William Byrd

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William Byrd

William Byrd (between 1534 and 1543 – 4 July 1623) was an English composer and poet.


Poem: Care for Thy Soul as Thing of Greatest Price [1][edit]

  • Care for thy soul as thing of greatest price,
    Made to the end to taste of power divine,
    Devoid of guilt, abhorring sin and vice
  • Care for thy corse, but chiefly for soul's sake;
    Cut off excess, sustaining food is best;
    To vanquish pride but comely clothing take
  • Care in such sort that thou be sure of this:
    Care keep thee not from heaven and heavenly bliss.

Poem: The Faithless Shepherdess [2][edit]

  • So long as I was in your sight
    I was your heart, your soul, your treasure;
    And evermore you sobb'd and sigh'd
    Burning in flames beyond all measure:
    --Three days endured your love to me,
    And it was lost in other three!
  • Sure you have made me passing glad
    That you your mind so soon removed,
    Before that I the leisure had
    To choose you for my best beloved

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