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Wishology is a trilogy of television specials and the ninth special of the animated television series The Fairly OddParents. The first part of the trilogy, "The Big Beginning", originally aired on the cable network Nickelodeon in the United States on May 1, 2009; the second part, "The Exciting Middle Part", aired on May 2; and the last of the three parts, "The Final Ending", aired on May 3. The trilogy was written by Kevin Sullivan, Scott Fellows, and Butch Hartman, and was directed by Gary Conrad.

The Big Beginning[edit]

Destructinator: Timmy Turner! Eliminate Timmy Turner!

[The fairies are all poofed into a gumball machine in a diner as gumballs]
Wanda: Ah! Where are we? Last thing I remember is Jorgen pulling us out of Timmy's trilogy wish.
Cosmo: And the last thing I remember is you saying the last thing you remember was Jorgen pulling us out of Timmy's trilogy wish.
Poof: Poof.
Cupid: Oh! We're in a gumball machine!
Tooth Fairy: I hope we're sugarless!
Cosmo: Every fairy in Fairy World must be in here!
Juandissimo: I'm more of a fireball than a gumball. At least we're not at the bottom like Binky.
Binky: [off-screen] Hi, guys.

Fairies: [as the snot-nosed kid gets Binky] Oh, no! He got Binky!


Kid: You're a crazy kid under my pillow who stole my quarter! MOM! QUARTER THIEF! [Timmy screams as he makes his escape out of the house] My dad's a cop!

Museum Guard: Freeze, statue-smasher!
Cop: Hey, he's also a quarter thief.

Timmy: I…am…not…an…ALIEN!!!

M.E.R.F. Agent: I hope he doesn't take the car.

Destructinator: You guys look totally stupid.
Eliminator: That's because you're stupid.
Destructinator: Next time, use a straw, will you?

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda, Poof! I missed you guys so much! Wait, you're gumballs? And Poof's still teething?! Jogen said he had to protect you, but this is what he came up with? Gum?
Wanda: Protect us? From what?
Timmy: Not sure this is gonna make any sense, but… The Darkness is back.
Cosmo & Wanda: The Darkness is back?!

Timmy: I can't believe it's all gonna end while I hide behind this spy car full of cool weapons and gadgets! Wait a minute. [takes out the keys and presses a red button with word labeled "DESTROY"]

Timmy: There. Back to normal… sorta.
Cosmo: I hate being gum. What happens if we break wind? Cool! I like being gum!
Wanda: Do not pop that bubble.

M.E.R.F. Agent: Timmy Turner, we're placing you under arrest by order of M.E.R.F.

Timmy: The White Wand is a guitar at the M.A.R.F. festival starring KISS!
Wanda: Nice work, Timmy! We've gotta get that guitar so you can stop The Darkness!

Juandissimo: [as The Darkness arrives] We don't have enough gum to stop that.

M.A.R.F. Fan: Awesome light show!
Cosmo: Is it over?
Timmy: Now it's over.

Timmy: Are you telling me, he's the Chosen One? This whole time, it wasn't me?!
Jorgen: What? You saw the cave drawing, too! Pink hat. Buck teeth. T. T.? I'm not perfect, okay?
Wanda: It doesn't matter, Timmy. You'll always be our Chosen One.

The Exciting Middle Part[edit]

Cupid: The Eliminators are back!
Mark: Dude, I don't think it digs the funk.
Timmy: The Darkness is back.
Timmy: Then lets see if it can rock and rollerskate.
Timmy: Now lets see how he likes my wennies. Not the catch prase I'm looking for but WITH THE WEENIES!!
Eliminators: (after being rebuilt with boombbox and roller skates) Get Timmy! Get Timmy Turner! Get Timmy Turner! Get Timmy Turner! Get Timmy Turner!
Crocker: Tell me you have fairies and we have a deal!
Tooyube character: I'm Fart blazer! I'm Fart Blazer! Pull my finger!
Kids: "It's fart blazer from toyube!"
Vicky: Money! Money! Money!
Timmy: Get the cash machine Vicky! Get it girl!
Eliminators: GET THE CHOSEN ONE!!
Dark Laser: I got blankets, a thermal refuge barrel, some earmuffs and my ex-wifes furr coat.
Vicky: Pass me the menu. Help me twerp. You're my only hope.
Dark Laser: Here. Use the forks!
Crocker: I think it's time for you to chill out with my FAIRY FREEZER! Did I say my fairy freezer? I mean your fairy freezer which looks fabulous on you.
Dark Laser: HAH! YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR THE POWERS OF MY LIGHTSTICK! I mean your lightstick which looks good on you.
Rock Guardian: Who goes there?!! Before this wand you can possess you must past the chosen test.
Timmy's Dad: WHAT DOES IT WANT?!
The Darkness: TIMMY TURNER!
Trixie: Timmy, how's my hair?
Timmy Turner: Perfect! YOU WANT ME DARKNESS?! YOU GOT ME! So long Trixie.
Trixie: Timmy! He saved us all!
Dark Laser: That's big. Are you sure you can fly it?!

The Final Ending[edit]

Wanda: When you sacrificed yourself, you were taken to the heart of The Darkness, and now we're getting you out!
The Darkness: Find Timmy Turner, and bring him to me.
Timmy: STOP! If you blast him, he'll just absorb the weapons and use them against you!
M.E.R.F. Agent: What do you know? You're just a kid without any hair on your body.
M.E.R.F. Agent: We should get to the escape probe. Where are the keys?!
Destructinator: The chosen one had fled his world and with magic there's nothing stopping me from making it my world!
Robofied humans: We're at your command, oh great streetsweeper of doom!
Destructionator: From now on, call me… the Destructinator! Muahahahaha!!
Timmy: There's another wand?!
Turbo Thunder: It's the final wand. And since you're the chosen one, you have to find it.
Wanda: [reading] "To end the Darkness with the power thrice, the last wand lies inside Earth's ice."
Turbo Timmy: Hey! You haven't seen a world full of imprisoned fairies that could use some magic, have you?
Destructinator: I wish you had giant ears!
Turbo Timmy: But now you shall taste the thunderarm fury of my Thunder pits!!
Destructinator: I cannot be stopped. Thanks to you I have magic, I have destructopits and I have all the power in the universe!
Turbo Timmy: Not all the power! What about all the weapons stored in the earth? You don't have those!
Destructinator: But now I do muahahaha! Any last words?
Turbo Timmy: Yeah when I ran into you in space I stole your detonator! Don't mess with the chosen one!
Hugginator: Must hug Timmy Turner!
Turbo Timmy: The Darkness was never looking for trouble in the universe. It was just looking for friends.
The Kindness: Friends.
Cosmo: Just kidding!

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