With Six You Get Eggroll

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With Six You Get Eggroll is a 1968 family comedy film, about two widowed people who fall in love and marry, unprepared for the hostile reactions of their children.

Directed by Howard Morris. Written by R. S. Allen and Gwen Bagni.
Keeping this family together isn't child's play!taglines

Abby McClure[edit]

  • Pretty, huh. Why shouldn't he date a young chick? Why take the bus when you can fly?
  • [during a raucous party] If this wasn't my house, I'd go home!
  • The only thing I've never gotten is why parents never run away.

Maxine Scott[edit]

  • You're a great help to me. What am I supposed to say to this man? "Hi, I'd like you to meet my sister, the girl with the golden arm and her hair in the oven."


  • Molly the Maid: False hair, false eyelashes, false bosoms. In my day women were flesh and blood, now they're 70% nylon and 30% foam rubber.
  • Zip: Thou art cool!


Jason: Can I sleep with you, Mommy?
Abby McClure: Go! Get moving!
Jake Iverson: There's nothing wrong with that. I was just going to ask you the same thing.

Cleo Ruskin: [seductively] Want to help with my garden?
Jake Iverson: No, Cleo, I think it's real bad luck to go digging around in somebody else's garden.

Flip McClure: So my room isn't good enough for you, huh?
Stacey Iverson: Nothing about you is good enough for me. This house is so weird!
Flip McClure: You know what's wrong with you?
Stacey Iverson: What, "Mr." McClure?
Flip McClure: You're spoiled rotten, Miss Iverson.

Mitch McClure: [They're all gathered at a table in a Chinese restaurant] Boy, am I glad you two got married!
Abby McClure: You are?
Mitch McClure: Mm-hmm. Because with six, you get eggroll!


  • Keeping this family together isn't child's play!
  • Does this look like a movie that could give you bad dreams?
  • The return of the happy ending.


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