Where the Heart Is (1990 film)

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Where the Heart Is is a 1990 romantic comedy film directed by John Boorman, and starring Dabney Coleman and Uma Thurman.


Stewart: Harry, your loyalty was an accusation. Blame someone else.

Shitty: At my age, I need an hour in the bathroom in the morning! And there's always one of them skinny, titless mannequins in there fluffing up her hair.

Jimmy: You never said we'd have Bang-fucking-kok in the hallway!
Lionel: That's an unprovoked racist slur.
Porna: Excuse me, we are from Bom-fucking-bay!

Jimmy: We're broke, we're desperate, we're hopeless... The fag doesn't pay, the Shit doesn't pay.
Chloe: Don't call him "the fag!"
Daphne: Don't call him "the Shit!"
Shitty: At least I'm "the Shit." You're just A shit.

Stewart: My Heart? Home is where the heart is, and I've lost my home.


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