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Who Killed Who? is a 1943 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer animated short directed by Tex Avery. The cartoon is a parody of whodunit stories and employs many clichés of the genre for humor.


[first lines]
Robert Emmett O'Connor: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, through the medium of the animated cartoon, we present a murder mystery condensed from authentic criminal records. It is my sincere purpose in exposing the brutal killer in this horrible case to prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt that crime does not pay. Our story opens on a dark and stormy night.

[Detective arrives right after the victim's murder]
Detective: Who done it? Everybody stay where you are!
[Someone in a theatre seat gets up and starts walking away. The Detective sees him and hits him with a baseball bat]
Detective: That goes for you too, bub!

[In trying to find the killer, the detective pushes a button marked "RING FOR SUSPECTS"; the butler, maid, and chauffeur all appear]
Detective: Okay, which one of you mugs bumped off the old boy? Who done it?
Butler, Maid and Chauffeur: Ohhhh, now, wouldn't YOU like to know!
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