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Wishbone is a television show which aired on PBS from 1995 to 1997 in the United States, featuring the dog Wishbone as "the little dog with a big imagination".


  • Ah! The smell of fresh dirt in your snout!
  • Eat your heart out, Lassie.
  • Gasps Ellen! And to think I trusted you!
  • Extinction comes early for one dinosaur.
  • Feed the dog. Feeeeeeed the dooooogggg.
  • Holmes, ol' boy, to catch an actor, you must become an actor!
  • Huh. This is not like me at all; I'm usually the first one up. Awake all night, sleeping all day... if I didn't know better, I'd think I was turning into... a cat! Oh, no! I've got kitty cooties!
  • I know I sound really rude and arrogant, but I'm really just the nicest guy! Is this the part where you shut the door in my face? Yes it is.
  • Let's see... bandits all around... but I'm not a quitter.
    I'm not a quitter, but I am leaving. I am so leaving!
  • Nobody ever listens to the dog.
  • Okay, you've just seen a tree walk across your front yard. What are the implications of this? Trees are supposed to have roots, not legs. What if trees have suddenly sprouted legs? What if they're all trying to walk away?
  • Try not to look cute and they'll leave you alone.
  • Y'know, every so often, even heroes need help!
  • Diction, people, diction!


Wanda Gilmore: [looking at the flier showing Sam eating] Oh, Sam, this is terrible. A clear-cut invasion of privacy...
[suddenly stops]
Wanda Gilmore: Is that a tater tot? Do they still serve tater tots? I love tater tots.
[the others look at her]
Wanda Gilmore: Oh, sorry.
Wishbone: Oh, no, Wanda. That's the thing about food and love: never having to say you're sorry.

Samantha Kepler: Now, Wishbone, sit and stay.
Wishbone: I know: sit, stay, save the day. It's what I do.

Joe Talbot: Let's go to the No-Name grave.
Wishbone: Whoo-oooh, scary.
Sam Kepler: You know, there's a lot of stories about that grave. It's been there as long as anyone can remember. It's supposed to be haunted.
David Barnes: Well, I heard that it was somebody who was murdered, and the murderer buried the body there.
Sam Kepler: But there's no name on the tombstone, and now, the ghost can find no peace.
David Barnes: So sometimes he comes up to tell a story.
Sam Kepler: But he is so horrible-looking, that whoever sees him drops dead immediately, and gets sucked into the grave.
Joe Talbot: But nobody really believes that, right?
David Barnes: Right.
Sam Kepler: Of course not.

Wishbone: [as Tom Sawyer, he and Huck see a cannon go off on a ship looking for a drowneded body] I know who's drowneded. It's us!
Huck Finn: Us?
Wishbone: Well we snuck away so nobody knows where we are! They think we're dead and drowneded! We're heroes, Huck, we're famous!
Huck Finn: But we're dead.
Wishbone: Only temporarily, Huckleberry Finn. Best kind of death is a temporary one.


  • Soccer, also Slugger, Shiner, Phoebe, and Bear as Wishbone
  • Larry Brantley – Wishbone's voice
  • Jordan Wall – Joseph "Joe" Talbot
  • Christie Abbott – Samantha "Sam" Kepler
  • Adam Springfield – David Barnes
  • Mary Chris Wall – Ellen MacWilliam Talbot
  • Alex Morris – Nathaniel "Nathan" Barnes
  • Maria Arita – Ruth Vincent Barnes
  • Angee Hughes – Wanda Gilmore
  • Justin Reese – Nathaniel Bobelesky
  • Akin Babatunde – Homer Vincent
  • Adan Sanchez – Lee Natonabah/Dan Bloodgood
  • Rick Perkins – Mr. Bob Pruitt
  • Julio Cedillo – Travis del Rio
  • Mikaila Enriquez – Melina Finch
  • Paul English, Jr. – Marcus Finch
  • Joe Duffield – Damont Jones
  • Jarrad Kritzstein – Jimmy Kidd
  • Taylor Pope – Curtis

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