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William Stringfellow, born Frank William Stringfellow, (April 26, 1928 – March 2, 1985) was an American lay theologian, lawyer and social activist.


William Stringfellow: Essential Writings (2013)[edit]

Orbis Books

"Jesus the Criminal" (1969)[edit]

Sermon at Cornell University, October 1969
  • The mark of the Christian is, simply, that he is a matured and freed human being. The direct political implication of this risen character of the Christian is that ... the Christian is an incessant revolutionary. He is always, everywhere in revolt—not for himself but for humanity.
    • p. 64
  • The Christian as revolutionary is constantly welcoming the gift of human life, for himself and for all men, by exposing, opposing, and overturning all that betrays, entraps, or attempts to kill human life.
    • p. 64
  • The ecclesiastical authorities, for all practical purposes, acted as servants of the State in the confrontation with Jesus. In one version, the chief priest protests: "Caesar is our king, we have no other king but Caesar." In the dispute over jurisdiction between Pilate and Herod, they warn: "If you release him, you will not be Caesar's friend." The ecclesiastics were, practically speaking, surrogates of the State. That is an all-too-familiar situation for chief priests to be found in.
    • pp. 65-66
  • Christ as King means humanity free from bondage to ideologies and institutions, free from revolutionary causes as well, free from idolatry of Caesar, and, not the least of it, free from religion which tries to disguise such slavery as virtuous.
    • p. 67

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