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William Goh Seng Chye (25 June 1957–) is a Singaporean prelate of the Catholic Church who serves as the current Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Singapore.


  • On moral issues, the Church seeks dialogue and offers her views on the implications of the laws that are enacted in the country so that Parliament can make wise and just laws for the good of all. As to whether the law should be repealed, the principle underlying all laws is that the laws enacted must be for the common good on grounds of truth and justice, respecting human dignity and human rights. Laws should not be enacted simply on the basis of current or popular opinion but must be rooted in Truth and the common good. Consequently, Catholics, as individuals and responsible citizens, have an important role to play in voicing their views to the government. We have a duty to speak out and be engaged in the public and social sphere to bring about the common good, which is the sum total of social conditions that promote the flourishing of individuals, family and society. We cannot be silent on issues that affect the lives of all in society and the well-being of society, today and in the future.

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