
Elizabeth Thatcher: So...?
Jack Thornton: Isn't this where you're supposed to tell me I'm gonna make a great dad one day?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I don't know if that's true.
Jack Thornton: You don't?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I've never tried your shepherd's pie.

Rosemary LeVeaux: I don't know how you did it, but you worked a miracle with that little girl.
Elizabeth Thatcher: She did the hard work herself.

Forever in My Heart[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: [narration] Sometimes our smallest actions lead to our biggest victories.


Lee Coulter: Well, if that's how you truly feel then, uh, you can't turn it down.
Rosemary LeVeaux: So you think I should go?
Lee Coulter: I think...I think you should do whatever makes you happy.
Rosemary LeVeaux: I would come back between pictures, it wouldn't be forev--
Lee Coulter: You can't. You can't promise that.
Rosemary LeVeaux: You're not making this any easier.
Lee Coulter: Maybe the best I can manage right now is just to not make it any harder.

Lee Coulter: Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I think I owe Henry Gowen an apology.

Opal Weise: When I grow up, I'm going to be a bear doctor.
Nurse Faith Carter: You mean a veterinarian?
Opal Weise: No. A bear doctor!

Rosemary LeVeaux: I've always believed that people should follow their dreams. But I don't know what my dreams are anymore.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, dreams can change.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You found a life here. And you never once felt incomplete. Not until someone else said you were missing something--something that you haven't needed for a very long time.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Maybe the leading lady saves the day. She's very handy with a pistol. She's an expert horsewoman.
Jack Thornton: Anything else?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Her hair never gets messy, and she's quite talented at whittling.
Jack Thornton: Whittling. She sounds like the perfect woman.

Lee Coulter: So you decided not to go to Hollywood?
Rosemary LeVeaux: Maybe James is right, moving pictures are the future. But my future is here. With you.
Lee Coulter: You really mean that?
Rosemary LeVeaux: With all my heart.
Lee Coulter: Listen, I know that I'm not a big-time director like Tobias Pope or a fancy producer like James Addison but, there is another role that I think you're perfect for.
Rosemary LeVeaux: What kind of role?
Lee Coulter: Rosemary LeVeaux, will you be my wife?

Hearts in Question[edit]

Rosemary LeVeaux: If we went with blue, we'd bring out the color in my eyes.
Lee Coulter: What are we gonna match with my eyes? Something bloodshot?

Charlotte Thornton: Where's the young lady you were writin' me about?
Jack Thornton: That's really why you came here, isn't it?
Charlotte Thornton: Can't a mother miss her son?
Jack Thornton: And here we go.
Charlotte Thornton: What is that supposed to mean?
Jack Thornton: It's an old trick of yours. Asking a question instead of giving me an answer.
Charlotte Thornton: Do I do that?

Elizabeth Thatcher: Why don't you both come over to my place for dinner tonight? I'll make shepherd's pie.
Jack Thornton: You're gonna cook? For my mother?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Is that a problem?
Charlotte Thornton: Not at all. And I'll help.
Jack Thornton: Yeah but, Ma, you can't cook either.
Elizabeth Thatcher: What do you mean by either?
Jack Thornton: Did I say either? I meant often; neither of you cooks very often.

Pastor Frank Hogan: It's important to be open and honest and lay everything on the table as soon as possible.
Rosemary LeVeaux: We agree on just about everything.
Lee Coulter: Yep. Two peas in a pod.
Rosemary LeVeaux: We want the same things in life.
Lee Coulter: Big house.
Rosemary LeVeaux: White picket fence.
Lee Coulter: Two cats
Rosemary LeVeaux: A model-T.
Lee Coulter: Five kids
Rosemary LeVeaux: Five ki--what?!
Lee Coulter: Kids. Children. You know, wee ones.
Rosemary LeVeaux: But, well, children are very noisy, and they come with diapers. Have you seen what's in those diapers?
Lee Coulter: So you don't want children?! [turns to Pastor Hogan] Would you just give us a second?
Rosemary LeVeaux: Well, children are so...sticky.

