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Winx Club is an animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and animated by Rainbow SpA, in co-production with Nickelodeon and Rai Fiction.

Inspiration of Sirenix[edit]

  • Finally restored to a physical body, Daphne regains her full strength and powers as a Sirenix Fairy.

Miriam: It's a perfect day for a party.
Bloom: Daphne's welcome home party.
Daphne: Ow.
Bloom: Daphne! Oh, man. Are you all right?
Daphne: I just keep forgetting.
Bloom: It hasn't been that long. You'll get used to being corporeal again.
Daphne: Thanks, Bloom.
Miriam: We've just been talking about your party. We've invited the entire kingdom.
Oritel: And every king, queen, prince and princess in the magic universe.

Daphne: I just didn't think it would be so hard.
Bloom: You mean to return to life? I'm sure you'll stop bumping into things soon. That's it, isn't it?
Daphne: I'm just not myself. Not the old Daphne.
Bloom: No. You're a new Daphne. The real, live Daphne.
Daphne: But I think I lost my powers. I am the nymph of Domino. I must defend this world and its people. What if something happens? What if I can't?
Bloom: You still have your Sirenix powers.

Daphne: It is the Beast of the Depths. You can't beat it. It can only be controlled.
Stella: Then let's control it.
Oritel: Only one person can control the Beast of the Depths.
Daphne: The nymph of Domino, me! But I can't! I lost my powers and I can't! Mom!

Bloom's Guardian of Sirenix: There is only one way to help restore Daphne's confidence in her powers: the Inspiration of Sirenix.
Bloom: Where do we find it?
Bloom's Guardian of Sirenix: The source.
Bloom: The source?
Tecna: In Lake Roccaluce, where we first got Sirenix.

Daphne: I will not endanger my friends and family any longer! Beast of the Depths, I am here!

Bloom: Daphne, believe in yourself!
(Daphne finally taps into her magical powers and transforms into her Sirenix form at last)
Daphne: Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix!

The Legendarium[edit]

Selina: My name is Selina and I'm from Earth.
Griffin: Well, Selina, show us what you can do.
Selina: With great pleasure. (Enlarges the book at her waist) This is the Legendarium.
Griffin: Go on.
Selina: In its pages are all the myths and legends of the worlds. And I have the power to bring them to life simply by reading them out loud.
Griffin: Interesting. Show me how it works.
Selina: This a legend about the Gloomy Trolls. They used to live in the forests of Magix, spreading terror and destruction until they defeated by the pixies.
Griffin: I know that story. The pixies' chained the trolls under their village.
Selina: That's right. Legendarium! Trolls of Gloomy Wood, I release you to take vengeance on Pixie Village.

Griffin: You possess a rare ability, Selina. If what you are saying is true, it must be utter chaos now in Pixie Village.
Selina: That's right.
Griffin: I need to see this for myself. Magic Eye. That's enough. This Legendarium is extremely powerful. You've proven your prowess, Selina, but you must put an end to this destruction now.
Selina: May the story of the trolls end here.

Icy: Hang on. We saw what you did with that book. Yes, that one.
Selina: The Legendarium?
Icy: The Legendarium, of course. You are a very talented witch.
Stormy: We could learn a few things from you.
Selina: Are you serious?
Icy: Oh, yes. Very serious. And we'd like to make you an offer.
Darcy: We'll teach you all we knew about dark arts.
Icy: In exchange, we only ask you to read us some tales from that book.
Selina: Sounds good to me. I'm in.

The Flying School[edit]

Faragonda: Thank you for coming Roxy. The Winx found this crow outside Alfea. We don't know what happened to it, but we believe it's trying to tell us something.
Roxy: There, there. I'll try to find out what happened.
Faragonda: Thank you. It couldn't be in better hands. If anyone can help, it's you, Roxy.

Flora: Miele!
Miele: Flora? It's so good to see you!
Flora: Could this really be my little sister?
Miele: I've missed you so much.

Miele And that's where I took my plant healing course.
Flora: Well done! I couldn't be more proud of you, Miele. This is such a special place and I'm so happy that you're here, learning so much about nature's true power.
Miele: Me too, Flora. All around us are the Treants, the human trees.

Flora: Miele, take cover! I'll take care of them!
Miele: Don't worry about me, Flora. I got this! (Transforms into her regular Winx/Fairy form)
Flora: Wow.
Miele: Spring Shower.

