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For general technical information on using redirects, please also Wikipedia:Help:Redirect and MediaWikiWiki:Help:Redirects.

How to make a redirect[edit]

To redirect a page (1) to a different page (2), enter the following on the top of page 1.


For example, to redirect the Cambridge University page to the University of Cambridge page, edit the Cambridge University page and enter:

#REDIRECT [[University of Cambridge]]

Don't make double redirects (a redirect that points to another redirect); they don't work, create slow, unpleasant experiences for the reader, waste server resources, and make the navigational structure of the site confusing.

Double redirects are usually created after a move when old redirects are left unchanged and pointing towards an old name.

Another type of undesirable redirect is a self-redirect: an article that redirects to itself through a redirect.

To go back and edit your redirect after it's working, add ?redirect=no to the end of the URL for your redirect: