Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

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Who Wants to Be a Superhero? is a reality show hosted by Stan Lee. Contestants dress up as comic book superheroes of their own invention to win the prize of having their character turned into a comic book and a TV movie for the Sci-Fi Channel.

Episode 1 (Auditions)[edit]

Woman: My name is 'Ice Bitch'
Stan Lee: And what about a catchphrase?
Ice Bitch: [Points at Stan's TV] FREEZE MOTHER[Beep]!

Man Faye: I was born with my hairy ass and my powers were completely unknown until I-I-ah got into this outfit.

Stan Lee: Now How about a catchphrase?
Stan Lee: Thank you very much for coming.
Random Contestant: No, Thank you, You rock! [Leaves]
Stan Lee: [Laughs for a second before turning to look at someone off screen] What the hell does "Ohwa-yut" meen?!

Episode 2[edit]

Tyveculus: When I first saw the outfit, I thought, you know what? I'm gonna stay strong, but in the inside, I was like: "WHAT??!!"

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