William Ragsdale

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William Ragsdale

William Ragsdale (January 19, 1961–) is an American actor.


  • The funny thing about being an actor is, at least from my point of view, you don’t spend a lot of time reflecting. You’re just on to the next thing. The work is so tricky to get sometimes. I’ve spent so much time just looking forward and trying to work on what I’m working on at the time that I don’t really think of myself as having done that much. Looking back on the resume it’s like, oh, yeah. An actor has a couple of lifetimes, I guess. I’ve been very fortunate. When you’re first starting out, for me anyway, I was a little shy telling people I was an actor. I didn’t have a lot of stuff on my resume. When you have one scene as a background guy in a television movie and call yourself an actor, that’s a little odd at first. Now I’m more comfortable with it. I’m really not aware of it until people bring it up. People that I meet in the professional world say, man you’ve been around forever. Really? I guess so. It’s great. I’ve been fortunate to work in all the venues: theater, and movies and TV and the subgenres of comedy and drama. I guess I am very, very fortunate.

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