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September 24th, 2003[edit]

September 11th, 2003[edit]

September 5th, 2003[edit]

  • We officially have one page of quotations for each day of the year! However, since some of our pages are technically stubs, with only one or two quotes, which are not counted in the official list, we actually have more than this. (Statistics shows 573 total pages). See also the discussion on counting quotations.

August 28th, 2003[edit]

  • Many of the links to Wikipedia on this site failed (and did not even display) because of a bug with the software that interpreted w: but not en: links. Developers fixed this within a few hours.

August 25th, 2003[edit]

August 22nd, 2003[edit]

  • The new main page design is adopted, closely matching Wikipedia's main page design.

August 15th, 2003[edit]

August 11th, 2003[edit]

  • Voting begins on a proposed new theme-generator bot, Themebot.

August 8th, 2003[edit]

  • Wikiquote now has more than 200 entries. Only 99,800 to go...

August 6th, 2003[edit]