Elizabeth Thatcher: I can't believe your mother ditched the bridal shower and crashed the bachelor party.

Jack Thornton: I signed the papers today.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack! What made you decide to do it?
Jack Thornton: Rip. He said it was getting a little too crowded at the jail, so...Now I just gotta save up enough to build a place. Big kitchen, three, four bedrooms.
Elizabeth Thatcher: That's an awfully big house for one Mountie. Could get lonesome.
Jack Thornton: Well, there's always Rip.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Good old Rip.
Jack Thornton: Maybe some chickens.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Sure, you'll need lots of chickens.
Jack Thornton: A goat!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Goats are good. Anything else?
Jack Thornton: Any ideas?
Elizabeth Thatcher: A couple.
Jack Thornton: Like?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, you'll need a guestroom for when your mother comes to visit.
Jack Thornton: Can't forget about Ma.
Elizabeth Thatcher: And a nice feather bed...for your blankie.
Jack Thornton: My blankie? She didn't tell you about--
Elizabeth Thatcher: She did.
Jack Thornton: She really needs to stop sharing sooo much.

Prayers from the Heart[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: Do you remember our New Year's resolution? To be patient, to be kind, not to rush, but to take our time.
Jack Thornton: [regaining consciousness] But not--not to take too much time.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack! [She kisses him and Jack groans.] Sorry, sorry!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Hi.

Season 4[edit]

The Heart of Christmas (2016 Christmas Special)[edit]

Abigail Stanton: You know, you're starting to sound a lot like Rose--
Elizabeth Thatcher: Bite your tongue!

Rosemary Coulter: Lee's place is much too small for both of us!
Lee Coulter: Yeah. Apparently I am now building Rosemary the largest house in town.
Abigail Stanton: Well, where will you stay in the meantime?
Scene shifts to the row houses.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Right next door. To me.
Rosemary Coulter: We're neighbors!

Jack Thornton: Think you could cover for me for about an hour?...I promised someone we'd pick out a Christmas tree together.
Bill Avery: Go ahead. Consider it an early Christmas present. Actually, consider it your only Christmas present!

Rosemary Coulter: I thought I might as well get started on the holiday decorating.
Lee Coulter: Started? You mean you're not finished?
Rosemary Coulter: Well, I don't know. The trees look a little bare.
Lee Coulter: You do realize, of course, that most people have one tree.
Rosemary Coulter: We're not most people.
Lee Coulter: But, two trees? Really?
Rosemary Coulter: Not two, silly. There's another one upstairs.

Elizabeth Thatcher: How are Mounties at playing Santa?
Jack Thornton: Why do you ask?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I need someone to hand out presents after the pageant.
Jack Thornton: The thing is, I wouldn't want to rob someone more deserving of the honor.

Abigail Stanton: You don't think I can handle it?
Bill Avery: I didn't say that.
Abigail Stanton: Well then what are you saying?
Bill Avery: I'm just saying that it's a big job for a--
Abigail Stanton: For a what?
Bill Avery: Well for a--for a busy businesswoman. And mother. Like yourself. Just a lot of responsibility.
Abigail Stanton: I see. But since you're my business partner, I guess you'd have no problem running the cafe if I take over as mayor for awhile. Unless, of course, it's too much responsibility. For you.
Bill Avery: Bring on the apron!

Elizabeth Thatcher: Gentlemen! How fortunate to find you all together!
Bill Avery: How can we help you, Miss Thatcher?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I am here on official Christmas business.
Lee Coulter: Which is?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, so far none of the men in this town have stepped forward to play Santa on Christmas Eve. So I don't care how you boys do it. Just find someone to volunteer.
Jack Thornton: Yes, ma'am.

Abigail Stanton: I just wish I had more time to spend with Cody.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, if you don't have a gift for him yet, I happen to know he really wants a dog.
Abigail Stanton: [pause] He's getting a baseball cap.

Bill Avery: Gentlemen! How're we gonna settle this?
Jack Thornton: Darts.
Jesse Flynn: Loser wears the big red suit.
Lee Coulter: So who goes first?
Bill Avery: I feel lucky.
Throws the first dart, which completely misses the board, apparently on purpose.
Michael Hickam: Well, I guess we know who's playing Santa.

Words from the Heart[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: Penny for your thoughts.
Jack Thornton: I'll give 'em to you for free: Rip desperately needs a bath; I hope Abigail made scones this morning; and you look absolutely beautiful.
Elizabeth Thatcher: You know, it isn't a good idea to make a woman blush when you're rowing.
Jack Thornton: Why's that?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Because she might just kiss you, and then you'd drop the oars.
Jack Thornton: Well, then we'd be stuck in the middle of the pond all day.

Ray Wyatt: A woman mayor. That's different.
Abigail Stanton: Well, we like to be different here.

Abigail Stanton: Did you complain about these things to Henry Gowen?
Rosemary Coulter: He wouldn't listen! But I knew you would understand.

Cyrus Rivera: I hurt my knee. I can't run.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, then we'll just have to find something else that we can all do together.
Cyrus Rivera: But all the other kids really wanna play, and I don't want them to be mad at me.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Oh, no, I won't let that happen.
Cyrus Rivera: It always happens! Please, Miss Thatcher, you can't stop the game. Not 'cause of me.

Jack Thornton: You said he likes baseball. Why not make him your assistant coach?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Can I do that?
Jack Thornton: Why not? And I will make Opal my assistant coach.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Oh, she'd love that! As long as Brownie can help coach, too.
Jack Thornton: And I've been thinking about where we can play: the field next to Abigail's.
Elizabeth Thatcher: The field next to Abigail's! But will there be enough room for the goalposts?
Jack Thornton: The goalposts?! [laughs] OK, you had me going there for a second.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Always keep your opponent off balance. I read that in The Art of War.
Jack Thornton: Oh, so this is war?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Prepare for defeat.

Jed Campbell: This land's full of rocks!...I'm a farmer, Mr. Avery. The only thing a man can grow here is old.

Assistant Coach Opal Weise: Good try, Laura!

Elizabeth Thatcher: Do you have any idea how infuriating you can be?
Jack Thornton: All's fair in love and war.
Elizabeth Thatcher: So which is this?
Jack Thornton: Little of both.

Cyrus Rivera: Wanna see a special pitch?
Anna Hayford: But you're not on my team.
Cyrus Rivera: I think it's O.K. Miss Thatcher said we're supposed to be one big family.

Heart of Truth[edit]

Opal Weise: Robert's my hero!

Robert Wolf: Opal's parents gave it to me. It's a reward.
Cody Hastings: Wow, a whole dollar!
Robert Wolf: What should I do?
Cody Hastings: You could spend it on candy.
Robert Wolf: Don't you get it?! They think I'm a hero, but I'm not.
Cody Hastings: Of course you are! You scared away that bear!
Robert Wolf: No, I didn't. I made it up. There was no bear.
Cody Hastings: There wasn't a bear?!
Robert Wolf: No.
Cody Hastings: Then why did you say there was?
Robert Wolf: Opal wouldn't come inside, so I tried to scare her.
Cody Hastings: Better tell Miss Thatcher.
Robert Wolf: I can't tell! She'll hate me! Do you think Constable Thornton is gonna arrest me?
Cody Hastings: I don't know. Miss Abigail says lying is bad.
Robert Wolf: I can't go to jail! My parents will kill me!

Bill Avery: Going somewhere?
Robert Wolf: I'm running away.
Bill Avery: Sounds serious.
Robert Wolf: Yeah, it's bad.
Bill Avery: Guess you got a plan, right? Place to live, job lined up.
Robert Wolf: No. I guess I'll just be a drifter.
Bill Avery: That's not any kinda life. Unless of course you join a gang, rob banks. There's always that.
Robert Wolf: I don't think my parents would let me.

The Heart of the Community[edit]

Abigail Stanton: Aren't there enough readers to go around?
Elizabeth Thatcher: No, and the ones we do have are falling apart.