Roxy: Ms. Faragonda, I'm back. Do you have a moment? I managed to use my vocalization spells and I got it to speak.
Crow: Danger...misfortune...Griffin.
Faragonda: Misfortune? Griffin?
Crow: Cloud Tower...ambush...Trix.
Roxy: So it's the Trix. They must be back at Cloud Tower. That can't be good.
Faragonda: You're right, Roxy. And that must be Griffin.

Selina: I cannot let anyone get to the Legendarium!! (The Legendarium forms an orbicular magic shield around her)

Bloom: The source of negative energy is inside that magic bubble!
Aisha: Let's destroy it!
Bloom: Come on, Winx!
Winx Club: Sirenix convergence!

Faragonda: Winx, we heard the Trix are back.
Bloom: There are. Their dark magic is too strong. And they conquered Linphea College.
Faragonda: Aisha, what happened to your powers?
Aisha: We don't know, headmistress.
Tecna: At Cloud Tower, a witch was enveloped by a magic barrier, from which a powerful energy was coming.
Bloom: And when we tried to fight it.
Musa: We lost our powers. All of us. Except Bloom.
Daphne: What kind of magic could be that strong?
Bloom: And why didn't I lose my powers?
Faragonda: It's easy, Bloom. Your power comes from the inextinguishable Dragon's Flame, the source of the Magic Universe.
Bloom: Take these. They are parts of my Dragon's Flame that will give you strength.
Faragonda: Winx, you must protect these magical flames. Soon, they will spark a new power within.
Aisha: But how?
Faragonda: Through good and brave actions, worthy of a fairy. Thanks to Bloom's Dragon's Flame, you, each have a touch of magic until you've earned a new transformation.
Stella: Thank you, Bloom.
Musa: We'll use the Dragon's Flame...
Aisha: To sustain our strength...
Tecna: Defeat the Trix...
Flora: And save Linphea.

Bloomix Power[edit]

  • Flora achieves her advanced Bloomix transformation by saving her younger sister Miele.

Aisha: I'll make sure everyone is prepared Ms. Faragonda. Plus, Bloom still has her Dragon Flame.
Faragonda: Don't forget. pieces of Bloom's Dragon Flame are all in you and special acts of courage will grant you the Bloomix power.

Miele: Focus, Miele. Try to use your Magic Seeds.

Flora: It's true then! Good and courageous acts with earn us a new power, Bloomix! Chlorophyll Bolts! Playing hard to get, huh? Spring Shower!
Miele: I have the coolest sister.

The Golden Auditorium[edit]

  • Stella, Aisha, Musa and Tecna all acquire their advanced Bloomix abilities
  • Selina is revealed to be the willing subordinate and devoted pupil to a supremely powerful, evil sorcerer by the name of Acheron, whom she promises to work with and release, in return for great power.

Stella: Ray of Pure Light!

Miele: Wood Tendrils.
Flora: I'm so proud of you, Miele.

Icy: We're getting tired of you anyway!
Aisha: And we're getting tired of you! Morphix Cloud!

Flora: You were great, Miele.
Miele: I'm no longer just your little sister, right?
Flora: Right. You are also an incredibly brave fairy. Maybe we can do this again sometime, without the rampaging monsters, of course.
Miele: I'm counting on it.

Icy: Poof! And out nowhere those Winx just got a new power! What's the deal with that anyway!!? I need you to step it up for our next story time! And make it interesting.
Selina: I can do that.
Icy: The Legendarium is still no match for the Winx. Sisters, on to the next magic college.

(The Legendarium suddenly opens of its own accord, revealing the form of a robed, hooded man in one of its pages)
Acheron: I'm watching you, Selina. You're getting so much stronger.
Selina: Acheron! I promise I will not let you down.

Tecna: Yes. And these acoustics will make your voice even louder. Sing.
Musa: Let me just savor that request for a sec. OK.

Cherie: Tecna, Musa! You have the Bloomix power.
Musa: Now let's turn the volume down on this racket.
Tecna: If you sing again, I can use my new powers to make it even louder. Harmony Blast!
Musa: Crystal Voice!

Vortex of Flames[edit]

Icy: Selina, I bet that book of yours could get us to Bloom faster.
Selina: Yes. I got the perfect story. Under the palace of Domino is the Vortex of Flames. Its magic is so fierce, not even Bloom could stand up to it.
Stormy: Really? A burning pit. Boring.
Selina: That's too bad because the Vortex of Flames is also home to the fire eaters.
Stormy: Ooh, now you're talking. Let's fight fire with fire.
Diaspro: Funny you should mention Domino because I just got invited to an exclusive ceremony there. You won't find a better connection than that.
Icy: Go to this little party, find a way to destroy Boom and then maybe you'll have a future with us.

