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Springtime with Roo is a 2004 American direct-to-video animated musical comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and DisneyToon Studios, animated by Toon City Animation, Inc., the featuring characters from Disney's Winnie the Pooh franchise, based on the original characters from the A. A. Milne treasured books.


Tigger: Well, what are we waiting for? Stop your talking and start your walking.
[Tigger, Roo, Piglet, Pooh and Eeyore are heading to Rabbit's house for an Easter egg hunt]
Tigger: ♪ We're huntin' eggs today. ♪
Roo, Piglet, Pooh and Eeyore: ♪ We're huntin' eggs today. ♪
Tigger: ♪ And I can hardly wait for what we'll find there. ♪
♪ We're huntin' eggs today. ♪
Roo, Piglet, Pooh and Eeyore: ♪ We're huntin' eggs today. ♪
Tigger: ♪ The Easter Bunny's left a lot behind there. ♪
Roo: ♪ Red ones, blue ones, ♪
Piglet: ♪ Yellow, pink and green. ♪
Pooh: ♪ Purple polka-dotted ones, ♪
Eeyore: ♪ Even tangerine. ♪
Tigger: ♪ A pumpy strippity stripity one ♪
♪ I'll bet you'll never see! ♪
♪ We're huntin' eggs today. ♪
Roo, Piglet, Pooh and Eeyore: ♪ We're huntin' eggs today. ♪
Tigger: ♪ And that's our favorite way. ♪
Roo, Piglet, Pooh and Eeyore: ♪ And that's our favorite way. ♪
Tigger, Roo, Piglet, Pooh and Eeyore: ♪ To spend a flippity, floppity ♪
♪ Hippity, hoppity ♪
♪ Happy... ♪
[At Rabbit's house]
Rabbit: Spring cleaning day! Oh, it's spring cleaning day, everyone!

Rabbit: Well, Roo. I'm afraid you've been terribly misinformed. Why this is spring cleaning day. And you've all ruined it! I don't believe it! I told you exactly what to do! And you didn't do any of it!
Roo: But Rabbit...
Rabbit: Not another word! I want you all out of here at once! Out! Out!

Rabbit: Don't say that word in my house!
Tigger: What word? Is it carrotses?
Rabbit: No!
Tigger: Rutabeha?
Rabbit: No.
Tigger: [speaks gibberish]
Rabbit: That isn't even a word.
Tigger: Atamotopia? And that is a word.
Rabbit: Why would you even want to say that?
Tigger: Why wouldn't ya? Automatopia, Automatopia, Automatopia is an automotopia!

Rabbit: I don't understand. Roo was looking forward too...
Narrator: Spring Cleaning Day was it?
Rabbit: No. Easter. What have I done? Where are all my friends?
Narrator: Friends you say? You surly didn't treat them like friends. Don't you remember?
Rabbit: I'm sorry but I'm the Easter Bunny so I make the rules. It isn't fun it's Easter. [a flashback cloud goes on top of Rabbit's head of what he said] I told you exactly what to do and you didn't do any of it!
Narrator: You see Rabbit? You never thought about what your friends wanted. All you do was care for yourself.
Rabbit: No I don't! Do I?
Narrator: It looks as if you got what you wanted. Now you can always have things your way.
Rabbit: No, that's not what I want. [sobs] Mr. Narrator, you said that the pages of the future haven't been written yet. So, does that mean these words can be changed? Please, tell me I still have time to change! [Rabbit lays down on one of the pages while sobbing] No! No, it's not too late. It can't be. [stands up] I'll be a good friend. Yes, that's it. [runs back to his house] I can change. [opens the door] I'll get their special Easter things. I'll give them Easter. I will! It's not too late. [Rabbit gasps when he notices the Easter decorations and eggs are gone and he has a sad expression] NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!


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