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Many articles in Wikiquote could do with some expansion. This page is for listing those for which there is a specific request. It is an excellent venue to publicize important articles which are embarrassingly short or insufficient for an compendium of the stature to which Wikiquote aspires.

Articles to list here:

  • Stubs - Articles that are very short. These should be tagged with {{stub}}, or a topic-specific stub tag.
  • Longer articles that still need expansion. Be sure to tag these {{expansion}} when you nominate them.

Articles not to list here:

How to add a new listing[edit]

Please list entries chronologically (newest at bottom) and add {{expansion}} to the talk page, with a note about what needs to be expanded. On this page, be sure to sign your post with ~~~~ so the date will be included. Please also bold the title of the article you are adding, to make the list easier to read.

Instead of using {{expansion}}, you may instead choose to post a note to the article's talk page, where your request can be discussed by readers of that article.

Cleanup needed[edit]

Please help remove listings which have already been expanded. To determine this, you can check the article's history tab. Compare the length of the article from when the request was posted here to its current length. If there was a request for expansion of a particular point, see if this was done.

Articles that have been expanded should have the {{expansion}} tag removed from the talk or article page.

In order to prevent this page from getting too long, requests older than six months should be removed from this page entirely. When doing so, please move the comment accompanying the request from this page to the article's talk page, and make sure it is tagged {{expansion}}. This ensures that the article will continue to be featured on Category:Articles to be expanded until it is eventually expanded.

August 2006[edit]