Jack Thornton: Sounds like we're gonna be riding into an ambush.
Bill Avery: It's not an ambush, Jack, if we know it's coming.
Pastor Frank Hogan: And we'll know it's coming.
Jack Thornton: We?
Pastor Frank Hogan: I'll ride with you.
Jack Thornton: You don't have to do that, Frank.
Pastor Frank Hogan: A lot of folks are depending on that payroll. I'd like to help out.

Jack Thornton: I'm riding out at dawn. Should be back by nightfall.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I don't like that word 'should.'
Jack Thornton: I will be back by nightfall.

Pastor Frank Hogan: The problem with sin is that it rarely stays private.

Elizabeth Thatcher: I know you have a signed contract with Mr. Coulter, but the deadline you've given them, it's unreasonable.
Ray Wyatt: Unreasonable?
Faith Carter: What Miss Thatcher means to say is that the men at the mill have been working so hard that they're getting hurt. I'm seeing a lot of them at the infirmary. I'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen.
Ray Wyatt: No, no of course not.
Elizabeth Thatcher: So, if you could just extend the delivery deadline, it would really make a difference. And the workers could get some rest and spend some time with their families.
Ray Wyatt: I appreciate your concern, Miss Thatcher, but I have a business to run. How the men spend their time is not really my concern.
Faith Carter: Could you please reconsider? It would mean so much to everyone. There's gonna be a carnival to raise money for the school. Wouldn't it be nice if the fathers could come, too?
Ray Wyatt: I suppose an extra day won't hurt anything. Will you be at the carnival?
Faith Carter: I wouldn't miss it.
Ray Wyatt: Then I'll see you there.

Ray Wyatt: You are a man of many talents, Pastor. Let me show you my gratitude.
Pastor Frank Hogan: I appreciate it, but I don't need a reward for doing a good deed, thanks.
Ray Wyatt: Going up against a rifle with your bare hands is more than a good deed.
Pastor Frank Hogan: I had a pleasant ride with my friends, got a little exercise. I won't take your money for that.
Ray Wyatt: OK. Don't be surprised if your collection plate is fuller than usual this Sunday. [to Bill] And you're gonna see a nice little bonus in your pay this week.
Bill Avery: I have no problem taking your money.

Jack Thornton: I told you I'd be back by nightfall.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Did you buy your raffle ticket?
Jack Thornton: Actually, I bought twenty raffle tickets, and if I win that hair comb, I'm givin' it straight to you.

Ray Wyatt: Hope Valley seems to have quite a few headstrong women....Perhaps we'd find it easier dealing with a more reasonable man.
Henry Gowen: Perhaps.

Change of Heart[edit]

Elizabeth Thatcher: I never give up on my students.

Doug Burke: Thank you for the hospitality, Miss Thatcher.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Oh, we danced the foxtrot; you can call me Elizabeth.

Cody Hastings: That's a great idea!
Rosemary Coulter: Those are the only kind I have.

Faith Carter: You might have pulled a costal muscle.
Carson Shepherd: It's more likely a hairline frac--I think I cracked a rib. All I need is a compression wrap.
Carson Shepherd: If you don't work, you don't get paid. And I'm kinda fond of eating. Just wrap me up. I'll be fine.
Faith Carter: If you do more damage to your ribs, it might become permanent. You should think about the the long term
Carson Shepherd: My stomach only cares about today.

Rosemary Coulter: That poem! I gave it to Cody to give to Frank; it was supposed to be from Abigail!
Lee Coulter: Excuse me?

Elizabeth Thatcher: Why are you writing on my chalkboard?
Mr. Stoneman: I'm preparing tomorrow's lesson.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I don't understand.
Mr. Stoneman: Oh, I suppose nobody told you. I'm your replacement.