Sky: It's alright, Bloom. Daphne, what's wrong with her?
Daphne: It's the Dragon Flame. She doesn't have enough left to sustain her.

Diaspro: We have ourselves an easy target, ladies.
Icy: Oh. Do tell.
Diaspro: Bloom's so weak, she can't even talk.

Flora: What are they?
Daphne: Fire eaters. They're part of an old Domino legend. Sky, you can't let them near Bloom! (Transforms into her Sirenix form) Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix!

The Lost Library[edit]

Roxy: Hey, girls.
Bloom: Roxy! What's up?
Roxy: I could really use your help. I can't break the Trix's spell on Headmistress Griffin.

Faragonda: Winx, we have reason to believe that the Trix are in possession of an extremely powerful and dangerous book. It is called the Legendarium.
Bloom: So all those monsters who attacked us...
Daphne: Were brought to life by the Legendarium.
Aisha: Then what are we waiting for? We need to destroy the Legendarium.
Faragonda: I'm afraid you already tried to do just that, Aisha, without even knowing it.
Bloom: That's why the negative energy was so powerful.
Faragonda: The Legendarium is indestructible. We must find a way to lock it forever.
Daphne: Especially since it is in the wrong hands, but it wasn't always that way. The Legendarium used to reside in the lost library of Alexandria in Egypt. A fairy godmother, who guarded the book, is the only one who knows how to lock it. From what I've read so far, the fairy godmother kept a diary containing all the secrets of the Legendarium.

(Chuckles lightly as she enlarges the Legendarium to its original size)
Selina: It's only a matter of time...before I get enough power and free you, Acheron.

Attack of the Sphinx[edit]

Daphne: I call upon the element of Fire! Flame Spiral.

Selina: I'm listening, Icy.
Icy: Selina, that last attack was pathetic! Find something else.
Selina: I have to find something more powerful. In ancient Egypt, only those who solved the riddle of the Sphinx are saved from its wrath. Legendarium! Mighty Sphinx, I invoke you. You are free to spread panic throughout the desert. Cast your shadow of despair over the city of Alexandria.

Daphne: My students! I upon the element of Water! Dome of the Ocean.

(Selina opens the Legendarium, in which her master and mentor remains imprisoned)
Acheron: Selina, you must work harder.
Selina: Huh?
Acheron: You must stop the Winx from finding the dairy. If you don't, I could be locked in the Legendarium forever.
Selina: But, Acheron, I don't know where the diary is.
Acheron: I do. I've had plenty of time to spy on the fairy godmother all these years.
Selina: Hmm.
Acheron: So I will teleport you to where she hid the dairy. It is deep in the heart of the library, in a secret hidden chamber.

Daphne: Keep your paws off them! I upon the element of Earth! Dance of Leaves.

Selina: The diary is in here somewhere! Where are you, diary!? Where!? Time is running out! I have to destroy it! Acheron's counting on me!

Bloom: Selina, is that really you?
Selina: Bloom, hello.
Bloom: It's so good to see you. What are you doing here? It's dangerous.
Selina: Well, it's a long story. I, um...
(secretly creates smoke as a cover, so her master Acheron can teleport her back)
Bloom: Selina!? Selina, where are you!?

Bloom: The fairy godmother's name is Eldora. She traveled all over, searching for a way to lock the Legendarium.
Daphne: And what happened?
Bloom: It doesn't say.
Daphne: Then the next thing to do is to follow Eldora's path.

Shrine of the Green Dragon[edit]

Bloom: I can't stop thinking about Selina. Why was she there? I haven't seen Selina in years. We used to be so close. Could Selina also have been looking for Eldora's dairy?

Selina (to herself): I need more power so that I can finally free Acheron.

Icy: Hey you, Miss Head-in-the-Clouds. Give us another story.
Selina: Did someone mention the Dragon Shrine? That right there is the perfect tale.

The Secret Greenhouse[edit]

Palladium: All we need is a metamorphosis potion and a fairy with animal prowess. After you, Roxy. Now focus.
Roxy: Nullify the Wild.
(focuses her exceptionally strong animal magic to change the crow back into Ms. Griffin)
Bloom: Wow, Roxy. You did it.

