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Graves and Grigory Semyonov in 1918

Major General William Sidney Graves (27 March 1865 – 27 February 1940), United States Army, commanded American forces in Siberia during the Siberian Expedition, part of the Allied Intervention in Russia.


  • Semeonoff and Kalmikoff soldiers, under the protection of Japanese troops, were roaming the country like wild animals, killing and robbing the people, and these murders could have been stopped any day Japan wished. If questions were asked about these brutal murders, the reply was that the people murdered were Bolsheviks and this explanation, apparently, satisfied the world. Conditions were represented as being horrible in Eastern Siberia, and that life was the cheapest thing there. There were horrible murders committed, but they were not committed by the Bolsheviks as the world believes. I am well on the side of safety when I say that the anti-Bolsheviks killed one hundred people in Eastern Siberia, to everyone killed by the Bolsheviks.
    • William S. Graves. America's Siberian adventure, 1918–1920. Arno Press. 1971. p. 108

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