Heart of a Teacher[edit]

Jack Thornton: That letter is a forgery, Elizabeth. We're gonna prove it, and you're gonna be back in that classroom in no time. I promise.
Elizabeth Thatcher: It isn't a forgery, Jack. I know Thomas Higgins.
Abigail Stanton: You'd never bribe anyone.
Elizabeth Thatcher: No, and I didn't! But when my mother heard Higgins was sending me west, she tried to use money and influence to keep me in Hamilton.
Jack Thornton: But you didn't take the job in Hamilton.
Elizabeth Thatcher: No. I turned it down to come here.
Abigail Stanton: Then why did Higgins write the letter?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Revenge.
Jack Thornton: Revenge?! For what?
Elizabeth Thatcher: When I met with Thomas Higgins he made...advances.
Abigail Stanton: Oh, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth Thatcher: I turned him down.
Abigail Stanton: Of course you did.
Jack Thornton: And that made him angry.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I just never realized how much. He must have written the letter as soon as I started working here.
Abigail Stanton: So you didn't know about it until now?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Right. But now that the letter has come to light, I won't be able to teach anymore. Not in Hope Valley, not anywhere.
Abigail Stanton: Then you'll visit Mr. Thomas Higgins and get him to tell the truth.
Jack Thornton: I have to take the Tate boys to Union City for trial. They've escaped before so I can't take any chances. But we are gonna go to Cape Fullerton as soon as I get back.
Elizabeth Thatcher: That's very sweet of you, Jack. But I have to leave as soon as I can.
Jack Thornton: I'll be back at the end of the week.
Elizabeth Thatcher: No, this is my reputation and my career. My students are too important to me. It can't wait.

Rosemary Coulter: You know, this once happened to me when I was on Broadway. I auditioned for a play called The Heiress and the director was...shockingly bold.
Elizabeth Thatcher: What did you do?
Rosemary Coulter: Well, I told his wife! And that put an end to it right then and there!
Elizabeth Thatcher: So you got the part?
Rosemary Coulter: Heavens, no. The show was cancelled. Turns out his dear wife actually was an heiress; she was bankrolling the entire production.
Faith Carter: I heard what happened. The man who wrote those lies can't be allowed to get away with it.
Rosemary Coulter: I couldn't agree with you more.
Faith Carter: I think it's very brave of you to stand and fight.
Florence Blakeley: Hello?... We just dropped by to bring you some cookies for your journey tomorrow.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Thank you, that's very thoughtful of you.
Florence Blakeley: That awful school superintendent, it's just unthinkable.
Dottie Ramsey: You must do what it takes to clear the record, my dear. The children here need you.
Faith Carter: They certainly do.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, I need them, too.

Bill Avery: Let's have a drink.
Henry Gowen: I only drink with friends.
Bill Avery: Well, then you must be pretty thirsty.

Cody Hastings: Why do you have to go away at all?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Someone told a lie about me, and I have to get him to take it back. It's like our civics lesson from last week, do you remember?
Cody Hastings: Bad things happen if good people do nothing?
Elizabeth Thatcher: That's it. And I intend to do something.

Abigail Stanton: What if you're not the only one? What if there's someone else who's scared to speak up like you were?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Wouldn't they have said something by now?
Abigail Stanton: You didn't.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I was embarrassed, I didn't want to tell anyone!

Ray Wyatt: I'm just trying to be a gentleman.
Faith Carter: I'm not sure it's working.

Abigail Stanton: I still can't believe your friend denied anything ever happened.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Worse than that, she was actually angry I asked. She's just scared Abigail. And to be honest, I can't blame her.

Jack Thornton: Thought I might find you around here. You OK?
Elizabeth Thatcher: I know in my heart, God intended me to be a teacher, Jack. It's who I am in my soul. It's why I am.
Jack Thornton: I know.

Mr. Stoneman: Why is this particular child so special to you?
Elizabeth Thatcher: They're all special to me!

Jack Thornton: From what I hear, I'm not sure that prayer's going to be enough.
Elizabeth Thatcher: What else can we do?

