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Winx Club is an animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and animated by Rainbow SpA, in co-production with Nickelodeon and Rai Fiction.

The Alfea Natural Park[edit]

Faragonda: And along the Keepers, a friend of yours will also be joining us.
Winx Club: Roxy!
Roxy: Hey, girls.
Faragonda: I thought, who better than the Fairy of Animals to get the Kangormai safely back to the park?

Faragonda: I created this place as a refuge for all the fairy animals. Each one of them is a unique creature with its own special power or talent.
Roxy: There are already some animals in the park who are nearly extinct on their native worlds. But here, they can live peacefully; safe from any threat.

Young Fairies Grow Up[edit]

Roxy: Roxy, Fairy of Animals.
(Transforms into her Winx/Fairy form)

(After witnessing Kalshara tame the deer)

Bloom: Now that's a real fairy animal tamer.

Note: Roxy transforms into her regular Winx/fairy form since the fourth season.


Roxy: I was actually impressed by your skills. It's rare for a digmole to bond with a fairy.
Young Faragonda: But, my digmole ran away.
Bloom: Faragonda, we'll help you find him.
Young Faragonda: Wow. Really?

Young Faragonda: I'm sorry. I borrowed your book without asking. But Kalshara promised she'd put it back.
Headmistress Navilla: So you're saying this is all Kalshara's fault?
Bloom: Look! Up there!
Roxy: that's the same bird Kalshara transformed into in Wizgiz's class.
Bloom: Headmistress, it can't be a coincidence that Kalshara's flying away after stealing your book and during all of this.

Young Brafilius: Back off, monster!
Kalshara: Don't you recognize your own sister, Brafilius?
Brafilius: Kalshara? It sounds like you but what happened?
Kalshara: I'm a master shapeshifter now, thanks to wild magic.
Young Brafilius: You're an animal! It's horrible.
Kalshara: You finally have a chance to wield the Ultimate Power and you back away!!?
Brafilius: I don't want it anymore! No thank you.
Kalshara: Wrong answer, brother dear!

Young Faragonda: That voice.
Kalshara: If it isn't Faragonda and the gaggle of newbie losers!
Young Faragonda: Kalshara, is that you? You're so changed.
Kalshara: It's called wild magic. You should try it some time.
Stella: Lets teach those two what magic can do.
Flora: But if we transform, Navilla will know we're not real students.
Bloom: We don't have a choice. These digmoles are our mission. We have to protect them from Kalshara.

Navilla: Kalshara, why are you doing this? You were my best student.
Kalshara: And you were incompetent, headmistress! You taught me the power of animal magic! In fact, why I show you just how much I've learned!?
Young Faragonda: I've learned quite a bit myself! Now, little kitty, time for to go to your cage.

The First Color of the Universe[edit]

Bloom: We'll stop her. We just need to find the animal mentioned in the secret before she does.
Faragonda: And you're going to help them, Roxy. Your expertise has already proven crucial to this mission.
Roxy: Oh! Rounding up digmoles is easy. Those little gluttons will follow food anywhere.

Bloom: We need to stop Brafilius. If he's in the park, every animal here is danger.
Roxy: I think it would be better to keep searching, Bloom. Fairy animals know who the defend themselves. Don't underestimate them.
Bloom: Don't underestimate Brafilius either.
Roxy: I'm the Fairy of Animals. Trust me. This is why Faragonda sent me with you!
Bloom: Please wait, Roxy! We need to convince her to come back. It's too dangerous for her to go on alone.

Bloom: Roxy, are you OK?
Roxy: Brafilius! He took the digmole and my Stone of Memories!
Musa: Oh no.
Tecna: That means that bad wizard...
Bloom: ...Can travel through time now.

A Friend from the Past[edit]

Roxy: Oh, Bloom, I am so sorry.
Bloom: Don't cry, Roxy. It's not your fault.
Roxy: Yes it is. Brafilius took me by surprise and took my Stone of Memories. It couldn't get any worse than this.
Bloom: It could have happened to any of us.

Bloom: Remember what Faragonda said? They're all magically linked to one another.
Aisha: That means that Brafilius has activated Roxy's Stone.
Musa: But to where?
Roxy: The prehistoric Magix. It is there that the most ancient species of fairy animals live-the Cry-Cries.
Musa: Maybe that's the solution to the riddle of the secret.
Stella: But how would we be able to find this animal without Roxy's help?
Roxy: You'll be fine. In prehistoric times, all animals used to blend in with the environment, but the cry-cry didn't.