Selina: Trust me. I need to go to Alfea and show my face. I have the perfect plan.
Stormy: How do we know you're not gonna jump ship?
Darcy: Yeah. She could be playing both sides as far as we know.
Icy: Don't worry. We'll be watching her the entire time.
Selina: I know what I'm doing.

Broken Dreams[edit]

Aisha: The next bar only appears if you believe you can do it.
(Roxy manages to do the high bar)
Aisha: Excellent, Roxy! You're on to Level 2.

Acheron: If you don't stop the Winx, they could find Eldora.
Selina: I know Acheron! But if I just-
(The Trix sisters suddenly barge in)
Stormy: Honey, we're home! Your plan to get Bloom all on her own worked like a charm.
Icy: Congratulations, Selina. And now it's time to unleash an attack. Show us, Bloom. Aw. Poor, sad Bloom.
Darcy: She's back home on Earth. Typical.
Selina: Earth? Well, I know just the story to tell. A long time ago, darkness was everlasting on Earth. This the story of the Children of the Night. Legendarium! Vampires of the Dreadstock, go to Gardenia and eliminate Bloom!!

Bloom: What happened to Selina? We used to be so close. We used to play forever in the Forest of Flowers. Wait! That flower looks familiar. It's lenushia! The fairy godmother lives right here in Gardenia!

Shimmer in the Shadows[edit]

Stella: I know this place.
Bloom: This where we first met, Stella.
Stella: Yeah. You gave that monster a good blast of magic. Think how far we've come since then. How far you've come, Bloom. Without me, Bloom would never have come to Alfea.
Aisha: And there wouldn't be a Winx Club.

The Fairy Godmother[edit]

(In the depths of Cloud Tower, Selina has a secret conversation with her master and mentor)
Acheron: Selina, you have been using the Legendarium quite often on behalf of those witches. I hope you haven't forgotten your ultimate goal.
Selina: Of course not, Acheron. But to free you, I need the powers we been gathering from the magic schools.

Eldora: Oh. I'm afraid a lot has changed since you two played together, Bloom. I sensed in you both a strong magical potential. But with Selina, I knew she could benefit with extra guidance along the way. So I decided to become her fairy godmother and take her under my wing. I started by teaching her small spells at first, and then we progressed into much bigger ones.

Bloom: It sounds like Selina was learning to be a good fairy.
Aisha: So why the change?
Eldora: I was the keeper of the Alexandria library. I brought Selina there and showed her the Legendarium. Though I only heard rumors of its powers, but never had I tried to use it until that very day. Discovering how dangerous the Legendarium really was, I traveled all over the world...
Bloom: Looking for a way to lock it.
Eldora: Yes. But once I returned from my search things took a turn for the worse.

(Acheron and Selina's very first meeting, several months ago)
Acheron: Selina, in here. Hello, Selina.
Selina: What? Who are you?
Acheron: I am Acheron. Work with me and I'll teach you how to harness all the powers of the Legendarium.
Selina: Really? You can do that?
Acheron: Why, of course, Selina. I can give you the most extraordinary powers, right this very moment.
Selina: Show me what you've got.
Acheron: Now you are the Witch of Snakes.

Eldora: Selina? Selina, what were you doing?
Selina: Nothing, just reading.
Eldora: But that's Acheron! He is the evil sorcerer who created the Legendarium, only to be trapped inside these very pages. You must stay away from this book, Selina! Understood!? But I felt a change in her. She was not the fairy she used to be. An evil power was lurking deep inside her. One night, in the light of a full moon, Selina declared her loyalty and devotion to Acheron. And with that, she stole the Legendarium and fled from the Forest of Flowers. And now I am afraid that Selina is trying to free him.
Bloom: Well, then we better stop her before it's to late!
Aisha: Something tells me that even the Trix don't know the whole story.
Eldora: You're right, Aisha. The Trix have no idea that they are the ones being used.

Selina: There are so many legends from the Forest of Flowers. However will I choose just one? Oh, wait. This one looks like fun. A long ago, the Forest of Flowers was haunted by a malevolent force. Legendarium! Ectoplasmic specters, raise the Forest of Flowers and whoever lives in it!


  • As a backup plan, Selina intends to obtain a fraction of Bloom's almighty Dragon Fire to release Acheron.
  • The six Winx Club girls receive the Ancestral Wands and evolve into Mythix Fairies, granting them access to the fictional world within the Legendarium itself.

