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Willis Alan Ramsey (born March 5, 1951) is an American singer/songwriter, a cult legend among fans of Americana and Texas country. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and raised in Dallas, Texas. He released the critically acclaimed album, Willis Alan Ramsey, in 1972 on the Shelter label.


(All lyrics by Ramsey)

  • She is one from the mountains
    She is one from the plains
    She is one with the woodlands
    And she's at home on the range
    And all these things of beauty
    They left a kiss on her
    I'll tell you, sir

    I say Lord she's as sweet as one of her pecan pies
    Listenin' to her laughter I get hypnotized
    Goodness knows I love my Angel Eyes
    I love my Angel Eyes oh, yes I do

    • Angel Eyes
  • Wish I was a millionaire
    I'd play rock music and grow long hair
    Tell you boys
    about a new Rolls-Royce

    Pretty women would call on me
    I'd give ‘em all the third degree
    Give ‘em satin sheets
    To keep ‘em off the streets

    Hallelujah, let me sock it to ya
    Praise the Lord...

    • Satin sheets
  • South of Oklahoma, east of New Mexico,
    West of Louisiana, where all them Cajuns go
    We gotta a little place called Texas
    Where the women grow on trees
    There right there for the pickin'
    Just as easy as a man could please

    You'd better run take hold
    You're gonna get young 'fore ya get old
    Them Texas women is Texas gold
    Kisses that are sweeter than cactus

    • Northeast Texas Women
  • Following the stars through the honky-tonks and bars
    Dream away on a country music pride
    Start the evenin' by myself
    You can bet by the hour of twelve
    Gonna have a pretty painted lady by my side
    Talkin' about a pretty pained lady by my side

    Painted lady, tell me of the past gone by
    Hold me like the open range and ride me high
    Listenin' to the days when your dress was made of calico or gingham
    And a man was a man

    I can feel the pain, I can see the fears
    On the painted cheeks that hide the tears
    Of a lovely, lonesome cowgirl in disguise

    • Painted Lady
  • I don't want your pork chops
    I don't want your turnip greens
    I think that I'll pass up the cornbread
    'Cause a piece of watermelon is what I need
    And it's so strong 'cause it's been so long
    Since I've tasted that dear forbidden fruit
    And my heart sighs as I realize
    That that watermelon time is a-gettin' due
    And I'm a watermelon man
    • Watermelon Man