Mr. Stoneman takes Emily's pencil out of her hand and breaks it.
Mr. Stoneman: That is not how you hold your pencil.
Emily Montgomery: But I can't hold it the other way.
Emily picks up a new pencil; Mr. Stoneman breaks that one, too.
Emily Montgomery: Stop doing that.
Emily picks up a third pencil; Mr. Stoneman breaks it.
Mr. Stoneman: What will it take for you to learn?
Cody Hastings: Leave her alone!
Mr. Stoneman: Who said that?
Cody Hastings: I did. Miss Thatcher said bad things happen if good people do nothing. And what you're doing to Emily is bad.
Mr. Stoneman: Sit. Down. Now.
Cody Hastings: No. I won't let you do this to her anymore. Come on, Emily.

My Heart Will Go On[edit]

Jack Thornton: None of my teachers ever brought me pie.

Mr. Stoneman: I see you're tutoring the children.
Elizabeth Thatcher: They asked for my help.
Mr. Stoneman: It seems to be...working.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm glad you noticed.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Have you decided what you're going to play for the recital, Timmy?
Timmy Lawson: Danny Boy.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Did you know that's Mountie Jack's favorite song?

Bill Avery: I did warn you that firing Elizabeth Thatcher wouldn't be popular with a lot of people.

Elizabeth Thatcher: What is this?
Cody Hastings: Don't be mad, Miss Thatcher, but we didn't do our homework.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'm not mad; I just hope you have a very good reason.

Ray Wyatt: I don't see why we should believe this woman.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Because she's telling the truth.

Mr. Stoneman: I've always thought of life as an opportunity to learn. And you've taught me a great deal....Children need more than just discipline and repetition. They're special.

Jack Thornton: I'll come back.This is where my home is.It's where my heart is. But you know as well as I do, bad things happen if good people do nothing.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Alright. Then I will go with you.
Jack Thornton: You can't.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Why not?
Jack Thornton: For a million reasons!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Name one.
Jack Thornton: You're needed here. Your destiny is to teach these children, to change their lives. And I can't take you away from that, not even for a day.

Abigail Stanton: Jack came by earlier, before you got here. He wanted me to give you this.
Elizabeth Thatcher: [reading Jack's card] "Take a walk with me."

Elizabeth Thatcher: Is there a reason for this walk?
Jack Thornton: There is.

Jack Thornton: I don't know when I'm coming back, so I don't know if it's fair to ask you to wait for me--
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack, I would wait an eternity for you.
Jack Thornton: Elizabeth Thatcher, will you marry me?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Of course I will!Yes!

Jack Thornton: It's time.

Healing Heart[edit]

Abigail Stanton: Elizabeth,Jack promised he'd come home for you.
Elizabeth Thatcher: He did?
Abigail Stanton: Yes! This is his promise( shows Elizabeth the ring on her finger) and that's what you have to remember.

Courageous Hearts[edit]

Heart of a Secret[edit]

Heart of a Fighter[edit]

Season 5[edit]

The Christmas Wishing Tree (2017 Christmas Special)[edit]

Jack Thornton: I really hope my name is on that!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack!!!
Jack Thornton: Merry Christmas Elizabeth!

Lee Coulter: I am not going to be Santa Claus!
Rosemary Coulter: Oh, that is so sweet, Lee. Like you think you actually have a choice!


Bill Avery: I have a favor to ask....I need to leave someone in charge.
Lee Coulter: OK. In charge of what?
Bill Avery: Of the town, as acting sheriff.
Lee Coulter: [laughs] Me?! Oh, you're serious. Uh no, Bill, that's really not my thing.
Bill Avery: It's no one's thing until it is.

Carson Shepherd: So both of you have a stomach ache.
Ned Yost: Yes.
Carson Shepherd: There's something going on here. Who's eaten out in the last couple days?
Ned Yost: I have.
Molly Sullivan: No.
Carson Shepherd: Have either of you come into contact with someone else who had a stomach ache?
Ned Yost: Not that I know of.
Carson Shepherd: It's probably not from a common eating place, and there's no indication of a virus.
Ned Yost: Now, I did feel myself coming down with a cold, but my medicine took care of that. Now I've got this bad cramping.
Molly Sullivan: I had a headache yesterday, and I took medicine for that.
Carson Shepherd: What medicine did you take?
Molly Sullivan/Ned Yost: Dr. Ballmore's Miracle Tonic.

