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Love and Pain[edit]

Because of the existing of love, sacrifice is born as well as hate. One comprehends, one knows pain because of love of this world. The could also be hatred. Some will take advantage of that hatred as long as they are. This system of love, the monster known as pain, it will give more birth to pain. We have to confront this pain but what has this world turned into a hatred world. People turning in to each other like animals judging each other by their colours.
Some usually kill their own families because of this hatreds but those who shall confront this hatreds, shall be free. Those who shall use it they would be in pain.Some people are ruthless and jealous they don't want other people to be and they are selfish. They are obsessed with other people, they don't focus on their dream. They release their pain and this world is driven by anger loneliness

  • How often we should stop in the pursuit of folly, if it were not for the difficulties that continually beckon us onwards.
    • Sir Arthur Helps, Thoughts in the Cloister and the Crowd. p.24.