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White of the Eye is a 1987 British thriller film directed by Donald Cammell and starring David Keith and Cathy Moriarty. It was adapted in film by Donald Cammell and his wife China Kong from the novels Mrs. White, written by Laurence and Andrew Klavan.

Joan White[edit]

  • Ah, Caryanne? Er, listen. I've got a marital problem.
  • It's like a fucking car accident. One minute you're cruising along. Next minute, you've got no legs.

Mike DeSantos[edit]

  • Because you can't change a channel, man. Future or past.


Joan: Paul, I, er, I found something in the bathroom.
Paul: Oh yeah, what?
Joan: Behing the tub in there?
Paul: Oh, that. Yeah, I was going to talk to you about that. Um, I hid it in there. You know, I didn't want Danielle getting into a lot of chemicals and stuff. You can't hide anything in this house, can you?

Danielle: Dad exploded the bed.
Joan: Danielle, are you okay?
Danielle: Dad's wearing a bunch of hotdogs.

Mike: Goddamn, I knew he'd come by. I knew you'd come by. I just knew it. I saw this whole place on television. On this TV, I've got in my head.
Paul: Reruns, right?
Mike: That's right, Paul. Reruns.
Paul: Reruns.

Joan: 10 years gone with the wind. Heads I hit Malibu Beach before Christmas.
Charles: What's 10 years when you're in love?


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