Adventure on Lynphea[edit]

Bloom: Hi, Roxy. Did you find anything?
Roxy: Yes. Kalshara and Barfilius are searching for the animal who holds the Ultimate Power.

Roxy: They sense a threat on Lynphea. The magi wolves, they're in danger.
Bloom: What kind of danger?
Roxy: I don't know. That's all I can tell from here.
Bloom: You did great, Roxy.
Flora: My parents may have something that can help us.

Beware the Wolf[edit]

Back in the Middle Ages[edit]

The Fairy Cat[edit]

Winx, Trapped![edit]

Roxy: I believe that each of you is destined to meet your own fairy animal.

Mission in the Jungle[edit]

A Fairy Animal for Tecna[edit]

The Unicorn's Secret[edit]

Tynix Transformation[edit]

Elas: They have the Tynix power.

The Magic Stones[edit]

Back to Paradise Bay[edit]

Lost in a Droplet[edit]

A Magix Rainbow[edit]

Creature of Graynor: A shapeshifter attacked me and put this collar on me.
Bloom: Kalshara!
Brafilius: She must be talking about you!
Kalshara: Shh.

Banana Day[edit]

Baby Winx[edit]

Aisha: We're children.

It's a Crazy, Crazy World[edit]

Digmole: I want to find my fairy. The one I am bonded with. Faragonda.
Bloom: Huh?

The Kingdom of Diamonds[edit]

The Heart of Alfea[edit]

Flora: It's up to us, Amarok. Let's combine our powers! Strength of the Magi Wolf.

The Golden Butterfly[edit]

(To Roxy and other basic Winx/Fairy-level fairies)
Griselda: As you know, we're running a serious risk. The barrier of Alfea has disappeared!
Daphne: Don't worry. I've just called for backup.
Faragonda: Watch out. The Trix could return at any moment.
Icy: Surprise! We're already here.
Roxy: Girls, ready to face them!?
Fairy: More than ready.

Young Faragonda: The Golden Butterfly's power is closest to Alfea's natural park. So it must be here somewhere.
Flora: There! a field of golden flowers.

New Magic Harmony[edit]

(Elas' horn turns from silver to gold)
Bloom: Thanks to your heroic act, your strength has increased tremendously.

(Icy attacks the teachers with a nonverbal ice spell)
Daphne: Back off! Embracing Wind.
(Turns to Roxy and the other fairies)
Daphne: We have to defend Alfea at all cost! Follow me!

Musa: Look how they're playing 'casue they're no longer scared of anyone.
Roxy: They sensed the positive aura coming from Alfea.
Bloom: The power of the Golden Butterfly is linked to the fairy animals.
Roxy: Yes. They all feel at home now.
Faragonda: Your dream came true, Roxy. You should be proud. Here at Alfea, fairy animals and fairies can finally live together in peace and harmony.

Bloom: Kalshara!
(Bloom, the rest of the Winx, Daphne and Roxy get ready to fight)
Aisha: Heads up, girls.
Kalshara: I'm not here to fight, Winx, but to propose to alliance. An alliance against a common enemy.

The Power of the Fairy Animals[edit]

Elas: You fooled us more than once. Why should we trust you now?
Kalshara: Because I will be taking the same risk as you. For my brother. Only I can lead you to the Trix. I can sense Brafilius' magic presence.
Bloom: Can we trust you?
Kalshara:' Absolutely. I am a fairy like you, after all.

(Roxy, standing next to Bloom's elder sister Daphne)
Roxy: We'll come with you.
Bloom: Not today, Roxy. We have to play this game with the Trix.
Elas: And we have to as well.
Bloom: We'll be careful.
Stella: Trouble always seems to find us.
Daphne: Good luck, Winx Club.

Infinity Swan: I am the Infinity Swan. Those who respect nature have no need to fear me. Those who doesn't will be cast in my shadow.
Stormy: We are the rulers of nature!

Bloom: We'll use our Stones of Memories. We'll trap the Trix in limbo outside of time, where they will never be a danger anyone.
Aisha: We need all seven of the Stones.
Bloom: Power of the Stones, I command you...
(Icy, Darcy and Stormy are slowly overwhelmed by such fairy power, and Roxy's sea green-colored Stone floats away)
Brafilius: Hey, that's mine!