When Worlds Collide (film)

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We can't put things of 'til later.

When Worlds Collide is a 1951 science fiction film about a star named Bellus that is on collision course with Earth.

Directed by Rudolph Maté. Produced by George Pál. Based on the novel by Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie.
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  • [First lines] [Spoken over a shot of outer space] Needles in a heavenly haystack. There are more stars in the heavens than there are human beings on Earth. Through telescopes men of science constantly search the infinitesimal corners of our solar system seeking new discoveries, hoping to better understand the laws of the Universe. Observatories dedicated to the study of astronomy are set in high and remote places, but there is none more remote than Mt. Kenna Observatory in this part of South Africa.

David Randall[edit]

  • Here it is: money to burn!
  • [Breathing in] Best air I ever tasted.

Sydney Stanton[edit]

  • It's dog eat dog – the law of the jungle!

Joyce Hendron[edit]

  • He'll be home the day after tomorrow.


Dr. Emery Bronson: [Handing him money] You will require this for expenses.
David Randall: [Counting the money and finding it short] I'm supposed to get paid $1,500 plus the expenses.
Dr. Emery Bronson: Hendron will pay you on delivery. Time is all that counts. The money doesn't matter at all.
David Randall: With me, doctor, money always matters.
Dr. Emery Bronson: Perhaps the day may arrive when money won't mean anything, not to you... nor anyone.
David Randall: When that happens to me, I'll be six feet under. [Randall is taken aback when Bronson just stares at him intently puffing on his pipe]

Eddie Garson: [Interrupting a meeting, one day before the end] I'm sorry, I'll come back later.
Dr. George Frye: No, no, Eddie, come right in. We can't put things of 'til later.
Eddie Garson: [Leaves his winning seat token on the desk] I just wanted to leave this for someone else to use. [Turns and leaves the room]
Dr. George Frye: [Picks up the token, looks down at it, and speaks to Dr. Hendron] He has a girl: Julie Cummings. I guess he doesn't want to leave her.


  • Romance! Thrills! Adventure!
  • Planets destroy Earth!


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