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Editors must take particular care adding quotes attributed to a living person to any Wikiquote page. Such material requires a degree of sensitivity, and must adhere strictly to our content policies:

All quotes attributed to a living author must be verified by a reliable source. This is both to protect living persons from having statements falsely attributed to them, and to insure that such quotes have been deemed sufficiently notable for an independent secondary source to print. Therefore, such quotes lacking a verifiable source will be deleted immediately; if all quotes on a subject's page are deleted for lacking sources, the page itself may be speedily deleted as a page lacking quotes. Although unsourced quotes may generally be moved to an article's talk page for sourcing and discussion, unsourced quotes attributed to living persons that are in any way potentially defamatory or otherwise damaging to the purported author will be deleted entirely, and will not be moved to the article's talk page.

It is important that "Category:Living people" is added to all articles about living people, to help monitor this policy.

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