Eldora: By reading the book, Selina can summon any number of creatures from the Legendarium world, a dimension where fictional characters are real.
Aisha: So the book is a cross between our world and the imaginary world.
Eldora: Yes. And to lock the book, we will need an item that was once part of the Legendarium world.

(In the castle of Tir Nan Og, the realm of the terrestrial fairies of Earth)
Nebula: Winx, it is good to see you again.
Aisha: Oh, Nebula, it's great to be back here.
Bloom: I can't believe you turned Morgana's castle into a school for fairies. What a great idea!
Nebula: We learned a lot from you, Winx. It is our mission to inspire that same ray of hope.

Eldora: What was that spell I used to love? Oh, yes. Natural Twist.
(turns a witch into a bird)

Bloom: Not so fast, witches! Volcanic Attack.
(strengthens her Bloomix spell, which frightens the witches)
Witch: Lets get out of here!

Selina: Enjoy it now, Bloom.
(Looks down at her master and mentor)
Acheron: It seems that the Trix will not share their power with you. So how will you free me now?
Selina: I have something else in mind, something even stronger- Bloom's Dragon Fire.

Earth Fairy: Wow, Bloom. We've never seen such powerful magic.
Bloom: Your welcome. But remember, you have just as much strength inside of you too.

Selina: Bloom, long time no see.
Bloom: Selina? What are you doing!?
Selina: Surprised to see me again? Didn't you miss me?
Bloom: Acheron can't help you! His evil is too dangerous. And I know that deep inside you know that too! Trust Eldora!!
Selina: Eldora was lame!! She just wanted me to follow the rules! she never gave me any real power! But now, thanks to the power of the Dragon Flame, I can free Acheron- the only real friend I have!!
Bloom: No!! I won't let you! Flame Storm Vortex Burst.

Faragonda: Welcome to Mother's Day at Alfea.
Morgana: Roxy.
(Hugs her daughter)

Miriam: Bloom, when did you learn to cook like this?
Vanessa: She's been practicing.

Mystery of Calavera[edit]

Selina (annoyed): Acheron, the Trix refused to share any of their powers, making it impossible for me to help free you!!
Acheron: Then we need to do something about that.
Selina: I want them gone!
Acheron: I have an idea. Offer the Trix the power to enter the Legendarium world.
Selina: What will that do?
Acheron: Just you wait.

Selina: Well, you could...No, forget it.
Stormy: What!?
Selina: Nothing.
Icy: Out with it, Bookworm!
Selina: I could get you into the Legendarium world. And you'd have plenty of power to defeat the Winx.
Icy: You can do that?
(Selina nods)
Stormy: And you're just telling us this now?
Darcy: Something gives.
Selina: There was no reason for you to enter the Legendarium world before.
Stormy: So why now?
Selina: The Winx are going to use their wands to enter the Legendarium world. You could be there waiting for them.
Darcy: Then lets go.
Stormy: Any time now, Selina.
Selina: Let me tell you the story of three powerful witches. "They had an insatiable appetite for power. And they hated everything good. Especially fairies."
Icy: Go on.
Selina: Legendarium!

Bloom: Wrapping Flame.
Icy: Oh, please. Are you ready for some real power!? Lucky for you, those darts are attracted to heat.

Aisha: What's going on? The Trix are more powerful than ever!
Stella: But we've got our new Mythix powers. Bright Star.

Flora: Natural Camouflage.

Zombie Invasion[edit]

Thoren: We should out there, helping the Winx.
Daphne: The Winx can take care of themselves.

Icy: Sisters, newsflash! If we stay here too long, we'll be stuck in this place forever!
Darcy: I'm not spending eternity with these guys!

Selina: Icy! You're back.
Icy: Try to contain your excitement, Selina.
Selina: I just thought it would take you longer to finish off the Winx. I mean...
Darcy: well, that's the thing.
Stormy: It seems if you stay too long in the Legendarium world...
Icy: You don't come back at all! Did that little factoid slip your mind!?
Selina: Uh, I had no idea. It's a good thing you left when you did, then.
Darcy: Yeah. Otherwise, we'd be locked in the that book forever.

Icy: Selina, warm up the Legendarium. Send some of those creatures after the Winx.
Selina: Which ones?
Icy: The pirate zombies. Tell them to get their fantasy emerald back. And as a special favor, see if they can make Bloom walk the plank!

