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Winnie the Pooh is a 2011 American animated musical comedy film in which while searching for honey, Pooh and his friends embark on an adventure to find Eeyore's missing tail and rescue Christopher Robin from an unknown monster called The Backson. The film is a reboot of Disney's Winnie the Pooh franchise and is the fifth theatrical Winnie the Pooh film released.

Directed by Stephen Anderson and Don Hall. Written by A. A. Milne and Burny Mattinson.
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  • [singing his song "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers"] Oh, I'm bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy!
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
    But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that I'm the only one
    I'm the only one!
  • " this is how you're going to get the backson.
  • " hey piglet buddy it's me Tigger! Do you remember me?!


[from trailer]
Tigger: Bluga-dee-bloo!
[Tigger pounces on top of Pooh]
Pooh: A simple hello would do, thank you very much.
Tigger: It's a dangerous path I bounce, but I bounce it alone. Because the Hundred Acre Wood needs a hero, Pooh Bear, and I'm the only one.

Owl: Yes, well, the thing to do is as follows: First, issue a reward...
Pooh: Gesundheit.
Owl: I beg your pardon?
Pooh: Well, you sneezed just as you were going to tell me what the first thing to do was.
Owl: I didn't sneeze.
Eeyore: Oh, you did, Owl.
Owl: No, I didn't! You can't sneeze without knowing it!
Pooh: Well, you can't know it without something haven't been sneezed.
Owl: As I was saying, first: issue a reward...
Pooh: [to Eeyore] He's doing it again. [to Owl] You must be catching a cold.
Eeyore: [gloomily] I'll probably catch it, too.
Owl: [frustrated] No, no, no! I'm not catching a cold! The word is ISSUE, not AH-CHOO! And 'ah-choo' isn't even a word! It's just some sort of sneezy sound, like 'Ah-choo!'
Pooh: Perhaps you should lie down, Owl.
Owl: Oh! [hits himself on the forehead and falls over backwards]

Pooh: Perhaps I could borrow some honey.
[Pooh's stomach growls]
Pooh: Just a taste. A small lick, I should think.
Christopher Robin: Silly old bear.

[Pooh, Rabbit, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo are trapped in a hole and Piglet gets a rope - only to cut it up into six pieces]
Piglet: And six! There! Now we can ALL get out!
Pooh: How very thoughtful you are, Piglet.
Rabbit: [loses patience] Good grief! Tie them together, Piglet! Can you tie a knot?
Piglet: I cannot.
Rabbit: Ah, so you CAN knot.
Piglet: No. I cannot knot.
Rabbit: [in disbelief] Not knot?
Pooh: Who's there?
Rabbit: Pooh!
Pooh: Pooh who?
Rabbit: No! Pooh... eh... Piglet, you'll need more than two knots.
Piglet: Not possible.
Owl: Ah, so it is possible to knot those pieces.
Piglet: Not these pieces!
Pooh: Yes. Knot those pieces.
Piglet: Why not?
Eeyore: Because it's all for naught.

Pooh: Have you ever had one of those days when you just can't win, Eeyore?
Eeyore: Yup, I know how that feels.

[last lines; in the post-credits scene]
The Backson: [enters stomping until he spots the trail of objects] Wow! It's amazing what you can find in the woods. A marble! And a boot! [picks up blackboard with picture of Backson] And oh, my, that's a scary looking fella. Gosh, maybe these are his things. You know, I better pick 'em up so they won't get broken. That's the last thing I would want. [falls in pit] Whoa! Oh, my gosh! Is this a pit? I think I'm in a pit! Hello! Anybody up there? Oh, well. I hope that fella will be back soon.


  • Oh, Pooh.
  • An all-new story brought to life on the big screen
  • W.T.P.?
  • Back where they belong. In theaters everywhere.

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  • Randy Haycock



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Christopher Robin[edit]

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  • Mark Henn


  • Jack Boulter

Piglet, Kanga & Roo[edit]

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