Elizabeth Thatcher: You know, that's actually not a bad idea.
Rosemary Coulter: Of course it's not! I don't have those.

Carson Shepherd: You know what else smells like garlic when heated? Arsenic.

Carson Shepherd: People are getting sick!
Lee Coulter: Four people have gotten sick, and you don't even know if they're related. Rosemary made me chili last week and I was sick for four days. [pause] You cannot tell her I said that.

Hearts and Minds[edit]

Jacob Weston: I've heard a lot about you.
Bill Avery: I hope I get a chance to defend myself.

Bill Avery: I always liked the way the Greeks dealt with people who brought bad news.
Jacob Weston: Lucky for me, they say this town has an honorable sheriff.
Bill Avery: Well, you might have heard wrong about that.

Abigail Stanton: I can't believe this is happening.
Bill Avery: He's got an army of lawyers on his side.
Abigail Stanton: We need to persuade him without going to court.
Bill Avery: How're we gonna do that?!
Abigail Stanton: I don't know. But I need you to keep him from leaving this town.
Bill Avery: [pause] I can do that.

Bill Avery: What's that old saying? The best laid plans of mice and men...
Jacob Weston: It was running fine when I got here.
Bill Avery: Mysterious machines. I favor a horse myself.
Jacob Weston: I don't suppose there's a mechanic in town.
Bill Avery: Sorry, there's not. There is one in Union City, so you send a wire, might be here in a couple days.
Jacob Weston: Why so long?
Bill Avery: Well, the stage from Union City is...very slow. Too bad you couldn't take the train.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Mistakes are how we learn.

Elizabeth Thatcher: You're the best mayor Hope Valley has ever had.
Abigail Stanton: You have to say that; you're my best friend.
Elizabeth Thatcher: And you should know by now that your best friend would never lie to you.

Julie Thatcher: I feel so mean.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Oh, you're not mean. You're just being a teacher.

Jacob Weston: What's this?
Bill Avery: It's a citation. Your car's illegally parked.
Jacob Weston: What?!
Bill Avery: It's a town ordinance: No parking your car on city streets for more than 24 hours.
Jacob Weston: This is ridiculous. You know as well as I do that this car wasn't running. In fact, I think you sabotaged it.
Bill Avery: Well. There'll be a judge in town in a few days to hear this...outrageous accusation.
Jacob Weston: I'll just pay the fine and go.
Bill Avery: Are you bribing me?
Jacob Weston: No! I said I would pay the fine.
Bill Avery: It sounded like a bribe.
Jacob Weston: You think that if I go to this town hall meeting, bad things will stop happening to me?
Bill Avery: I've been known to be a betting man, but my wager would be "yes."

Home Is Where the Heart Is[edit]

Jack Thornton: I'm home.

Jack Thornton: I don't want to be engaged anymore.
Elizabeth Thatcher: What?
Jack Thornton: I want to get married.

Elizabeth Thatcher: How bad was it, Jack?
Jack Thornton: It was what it was.
Elizabeth Thatcher: And what was that?
Jack Thornton: It's over now.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I want to hear about it.
Jack Thornton: Let's talk about something else.

Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack, this is just so much so fast. Are you sure you don't need to rest? You must be exhausted.
Jack Thornton: I'm fine.

Jack Thornton: I never knew how much I'd miss this place.
Bill Avery: You don't hear that very often about jail.
Jack Thornton: It's the Ritz compared to where I've been.
Bill Avery: Yeah, I heard the reports. I know the Mounties lost a lot of good men out there.
Jack Thornton: Yeah. So you gonna make a pot of that strong coffee you're known for?
Bill Avery: Comin' up. [pause] It was bad wasn't it?
Jack Thornton: That's all behind me now.
Bill Avery: Is it?
Jack Thornton: Yeah!
Bill Avery: Jack, if you ever wanna talk about it...
Jack Thornton: I just wanna get on with my life, Bill.

