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  • 02:00, 1 Dec 2004 Kalki protected Template:Otherwiki (protecting from vandalism)
  • 00:51, 23 Nov 2004 Kalki protected Wikiquote:General disclaimer (protecting the disclaimer from vandalism.)
  • 08:15, 18 Jul 2004 Kalki protected Wikipedia:Recentchanges (protecting as an obvious target for vandalism;)
  • 13:27, 9 Jul 2004 Kalki protected Template:Qotd (This is an obvious target for vandals, and I believe that henceforth only sysops should edit it.)
  • 21:21, 7 Jul 2004 Kalki protected Wikiquote:Recentchanges (This would be an obvious target for vandals, and most users might not be aware that it could be reverted. Thus I am protecting it so only sysops can edit it.)
  • 13:14, 5 Jul 2004 Kalki protected Template:Lynx (This is designed to be used on nearly all pages, and as such should be protected from vandalism.)
  • 18:13, 28 Jun 2004 Kalki protected Quote of the Day archive (protecting so that no more inadvertent or improper additions are made to it. )
  • 10:19, 10 Apr 2004 Kalki protected GNU FDL