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William J. Higginson (December 17, 1938 – October 11, 2008) was an American poet, translator and author.


  • I believe haiku help us to see the world more clearly and haiku may be a useful therapy for all.
  • Haiku can be the antidote against the kind of poetry dominated by egos and battling personalities.
  • Small moments of natural wonder (as a youth), seemed to have prepared me to appreciate Japanese haiku.
  • The arts have always transcended national boundaries as the haiku demonstrates.
  • Haiku reading and writing can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of life and our environment.

Poetry quotes[edit]

  • the clock
    chimes, chimes, and stops
    but the river...
    • Meeting Award, Haiku Society of America, May 1969

Quotes about Higginson[edit]

  • For William J. Higginson, haiku was a perfect rose, glistening with dew—and, in the latter half of the twentieth century, he was its foremost gardener.
    • Michael Dylan Welch, 'The Perfect Rose: The Lasting Legacy of William J. Higginson' Haiku Foundation Journal Juxta 1.1 May 2015

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