Elizabeth Thatcher: What you heard was just gossip.
Hattie: But it would be such a good story!
Elizabeth Thatcher: Well, it's not a good story unless it's accurate.

Henry Gowen: It's a private bank. These rich investors, they don't report to anyone, so I don't know if you'll get a straight answer.

Jack Thornton: Are you ready to make the announcement?
Elizabeth Thatcher: Are you? Because once this gets out, things could get a little crazy around here.
Jack Thornton: I'm ready. Excited, actually.

Elizabeth Thatcher: When you write something about someone, you have to be certain that it's true....Harper studied really hard for that test, and now all of his friends are calling him a cheater.

Jack and Bill walk into Lee's office.
Lee Coulter: Hello, boys. What's up?
Jack Thornton: Lee, I have an announcement.
Elizabeth is talking to Rosemary and Abigail at the cafe.
Elizabeth Thatcher: Jack and I are getting married.
Rosemary Coulter: That's not exactly big news.
Jack Thorton: In two weeks.
Bill Avery/Lee Coulter: Two weeks?!
Elizabeth Thatcher: I'd like you both to be my matrons of honor.
Abigail Stanton: Oh, Elizabeth, of course!
Jack Thornton: And I would like you both to be my best men.
Lee Coulter: Wow, oh, OK.
Rosemary Coulter: Two weeks? No, that's not enough time to plan a wedding of this magnitude.
Abigail Stanton: I'm sure we can get it done.
Bill Avery: Well, I guess we better start planning a bachelor party.
Jack Thornton: Oh, no, I'm not sure about--
Bill Avery/Lee Coulter: You're gonna have one!

Open Hearts[edit]

Bill Avery: I've seen banks fail, and it's fear in the community that pushes them over the edge.

Abigail Stanton: Henry, can I talk to you for a moment?
Henry Gowen: Sure. But if Jesse Flynn comes by, I gotta get back to work.

Rosemary Coulter: I'm gonna make sure your wedding is everything you ever dreamed of. And more.

Jack Thornton: It's hard to stop thinking about it.
Elizabeth Thatcher: I know. It must be very hard. Thank you for telling me.
Jack Thornton: Thanks for being you.

Jack Thornton: Bill, I have missed your chili. You know, if you're stuck for a wedding gift, I want you to teach Elizabeth how to make it.
Bill Avery: You asking me to give up my secret family recipe?
Jack Thornton: Uh...
Bill Avery: Well, consider it done. Elizabeth is family.
Lee Coulter: So what does that make you, black sheep?

Lee Coulter: Listen, I hate to spring this on you, but Rosemary's kinda been on me about this, um...
Jack Thornton: What are they?
Lee Coulter: Color schemes, for the wedding.
Jack Thornton: Color schemes, for th--I didn't even know weddings had color schemes.
Lee Coulter: Well, it'll affect which suit you wear.
Jack Thornton: I'm not wearing a suit. I'm a Mountie, I'm gonna get married in my uniform.
Lee Coulter: Uh, does Elizabeth know that that's what you wanna wear?
Jack Thornton: We haven't even talked about it.
Lee Coulter: Well, you might wanna talk about it. Soon. Color scheme's important.

Philip: I'm mad at Mountie Jack.

My Heart Is Yours[edit]

Love and Marriage[edit]

Rosemary Coulter: I was kidding about the pants. The donation table is only for items people can actually use.

Laura: I was thinking you could help me find who the owner was.
Bill Avery: Well I have more important things to do than try to track down the owner of an old coat.
Laura: You had your feet on the desk when I came in.

Laura: You look like Sherlock Holmes.
Bill Avery: Except Sherlock Holmes is make believe. I'm the real deal.

Rosemary Coulter: Lunch isn't always about food!

Abigail Stanton: There's what's legal, and what's right. And that's not right.

Frank Hogan: I wish I could ask you to go with me.
Abigail Stanton: I wish I could ask you to stay.

Jack Thornton: You're the best, Abigail.


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