The Curse of Fearwood[edit]

Selina (thinking) This is not good. Should the Winx's mission be successful, Acheron will be trapped forever.

Icy: Selina, I want to get the power of a character from that book.
Selina: Tell me who and their power will be yours.

The Magic Totem[edit]

Daphne: I've got this. Warmth Reveal. There's ice in his heart.
Flora: Icy's spell!
Bloom: I'll use my Dragon Fire to melt that ice.
Daphne: Unfortunately, it's not that simple. It cannot be melted by fire.

Eldora: Stone and metal, become a key!
Bloom: The Legendarium key.
Eldora: I entrust it to you, Bloom.

Selina (thinking) I need to think of something fast! Or else Acheron will locked in the Legendarium forever.

Queen for a Day[edit]

Selina: (thinking) If they lock the Legendarium, I'll never be able to free Acheron.

Selina: A long time ago, there was a queen who had a magic mirror. Legendarium! Magic Mirror, tempt Stella and darken her heat.

Stella's Big Party[edit]

A Monster Crush[edit]

The Music Cafe[edit]

Roxy: We'll work hard, Musa. We promise.

The Anthem[edit]

Legendary Duel[edit]

Selina: Mighty Acheron, I will soon free you from this prison. I only need a spark of Bloom's Dragon Fire.
Icy: Selina, who are you talking to? Hmm?
Selina: No one, Icy. Just practicing my incantations.
Icy: Good. Becasue you're about to show everyone what you got.

Bloom: It's not too late, Selina! You can still leave the witches.'
Selina: Give it up, Bloom! I like who I am now! I have power!!
Bloom: You're more than just dark power, Selina! I know you still have good inside you.
(Selina angrily restrains her with her snakes and drains a fraction of the almighty Dragon Fire from her)
Selina: I got what I need! Congrats, Bloom! You win!
(Triumphantly flies off to Cloud Tower; ready to release her master and mentor at last)

Bloom: What did Selina need? What just happened? Trix! Selina forfeited, which means I win.
Icy: What!? Selina's got some explaining to do!

Selina: Mighty Acheron, the time has finally come! You will soon be out of that book and back in the real world with me!!


Stormy: Selina, who do you think you are!?
Icy: What were you doing back there?
Selina: I was sticking to my own plan. I stole a spark of Bloom's Dragon Fire. So that I can do this.
(Uses her fraction of the almighty Dragon Fire to release her master and mentor into the real world)
Acheron: Finally!! Freedom is mine!!
Stormy: Who is that?
Icy: What's going on?
(Acheron lands next to his devoted minion)
Icy: Which Legendarium story is he from?
Acheron: I created the Legendarium.
Icy: Oh.
Acheron: But I was trapped in the book's only blank page.
Darcy: What a drag.
Stormy: Well, at least he's on our side, right?
Acheron: Wrong! It's time for me to rule and only me!
Selina: What do you mean "only you"? You promised me great power.
Acheron: I did what I had to do. I owe you nothing, Selina!
(Selina looks angry and dejected)
Icy: That was your plan, too, wasn't it!? To remove us from the equation! How dare you!
Darcy: After everything we did for you.
Icy: No one double-crosses the Trix!!
Acheron: Ha! Until now!

Acheron: Get ready, Witches'! There's an empty page in the Legendarium with your name on it!!
Selina: Oh no. He trapped them, for good.

Bloom: Volcanic Attack.
Acheron: Not sure if you've been made aware, but I too hold the power of the Dragon Fire!
(Attacks Bloom with a burst of multicolored Dragon Fire energy)
Selina: Bloom! This is all my fault! Everything!
Bloom: I have an idea.
Selina: Tell me what to do, Bloom.
Bloom: Make him chase me and then we'll lock the book.

Bloom: As long as there is dark magic like yours, we will never give up!
Acheron: Well, isn't that an inspiration for the ages!?
(Selina is angry and hurt)

Winx Forever[edit]

Selina: Fairy Godmother, I believe this belongs to you.
(Eldora tries to open the Legendarium but it remains firmly shut)
Eldora: Was it always this stubborn?
Selina: I locked it. For good.
Eldora: As only you could do, my dear.

Selina: Fairy Godmother, do you think you could let me study with you again? To become a better fairy?
Eldora: Yes, I think I can arrange that.
Bloom: I'm so happy, Selina. You made the right choice.
Selina: I was lost big-time, but you helped me get back on track.